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  1. This is a hella overbearing one here. Bold means a new character, if it is over the class or whatever, it means a new playstyle/moveset. Edit: Replaced Saizo with Kaze for more equal reps for Birthright/Conquest; added some new characters, changed some playstyles around. Archanea: Marth [Lodestar] Caeda [Pegasus Knight] Tiki [Divine Dragon] Navarre [Myrmidon] Linde [Archanean Light Mage] Minerva [Wyvern Rider] Merric [Wind Mage] Ogma [Mercenary] Julian [Thief] Lena [Bishop] Jake [Ballistician] Gordin [Clumsy Archer] Draug [Lance Knight] Camus [Noble Lance Knight] Kris [Mercenary] Katarina [Dark Mage] Xane [Shapeshifter] Valentia: Alm [Conqueror] Gray [Dread Fighter] Tobin [Bow Knight] Lukas [Soldier] Silque [Bishop] Celica [Priestess] Mae [Thunder Mage] Boey [Mixed Anima Mage] Saber [Dread Fighter] Leon [Bow Knight] Jedah [Cantor] Jugdral: Sigurd [Light Sword Paladin] Quan [Lance Paladin] Ayra [Blade Lord] Lewyn [Wind Mage] Finn [Lance Paladin] Arden [Sword Knight] Brigid [Outlaw] Arvis [Armored Mage] Seliph [Lodestar] Julia [Light Priestess] Leif [Master Knight] Osain [Fighter] Olwen [Thunder Mage Knight] Nanna [Sword Valkyrie] Reinhardt [Thunder Mage Knight] Elibe: Roy [Elemental Sword] Lilina [Fire Mage] Wolt [Clumsy Archer] Marcus [Lance Paladin] Sue [Bow Knight] Bartre [Fighter] Melady [Lance Wyvern Rider] Perceval [Lance Paladin] Cecilia [Anima Valkyrie] Gonzales [Brigand] Elffin [Bard] Lyn [Blade Lord] Eliwood [Knight Lord] Hector [Axe Lord] Oswin [Lance General] Canas [Elder Mage] Jaffar [Assassin] Nino [Mixed Anima Mage] Pent [Mage General] Nergal [Dark Druid] Magvel: Ephraim [Lance Lord] Eirika [Lodestar] Seth [Light Sword Paladin] Lute [Thunder Mage] L'Arachel [Light Troubadour] Innes [Focused Sniper] Myrrh [Great Dragon] Joshua [Myrmidon] Knoll [Summoner] Valter [Bloodthirsty Lance Wyvern Rider] Tellius: Ike [Vanguard] Boyd [Fighter] Titania [Great Knight] Soren [Wind Mage] Mist [Sword Valkyrie] Nephenee [Spear Fighter] Lethe [Cat] Reyson [Heron] Mordecai [Tiger] Tibarn [Hawk] Jill [Lance Wyvern Rider] Haar [Axe Wyvern Rider] Micaiah [Tellius Light Mage] Sothe [Thief] Elincia [Princess Crimea] Sanaki [Mage General] Zelgius/The Black Knight [Black Knight] Oliver [Oliver] Awakening: Chrom [Ylissean Lord] Lucina [Ylissean Lord] Robin [Mixed Anima Mage] Lissa [War Cleric] Frederick [Great Knight] Cordelia [Pegasus Knight] Owain [Spellsword - Mixes swords and dark magic] Olivia [Blade Dancer] Tharja [Ylissean Dark Mage] Inigo [Mercenary] Gangrel [Trickster] Grima/Possessed Robin [Dark Dragon] Fates (Primarily picked the new characters by how I think their class would play since I never played it but it seems to have some cool classes­čś× Corrin [Nohr Noble] Ryoma [Samurai] Hinoka [Pegasus Knight] Takumi [Sniper] Sakura [Sniper] Xander [Sword Paladin] Camilla [Malig Knight] Leo [Dark Knight] Elise [Dark Knight] Oboro [Spear Fighter] Azura [Songstress] Niles [Outlaw] Jakob [Butler] Kaze [Ninja] Rinkah [Oni] Yukimura [Mechanist] Arthur [Fighter] Keaton [Wolfskin] Three Houses: Byleth [Enlightened One] Edelgard [Emperor] Dorothea [Mage Dancer] Hubert [Dark Mage] Dimitri [High Lord] Dedue [Axe Knight] Annette [Axe Mage] Claude [Barbarossa] Hilda [Brigand] Lysithea [Dark Mage] Seteth [Lance Wyvern Rider] Alois [Brawler] Yuri [Trickster] Constance [Dark Flier] Rhea [Saint] Sothis [Goddess] Heroes: Fjorm [Ice Lance Fighter] Eir [Flying Dagger] Peony [Fairy] Surtr [Fire Axe Armor] Freyja [Dream Beast] Other: Anna [Merchant]
