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  1. Okeydokey. Thanks for the suggestions man 😁👍
  2. Part 4 is out now!! We also react to the Nintendo Direct Mini!!
  3. No I know its two games. Im saying if its good to experience F1 through FE3 instead of playing shadow dragon first?
  4. We play Hector Mode for the first time LIVE NOW!! Come Support my new Fire Emblem playthrough!! Three Houses Maddening was an amazing run. Now it's time for a new journey with The ChoZen One!!
  5. My Blind playthrough of Paper Mario and the Origami King!! Live Now!!
  6. I wasn't crazy for the Coco. But I respect it I guess 🤷‍♂️
  7. He was referring to Three Houses when I had that as my favorite. I dont really know why he said that lol. I changed it to PoR because I honestly love both about the same.
  8. Ocarina of Time and Chrono Trigger Both are epic adventures with lovable characters, simple but engaging story. INCREDIBLE music. Amazing levels and design. And the worlds are just immersive as heck!! I love those games so much!! Also 3DS Oot and CT in general are beautiful games
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