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  1. I'm from northern Germany. And it rains, rains, rains, so beautiful.
  2. 1. Orson (surprise surprise) 2. Joshua ( Also the first character I took a liking to. When I first played FE8, it belonged to my elder brother, who put in some restrictions, on what chracters I was allowed to use/train. For example Cormag and Knoll were forbidden, and Gilliam I wasn't allowed to train beyond Level 10/12. Joshua was one of the characters without any restrictions, so he became my favorite for a long time) 3. Shinon 4. Raven 5. Seth 6. Micaiah 7. Forde 8. Pelleas 9. Virion 10. Takumi 11. Eirika 12. L'arachel 13. Beruka 14. Hugh 15. Ursula
  3. There are two Units I'd like to mention here, although there are probably many more Units I regularly use, that could be declard bad. 1) Pelleas. It takes way to much effort to get him, and then you'll have to invest realy much, for him to get somewhat mediocre. But still, everytime I get my hands on him, he will be a part of my team. 2) Hugh. He is realy realy expensive, for the little he brings to the table but I'd train him anytime.
  4. Sacred Stones, was my first. There is lot I'd like to see change, in a potential echos, these two are quite high on my list. 1) Skirmishes. I'm so tired off slaying monsters all the time, throw in some bandit- or mercenarygroups in there. It would fit the story and bring in more variety. 2) Make Orson re-recruitable during the story. A bit like Shinon in FE9, but way more complicated. And maybe buff him a bit, so the effort is not completly wasted.
  5. I'm no fan of too much restrictions, when it comes to weapons, but of the two Options I like personal weapons better, to give a Lord like Eirika, a bit of a buff , to get started. But It'd realy be a limited buff.
  6. Hello, I signed up here last week, but now I'd like to introduce myself. I got into Fire Emblem back with FE 8, which is my favorite, and most played Game ever since. I've mostly played the GBA games and RD, the newer games a bit less. FE1-5 are still untouched. I came here from another Forum, which grew a bit to quiet for my taste.
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