  2. Merlinus could be a hilarious joke character to see in a potential FEW2 imo.
  3. This is a bit of a for fun topic, wherein the idea is a "what if characters in a Blazing Blade remake get personal skills?": This is mainly assuming only personal skills, and the game stays the same gameplay-wise. I'll start with: Rebecca - Countershot: Rebecca counters attacks that she dodges at 1 range.
  4. Mark I'd be somewhat fine with, though he could work more as a more proper character instead of an Avatar. Also he should be an archer if playable.
  5. The L'Arachel idea had her join Eirika's group after first meeting them, i.e. in the first chapter with monsters where Artur and Lute join.
  6. Instead of having two additional separate routes, what if the additional Lords had a small side story with a couple of different maps, a la Hector mode? For example, L'Arachel's sidestory will have a couple of original maps wherein she does some things alongside Dozla and Rennac (and recruits a few chars that Eirika normally does on her own route), but merges with the main plot after meeting Eirika for the first time and the game goes as normal with a couple of additional maps.
  7. I recently reccomended Three Houses to my sis, and she really enjoyed the story and characters. I want to reccomend more games for her to get into, tho I'm not sure which FE game I should reccomend to her next. My sis is generally more interested in story/characters than gameplay, so a more story-heavy entry would prolly be preferred].
  8. Byleth: Fodlan's Restoration This is Brave Byleth, having a similar concept to the other Three Houses Brave alts, being after the ending of a particular route, with this one being from Silver Snow. This Byleth is in his Enlightened One class, being an Infantry Blue Tome unit with Abraxas equipped (Byleth doesn't learn Abraxas, but Abraxas is more three-houses specific and we got a lot of people using Aura already), a bit of a Jack of All stats with Close Counter on his weapon. Robin: Grandmaster of Thunder Brave Robin, while an Infantry Sword unit that is very common due to using his Levin Sword, he would be a bit more of a Mage unit in the body of a sword unit, with a weapon that targets Res and has Distant Counter.
  9. Not entirely too sure of who to add, since when I want to add representation from a game, I'd general end up adding a bunch of supporting characters from the same game and the ending roster would end up bloated af.
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2209519554 Yes, I made Wrys as a full-fledged fighter in Rivals of Aether
  11. Bringing back (and re-balancing) the Cantor and Witch enemy types.
  12. Moulder also joins earlier than Natasha, meaning he has more time to level up, while Natasha joins a few chapters in... at level 1. Healers level really slow in this game, too.
  13. Most recently, I've been playing: Shantae and the Seven Sirens: I can probably say this is one of my favorites in the series, I like the fusion dance mechanic quite a bit since it opens up various platforming and combat opportunities, the world you explore is pretty neat, it's just plain fun. The Henry Stickmin Collection: This game is just plain hilarious, and Completing the Mission gets to be quite awesome at times too. Project M: EX Remix: Just played some matches with some people I know over Parsec, and have had a blast with it. One round in particular was amazing, where everyone except one person played as Sans and at some point repeatedly used his trombone taunt, which was often followed by them getting KO'd.
  14. I personally don't really like "Supernatural Masquerades"; i.e. supernatural creatures hiding for... some reason, often that people "aren't ready" or something. It feels rather lazy to me and is a huge waste of potential imo.
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