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  1. Suzuka is AOE buster, much better for farm than Medb art np because Medb atk is one of the lowest. Suzuka is your only option tbh, Medb and Sieg are more for meme or niche teams.
  2. Suzuka will receive a very strong buff next year. Skill1Buster 40% buff will become for 3 atks (not turns), crit star will become 3 turns and gain 3 turns of 50% crit. dmg too. Really powerfull in the paper.
  3. Wow, everyone grinded a lot. Here I "only" did 105 runs and 100 runs is much more than I expected. Ironic that I only discovered a 1 turn party after 40 runs, lol. Sadly, without black grail my strategy have more clicks than I wanted, and is much longer than other 1 turn parties because the 3 NP in a row.
  4. 132 summons give me: - Reines NP2; - Astrea; - Fion; - Suzuka Gozen dupe aka NP2; - 6 x Waver CE and 1 x Vessel of the Saint. Okay, now Im happy with Reines NP2, even if the first come with only 111 draws and nearly give me a heart attack. With this, I got 5 SSR (Orion spook, Illya, Kama, Reines NP2) with my last 664 draws. Rngesus need to give me 2 more SSR before 700 draws yet, because my ratio is much lower than 1% but today was a huge win without 5* spook !!!!!!!
  5. Finally, I literally farmed all my free quests to have 133 rolls for Reines! Happily, this will give me 180 quartz in next anniversary, but I burned more or less 120 apples and all my sanity in 27 days of farm lol. Anyway, time to decide if I want to watch 13 multi or skip 130 singles.
  6. A wise decision because Reines is a limited servant with only a one time rerun banner and Waver is from the normal pool, plus you can use the SSR ticket to get Waver next year if Waver not spook you before. That said, dont forget that Reines have a exclusive role of Berserk support with her NP class disadvantage nullifier, def buff, Invunerability against 2 atks and 40% atk buff. The only problem is the Rider class star absorption, but Xiang Yu will receive a buff of 5000% star absorption for one turn next year.
  7. Finished the event too. I really hate the fact that some missions are locked, this force the use of a walkthrough. For the CQ I used a 100% Rng dependent party wirh Skadi - Abigail - Dantes - Mash - First Hassan + a support Ryouma lv 80 10/10/10, in the last round was kill or be killed lol ! Well, now I can stop and only return in 6 days for Reines banner. I farmed a lot in the last 23 days to get 104 rolls for Reines, if I dont get her my salt level will be infinite after all my hard work (more or less 90 apples).
  8. My start in FGO was in November 2019 and I completed 500 logins this week. The funny part is that I only started to play FGO because one friend of mine recommended and I wanted to confirm how bad is the gacha of the game. My idea was only to test the gacha and after some rolls drop the game, but fortunately I got my first SSR with one week of the game: King Hassan. And King Hassan is my favorite servant because his non-moe design/voice, plus the clearly tribute to the Skull Knight from the Berserk manga. That said, my first rerun was the Santa Altera event aka Xmas in the Underworld. But I need to say that I grinded a lot to complete Solomon in one month to get the free servant and I never used Santa Altera after the event lol. The worst part was the old engine with that horrrible "Infinity Loading Works", the loading was soo bad that I slept playing too many times. I need to say too that I was shocked with the limited banners with only a rerun in FGO and without a pity system looks nearly impossible to get your favorite servant in the start. The grind of saint quartz was soo bad in the start because the need to repeat the same free quest 3 times and the damn loading. Now the game is much better, with a good number of free tickets/quartz for new players with the new players login and the new engine is much faster than before, the diference is really a abyss. Last but not least, I only rolled more or less 200 times until the end of 2019 and only got 2 SSR (King Hassan and Abby, my two favorite 5* servants) and after that I saved everything for Skadi. Only rolled 21 times to get Fujino before Skadi and when Skadi banner came I had 400 rolls in hand. 7 months without roll in the gacha only to get Skadi because I really wanted to use my Atalanta and now I have difficty to save 100 draws for my targets, where is the dedication of steel that I had for Skadi lol ?! This week I rolled 14 tickets in the Hijikata banner even after I forbid to myself to roll before Reines banner and got only a Siegfried. After the end of summer 2020 I rolled 529 times and got only 3 SSR (Orion dupe, Illya and Kama), the despair is real my friends. After Kama banner I wasted 41 tickets with servants that I dont care and to minimize my loss I farmed a lot for the quartz and the more I farm, more I want to roll, lol. And the more I roll, more I waste and less is the fund for Reines lol. Sorry for the wall of text.
  9. You have nice servants, but isnt a better choice to roll for Summer Jeanne instead Dantes ? Dantes banner comes before Skadi banner and I think is better to save for Skadi or roll for Summer Jeanne NP2, because you can 3 turn with Waver + Tamamo + Hohenheim+ SJeanne with a lv 80 Imaginary Element. Sadly, this is the last chance to get Skadi / Dantes and thats why I think is better to save every roll for Skadi. Here is mine collection and desired servants for this year:
  10. More or less 345 rolls after summer 3 and I finally got a new SSR servant ( mahou shoujo Illya ), now the curse is finished I want believe. I got Orion NP2 in Hokusai banner but dupe dont count, lol. Sadly I failed in Xiang Yu / Ereshkigal banners and I continue without a Berserk/Rider/Saber/Lancer SSR. Now my next target is Reines and Ivan if he get another banner, Xiang Yu will need wait because trash banners with 0.4% drop rate and I will only roll in a banner with 0.7%. Worst case scenario, I can wait for the SSR ticket to pick Xiang Yu and with some luck DW can give us the SSR ticket this year, like the SR tickets that we receveid before Japan. Talking about this, how many SSR you guys have and for what servants you are saving ? Here I have only 11 SSR, but at least I have Skadi + Dantes and Tamamo + SJeanne, but tbh I never use arts team because double skadi works really well.
  11. My last 27 draws only given me a Kaleidoscope. Now, with 207 draws I got ZERO SSR and 2 SR. RIP luck !!!!! Well, at least Kaleidoscope help me use less skills for 3 turn farm with Arash and put Waver in the bench. About the lantern, my choice was Skull Knight because I really like his design.
  12. 106 draws in Sitonai banner = Zero SSR and 2 SR ( Archer and Frankenstein). 74 draws in Ereshkhigal banner = Zero SSR and Zero SR. In other words, 180 draws with Zero SSR and only 2 SR. I feel your pain, @Sire ! Plus, my friend got Abby and Ishtar with less than 20 draws, lol. Now I need a miracle to get Xiang Yu with only 25 draws. /shrug Last but not least, Parvati is my 3rd bond 10 servant !!!
  13. About the swimsuit, I have no problem with normal swimsuits aka ascension 2 and 3. My only problem is with fanservice bad taste like in ascension 1. That said, Abby is one of my top 5 favorite servant because the Cthulhu reference and I created a casual japanese account to get her. When she was released I used all my 60 rolls and only got gamer Tomoe and the spider Murasaki. Today I farmed all Orleans singularity to roll 7 more times and Abby summer came home in the first draw, LOL ! The funny part is that I rolled with serenesforest page open because I was going to reply your post about Abby swimsuit after my rolls. Looks like it worked as a catalyst, hahaha ! Now I only need to unlock ascension 2 and 3, because the first ascension is a aberration to me.
  14. Abby summer NP is beautiful, but I really hate the lack of clothes ! For God's sake, we need a skin for Abby with decent clothes !
  15. Send a friend request. My Nick is 4rkim1 and my ID is 799.829.176. You can look my pokemanz here: https://rayshift.io/na/799829176.
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