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  1. After playing some of Age of Calamity and learning its mechanics, I came up with a possible way to distinguish clones - the ZR button, used for personal actions in Age of Calamity, could work like a unique ability for the character, such as using a secondary weapon (for example, Lyn could pull out a bow with her ZR attack, or Frederick would pull out a lance), or having an additional attack if the unit was locked to a certain weapon in their original game (for example, Navarre could have a different, sword-based ZR move to differentiate himself from Lyn in the aforementioned example).
  2. Class Name: Sentry Knight Weapons: Bows and Lances Movement Type: Armored Would be pretty similar to the Archanea games' variant of the General, though with more of an emphasis on bows than Lances. In terms of stats, they would have somewhat low defense compared to other armored units (though their defense is still solid), but would have good Resistance, HP, and Skill. Would be either a promotion of an Archer or an Armor Knight. Probably would also have a class skill that allows them to counter with a bow at close range. Class Name: Bloodfighter Weapons: Axes and Dark Magic Movement Type: Infantry A unique HP and regeneration-focused tank. Would have below average defensive stats, but would have incredibly high HP. To go off of this, their class skills would be based on regenerating HP in various ways (such as gaining a percent of HP upon killing an enemy), and their usage of Dark Magic means they can also opt to further go all in on the regeneration tank by using Nosferatu. Class Name: Blade Dancer Weapons: Swords Movement Type: Infantry A promotion for the Dancer class which is meant to be good at both combat and support - they have an okay strength stat but incredible speed and luck, similarly to a myrmidon but with a bit more strength, but they retain their ability to dance. Their class skills would let them further this role of being a combination of combat and support, such as giving them a buff to evasion and crit rate after dancing, or giving them a variant of canto after attacking where they can dance. Class Name: Engineer Weapon Type: Bows Movement Type: Infantry, but has more movement A unique trap-focused class, having somewhat sub-par combat potential, but being focused on using trap-based items (and in a hypothetical game where they appear, said items will appear more often), such as allowing them to move again after using a trap item, or giving them more uses of such items.
  3. I feel like low key Leif should become a cavalry for his second moveset, to reference his Master Knight class he gains on promoting in Geneology of the Holy War.
  4. Steve's design is probably one of my favorite movesets in the entire roster - he actually feels more like a Rivals of Aether character than a Smash character as he has stage control, interesting movement options, and synergy in his moveset. Most smash movesets are "Neutral special is a projectile, side special moves you forward, up special makes you only go up".
  5. A. Smash's core fanbase tends to go for rather bland picks in my opinion. EDIT: Dang, forgot to post a new would you rather: Would you rather: -Have an Assist Trophy promote to a playable character OR -Have a Boss promote to a playable character
  6. I'm super happy Steve is in Smash, he was legit one of my most wanteds.
  7. I'd say prolly a crossover thing would be better, but I think instead of how FEW handled its casts (each game's cast joined at around the same timeframe, first the Awakening chars, then the Fates chars, then the Shadow Dragon chars), instead I think an interesting way to handle a story mode's team is to have various characters from different games fill various archetypes in a typical FE team (such as the Jagen, Merric, Gordin, Draug, etc.).
  8. Sora out, Steve in 1. Dante 2. Chosen Undead 3. Bandanna Dee 4. 2B 5. Arle 6. Crash Bandicoot 7. Steve 8. Shantae 9. Alex 10. Rayman
