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  1. I've done a full mage build for M!Byleth (so no Gremory/Dark Flier/Valkyrie), going down the Monk>Mage>Warlock>Dark Knight path. Overall, he was pretty unimpressive as his magic stat was relatively low, but somehow his strength always seemed to be on par with his magic for some reason. I agree with several of the above comments stating that magic-Byleth is overall underwhelming, but the build does have a few perks. I tried this build for Blue Lions, and since Annette is the only designated mage (minus Mercedes, who's geared for healing) having a second magic user was really helpful. Mercedes actually has the same exact Reason spell list as Byleth, but she kinda wins over them due to her having a superior Faith spell list. White Magic Avoid +20 can be useful, but is more often situational over anything. I found little use for it and much rather would have used the skill slot for other more useful skills. Low move until Dark Knight was kind of annoying too, and once I got to Dark Knight, the halved spell-uses was just as much of a burden as 4-move of the previous classes. Levin Sword became of more use than actually spells. It's not that I wouldn't recommend this build, but don't expect Byleth to be great or anything LOL. But if you would like to try it out just cause, it'll be a nice change of pace from the usual physical builds. I definitely recommend this build the most for the Blue Lions since they only really have Annette (who's also kind of underwhelming herself LOL). I would see Byleth getting overshadowed by the mages of the Black Eagles, and Lysithea for the Golden Deer (maybe even Lorenz? Cause he actually has magic Combat Arts too).
  2. How could you forget his role as Sasuke from Naruto? Haha. He also voices Ricken in Awakening, and he's one of male Corrin's voice options (I chose Yuri Lowenthal's voice soley because he sounded like Sasuke LOL). Also, speaking of Naruto, I can add-on: Tara Platt (Flavia, Miriel, Edelgard) Temari from Naruto Tbh, when I first played 3H, all I could hear was Temari whenever Edelgard spoke haha.
  3. All right, so I finally finished up my gender-lock-free Azure Moon run, and here's how it went! WARNING: Half my team was male Pegasus Knights. can you blame me, i just think they're neat tbh no ragrets. And Ingrid was a Paladin, not a Pegasus Knight HAHA. ~*~*~ The Azure Moon builds: Pegasus Knight/Dark Flier/Falcon Knight Sylvain Pegasus Knight/Falcon Knight Ashe (Bow-focused Pegasus) Falcon Knight Felix (Sword-focused Pegasus) Pegasus Knight/Falcon Knight Dimitri War Master Annette (M V P AF) Dark Flier M!Byleth (stepping stone) ~*~*~ And that’s a wrap of my Gender-Lock-Free Azure Moon run! Up next: Gender-Lock-Free Crimson Flower! Here’s a few of my planned builds: Hero Edelgard Pegasus Knight Ferdinand Gremory Linhardt Dark Flier Hubert (he can finally live his dreams omg)
  4. Hey guys, so I finally have the female Soldier and male Cleric class lined up in Paragon, and I tried my best at composing spell lists for all the appropriate characters. Here's what I came up with, but I'm 100% open to some critique and am willing to change things up !
  5. Ahh thanks, I'm really glad you feel that way because this was a ton of work haha I just want to be be able to give male units the option to be Clerics and I wouldn't find it fair if female units get all the classes when male units will be missing one haha. Someone like Tobin could be a good alternative for Faye if he has Physic for example. I'll begin working on including the female Soldiers soon since it won't be as complex as including the spell lists for male Clerics. I'm hoping to release a patch to include both at the same time. Also (@ everybody), I'm thinking of balancing the male and female Mage classes and giving them the same promotion level, bases, and growths so how does this sound?
  6. It's hard to argue that Priestess and Great Master are technically gender-locked. I mean, yeah, they do have the very slight difference in their weapon usage and a slight difference in stat growths/caps, but they're essentially the same class or at least analogous to each other. Otherwise, they serve the same function and share the same skills. The only difference between Butler and Maid is their name. They're literally exactly the same as far as I know. The only truly gender-locked classes in Fates are the DLC Ballistician and Witch, and the amiibo classes. I honestly think the amiibo classes are gender-locked because, since they match the gender of the respective amiibo, they probably couldn't fit 2 different game models in one amiibo or something LOL. Amiibos are pretty difficult to obtain anyway, and Fire Emblem amiibos are notoriously expensive. Without the DLC, all the classes in the main game are pretty much for everybody and the restrictions aren't nearly as prominent as 3H. Petra and Edelgard have the relevant boons for it. Of course they have better options, but that even goes for male units that have access to the class. Just having the option would be nice. I do have plans on trying out a Hero Petra in a future playthrough with this mod.
