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  1. My favourite for now is Crimson Flower. It has elements that can be interpreted as humanity vs. god, rejecting predesigned fates, making difficult choices, characters from conflicting backgrounds becoming unlikely allies and eventually found family, taking a proactive role in a conflict, etc, which are all very appealing to me in a story. I also find the White Cloud part in BE quite fun upon replaying, as many dialogues take on a new meaning with the additional information acquired from previous play through. Verdant Wind, I initially felt lukewarm towards it, but I appreciate it more now. Although it does have this misfits building trust and becoming found family dynamic that I like a lot, Claude initially dwelling at the periphery of the main conflict, as well as him often playing coy did mystify me. I'm also let down by the relatively superficial exploration on xenophobia and racism in the story, although I admit that it's a difficult topic to tackle in a video game. As I become more aware of Claude's progression from being a very guarded person to trusting his friends, as well as him being an ambitious dreamer who can seize opportunities when they present, I do gain more appreciation to his character and the overall story. Azure Moon is a story that I appreciate when analysing, but also frustrates me when playing as a game. Its critic to blind devotion to chivalry, the drama of two well-meaning people with unreconcilable ideals clashing, as well as its subversion of a traditional hero's reactionary violence are elements that I love seeing in a story. The tragedy of a good-hearted but also myopic person, which is understandable from his backstory, ultimately preserving the system that perpetuates suffering, is also a bittersweet irony that I find interesting. However, when played as a video game, its lack of cathartic response to toxic chivalry culture does frustrate me at times, as I feel that I was actively working to preserve something that I don't support, while also being passive in the story because of the confinement of the game. Although this dissonance can be mitigated by pretending role playing as a loyal supporter for example. Silver Snow on its own, I find it probably the least exciting, but it does provide a narrative contrast with Crimson Flower. In SS, the two main characters walk the paths predesigned by two opposing factions, which can be interpreted as either fateful second coming of historic showdown, or being tragically manipulated into enemies. Personally, SS evoked to me a certain regret of Byleth that things had to come to this clashing course, as well as a certain emptiness stemming from a similar outcome to AM.
  2. The different perception of Ingrid and Hilda's racism is indeed interesting. There are a few factors that I can think of that might have contributed to it. - Dedue and Ingrid are in-house members from the start, thus have a higher chance to be deployed and unlock their support chain. Cyril, on the other hand, is at the periphery of the main story and needs players to actively recruit him to experience more of his personal story. - Ingrid appears to be the more confrontational one in her exchange with Dedue, understandably because of her personal pain related with the topic, as well as her relatively straightforward personality. The situation is reversed with Hilda and Cyril. Hilda, while exhibiting racist behaviour, is more laid-back, while Cyril challenges her prejudice with his usual, relatively blunt approach. This reminds me of Dedue/Ingrid B support, where Ingrid asks Dedue why not speak back against prejudices towards Duscur people. I wonder how that would turn out (probably terribly considering some of Dedue's dialogues). - Various information that we players obtain in the game points to the general innocence and victimhood of Duscur in the Tragedy, while Almyrans are depicted as having a warrior culture and are more or less equally responsible to the contentious relation between Fodlan and Almyra (Cyril states in his paralogue that some of them launch attacks essentially to seek glory). This might make it less easy to sympathise with Almyran and to recognise racist behaviour towards them.
  3. @haarhaarhaar I’d like to thank you for your interesting and nuanced discussion on prejudice and racism, as well as your thread on Fódlan and race. I didn’t participate in either, because I don’t feel myself educated enough on this topic to articulate my thoughts efficiently, but your posts helped me to have a better grasp of the differences on a systemic and individual level, and I generally agree with your point of view on the issue.
  4. This got me curious, although I doubt if it'd be an efficient move, does Ward or Pure Water stack with her personal ability? For example, using Pure Water in the first turn, then in the next turn have her wait and cast Ward on her?
  5. My least favourite so far are Annette and Ashe. I don’t actively dislike them. It’s just that with other characters, the more I read their supports and dialogues, the more I find them interesting, while my impressions on Annette and Ashe remain stagnant. With everyone else moving up, they unfortunately drop to the bottom of my list as a result.
  6. Rhea claims that Jeralt was a soldier of the Kingdom in the event at the end of Chapter 9: https://fedatamine.com/en-us/scenarios/108 , if Rhea/Byleth C support was not reached previously. Although this does contradict with Rhea's claim in her C support that Jeralt "belonged to" a "band of mercenaries" when they "fought alongside the Knights of Seiros" (https://fedatamine.com/en-us/supports/Byleth/Rhea/C).
