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  1. I definitely agree with this. If S-supports will exist again, the player should be able to romance anyone they wish. I'm ngl, after seeing the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons remake in the same Direct where you can romance anyone regardless of gender, I kind of have hope for FE S-supports being the same. (emphasizing kind of, since FE has severely let me down several, several times in that department) But regardless of which, if they don't allow for same-sex S-supports, I'd rather they remove them overall. Going back to the leaks--which were surprisingly accurate and real--the screenshot of the support menu showed no sign of S-supports and only went up to A. However, the screenshot wasn't of Alear's support list, so it's possible the support system will be similar to 3H's where only Byleth could S-support and all other characters could only A-support but gain a paired ending based on their highest support. If S-supports don't exist, I'd like something like 3Hopes' system to return. I was pretty happy with 3Hopes' pseudo-S-support with the Merc Whistle because it felt like an S-support, but wasn't exactly an S-support, and you were free to give the whistle to anyone you wanted with the added bonus of obtaining a skill. @ OP, I'd love to share my thoughts on who I would like Alear to S-support or which characters would be Alear's same-sex S-support options, but I'll have to wait until more characters have been released/announced. As of now, I think Alfred would be a great same-sex option for Alear since he's quite attractive imo. Cramme is adorable, and so far, he's my favorite character that's been announced, but he does seem quite young for Alear haha. god the amount of times I said "support" in this one post lmfao
  2. I've actually tried editing a model for Radiant Dawn before, and unfortunately the modding communities for FE9 and 10 are really, really small, so there's little to no documentation on anything related to model editing and repacking yet. Hopefully someone out there can tell me otherwise, but from what I know, getting models back into game format has still yet to be figured out.
  3. Oh wait FRICK, I totally forgot Manakete is gender-locked LMAO. ignore what I said about manakete gerome alsjflaksdj I didn't include Manakete in my own gender-lock removal mod, but there IS a male Manakete mod out there where Gerome can inherit it, but it's completely separate from the Gay Awakening mod--yet still compatible. my bad LOL
  4. Technically speaking, yeah haha. It's just, as of the latest release of the Gay Awakening mod, several of Panne, Tiki, and Nowi's new support chains haven't been coded or even written yet so, say, Manakete or Taguel Cynthia cannot be achieved at the moment. (Or technically it can LOL. From what I know, the mod allows you to support 2 units together even if their support conversation hasn't been implemented in game, but you end up with an empty support conversation lol) According to the spreadsheet, with the current implemented supports, Taguel and Manakete are only obtainable (with written supports) by: Severa (Taguel only) Inigo (Taguel only) Noire (Manakete only) Gerome (Manakete only) Anybody else not mentioned will just have empty supports However, you can manually code in supports yourself (I've done so many times) if the support conversation has already been written, cause the head of the project posts them publicly on the spreadsheet haha. (also, aside from Taguel/Manakete inheritance, the gay marriage mod even allows for Laurent, Gerome, and Yarne to inherit Galeforce LOL)
  5. Yeah, basically. Female-female pairings (if they have children) always results in 2 kids. Male-male pairings with the exception of Chrom/M!Robin won't have children, of course. Up until recently, children of same-sex pairings didn't automatically recognize each other as siblings and would require save editing to unlock sibling supports, but very recently a code patch has been made to make this automatic. However, children of same-sex pairings automatically recognize both parents and their parent/child supports will be unlocked upon recruitment. The game just unlocks paralogues if the child-bearing unit is flagged with an S-support, which is why child paralogues unlock even with same-sex marriage. Fates on the other hand has something in its code that blocks same-sex pairings from unlocking child units, which is why M!Corrin/Niles and F!Corrin/Rhajat can't unlock their children in the vanilla game. However, thankfully there is a code patch made that allows for same-sex pairings to naturally unlock the child paralogues.
