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    Hapi. My beloved ❤ Also Mama Lissa and my darling Ophelia Dusk 🥰

    On a more serious note: Gaming, Music, Anime, Anything Nintendo: Particularly the Zelda series, Smash Bros., Metroid, Animal Crossing & of course Fire Emblem. Other series include Chrono, Dragon Quest, Shantae, Castlevania, Ace Attorney, Rune Factory & more!!
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  1. The most important thing is the luck stat. Have you ever wondered why the RNG is against you? Luck. Everything is luck. The series is a lie. It's all just a luck simulator.... (Jokes aside, but yeah I agree with everyone else, plan ahead every turn, take it turn by turn and check enemies often👍)
  2. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Maybe Lyn. There is not a lot of waifus in FE7 imo. Like I LIKE a lot of the characters but Lyn is the only one that's waifu material imo lol
  3. Really now? That's really interesting!! Didn't know the dialogue changed for this specific part depending on the route. Gonna have to check it out on my CF playthrough!! 😁👍
  4. None actually. I'm getting the collector's edition for Metroid Dread because I never got to get it. (Have the game already tho) And money in general to save up for stuff xD
  5. Ophelia is also successful at being cute and a chosen one 👀
  6. I approve of the Ophelia. My beloved, Ophelia Dusk 🥰
  7. I have played all the Western releases with the exception of Radiant Dawn and Shadow Dragon DS. I have played Book 1 of FE3 and yeah, that's about it 🙂 I would like to play every game eventually. Waiting for a potential remake before going for some of the Japan only releases so I can just play the remake instead for whichever one is next. So just doing some runs on my channel in the mean time. Been super into Three Houses lately and preparing for my first Iron Man on Maddening in a few days. Haha. It's been fun. I always been a casual FE player but recently I have learned a lot after streaming it and getting feedback from everyone here and has definitely made me a better player 😁
  8. It's okay 😂 No worries, I didn't even notice. And tbh I know all FE games have flaws. So it doesn't really bother me. I kinda like how so many different fans like different games as their favorite and dislike the popular ones. It shows there's a FE game for everyone 😃
  9. It's Missiletainn and a Killing Edge I believe. But I agree, imagine dual wielding in FE? I'm surprised it took this long. Would be so cool!! Lol thank you xD
  10. LOL I see. That's pretty funny and cool. Here have this epic Owain for the chosen few here 👀
  11. What even is this thread? First time here, and see it's on popular topic. *Confused Tee hee*
  12. I mean, it has sheNANI(?!)gan in it 😂
  13. I will be doing a Crimson Flower run on NG+ Iron Man. I decided thats the best to start with since its my first. Also thank you, I appreciate it!! I also did the Maddening New Game already and got the gold title screen, just never did it for iron man. Maybe I will do it for my second iron man without new game+. 😁👍
  14. If were not talking about buffness then Hapi wins lol She is powerful 👀
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