  7. Yeah, so it honestly really boils down to our personal preferences, and I'm sure that there are other people that would agree with either of our sides. It's just unfortunate that, for the ones that would prefer a gender-lock-free version like myself, we could only really have that option if we hack our Switch and that's something, as you mentioned, that just isn't an option for several people. Or, you know, pray for the next mainline game to not have the gender-lock 💀 That's very fair, and I'll be honest, hacking my Switch was a decision that I pandered on for weeks before deciding to bite the bullet after enjoying the gay marriage mod on Awakening so much. Where I live, unpatched/hackable Switches are a lot less in demand so I ended up buying an inexpensive spare used one so I didn't have to hack my main Switch (which wasn't hackable in the first place)--and of course, buying a second Switch is also a decision that many others wouldn't want to make. 🥺🥺🥺🙏🙏🙏 As others have mentioned above, there apparently were a mix of male and female Heroes throughout the series, and whether or not it was male-locked in certain games is debatable. But this just shows that there have been several inconsistencies in the way the lore is throughout the series, which could also just make for an excuse to bring back female Heroes and male Pegasus Knights since they have existed before. Yeah, it's hard to draw a connection between some of the classes in 3H to past classes as a few of the new classes are similar to older classes, but do not actually have the same name yet present similar functions. Like, War Master is pretty much a Berserker as both have high speed, HP, and strength on top of really high crit rates. But the reason why I believe Gremory is more akin to Sage is because Gremory is the only magic class in the game that provides a bonus to both White and Black/Dark Magic (ie. Black/Dark Magic x2, White Magic x2) and Sage is the only infantry magic class that utilized both tomes and staves. Regardless, gender-locked infantry magic classes with similar functions to Gremory seemed to be absent in previous titles, so it's still questionable as to why they decided to lock the class. I'm not sure if SoV's Cleric/Saint and Sage/Priestess count because even Archer and Mercenary were gender-locked for some odd reason. EDIT: I remembered Witch exists lol When I first played 3H, I actually looked up the meaning of the word "Gremory" as well because, I had no idea what it was, and on top of that--I'll be 100% honest with you--I had no idea what the hell a "Myrmidon" was either before playing Fire Emblem ever LOOOL. Just by the name, I guess you can say it explains the reason why it is a female class because the term is for a demon that appears as a woman. But then, you have the unisex Warlock class when "Warlock" is a term that traditionally refers to a male-witch (manwich ???). And as you said, this is more implied than explicit and I'm sure there could be others that probably couldn't catch on to this. If Gremory was supposed to be a representation of Cornelia, it could have easily been her unique enemy-only class and a similar unisex class could have been made available to the player. See, I totally missed Corrin, meaning technically all characters can potentially access all classes through marrying Corrin LOL. In one single playthrough, however, they of course won't be able to collect every single class available, but at least the player has to option to reclass them into their own choosing only being restricted by the limits of the support system and not gender. Also, update: Pegasus Knight Dimitri is killin' it LOL.
