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  1. What chapter are you on ? Sadly, you can only upgrade things in your MyCastle after you reach a certain chapter in the story--including puppets. You won't be able to immediately upgrade your puppet to level 3 and you have to wait until chapter 23(?) until it's available. When it is, you can just talk to your castle helper (Jakob/Felicia) and it'll be available for upgrade. Yukimura is a very, very late recruit.
  2. In terms of story progression, it's probably best to play Birthright > Conquest > Revelations. Birthright definitely has the better story, but Fates is kinda infamous for having the worst writing in the whole FE franchise but IMO, I actually enjoyed it and quite like Corrin. That being said, Birthright is your average good vs. evil story and pretty inoffensive as an introduction to Fates as a whole. Birthright is also great to get your feet wet in FE because it was designed to introduce new players to the series with it's simple gameplay. Maps tend to be a little more open, some lack enemy variety (ie. maps with only flying enemies or maps with only Faceless), and most of the time the goal is just to rout the enemy. That being said, that doesn't mean some maps aren't challenging. Conquest is considered to have better gameplay mainly because of the bigger challenge that it poses and the fact that several maps introduce goals that aren't just "Rout the Enemy" or "Defeat the Boss," such as (the infamous) chapter 10, chapter 15, and chapter 21. Also, some maps are just genuinely really difficult because of the map design, like in the Kitsune chapter where you cannot attack the enemies on certain turns and the Mokushu chapter with all the ninjas. The game also limits your resources, so extra maps for grinding are absent and gold is really limited as well. Conquest can be fun due to its challenge, but personally, I found it kinda stressful at times but that's just me LOL. Revelations is hard to understand if you haven't played the other 2 campaigns, and it's DLC only so you can't really get it as a standalone game anyway. In terms of challenge, it's definitely in between the other 2, but almost every map has its own "gimmick"--like a pseudo-fog of war map in chapter 7, breaking ice to reveal enemies in chapter 10, stealth mission in chapter 24, etc. I personally enjoyed Revelations, despite what many say about it, but if you're only going to play one route, it shouldn't be Revelations mainly because it's designed to be played after completing the other 2 campaigns. When considering the cast/characters, both routes have pretty fun casts. Can't say if one is objectively better than the other. Since you played Awakening---no spoilers but---3 characters in Conquest may be very similar to some Awakening characters HAHA. However, in terms of gameplay, Birthright/Hoshidan characters (from what I noticed) tend to have better speed and resistance, but several lack defense (ie. Hinoka, Kaden, Kagero). Conquest/Nohrian characters are the opposite, as very few have a decent speed stat and several lack resistance, but compensate with high defense (ie. Xander, Keaton, Beruka). My personal preference is Birthright over Conquest, but I'm almost 123491023% several would say otherwise LOL. Birthright gets flack for being too "easy" but honestly, it isn't even that bad and is definitely worth the shot. However, if you want more of a genuine challenge, Conquest is the way to go. Overall, whichever campaign you choose, Fates as a whole just offers really solid gameplay. The pair-up system is significantly more refined than in Awakening and IMO has the best and most open class system in the series. Corrin is a fun unit to play around with since the builds are endless and allows for great replay value.
  3. Lorenz for sure. I've played through Golden Deer twice, and both times he's disappointed me. I always had a hard time killing with him since he could never double and his magic was never strong enough to OHKO. Even Raphael has the benefit of being able to get Quick Riposte so that he could double in the late game. Annette really disappointed me as well, but only because I decided to be a dumbass and go for the gimmick Bolt Axe+Wyvern build for her for my first Blue Lions run. My experience was terrible and I last minute started to grind her Faith (which I didn't do before since I was training her in 3 other skills already) so I could try to salvage her as a Gremory. Seems we're talking about Fates a lot, and I guess I gotta agree for Hana. I tried using her and it's just hard to work with her and her lack of defenses. I had a better time with Hinata surprisingly. I got nothing against their characters, though haha. Selena and Beruka, as well. I don't like either of their characters, and tbh they're both pretty bad in their join chapter in Chapter 10 in any difficulty, so I didn't bother working with them. Beruka gets overshadowed by Camilla as a Wyvern and Percy is wayyy better imo. On the real though, Fates has a big enough cast and a small enough deployment limit where I could just use whichever characters I liked and worked well enough for me, so I can't really say I've had bad experiences with any character I tried to use in Fates. That being said, there are several characters I haven't used LOL.
