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  1. Streaming now Part 1 of Fire Emblem Mystery of the Emblem!! BLIND!! My first time experience with the Hero King Marth's story!! Come through!! https://youtu.be/6i7EdK7tTUQ
  2. Can't believe Constance got top 20 and Hapi is no where to be seen? Hapi is super underrated, and I do NOT see the appeal for Constance. Her voice is so annoying. (Sorry to any fans of her but I just can't understand lol)
  3. Part to my FE Awakening Iron Man LIVE NOW: https://youtu.be/HF-ZvnmN4bE
  4. Playing on Hard Classic!! Come checck my first attempt ever at an Iron Man!!
  5. Im voting for best girl, Hapi. She deserves it as she doesnt have a alt in the game yet, her design is amazing and she is a fantastic underrated character. It might give chance for a Ashen Wolves banner too. I wish more people would vote for her latest-56
  6. Okeydokey. Thanks for the suggestions man 😁👍
  7. Part 4 is out now!! We also react to the Nintendo Direct Mini!!
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