  9. This is a hella overbearing one here. Bold means a new character, if it is over the class or whatever, it means a new playstyle/moveset. Edit: Replaced Saizo with Kaze for more equal reps for Birthright/Conquest; added some new characters, changed some playstyles around. Archanea: Marth [Lodestar] Caeda [Pegasus Knight] Tiki [Divine Dragon] Navarre [Myrmidon] Linde [Archanean Light Mage] Minerva [Wyvern Rider] Merric [Wind Mage] Ogma [Mercenary] Julian [Thief] Lena [Bishop] Jake [Ballistician] Gordin [Clumsy Archer] Draug [Lance Knight] Camus [Noble Lance Knight] Kris [Mercenary] Katarina [Dark Mage] Xane [Shapeshifter] Valentia: Alm [Conqueror] Gray [Dread Fighter] Tobin [Bow Knight] Lukas [Soldier] Silque [Bishop] Celica [Priestess] Mae [Thunder Mage] Boey [Mixed Anima Mage] Saber [Dread Fighter] Leon [Bow Knight] Jedah [Cantor] Jugdral: Sigurd [Light Sword Paladin] Quan [Lance Paladin] Ayra [Blade Lord] Lewyn [Wind Mage] Finn [Lance Paladin] Arden [Sword Knight] Brigid [Outlaw] Arvis [Armored Mage] Seliph [Lodestar] Julia [Light Priestess] Leif [Master Knight] Osain [Fighter] Olwen [Thunder Mage Knight] Nanna [Sword Valkyrie] Reinhardt [Thunder Mage Knight] Elibe: Roy [Elemental Sword] Lilina [Fire Mage] Wolt [Clumsy Archer] Marcus [Lance Paladin] Sue [Bow Knight] Bartre [Fighter] Melady [Lance Wyvern Rider] Perceval [Lance Paladin] Cecilia [Anima Valkyrie] Gonzales [Brigand] Elffin [Bard] Lyn [Blade Lord] Eliwood [Knight Lord] Hector [Axe Lord] Oswin [Lance General] Canas [Elder Mage] Jaffar [Assassin] Nino [Mixed Anima Mage] Pent [Mage General] Nergal [Dark Druid] Magvel: Ephraim [Lance Lord] Eirika [Lodestar] Seth [Light Sword Paladin] Lute [Thunder Mage] L'Arachel [Light Troubadour] Innes [Focused Sniper] Myrrh [Great Dragon] Joshua [Myrmidon] Knoll [Summoner] Valter [Bloodthirsty Lance Wyvern Rider] Tellius: Ike [Vanguard] Boyd [Fighter] Titania [Great Knight] Soren [Wind Mage] Mist [Sword Valkyrie] Nephenee [Spear Fighter] Lethe [Cat] Reyson [Heron] Mordecai [Tiger] Tibarn [Hawk] Jill [Lance Wyvern Rider] Haar [Axe Wyvern Rider] Micaiah [Tellius Light Mage] Sothe [Thief] Elincia [Princess Crimea] Sanaki [Mage General] Zelgius/The Black Knight [Black Knight] Oliver [Oliver] Awakening: Chrom [Ylissean Lord] Lucina [Ylissean Lord] Robin [Mixed Anima Mage] Lissa [War Cleric] Frederick [Great Knight] Cordelia [Pegasus Knight] Owain [Spellsword - Mixes swords and dark magic] Olivia [Blade Dancer] Tharja [Ylissean Dark Mage] Inigo [Mercenary] Gangrel [Trickster] Grima/Possessed Robin [Dark Dragon] Fates (Primarily picked the new characters by how I think their class would play since I never played it but it seems to have some cool classes😞 Corrin [Nohr Noble] Ryoma [Samurai] Hinoka [Pegasus Knight] Takumi [Sniper] Sakura [Sniper] Xander [Sword Paladin] Camilla [Malig Knight] Leo [Dark Knight] Elise [Dark Knight] Oboro [Spear Fighter] Azura [Songstress] Niles [Outlaw] Jakob [Butler] Kaze [Ninja] Rinkah [Oni] Yukimura [Mechanist] Arthur [Fighter] Keaton [Wolfskin] Three Houses: Byleth [Enlightened One] Edelgard [Emperor] Dorothea [Mage Dancer] Hubert [Dark Mage] Dimitri [High Lord] Dedue [Axe Knight] Annette [Axe Mage] Claude [Barbarossa] Hilda [Brigand] Lysithea [Dark Mage] Seteth [Lance Wyvern Rider] Alois [Brawler] Yuri [Trickster] Constance [Dark Flier] Rhea [Saint] Sothis [Goddess] Heroes: Fjorm [Ice Lance Fighter] Eir [Flying Dagger] Peony [Fairy] Surtr [Fire Axe Armor] Freyja [Dream Beast] Other: Anna [Merchant]
  10. Merlinus could be a hilarious joke character to see in a potential FEW2 imo.
  11. This is a bit of a for fun topic, wherein the idea is a "what if characters in a Blazing Blade remake get personal skills?": This is mainly assuming only personal skills, and the game stays the same gameplay-wise. I'll start with: Rebecca - Countershot: Rebecca counters attacks that she dodges at 1 range.
  12. Mark I'd be somewhat fine with, though he could work more as a more proper character instead of an Avatar. Also he should be an archer if playable.
  13. The L'Arachel idea had her join Eirika's group after first meeting them, i.e. in the first chapter with monsters where Artur and Lute join.
  14. Instead of having two additional separate routes, what if the additional Lords had a small side story with a couple of different maps, a la Hector mode? For example, L'Arachel's sidestory will have a couple of original maps wherein she does some things alongside Dozla and Rennac (and recruits a few chars that Eirika normally does on her own route), but merges with the main plot after meeting Eirika for the first time and the game goes as normal with a couple of additional maps.
  15. I recently reccomended Three Houses to my sis, and she really enjoyed the story and characters. I want to reccomend more games for her to get into, tho I'm not sure which FE game I should reccomend to her next. My sis is generally more interested in story/characters than gameplay, so a more story-heavy entry would prolly be preferred].
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