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  1. After playing Three Houses Maddening with no Divine Pulse. Doing this on hard is actually rather easy imo. I was trained for it I guess lol xD
  2. This is my very first attempy at an Iron Man!! Im very excited!! I did it with the game I am most familiar with, Three Houses!!: Streaming Part 1 NOW!!:
  3. Its funny cuz a lot of ppl say this but I disagree completely. I feel if anything, the Awakening Trio got some well treated development in their supports and a lot of growth was shown in Fates for them. Also the DLC story with them has some of the best writing for fates which is saying a lot (for the characterization of the trio atleast). It SURPRISINGLY has some good writing here and there but you have to really look for it haha.
  4. Hello!! I'm so glad you took time to read my appreciation post. Glad to see another Owain fan!! And it means a lot that I brought light to one of his supports!! Yes I agree 100% on everything you said, and thats a hilairious coincidence that you started watching Steins Gate!! Im so glad your watching it, its an amazing anime and one of my absolute favorites!! 😁 Hope we can be friends on here!!
  5. Streaming now Part 1 of Fire Emblem Mystery of the Emblem!! BLIND!! My first time experience with the Hero King Marth's story!! Come through!! https://youtu.be/6i7EdK7tTUQ
  6. Can't believe Constance got top 20 and Hapi is no where to be seen? Hapi is super underrated, and I do NOT see the appeal for Constance. Her voice is so annoying. (Sorry to any fans of her but I just can't understand lol)
  7. Part to my FE Awakening Iron Man LIVE NOW: https://youtu.be/HF-ZvnmN4bE
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