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  1. This is probably our last chance for clarity on Ash and Elm, whether or not we get it, we'll see in a couple days.
  2. I took the liberty of looking at the data mined script on the wiki, and:
  3. I'm pretty sure Heithr and Gullveig are the same character, based on the Etymology and the opening. Since it's going to be a story out of order, I'd imagine that in order, it'll show Heithr's decent to villainy and the way it's presented to us, it'll probably the Villian twist. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but it's a complicated idea to begin with. Though I wonder, will players who start after book 7 be able to start from chapter 1, or will they have to follow the release order? Edit: it's release order, that should've been obvious, seeing as they're releasing to chapters at once as always. In regards to Gullveig, I wonder if her tome will be called Jormungandr (after the snake that Thor fights). Edit: nevermind, it's called Gullveig as well. Another thing I noticed, the second chapter we get is chapter 5, and the second chapter is always the one teased in the banner video, so that means Alfonse and co don't meet Seithr until chapter 5, interesting... Edit: also nevermind, I double checked the Feh channel You know, I was sceptical, but this book will definitely keep discussion lively, for better or worse, we'll see. Edit: wow, debunked myself.
  4. Well, starting at Chapter 13 is interesting, but then the question is, will chapters from 1-12 or 12-1 afterwards? Music is great, nothing new there. But wow, there really are no male OC's this time, guess they finally killed them all, except for Alfonse and Alfonse, well, maybe some male characters will be introduced later. Here's some Etymology: Seithr: a type of Magic (hang on, what was Nivovalir's magic called again? Edit: Seithjarn, possible connection?) Heithr: an alternate name from Gullveig Gullveig: a witch speared three times and burnt by the aesir, and was Reborn three times. On her third rebirth, started to practice Seithr, and took the name Heithr. She allegedly leads to conflict between the Aesir and Vanir. Edit: also some scholars believe she and Freya and the same.
  5. Well, the silver lining in this case is that Sharena's actress' got more work, and thankfully, Ray Chase still has other roles, both in Fire Emblem and other franchises like Kingdom Hearts (he's in smash after all, voicing his main, I think he's done pretty well). Though what would the pay check be for a 2 minute glorified advertisement anyway.
  6. I wonder what the reaction would be if Sharena got an upgrade before Alfonse. I would’ve preferred Alfonse in the ending cutscene, but maybe IS thought that would be shipping too hard. But I have to wonder if we'll ever get clarity on Ash and Elm, Ash wouldn't get a Tempest Trials story till book 9 (if that'll even be a thing), and book 6 is basically the Tempest Trial story (so to speak) for book 1.
  7. Well, they forgot Ash and Elm, but remembered Sharena! This is charming, and fitting, but it does stick out a little since Sharena hasn't had as much screentime or development as Alfonse, and she isn't even in either of the other movies for the book. Also on a semi related note, I guess ascended Veronica counts as this book's 6th character, which is a little disappointing; I doubt we'll ever see Veronica's step mother now. I feel like Book 5 wrapped up better, but this Book addressed more important plot points. So, Alfador for Book 7?
  8. Then again, if he's Birthright Xander, his 'fate' is already sealed.
  9. We needed just a couple more scenes, is it seriously too much to ask that the ending has more than one scene? Just one clarifying Ash and Elm's fate, and one clarifying the state of Embla after all of this. What we got was good, Embla kind of hand the Shonen Villain thing where the flashbacks are shown right before she died, but again the writing we got was good, there just isn't enough. Edit: of course we will get our animated cutscene which I think might have Ash and Elm? So we are getting something more.
  10. So, the final chapter isn't out yet, but boy those backgrounds in the banner trailer! We've got eyes of Sauron everywhere! Also, Embla isn't a green unit. Here's hoping the script is the same quality.
  11. Yep, no lore tid bits, all well, back to hoping for DLC in the corner of my mind.
  12. Do all characters development? of course, a sizable amount of the cast should have development, but as long as the characterisation is good, what's the problem? Speaking as someone who likes Rapheal. That aside, I think each character's general arc is covered in their supports with Byleth, and then expanded in other supports, the exception being, of course, the Also, Three Hopes helps the characters a lot, but that just makes the problem more apparent in Three Houses.
  13. Shez and Marianne for me, Shez for reasons that have been made abundantly clear, Marianne because I like her personal ability and she's my favourite character.
  14. Is anyone else hoping he'll say something important to his origins?
  15. I think this has definitely been an improvement over Ice and Flame, I was worried at part 3, but Eir's development here has left me satisfied with the whole thing, I don't even mind if it stumbles a little in the next two parts, though I would like to see some depth with Ganglot and ascended/rearmed Thrasir. Still it's great to see Eir grow.
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