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  1. No NKt Iso's should work just fine, they just remove all the unused disc space from ISO's. They work normally and my personal rom is an NKT ISO so this is not the issue. Sometimes th e problem stems from Dolphin so you should jsut try maybe deleting all dolphin files and doing a clean install or finding a .wbs version of the game (You can easily find one). Fe10 Roms can be quite janky as it failed miserably when I tried to download it on a friend's desktop yet worked perfectly on his laptop whom he just downloaded dolphin on. So just play with your dolphin settings.
  2. Well, have you made sure that the problem stems does not stem from the ROM? If not try setting a Rom directory and making sure that other games work on that Dolphin config. If that doesn't work then find another Rom if possible of .wbfs and see if that works if not you can just play around with your settings. Good luck being able to find the truest of beauty hidden within this game (You will see in due time).
  3. The thing that I would especially love would be some gaiden chapters featuring the characters who don't have a lot of screentime. Just think of how awesome it would be if you had a paralogue with Tormod, Vika and Muarim or even a paralogue explaining how Geoffrey learned of Renning where you team up with Batsian and Volke. Or my personal favorite: have defend chapters between the tower chapters where you have to stop reinforcments from entering the tower of guidance and failure would increase the difficulty of the next chapter. This sould force the player to keep some good units out of the tower. Also for @Anacybele, I have an idea of a potential "Shared" ending between Ike and Elincia that wouldn't be out of character: "As the war ended Ike left Tellius never to return, and Elincia kept her duties as queen. No matter how much time would pass, or the distance that separated the two they still thought of each other. One day, when Crimea was fully repaired, Elincia dissapeared, rumors state that she was seen at an harbor shortly after."
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