  6. I actually double checked on Olivia!Lucina, and I just remembered she cannot inherit Mercenary cause Olivia only passes that down to male children oops LOL. So, regardless, Gaius!Lucina really is just a slightly stronger/faster Olivia!Lucina and gets Trickster on top of that (if you find any value in Trickster) haha. And yeah, Frederick isn't that great of a parent because his speed mod is a huge bane on kids, and his class set is less than ideal (Wyvern Rider's okay I guess?). So def go Gaius!Lucina ! And sure ! The link for the Discord invite is linked in the Gay Awakening Tumblr page here (scroll down a little bit to find it) ! The Unofficial Gay Fates server is more active and also offers help on general 3DSFE modding as well and I believe the invite for the link is in their Gamebanana page.
  7. Hey, I'm the creator of the gender-lock removal mod ! Super happy to see others playing with my mod ! As of now, I don't believe Donnel's an S-support option for Chrom--the head of the Gay Awakening mod is pretty strict about age differences so Donnel's locked out of a few new support options. I definitely recommend Gaius as Lucina's 2nd dad. Gaius!Lucina ends up getting Galeforce access, on top of both Swordfaire and Lancefaire--both weaponfaires that are relevant to Lucina's several endgame class options like Great Lord and Paladin. She ends up slightly similar to Olivia!Lucina, but with a better strength growth/modifier and it's a LOT easier for Chrom to marry Gaius than Olivia since you don't have to manipulate Chrom's support. Gaius!Lucina does lose out on the Mercenary line for Sol and Armsthrift compared to Olivia!Lucina, but her innate Aether makes up for Sol at the least. Funnily enough, Gaius!Lucina will have Pegasus Knight even without my gender-lock removal mod, but you can at least pick up Galeforce on Gaius before recruiting Lucina. Stat inheritance is basically an average of the child unit's personal stats plus both the parents personal stats. I'll use Gaius!Lucina's SPD growth as example: Lucina's personal base SPD growth is 45, Gaius' personal base SPD growth is 45, and Chrom's personal base SPD growth is 40 (45 + 45 + 40) / 3 = 43.33% Gaius!Lucina's personal base SPD growth will be 43.33% Stat caps will just be parents' caps plus child's caps added together, PLUS an extra +1 Gaius' SPD cap is +2, Chrom's is +1, and Lucina gets an extra +1 Gaius!Lucina's SPD cap = +4 (got damn that's good) So yeah, Gaius!Lucina's probably your best bet if you're doing gay marriage haha. If you need any other help, the Gay Awakening mod has their own Discord channel ! If you want an invite lmk ! (Or I believe the invite link should be linked somewhere on the Gay Awakening Tumblr)
  8. For me, I was thinking about characters that were mentioned in supports but were never revealed. I would have loved to see characters like Claude's mother, Ignatz's mother and brother, Maya (Raphael's sister), and some of the other characters' mothers because their fathers were shown but never their mothers.
  9. Oh, I honestly disliked having limited reclasses as well. What I originally meant from my other post was for each character to have possible reclass access to any playable class available rather than from a limited pool of gendered classes. (and tbf I've played Echoes like 3 times with the gender-lock removed so I had way more options LOL) Of course, giving a character access to any class available may make them lose their niche/uniqueness, which is why I was suggesting another pitchfork-like item in limited availability.
