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  1. Im thinking about it. If I were to make Bernie as a Falcon Knight would I basically build her as if it was Ingrid? The Axe boon is a bit worrying but I could handle it.
  2. I'm limiting myself from the options of NG+, if anything the only thing thats being used is the statues. I wanna try to recruit characters without using the journal. I'll try to not automatically increase my professor rank to A+ or use renown for weapon ranks.
  3. Thinking about it. Maybe Felix should be the Sniper because he's fast and has a crest for regular physical damage. The issue for Dorothea is that I used her as a Dancer and Gremory which are her main two options. The classes of Ferdinand and Caspar are a bit tricky now thinking about it, Caspar has Bombard and Mighty Blow while Ferdinand has avoid tank niche to him.
  4. Hey everyone! So after I completed my Sliver Snow Maddening NG+ run I wanted to automatically jump into Crimson Flower aka the only route I haven't completed. To spice things up a bit for this run I wanted to change the final classes for the BE students. Byleth- Warmaster Edelgard- Wyvern Lord (Should I make her a Dark Flier to get Transmute?) Hubert- Dark Knight with Bow usage Ferdinand- Grappler or Warmaster- I thought of Grappler so Ferdinand's crest has triple the chance of activating Caspar- Wyvern Lord Bernadetta- Falcon Knight with Lance Prowess Linhardt- Bishop Petra- Sniper I made her a Falcon Knight and Wyvern Lord so I wanted to try something new Dorothea - Benched mainly because Hubert is being used for this run Extra characters: Constance- Mortal Savant or Dark Flier (I know MS is considered bad but I want to try out a Soulblade build, also I hear that her accuracy is low, should I add Hit + 20 or Uncanny Blow?) Felix- Bow Knight Jertiza- Wyvern Lord or Death Knight Yuri or Ingrid for a Dodge Tank Dancer. Yuri could apparently use Silence with Poison Strike damage. Ingrid could dodge about anything really. Is this a good team? Give me your thoughts.
  5. That's alot of Strength, Speed and Luck! I can't wait to try this on a different route. I was thinking about doing a Mortal Savant Constance to try something new out. I'm surprised that someone used Great Knight! I was thinking about doing a Hero!Balthus for that amazing enemy phase.
  6. I already love this! I'll do this build soon! Thank you! Any other suggestions?
  7. Oh? I'm interested in hearing about his overall peformance! Tell me about it, I'm sure Brawl Avoid + 20 was apart of the final build right? I really love Yuri and I wanna use him to his full potential. Funnily enough I thought I should have made Linhardt a Dark Knight and Yuri the Dancer but everything was set in stone.
  8. After a few months of struggling to find time to finish my first maddening run, just yesterday I completed Sliver Snow Maddening (With NG+) How was it? It was fun honestly! I didn't mind the early game hurdles, after getting used to the craziness this mode had to offer I think they can have 30+ reinforcements coming after me and I'll be peachy! My Team Male Byleth - Wyvern Lord = He did great, It was a bit difficult to get to Wyvern Lord but when he did, he became a Sword Flier of doom. Had to give him a Strength booster from the DLC for Chapter 13. He also dodge tanked with Ferdinand. Ferdinand- Wyvern Lord = Once he got Avoid Stance, enemies would barely touch him, he helped bring clusters of enemies for the rest of the group to finish off. He had a bit of a strength issue but it sat at a good 34. After getting Swift Strikes, it didn't bother me as much. Dorothea- Gremory = I heard that she wasn't a good mage or more so decent by many in the community but she was great during my run. Sure she's not Lysithea but Meteor and Thoron was good enough for me to spam. She also provided heals when I didn't want Mercedes to waste Physic points. She oddly had more HP than a few of the mages (Definitely because I had HP + 5 on her, she almost had 50 HP) Bernadetta- Sniper = She became Hunter Volley the character. I wish there was a way for me take advantage of her personal skill but I was too nervous to risk her getting hit. When she got Bow cirt + 10 she was destroying Demonic Beasts. Petra- Wyvern Lord = I love Petra, I really do. But unfortunately because I made her focus on Axes more than Swords, she couldn't dodge tank as much as Byleth and Ferdinand. She definitely doubled with Axes which I appreciated. She was also the fastest out of the group. For the