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  1. Right now minimum move is capped at 1 and even then you still have warp (though constantly missing with it won't help your sanity either) 😄
  2. Negative Growth patches have been around for some time now but they were always missing a little... something. The basic idea of a Negative Growths patch is that rather than gaining stats on a level up, you lose them instead. Now with this new FE5 patch, the biggest problem of a hack of this sort is solved! You can finally have a game where you randomly lose movement on a level up and experience real pain! This patch contains 2 different versions: One where scrolls still increase your growths and therefor also increase the chance of losing stats titled "UnforgivingScrolls" and one where they decrease your growths and give you a higher chance of keeping your precious stats with the name of "HelpfulScrolls". Pick the one you prefer. In addition to that you can find a couple of standard Lil' Manster optional patches in the "Optional" folder found in this download link but also two new ones. The first sets all movement growths in the game (including Dáinn's Scroll which would increase the move growth by 5%) to 0% so you don't get massively screwed over by a bad level up. The second guarantees that a staff will hit since losing skill on a level up can also ruin your hit chance later on in the game. But you have to keep in mind that all the enemies will also always hit with their staves. 😛 Download (v1.02) (You apply the patch the same way as the Lil' Manster patch; onto an unheadered japanese ROM) If you happen to find any bugs or glitches just send me a DM on Discord (Ultimage#6308) or join the Lil' Manster discord server (link in its post) Changelog:
  3. (Hopefully) last update with the Version 1.3: - The Dáinsleif now gives Vantage instead of Wrath, like it should- Fixed Wind and Grafcaliburs animations being swapped. Now Grafcalibur has the dark swoosh- Dropped too much glue on the patch.... now all the stat increases during combat stay on screen Download
  4. Version 1.2 update! - Added an iron sword to the Ch8 armory so a weaponless Marty doesn't instantly run away - Windstorm now has the brave effect - Fixed a some descriptions of bows - Fixed a house in Ch16A giving you a glitched item - Edited the berserker movement type so Misha isn't stuck behind the river in Ch17A - Buffed Roberts staff base since the 200% staff growth modifier didn't work Download
  5. Time for an update! The version 1.1 update includes: - Changed Alfred's weapon levels to B sword/ B Lance so he can actually use his Wind Sword - Fixed Ilios' inventory (and with that hopefully fixed a glitch causing an allied generic arch knight to show up in Ch14) - Fixed Lara's promotion causing the game to crash - Fixed issues with the Armored Bow name and the thief staff description - Fixed Mareeta's scripted battle event in Ch15 (the event makes her shortly show up in the top left corner of the map but doesn't break anything) - Fixed Augustus not being a sniper in Ch3 - Added an optional patch to turn the Wrath skill into it's FE4 version while including the wexp display in the base patch Download
  6. Well the tools only make applying changes to the rom much easier and faster. In theory I could make a patch without using them but the result would be the exact same as with using them. So I just end up saving myself headaches and a lot of time.
  7. Hello everyone! Today I would like to present you my first Fire Emblem hack: FE5 Weapon Reversal. Over the time I've grown more and more accustomed to editing smaller things in FE5, like character data, class data and the likes and decided to search for a bigger project to work on. One day I heard of the discord user Scoop Poops doing some basic planning for a weapon reversal patch and then decided to pick it up and make it a reality. Over the last 4 months I've learned how to edit even more things like spell animations (it's a pain), map sprites to even writing my first custom ASM (which you can see in the picture above in the Arms Scroll). And here I am today... ready to release it. This patch is based on the Lil' Manster patch and was made with Zanes tools (and yes I've got his permission to release this before anyone asks). The only changes you will see are purely gameplay based, I did not change any dialogue so don't expect any memes to pop up here and there. General changes: Changelog with new bases, growths and inventories (sorry in advance that you have to deal with this not exactly visually pleasing spreadsheet) Download (Version 1.3) - You apply it the same was as the Lil' Manster or Project Exile patch; onto an unheadered japanese rom. (and don't try to apply both unit repositioning patches) Changelog: If you find any glitches, wrong items in inventories, or other things you can join the Lil' Manster discord server and tell me all about it. I'm glad to help! And keep in mind: The main focus with playing this is having fun 😄 Many thanks to: - the original Project Exile and Lil' Manster teams - Miacis who supports me and gives me feedback to various things - Zane Avernathy for letting me use his tools, his amazing QoL patches, and his general feedback and improvements to my Arms Scroll code - Min who created patches for the crit display during combat and the unit repositioning during preps - Robert of Normandy for the unit ordering patch - and everyone else who supported me and made this become reality
  8. FE5 Dagdar Really bulky unit that joins with the 2nd highest HP base out of any recruitable unit, can use the brave axe of the first chapter very well and stays relevant throughout the entire game. He even gets +3 move in the final chapter if he died before and gets turned into a deadlord. 😄
  9. My general strategy is to just brute force a map with 2 dancers (usually L!Azura and Reyson), Cordelia and my +2 fallen Julia (❤️). If my having problems I either try to restart the map a couple of times or fine tune the skills on my units. If everything fails there are still phoenixmasters guides 😛
  10. Here is a picture of my 100% optimal Raven build. I don't use him that much anymore but it was fun turning a highly offensive unit into a somewhat durable tank.
  11. Sherlock is an interesting unit. His starting inventory doesn't exactly make him look great since his Iron Bow only has 1 might. What you want to do with him is use him a bit in chapter 1, then bench him for chapters 2 and 3. That allows him to get some "bench exp" just like in Gaiden or SoV. Killing one enemy in chapter 4 should then get him to level 4 (since he starts at 3) and now he will be able to use the Long Bow for 4 more damage compared to the Iron Bow. After chapter 6-Main you can forge him the Rossweisse for an extra 5 might and 20 Hit and then he starts snowballing. He can quickly increase his Bow ranks and can end up being a reliable user of the Pascannion if you didn't train Esteban. The variety of arrows in Berwick also helps him quite a lot... He can completely disable lance knights with Horseslayer Arrows and Overwatch or even kill Thor in one round of combat with Tripple Shot, a Tripple Fire Bow and Killer Arrows if you are lucky.
  12. Here... admire my very low quality TRS meme
  13. I've got a soft spot for archers/snipers so... FE4 Jamke (if you keep his killer bow on him) and FE9 Shinon (if you are like me and feed him all stat boosters on maniac and let him kill the dragons on the final map with the double bow lol)
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