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  1. I noticed that in this chapter is that every character (as in, every book 5 character + the Askr trio) had some meaningful screentime. Combined with Peony's appearence and hints at something big with Henriette, I think this is one of the best chapters. I also noticed Fafnir seems to thing Eritri is still on our side, which raises some questions. Also I honestly wonder who will be the final boss of this book, at this point I feel any of the three villians could be it with the right writing. Finally we're coming to the mid-point of the book, in book 3 that meant a big plot twist, while in book 4 that meant a change in tone and setting, (definitely not a change in setting here, we've been jumping all over the place already).
  2. Okay, a theory just occured to me, we all agree that Fafnir is one of Eitri's failed summoning attempts, hense why he's mad and has amnesia, but what would happen if he returned to his world? Would he become whole again? And if Otr destroys that gate so Fafnir doesn't leave him, maybe he destroys Fafnir's chance to become sane again.
  3. Well, the plot got more interesting.I wonder if Otr's motive is to destroy the gates to prevent Fafnir from finding his original world, assuming he is from another world. Destroying the gates sounds like a cool idea, but the last time they were important was in book 3. Speaking of book 3, and perhaps this is off topic, I could imagine the gate to Hel being destroyed to stop future invasions, especially if Surtr took over, but of course that won't happen, it would be to interesting for Heroes (I'm starting to think the books should have been ordered differently).
  4. People have said that the white clouds in the game is more about the Blue Lions and that at least chapters 3 and 5 should been different. But i wonder, how? Chapter 3 is easy enough, but chapter 5 is about introducing the hero's relics, for GD this could work but in BE, no one is connected to the ten elites, the only crests (excluding Edelgard's implanted crest) that the BE have are from saints. So I wonder how others think WC could have been changed for each route. one slight change I'd make - though this technically isn't tied to a single route - have a connection between Lysithea and Solon; Tomas was recommended by house Ordelia, and it would make sense if he was involved in the experiments.
  5. Just yesterday I had an alternate idea for VW that would drastically change it, what if the war ended at gronder field? To elaborate, imagine if you got to chose whether to kill Edelgard or Dimitri, and Claude surrenders the Allience to the victor in exchange for Rhea, leaving the second half of VW to explore the Almyran and Agarthan plots and giving Rhea more screen time. Of course the idea needs refining, Hubert/Dedue may need to die as well, and then there is the Death Knight, and the biggest problem with Almyra that I think no one has brought up is it's lack of development in part 1, which makes it hard to introduce an Almyran villian on the same level as Edelgard, Rhea, or even Thales or Nemesis, who all had some sort of build up in part 1, maybe if chapter 8 was in Gonreil territory instead? It makes sense with it's proximity to both Almyra and Shambala, and Holst could make an appearence, but it removes some of the horror of the situation. I would keep Nemesis as the final boss though, even though he came out of nowhere, he at least made it personal for Hilda and Lorenz, and he's commited genocide, giving some (only some) relavence the racism plot. Villians who show up at the end can be good, for example, Asgore from Undertale, they just need proper build up, characterization and motives, Nemesis had each, just not enough.
  6. I think the biggest problem with saying that 'there should have been only two routes' or 'TWSITD shouldn't be in the game' is that you could just as easily say 'the game should've been delayed to make everything better.' After thinking about it, I think each route can be justified as a different answer to the question 'is the church in the right?" The simple way answers are yes and no, hence, two routes, but it's definitely not that simple. In my mind, SS is: yes, but it needs some fixing; CF is: no, and it needs to be destroyed as soon as possible; VW is: no, but that doesn't mean it should disappear; and AM is: that doesn't matter, only doing the right thing does. Of course, that doesn't make them all perfect, but it's an interesting thought
  7. I've seen the idea to have Rhea as the lord in Silver Snow and, though I didn' read/watch anything regarding it, I didn't think it would work, but upon further thinking, I realized it could work, and decided to that idea one step further. What if Rhea's role in each route was different? Verdant Wind/ Crimson Flower: I'd keep Rhea's roles in these routes the same, CF because it's already different and VW because one can stay the same. Silver Snow: Again, I haven't read anything regarding the idea, but I'd imagine my ideas are very similar to others. So each route follows a different ideal, in CF it's 'everyone should be equal,' in AM it's 'we forever fight for the people,' and in VW it's 'everyone should be united'. When rewatching the cutscenes in SS, it was hard to find an ideal to attach to it, but there is one scene where Seteth and Flayn (of course Byleth is there, but doesn't say anything) and basically say 'no matter the cause war is not justified', and when considering that Byleth becomes the ruler at the end, I think the ideal is 'end all conflict, then fix the world,' that would leave room for interpretation since Byleth represents the player. So, keeping that in mind, I think Rhea's role in SS should've been an example of how NOT to do that; we know that after the War of Heroes, Rhea came up with lies regarding Nemesis and the 10 Elites and banned certain machines (see the shadow library) in order to maintain the idea of Sothis' divinity. The problem is that TWSITD exploited this to provoke Edelgard into turning against the church. SS should have used Rhea to make that apparent, and it would make the final battle against her beserk form symbolic as it would've represented the end of an era. Azure Moon: this one is going to be small by comparison; just have Rhea die in chapter 12, lets say Thales does it. The most common complaint I've seen for AM is the absence of Rhea, which is because of how they end each route. This would be a non-issue if she was dead. It would make it clearer sooner that certain questions won't be answered because the answers were lost with Rhea, and the knights still have a motive to follow her successor. In order to make these differences possible in each route, I think chapter 12 should be different for BL and GD. Basically, let's say the knights are the defense, BLs are at the front lines (because of Dimitri) and GDs attack from behind, possibly encountering Aurendel's reinforcements. So in SS Byleth protects Rhea, In GD he stops Aurendel/Thales from killing her, but fails to stop Edelgard from capturing her, and in BL, he isn't there to stop Thales from killing her. How does this idea sound, or am I talking too much about what could've been?
