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  1. I've edited it now. Also, investment required to make them good is included which is why cyril and manuela are so low.
  2. Based on how well they have performed overall in my experience (over all routes and files I have with them) when I try to give them the best builds possible (apart from Jeritza, who Is rated low for only being there for 6 chapters and having no mastery abilities and falling off in the end of maddening). Oh yeah, this is a maddening tier list.
  3. I am looking for comments like your earlier one, I want to discuss and/or argue about this so I can perfect it and then upload it again. I just don't want it to become to intense arguing, like my: 'lorenz is a good unit: change my mind' thread; That one has become extremely intense.
  4. Now that, is a good and fair point, because everything in fire emblem is indeed, RANDOM. If you want to upload your own tier list here and compare and argue, feel free, because I find it fun to argue and discuss my favourite game
  5. You havent made any points though. you've just made snide, annoying remarks whilst I'm actually writing paragraphs of argument to talk to other people. And on the occasions where I've answered you and invalidated your points, you just repeat them, except word it differently.
  6. You are ignoring are ignoring growth rates, like you said at the beginning. Growth rates factor in and completely some of the thing you've said: marianne has 25% less defence than lorenz, meaning she will never have similar defensive capabilities, their magical capabilities differ by 10% (not much) meaning marianne only has a slight edge here. Also, if that mage is going to one round your physical unit (take raphael as an example, even though he sucks.), thats still 14 less damage taken, meaning raphael will live. So ward does help. A LOT. I may have just compared marianne to lorenz, but you really shouldn't, because both fill in different roles (for the most part), with lorenz being a magical frontliner (his own special job along with sylvain). Also, lorenz can use magic bow and frozen lance to great effect, even without being in a magical class
  7. Actually explain why you think this before annoying me again. Also, this tier list is my opinion: there is no invalidation because none of this is based on fact; ITS MY OPINION. Also like the title says, feel free to argue
  8. I think I was wrong about petra, edelgard and maybe cyril, but for the most part I'm happy with this tier list
  9. Everything you have just said is wrong apart from about ward
  10. Remember this is from my experience Look up fire emblem 3h if you want to make a tier list like this https://tiermaker.com/create/fire-emblem-three-houses-characters-timeskip-spoilers-159689
  11. A tier list based on my opinion and personal experience in maddening mode. My playstyle is slow, defensive and safe. Jeritza is rated low for reasons that I've put further down. I had to do research for the other DLC because I don't have it.
  12. I compare lorenz with lysithea because whenever I mention lorenz on other forums, they always say that lorenz is irrelevant because lysithea exists. When I use lysithea in my comparisons, its to prove that lorenz can hold his own against these units which are completely inflexible. If you read another post in this topic I've made, the reason I think lorenz is good because of the amount of different class paths he can take and be rlly good
  13. How does myrimidon screw his early game? It doesn't. all it does is take 5% from lorenz's already decent res. It does nothing to screw him over. It helps him not get doubled. You can just keep his goal as reason and lance, or riding or whatever build you want him to have. That doesn't change the fact that lorenz would be a good dancer. It would also help his speed a TON if you don't want to keep him in it. Depending on his build, Lorenz can be a godlike great knight. Dark bishop suffers from the same problems as gremory Paladin is an amazing class to remain in Bow knight is pretty good as well And of course dark knight and holy knight are good as well. I agree that lorenz is a jack of all traits and a master of none, but this is why he has a ton of viable class paths: because you specialize him in this class. Lysithea can only go through mage and gremory is her only good master class. Lorenz requires you to customize and master him in a certain way, making him FAR more versatile than any other unit. This is why I think lorenz is easily one of the best units in the game: Specialize him in a certain class and he'll become the best at it. Hilda is only good as fontline and marianne is only good as support. Lorenz is good in nearly everything
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