  8. Since there's no rules on how one can play the game as it is a matter of personal style and preference, I can't really argue about whether or not you should use Ignatz alongside Leonie or Claude. However, in my personal playthroughs, I don't mind having multiple characters in the same class. I do enjoy having 2 healers at once or 3 bow-users, but I still find their differences despite being in the same classes or using the same weapons. The difference between Darting Blow/Quick Riposte (and by extension, Lifetaker, Poison Strike, Uncanny Blow, etc.) and Swift Strikes/Windsweep/Warp/Bolting is that Darting Blow and Quick Riposte are class-locked. Swift Strikes/Windsweep/Warp/Bolting are all character-locked. Only a select few characters are given these in their kit, and there's no possible way for, say, Ashe or Bernadetta to obtain Point-Blank Volley or Flayn or (a playable) Manuela to learn Physic even though all of these characters would appreciate them. I don't mind this restriction because the basis of this restriction is not on gender, but on character, which is similar to the concept that Dark Holy Elf brought up. However, if we take something like Death Blow for example, it's a skill on the same level of usefulness as Darting Blow (and also in the same "Blow"-skill family) and absolutely everybody can achieve it because it's a class-skill. Why can't Darting Blow be the same? Crests on the other hand are a on completely different ball park, as they start off as character-locked, but can be given to any unit the player desires in New Game+. I'm not asking for units to be direct copies of each other just because they can access the same classes, I'm just asking for a restriction to be removed as it is based on arbitrary reason. To remove the gender-lock is not the same thing as making all units the same. Yes, they will all have access to the same classes, but they will still retain their differences given to them from their learned skills and abilities as well as their stat growths. I want units to be different as well, but simply removing the gender-lock doesn't also remove their differences. Once again, I am speaking from experience from this playthrough--removing the gender-lock did not make any unit any more similar to each other, but rather helped optimize their performance. Being your personal opinion on the system, again, I can't argue with you about that. However, my point still stands on the idea that removing the gender-lock does not create an imbalance in the class system or even between characters. And see, this is where it makes me uncomfortable as it perpetuates the idea that men cannot exude femininity and women cannot embody masculinity. Then you have characters like Yuri and Catherine who break those gender norms, yet are restricted from certain classes due to their assigned gender. This is kind of a personal point, but--I being a gay man myself would love to express my femininity through the characters I enjoy in this game, especially with my avatar character, yet I cannot (I can't even marry Claude in the vanilla game smh LOL). However, this kind of argument may lead to a completely different conversation outside my original post regarding just the game In Fates, if you noticed, with the exception of Subaki, the only characters with Sky Knight in their class set were the Hoshidan Royals--Shigure included (a royal through Azura). Selena, sure, but she was a "special" case due to being a returnee from Awakening. Pegasus/Sky Knights still at least retained their association with royalty and nobility in Fates--which is a concept that can definitely be carried over to future titles. In 3H, it's hard to see any type of lore associated with Pegasi at all as they are never mentioned in any dialogue. Not even Ingrid--the game's only default Pegasus Knight--mentions them. Sumia, Cordelia, Hinoka, and Subaki all mention something about Pegasi in some of their dialogue in their respective games, even if very brief. For people who play 3H as their first Fire Emblem game before having played older titles (like myself), it is difficult to see any lore regarding Pegasi at all in 3H. To newcomers, it is just a mount. My other problem with the fact that they brought back the gender-lock is that they put the gender-lock on classes that were unisex before. Flavia--a female character and one of my favorites--was recruited as a Hero in Awakening. However, in 3H, Hero is male-only. Tharja and Nyx were both female Dark Mages, but it's restricted to only male-units 3H. Gremory is 3H's rough equivalent of the Sage class from previous titles, being the only class that specializes in both Reason/Faith (aka Tomes/Staves), but it has become female only when characters like Ricken and Hayato (Onmyoji) had access to the class. There was no lore in any of this explained in 3H. I wouldn't be okay with the restriction even if they did explain it, but it adds very little flavor to the game and severely contradicts the "history" presented in the series. Dark Mage being restricted to Hubert only--making it a unique class for him on the same level as Barbarossa for Claude and High Lord for Dimitri--is a restriction I can get by, because it's based on character. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. ... so you agree?
  9. What's even worse is that they did remove this concept in Fates, only to bring it back from SoV onwards. SoV kind of gets a pass because it's a remake (still hate the idea of it tho), but Gaiden didn't even have female villagers in the first place (ie. Faye)--so they could have easily just increased the class options for everybody. Fun fact: male characters still blow kisses while mounted on Pegasi as a victory pose with bows LOL. 2000% not in character for Seteth, 3000% in character for Sylvain HAHA. But also, I was actually expecting male characters to end up using female victory poses for each weapon while dismounted, but ... they retained their respective gender's animation. Which begs the question even more.