  10. Can't speak on FE4, but can on Awakening. There are 2nd gen child units, and they each have a designated mother (their mother will always be the same, but their fathers can vary). Chrom and M!Robin are the only male units to be designated fathers, having Lucina and F!Morgan respectively. 2nd gen units are listed here with their designated parent in the descriptions. You as the player get to choose who the fathers will be (mothers in Chrom and M!Robin's case) for each of the child units by pairing 2 units of the opposite sex together and S-supporting them (though there is a hack that allows same-sex marriage). Different fathers provide different stats and classes for the children and it's up to you how you want to make your pairings and build your 2nd gen units. Now for inheritance, children will inherit all of the classes of both their parents' class sets combined. For example: Severa is Cordelia's designated child. Cordelia has Pegasus Knight, Mercenary, and Dark Mage. Cordelia marries Lon'qu. Lon'qu has Myrmidon, Thief, and Wyvern Rider. Severa (already a Mercenary at base) inherits Pegasus Knight, Dark Mage, Myrmidon, Thief, and Wyvern Rider from her parents. If a parent has a gender-locked class in their class set, their child will inherit an alternate class which tends to vary from parent to parent (but I do have a mod that removes the gender-lock lol). Also, any child of Robin will inherit all available playable classes in the game. For the child's stats, each child will have their own personal base growths listed here, Their actual growth rates, however, will be an average of their personal growth rates and both their mother and father's growth rates. I'll just use one stat for an example, but there is an example listed in the page I just linked: (I'll use Cordelia/Lon'qu/Severa again lol) Severa's personal SPD growth is 35, Cordelia's personal SPD growth is 35, Lon'qu's personal SPD growth is 50 (35 + 35 + 50) / 3 = 40 So, if Lon'qu is Severa's father, then her base SPD growth will be 40%. Base stats and stat caps will also be an average of their own personal stats and their parents stats. Lastly, skill inheritance is very simple actually. The child will inherit the skill in the last slot their parents have upon beginning the paralogue where you recruit the child; ie. If Cordelia has Rally Speed in her last skill slot, then Severa will inherit Rally Speed from Cordelia. You can adjust which skill they inherit by switching up which skill is in their last skill slot before you start the paralogue. And that's pretty much child unit building in a nutshell haha. If I missed anything, I'm sure there's someone who could correct me or add on any details I missed.
  11. I'm honestly hoping they do, but it's a coinflip IMO. I'm just judging by how FEW and 3Hopes were treated. In FEW, you were stuck with 1 but could unlock the opposite gender via other means, but it didn't change the dialogue and cutscenes in story mode. But in 3Hopes, you were able to choose Byleth's gender in the beginning. If they don't make it in, they'll probably at least be unlockable. If M!Corrin and F!Byleth do make it in, I'm just curious as to how they'll be able to implement which gender you're able to choose in the story. Maybe it'll be like 3Hopes where they cannot remember if they're male or female and you choose the option via dialogue ? Or maybe there'll be 2 rings--one for each gender--and you're only allowed to choose one ? I just really want M!Corrin to make it just cause he gets shafted in every Corrin-related appearance ㅠㅠ
  12. Here's who I would like to see in Engage and what I believe to be their likeliness to appear: Awakening Robin and Chrom (Highly likely) - It's highly likely these two will show up since they're the 2 main characters of Awakening. Plus, I love them both and would love to see them appear alongside Lucina. I also would think with Robin's connection to Grima, he may have a high potential showing up in the game. Morgan (Unlikely) - Morgan is one of my fave characters in Awakening and given their connection with Robin, it'd be interesting to see how the story could pull off Robin and Morgan. But Morgan's appearance is highly unlikely since they don't really show up anywhere else other than Heroes. Gerome (Very unlikely) - See, I just really like Gerome LOL. I know he's highly unlikely to show up, but I just like him and it'd be cool to see him show up if Minerva shows up you know LOL Fates Azura (Highly likely) - Azura's cool and I enjoy her character. Since Corrin's gonna be in the game, I feel like if anyone else from Fates were to show up, it'd be Azura. Male Corrin (This one's a coin flip lol) - I'm hoping they don't pull a FEW and only make 1 gender part of the story and I hope that you can choose their gender like 3Hopes. I love Male Corrin and I feel like he gets shafted every time ㅠㅠ Kaze (Very unlikely) - I just really like Kaze, but I don't think shuriken will make a return, unless they can just switch him over to swords or whatever Thieves and Assassins will use. But Kaze showing up will be a miracle. Subaki and Shigure (Very unlikely) - Look, I just wanna see some male Pegasus Knights make a return and these guys are probably my top favorite characters in the series LOL. However, given their relatively low popularity, it's highly unlikely they'll show up. Echoes Alm (Coin flip lol) - Alm got shafted in FEW, it's only fair they let him appear in Engage this time LOL. I'm only saying it's a coinflip because I would have expected a least a crumb of Alm in the trailers, but nah. Ram Villagers (Unlikely) - I highly doubt they'll show up as Emblems, but it'd be cool if they show up as side characters LOL. Conrad (Sort of likely) - Celica's confirmed, so it'd be super cool to see her brother show up as well. 3H Claude (Likely) - If any other unconfirmed lord were to show up from other games, it'd be the 3 lords from 3H. Claude's my favorite and would love to see him again. Other Golden Deer (Unlikely) - Only unlikely because I highly doubt they'll include the whole student body of Garreg Mach, but I would just like to see my faves again LOL.