  4. We're ignoring gender-locks here right ? LOL. Cause I'd be Fighter > Pegasus Knight > Assassin (or maybe I'd skip advanced tho cause Pegasus Knight's class progression is really weird) > Falcon Knight. I'd definitely focus on bows or lances.
  5. I think a little more would be all right, since several classes don't have a clear-cut path to master classes and seem to stop at advanced, which isn't inherently a bad thing. However, class lines like Cavalier>Paladin and Mercenary>Swordmaster feel really lacking since neither have much to offer in their advanced tier. I think if Gold Knight and Trueblade came back to be their direct master class promotion, that would have been a pretty neat idea.
  6. For my favorite master class, I would say Falcon Knight if it wasn't gender-locked, otherwise it's Bow Knight (Barbarossa if we're including the lord-exclusive classes). The growths for Bow Knight are terrible sadly, but it's so much fun sniping from 5 spaces away then running away with Canto right after LOL. For "best" master class, I think it's pretty widely agreed upon that Wyvern Lord, Falcon Knight, and Bow Knight all are the top 3 (probably in that order). The first 2 because flying classes break the game basically lmao, and Bow Knight because of the insane amount of range they have. War Master's pretty good as well, since the class grants you Quick Riposte among having an extra innate crit.
  7. I've personally think, story-progression wise, it's recommended to play in the order of Verdant Wind > Azure Moon > Crimson Flower > Silver Snow. Verdant Wind first because the story helps you understand the lore of the game's story as a whole so that you'll be able to pick up on it as you play the other routes. Golden Deer has a pretty fun cast as well, since they probably have the most "comic relief" characters. Azure Moon or Crimson Flower could be your next option, depending on which lord/side of the story you'd like to know more about. I personally found that Azure Moon has the strongest story because of how much it pulls on your heartstrings haha. I would just avoid doing Verdant Wind and Silver Snow back to back because: Of course this is just a recommendation, I actually played it in the order of Verdant Wind (twice cause I love the Golden Deer LOL) > Crimson Flower > Azure Moon > Silver Snow. Btw this is such a cool infographic, I wish I saw this when I first picked up Three Houses haha
  8. That's fair, and yeah like I said, I would definitely prefer child units to be woven into the story smoothly if they were ever to come back. But honestly, when it comes to Fates, the story is already outlandish enough that letting same-sex pairings have children somehow wouldn't even be surprising LOL. Unfortunately, as others have already mentioned Elise and Ryoma do have a support chain and Ryoma getting married to anyone leads to Shiro HAHA. But to be fair, Elise is probably the last mother anyone would think of for Shiro because her stats don't complement him at all. Tbh tho I've done some weird-ass pairings for the sake of optimizing the children, like Elise+Odin and Azura+Ryoma (I just really wanted a Pegasus-Shiro LOL). But it was solely for gameplay and not because I shipped them HAHA
  9. I mean tbh, Sakura could get married to Azama and Elise could get married to Arthur and if that ain't weird 💀 That wasn't even the worst part of Fates' choice of possible supports too LOL. Honestly, I would enjoy having child/2nd gen units again as long as they're able to be woven into the story well like in Awakening. Yeah Fates' child system story-wise was stupid af, but I did enjoy them as characters and as units so I wouldn't mind them coming back (but I can also confidently say I wouldn't mind them not coming back either). It'd just be nice if they were able to have same-sex supports result in children too (ie. Niles+M!Corrin, Rhajat+F!Corrin). Like when you look at bond units, you were able to "have a baby" with 2 same-gendered Corrins by having the bond unit ~~*🌱sprout from the earth🌱*~~ so idk why they didn't use that "logic" for the actual units as well.
