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    Hapi. My beloved ❤ Also Mama Lissa and my darling Ophelia Dusk 🥰

    On a more serious note: Gaming, Music, Anime, Anything Nintendo: Particularly the Zelda series, Smash Bros., Metroid, Animal Crossing & of course Fire Emblem. Other series include Chrono, Dragon Quest, Shantae, Castlevania, Ace Attorney, Rune Factory & more!!

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  1. Love all the designs!! I think Annette and Felix are my favorite!! Felix ponytail looks so badass and Annette's little hat is *mwah* SO CUTE!! Also the music remix was amazing. Also it is REALLY nice to see all the non lord characters seen with more expressive animations and in actual good looking cutscenes. (No more cheap recycled animations for every character. We could acually see them have exclusive fight animations and expressions). Also, I am so looking forward to hearing all the new music remixes in this game, especially since Three Houses had such bangers already!! Changing them up and having different versions of them is gonna be so nice to hear after hearing the same tracks over and over again after playing 3 houses so much LOL Lastly, I really hope Hapi gets in as DLC.... thats all I want.
  2. Plug? 100 hours of non-stop grinding?! No one's gonna watch tha-.... Oh wait 💀
  3. Shaky is an iron man content creator now and not a PMU'er anymore. I knew my 1000 attempts at 3 houses iron man would make an impact 💀
  4. You should probably change the title of this post. I feel bad for anyone that would get spoiled. It's on the front of page of Serenes and even with the spoiler tag in front of it, it's not easy to miss reading it accidently.
  5. More Rune Factory 5!! This game is so freakin fun!! Im never gonna stop playing 💀
  6. So excited to play this!!!! You have no idea!! Imma stream the heck outta this game!! ❤❤❤❤
  7. I only played 4 and Frontier. Forte was my girl but all of them are great tbh. I love all the characters so much!! 🥰
  8. Yoooooooooo. There's Rune Factory talk here?! I am so excited to play 5!! If anyone is interested in playing it, honestly just start with 4. Its on 3ds, Switch and Steam. Rune factory is basically a spin off of the iconic Havest Moon series except better in every way. It gives you that Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons itch but with RPG elements, Dungeons, more customizability and exploration. It's super addicting. I honestly find it more fun than Animal Crossing sometimes (which is what I consider the standard for simulation type games). This one comes close. Not sure which bachelorette I am choosing yet, but I look forward to getting to know all the characters 🥰 I love this series so much and it deserves all the attention after what happened during 3 and 4. Glad to see people excited for it!! Imma stream the heck out of this when it comes out lol It's a great series, nothing quite like it.
  9. I'm here to give my review of Tear Ring Saga so far: - Maps are fun (the one where I was killing a hundred zombies and feeding golden ones to my weaker units for exp was funny) - Characters look really cool. (Kate, Sasha, Julia, Juni, and Raquel in particular, so far!!) - Music is nice. I have one track I like a lot so far - Crossbows and Tanks? Neat!! *Marle and Valkyria Chronicles has entered the chat* - Route split. Very interesting, excited to see how it plays out!! *Echoes of a wild FE are heard in the distance* - Norton is amazing. He protects my stream from viruses and running issues with his "Rock Solid" defense 😏 - Eugene is funny -That's it so far. This has been The Chosen One, bored and in the process of fixing his infamous sleep schedule, causing a hiatus for stream content, with your weekly update. Thank you and have a wonderful day.
  10. This is why you should pair Odin and Selena, that way everyone is happy LOL xD (OwainxSevera best ship 👀)
  11. I been playing TRS blind if anyone wants to see the shenaniagns we get into. Or cause them... 💀 Streaming it right now:
  12. I know. Like for how Ultimate this Smash is supposed to be. I don't find myself coming back to it as much as Smash 4.... I wish I would, but Idk.... online is bad and even after the final DLC character, I feel like I stopped playing for a while. It gets me sad cuz it deserves better. They need to fix the online amd support it more
  13. Luminary uppercut you all!! ✊️ (except Shrimp. He gets it 😉 )
  14. I approve of this. The Chosen One approves of this.
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