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  1. Banned because i'm back! Sorry guys, school kept me busy.
  2. Banned because i haven't been here in 4 days.
  3. Banned because i had a dream i was in a car with edelgard and we ran a pedestrian over and started driving away from the police.
  4. Banned because i admire myself a lot so it makes up for it.
  5. Nope. I mean kinda. Still can't get fates to work, but i know how to use it. What is probably supposed to mean. What are your true motivations for hacking cookie clicker?
  6. Yes and No. I'm tired and have no questions for the next person.
  7. Because it is not trendy anymore. Was the next poster stupid as an 11 year old?
  8. Confusing. ___________________ Warning: dark humour and weirdness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fP9qkHLF5bk
  9. Banned because i'm also kidding.
  10. Banned because i said him and you must've read it wrong
  11. @Shrimperor is banned because i haven't banned him before and @twilitfalchion is banned because i love lysithea just as much as i love hilda, and, in fact, i am making lysithea cosplay.
  12. Oh i should also mention i have a linux partition i haven't used since july. And the next person?
  13. Banned becuase hilda is the best.
  14. Banned because constance von nuvelle.
  15. Macbook air, 2014 early 2015, running MacOS atm. and you?
  16. Banned because i know one of it's secrets, but not the other 18
  17. Banned because you got double banned ninja'd!
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