  7. My favourite characters at the moment are: 1. Bernadetta 2. Marianne 3. Edelgard 4. Dorothea 5. Ferdinand 6. Felix 7. Leonie 8. Hubert 9. Lorenz 10. Lysithea/Ignatz/Mercedes/Petra/Caspar (uh I can't really decide among them.) The DLC characters, I find all of them very fun to hang around. But maybe it's because of their relatively lack of support chains, I find them slightly less integral to the whole story and have a harder time to bump them up in the list. Claude, Seteth, Linhardt, Manuela and Cyril are characters that I feel more or less neutral towards but are also very interesting to look into their personality and arc. Sylvain and Rhea are complex, fascinating characters that I can't yet bring myself to comfortably embrace their negative traits, but they're definitely very strong and well-written characters in my eyes and kind of my favourite characters to "hate" at the moment.
  8. Like @Shanty Pete's 1st Mate mentioned, linked attack bonus can go up to 3 units excluding adjutant. Therefore it’s an extra benefit when the Dancer is dedicated to dancing. I agree that Dorothea has a pretty good spell list, and her Riding bane is not ideal for a Dancer candidate, but since OP already has other female mages that can fill Dorothea’s various magic niche, her Meteor support in BE routes is a niche that I think quite unique and worth considering to some degree.
  9. CF late game has a few maps with heavy movement penalty to horse units. You may want to dismount these units, or prioritise fliers/infantry classes in some cases. Since you already have a few female mages with various utility spells, I think you can afford to consider Hubert as a Sniper with Magic Bow+ (Usable from Bow B rank and arcane crystal can be obtained when feeding cats & dogs) for pure magic damage output and better range than his spells. You can go Monk->Mage->Archer->Sniper. Since he also has a proficiency in Bow, once he gets into Mage, you only need to focus on Bow and Authority for this progression. Regarding Dorothea as a Dancer, I personally quite like her dancing in BE routes, as equipping Meteor grants wide range link attack bonus. Sword Avo+20 does gets wasted if using Dorothea this way, but I think it’s a trade off worth considering.
  10. Thank you for the tip! ^^ I was considering going Valkyrie for Uncanny Blow before ending at Dark Flier, but Bowbreaker with Dark Flier is an interesting option too. Either way, like you said, I won't expect her to be the heavy hitter of the team.
  11. Thank you for the detailed topic! I too am considering doing FK Marianne with FL for my CF run. I was also looking for alternative builds for Ingrid, and going magic CA looks pretty fun for variety since I play on lower difficulties. By the way, I'm not sure that Marianne can benefit from Might+3 with adj. Bernie, since they don't actually have a support chain, thus can only have the basic Avo/Hit +3. The same goes with Hilda x Dorothea I believe.
  12. If I understand your issues with "have to use fast-travel to move anywhere" correctly, you can teleport to a location that you visited before. For example, once you visited the dormitory area during the first monastery exploration day, you can directly teleport to it via the mini-map.
  13. If you have access to DLC, Valkyrie is definitely a good advanced class for Lysithea thanks to Canto and Dark Magic range +1, and potentially Movement +1 if you manage to reach Riding A+. Otherwise, I'd suggest that Bishop is also worth considering when progressing from Mage to Gremory, as it provides double Warp and like previous commenters noted, Warlock doesn't bring much noticeable utility to Lysithea. For Marianne, I'd argue that it's better to go for Mage instead of Priest for Intermediate Class in order to master Fiendish Blow. Miracle is not a skill worth mastering IMHO. If you want her to keep up with Falcon Hilda for shipping reason, the DLC exclusive class Dark Flier as a flying mage is probably worth considering. She can also potentially make use of Transmute thanks to her good Res growth. Or she can go DLC Valkyrie as well, and mastering Uncanny Blow can improve her spells' accuracy. Otherwise, staying in Bishop or Gremory is probably easier to manage for healing purpose, as your other Physic user Sylvain might not have the same range as Marianne. When I don't use Marianne as the dedicated healer unit, I also quite like some of the offensive builds for her, even though they certainly have their own pros & cons, such as Assassin (Levin Sword/Soulblade + Stealth + good Mvt for infantry class but no spell), Mortal Savant (Levin Sword/Soulblade + spell access but more vulnerable on enemy phase) or Falcon Knight (Frozen Lance + flying canto but no spell and no magic lance in BL route).
  14. I did the Hilda/Cyril paralogue before the timeskip. Edit: I found this site just now : https://fedatamine.com/en-us/supports/ . It's datamined, and you can check the unlock/lock condition for each support chain. For Byleth x Hilda A support, it's indeed listed as after Chapter "The Rose-Colored River" in SS/AM/VW.
  15. as was revealed by Dorothea and Caspar in their Monastery dialogues respectively, which may be the cause of Caspar x Petra A support lock since it revolves around him. In my play through of Silver Snow, Byleth x Hilda A support was not available to unlock right after time-skip like most units, but I don't remember exactly after which chapter it was unlocked. From memory, I'd say it was already unlocked by Chapter 18. I'm guessing maybe it was unlocked after Chapter 16 and may have something to do with Lorenz?
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