final battle she used the ballista to break the barrier of the final boss and flew away with Canto. Linhardt- Dancer = He dance, he danced but mainly he danced. Felix- Warmaster = Felix helped a lot with his high damage output and tanked some damage because of the Aegis Shield. He utterly destroyed a lot of things with crits and or his crest. I was a bit concerned of his strength being low but he proved me wrong by sitting at a good 38-39 strength. If I was nervous about a map Felix would just simply say "TOO SLOW" in which I would respond thanks Felix I think I got this now! Love this man! Sylvain- Paladin = The living example of virgin to chad. Pre-Time Skip I had my fears with Sylvain mainly because his stats were a little low and I couldn't have him on the field because I needed to make sure the BE students were good enough to survive Reunion at Dawn. After the time-skip, the moment he got Swift Strikes he destroyed everything in two strikes. After that his stats started rising up to places where I needed them to be and he popped the final boss. Thank you Sylvain, you saved the world! (Though Felix got MVP of that map) Lysithea- Valkyrie = Valkyrie Lysithea was amazing, she sat there and threw spells without getting into danger especially with Thyrsus and the added range of Valkyrie. As expected Lysithea nuked a lot of things and warped characters in case I needed to kill the boss before I got myself into trouble or warp Mercedes in a safe position. Please please use Valkyrie for your mages, I guaranteed they'll serve you well. Ignatz- Bow Wyvern Lord = As a fan of Ignatz, I knew I had to use him for something, he was the most accurate character out of everyone in the group. Similar to Sylvain I couldn't have him on the field because I needed to make sure the BE students were good enough to survive Reunion at Dawn. He debuffed the enemy and sometimes crit the enemy. Ignatz never lets me down. Mercedes- Bishop = She was the teams primary healer. She was behind everyone because she unfortunately gets 1 Timeskip Autolevel, but by the end of the run she caught up. Her fortify helped alot. Yuri- Trickster = The character I married. I was hoping Yuri would have been a awesome character but his strength was at a mere 26. I tried changing him to Swordmaster to hopefully raise his strength up a few points but unfortunately it mainly increased his speed even more. He then helped the team by his foul play shenanigans, his hero relic and his recover spell. If I could have made him a different class, It would have been Warmaster. He did have a good BST score so that's something. And that's about it folks! I'm glad to finally do a maddening run. I do want to do a Crimson Flower run to complete all four routes... is what I would love to say but I accidently overwrote my GD(My first playthrough at launch) file so Golden Deer would be the last route to complete. Thank you guys!
  9. Hey everyone thank you for answering!! I'm currently on chapter 5 and it's going well! again i'm worried about chapter 13. I am playing on ng+ but not using it to the fullest extent.
  10. I'm currently doing my first one on Sliver Snow with NG+ it's actually really fun. I'm not overleveling cuz i want the difficulty and i'm just using it mainly to save the students.
  11. Thats right! I just remembered Dorothea spawns right next to him.
  12. Interesting response. If I wanted to make Mercedes the main healer, could I get away with making Lindhardt the dancer instead? For a flier would Leonie work? How would I build a flier? should I even go for Death Blow and Hit+20? Would Valkyrie be a good final class for Lysithea or is Dark Knight/Gremory better?
  13. If I didn't want to use Caspar, should I use him as a Fortress Knight tank for chapter 13?
  14. I agree with your thinking of Marianne. When it comes down to it It feels like either Ingrid or Marianne could work. But Marianne has Animal friend so theres that too. I was thinking about class paths for Felix. Fighter to Brigand to Archer to War Monk then to Grappler or Warmaster. His skill slots would then be Strength+ 2, Death Blow, Hit+20, Brawl Avoid +20 then tomebreaker/quick riposte. Would that work? I'm mainly worried about chapter 13 with Caspar, being that i'm playing new game plus, i could use claude's personal battalion to help me. I could boost his defense from Fortress Knight some tanking For Ferdinand, definitely. Seal Speed seems like it could work wonders plus the defense boost!
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