  8. It seems to be the common consensus that Crimson Flower was rushed/had cut content, primarily due to a) being six chapters long as opposed to nine or ten, and b) TWSITD being defeated off screen, but I wonder if at least some of this was intentional. It's no secret that Edelgard was the most promoted character leading up to Three Houses release, likely to influense people to choose the Black Eagles as their first house, only to discover she is the Flame Emperor. I wonder if CF was made shorter for new players and if TWSITD were left alive to encourage players to do other routes (or at least, that could be their excuse due to rushed development). Though, a counterpoint to this is Silver Snow, which first time players could just as easily (technically easier). It is longer by three chapters and gets rid of TWSITD. Another question to raise is, if TWSITD were intended to be defeated in CF, when? There is no doubt in my mind that Rhea was always intended to be the final boss, so not after Rhea's defeat. The easiest answer is inbetween chapters 16 and 17, after Edelgard has killed Cornelia and Aurendel/Thales nuked Arinhod, when their trust is at it's lowest. It would be easy enough to say that Hubert found Shambala the same way he did in SS and VW, so that could apply here, but would they use the Shambala map if they could help it? I'm very interested in peoples opinion of this.
  9. I'm also glad Alfonse isn't dead, in the sense that I don't want to see one of my favourite characters die, and I understand that IS wants to make each book independent, but is has caused ongoing plot points to suffer, the elephant in the room being Bruno/Embla's curse. All this isn't even mentioning the xenolouges, which new players wouldn't know when to play in conjunction with the main story (I'm a victim of this, I got back into FEH during book III and thought Xenolouge 4 was a prolougue to Book II). Sorry if I'm rambling
  10. A funny thought is that so far, four out of the six new characters are comedic in some way, Reginn is a dork, Fafnir is a murderous ham, and the Jotenheim sisters have already been discussed. Quite a contrast when you consider book IV gave a light-hearted tone in the intro, whereas the book V intro literally contained a mental breakdown. Another thing to note, people are complaining/joking about Kiran's capture, it was Alfonse who was captured in Book IV. On a seperate topic, I really wonder if Book V will contribute in anyway to the overarching plot, at this point I think most would agree it would have been better if the dead Alfonse twist was real, especially since it would have justified Book III's sudden ending to a degree
  11. Perhaps I'm bringing this us late (in addition to the fact i'm essentially a stranger here) but I'm getting the impression that the routes were developed in this order: SS>AM>VW>CF, which is interesting considering people consider SS an inferior version of VW. Yet despite this, the Fort Merceus used in both was designed for VW while using clips from SS. Another interesting this is that the movie "The Curse" (the VW scene in Shambala where Rhea is nuked, plus Nemesis' revival) is not only grouped with the SS cutscened but placed before "Courage and Tradegy" (the same cutscene but used in SS and without Nemesis' revival). Is there anything in the data suggesting that Nemesis was originally intended for SS before some change of plans?
  12. Fernand’s encounter with Rinea is what affected him, I think you missed some details, but I have writers bias. I should try to fix the formatting issues, that may cause people to miss details like that. But thanks for the feedback, (wow that fanfic is long) but if you can’t think of writers critique, I’d just like to hear what you did and/or didn’t enjoy, I think the title of the topic doesn’t make that clear
  13. Good day to all, As the title states, I am an aspiring author seeking critique; before I write an original work, I am writing a few pieces of fan fiction using characters I am familiar with and gathering opinions from the appropriate fandom. This small piece is set during Shadows of Valentina is based two things (spoiler warning): 1. Fernand’s apology isn’t out of nowhere, approaching death helps one admit faults, but it isn’t built up 2. There are several things that aren’t mentioned in game, but are in a Japanese only book, this doesn’t address all of them though. If it isn’t too much to ask, if you read it, may you explain why you enjoyed it, or why you didn’t, and if you happen to know something about creative writing that you think could help me, I would appreciate it. Without further ado, here is the URL. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13628150/1/The-Fallen-Knight-s-Purpose P.S there is a couple of formatting errors I am aware of, though I do not know how to fix it, I apologise if this makes it harder to read.
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