  10. Honestly Bow Knight-Byleth is really fun to use. Because the other archers in 3H--minus Leonie and Claude--have really problematic strength, having Byleth snipe things all over the place was insanely fun. On top of that, I put him down the Thief/Assassin line before Bow Knight so his Dex/Luk/Spd were really high, so sniping and critting was just ~~** chef's kiss ** ~~ But tbh tho, I tried Falcon Knight Azura!Shiro and he was probably one of my fave units in any of my Fates runs. Azura kills his defense, but in turn he ends up having really good speed and skill so he was always proccing Astra and Rend Heaven.
  11. Here's mine haha. It's kinda rough in the middle cause I didn't realize that there was so many characters and there were several I never really used. On top of that, my only knowledge of the child characters is from Heirs of Fate -- but I felt like I got a good idea of them from Heirs of Fate. If you guys wanna try it out, here's a link to a sorting "game" thing for all the series, and you can choose which game you want to sort. and tbh nothing will ever top my love for the only 2 male pegasus knights in the whole series
  12. I've done 4 playthroughs of Fates, and I'm currently in the middle of my 2nd playthrough of Conquest that I started out of boredom. I have 20 units in my unit logbook (several repeats though, just cause I wanted multiples of my favorite characters haha) , but never really bothered to use them other than buying skills to save on grinding. I never even really bothered to recruit any units from castle battles. I think the concept of using old units is really cool, but I was thinking it'd be kinda pointless to use a full-on level 20/20 unit in the beginning of a new playthrough. But I was thinking of doing another playthrough of Revelations with 2 Corrins lol. I see the use in generic Einherjars for Iron Man runs though (if that doesn't break the rules I guess), in the case that a unit dies and you need a fill-in. Idk, have you guys ever used an Einherjar/Unit Logbook unit in a playthrough before ? And did it break the game LOL
  13. Grappler and War Master actually have the benefit of thief movement, so they won’t get hurt by movement penalties like forests and things like that. And as much as I love Caspar, it’s definitely more than just his authority bane keeping him from getting good ratings. His bases (notably in speed) are what hurts him the most, probably more so than his authority bane.
  14. I think Mortal Savant is the big one here. It's the only sword-focused master class available, and it offers a -10% speed growth. No idea why they thought this was a good idea, since every single sword class before Mortal Savant all the way down to Myrmidon offers a speed boost. I feel like at least a +15% speed growth would be justifiable, then the growths would make sense. Warding Blow also doesn't offer much for the class, as most sword-focused characters like Petra and Felix have pretty bad resistance to begin with. Ignatz or Edelgard could kind of make use of Warding Blow since their resistance is good enough where even a slight boost can make a visible difference. Regardless, offensive skills like Death Blow and Fiendish Blow are way more useful on Player Phase than defensive skills like Warding Blow or Armored Blow. It would be cool if they brought back Fates' Life or Death from Master of Arms or Strong Riposte from Mercenary as Mortal Savant's mastery instead. Holy Knight tho ... was such a disappointment. I love the concept of the class, but it just doesn't offer much. Marianne is the designated Holy Knight of the game, but even she would benefit more from other magic classes. The growths aren't too bad, it's pretty on par with Dark Knight except that it trades strength for better luck and charm. But where Holy Knight fails is the skills it offers. Terrain Resistance is situational at best and the class would be better off with something like double White Magic uses or Healing +10 or something. Or at least give a character a full-on, 100% offensive Faith spell list to even make use of White Tomefaire (like literally, no support magic, just straight attack spells like Abraxas/Seraphim/Aura). But seriously, how did Rodrigue make the class look so fire? LOL.
  15. That'd be a really interesting idea, actually. Or even in the next title, it could be set several decades, or even centuries following the previous, and it could just be "pegasi used to be picky, but now they're not" or wuteva. Regardless, from a gameplay perspective, it's severely limiting that male units can't be pegasus knights.
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