  13. Well, first and foremost: No gender-locked classes lmfao. We have a confirmed female Brawler (War Cleric ?), so I'm hoping we'll see another male Pegasus Knight. Plus, Corrin's appearance kinda gives me a little hope gender-locks will be gone lol. Anyways, as mentioned above, Fates had my favorite class system because I enjoyed being able to trade around classes via supports. Like it had so much flexibility and so many possibilities. I know 3H's class system gets a lot of shit, but I honestly didn't mind the wide open-class system. It was a lot of fun customizing units to whatever you wanted them to be and allowed for a lot of replay value. However, I did slightly prefer 3Hopes class system a little more because each class was given a designated promotion, wheres in 3H, any class would be open to them in the next tier given they meet the appropriate weapon rank requirements. I do also prefer classes being weapon-locked so each class retained their uniqueness (though having bow-pegasi was super cool). Honestly though, I'm kind of predicting Engage will have a class system more akin to Awakening without the infinite levels. It already seems as if each unit will join with a base class already given to them, but I don't believe they'll only have their base class in their kit. I feel like each character will have about 3 or so classes in their kit they can switch between like Awakening. It also is likely an Echoes-esque class system could return, where it's multi-tiered and reclassing could be through an exclusive/limited item. I'd enjoy a class system like Echoes as long as each reclass is available for all units instead of male-only and female-only. I am hoping for a more streamlined tiered promotion system, kind of like 3Hopes or Echoes, and I'm kinda hoping for 3-tiered class system in general. Also, unpopular opinion: Did anyone else like overclasses in Echoes? Cause I did and I would actually like to see something like overclasses to return LOL.
  14. Honestly, I'll bring it up time and time again but -- I really hope they ditch gender-locked classes again as it was in Fates. One of the characters in the trailer seemed to be a female unit using Brawling, which is a good sign, but I seriously hope male units can become Pegasus Knights as well. Judging by the way the characters were shown in the trailer, I'm not sure how reclassing would go for this game or if reclassing will be present at all as it was in past games. If there is reclassing, I feel like it'll be like Awakening where each unit is given a set of 3 or so classes and that's all they can have for the game. I'm not expecting it to be like 3H's completely open reclassing system at all, though lol. I wasn't too much of a fan of allowing all classes to use all weapons (though it was cool to some degree, like bow-Pegasi), and I want to say that classes will return to being weapon-locked, but axe and sword wielding Pegasus Knights were present in the trailer. I highly doubt there'll be separate Pegasus classes for each weapon type, but I'm thinking these may or may not be enemy-exclusive classes or there'll just be a "Great Knight" equivalent for Pegasi lol (unlikely). However, only Pegasi and Cavaliers(?) were shown to have multiple weapons (axe and lance Paladins were present). My stance on this is--I'd rather the series go back to weapon-locks so each class retains their weapon niche.
  15. I personally don't mind the weapon triangle for the most part, cause it really encourages you to use different classes on different units. I mean, on the downside, I can't have a team of all Falcon Knights like I could have in 3H cause of how extremely inefficient it would be, but yeah at least I have more incentive to have each unit in a different class. I do try to acknowledge the weapon triangle for the most part, though. Having a WTD does make defeating enemies kind of a slog, so I try to go for at least neutral. I def agree with all this though--especially Tomes beating Gauntlets. Majority of the units who have a preference for brawling have really bad res, so I get so worried throwing them in a crowd of mages. It makes for meeting the S-rank damage taken threshold a huge pain LOL. So, it just makes sense mechanically for tomes to have advantage over gauntlets. The only thing is, I do feel like mage movesets could be a bit faster. They feel sluggish using their normal attacks and spells aren't spammable due to their cooldowns.
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