  10. Disregarding my own personal playthrough where I had both Hilda and Raphael as War Masters (as I mentioned in my original post, I just prefer to use each house's primary units), if Hilda performs better as a War Master, that would just give incentive to use Raphael in a different class as he now has more options. Even still, it's not a problem to have different units in the same class, as the Golden Deer has 3 potential archers in the same house. The same argument could be used for unisex classes--would Ignatz lose his place as a Bow Knight if Leonie exists? Even in a non-gender-locked environment, they still play completely different roles and have completely different skill sets. Also, it's more than just having access to the class, it's about accessing skills as well. Darting Blow is an extremely useful skill, but only female units can access it (barring Jeritza who learns it as a budding talent) even though there are several male units that would highly appreciate it. Quick Riposte, despite being a very late game skill, is one of the best skills in the game--yet only male units can even achieve it. And this is exactly the reason why I hate gender-locked classes because of the fact it doesn't benefit certain units, if not everybody. If we look at Fates, it's the only game in the series that has no gender-locked classes (barring amiibo classes and some DLC as Dark Falcon and Dread Fighter were made unisex for the first time), and it still remained balanced. Nobody was overpowered or made irrelevant for having access to all classes, but you could still optimize your units by reclassing them to whatever you wanted. The only restrictions that were made was if a unit couldn't support another unit with a class that they didn't already have in their set (ie. Hayato cannot become a Paladin because he doesn't support any Cavaliers)* *Honestly, this took effort to find, which means the amount of classes that are inaccessible to a certain character in Fates is very, very low. Even if both Linhardt and Hapi were both Gremories, they'd still be very different units. Linhardt is heavily support-oriented and Hapi is more of a mixed support/offense mage (not to mention that Hapi learns Dark Magic while Linhardt learns Black Magic). Giving them both access to the same class doesn't invalidate either of their niches. And yet, Lysithea and Hapi are significantly more similar and can both become Gremories naturally. It's hard to consider 3H's system to be balanced from a gender-perspective when magic classes are heavily skewed towards female units and Brawling--a brand new weapon type--is limited to only male units, making all male magic units inferior and female unable to enjoy a new weapon type first introduced in this game.
  11. I mean I can't speak for everybody, but gender-locked classes is honestly the game mechanic in FE that I hate the most lol But I'm speaking from experience--as not many others can--and removing the gender-lock did not make any of the characters any more similar or different from one another. I had Raphael and Hilda as War Masters and in no way were they the same. In no way was my Dark Flier Lorenz the same as Constance. In no way was my Falcon Knight Seteth the same as Ingrid. Gender-locking classes only prevents certain units from reaching a higher potential and removing it helped them achieve it. If you can see the difference between a Gremory Annette and a Gremory Lysithea (both of which are possible in the vanilla game), then I don't really see why allowing Sylvain to become a Falcon Knight would make him any more similar to Ingrid. Each character is already given a certain skill set, boons/banes, and stat growths that differentiates them from one another, and locking them out of certain classes does little to complement that. It only restricts the player from creativity and versatility in a so-called sandbox game--and all this for such arbitrary reason. Without the gender-lock, I felt as if I had significantly more options on how to build my party and could even change things up even more with those options in later playthroughs. You may not care about it much, but after playing through SoV, Awakening, and 3H, I got kind of sick of the restrictions. Honestly, you should try it out LOL.
  12. Hey guys, so I know that we all hate the gender-restrictions on the classes in Three Houses—or in Fire Emblem in general. So, I decided to hack my Switch so that I could play 3H with a mod that removes the gender-lock LOL. Instead of creating my own mod, I used a mod I found on Gamebanana, since modding Three Houses requires knowledge in hex editing—which I knew nothing about before. The mod allowed unrestricted access to all classes in the game, including lord-exclusive classes and enemy/NPC-only classes. I honestly didn’t want the access to the unique/special classes and wanted to keep the playthrough as close to vanilla as possible (as vanilla as a modded game could be lmfao). So, after annoying several Discord servers on how to hex edit, I was finally able to “clean up” the mod and only allow access to the main classes of the game. We all know how several characters in Three Houses were done dirty by being restricted from certain classes, like War Master Hilda, Gremory Linhardt, and Pegasus Knight Sylvain. Well, I am here to tell you that I have the answers to all of your questions about these builds because I have actually had to opportunity to try them out LOL. (I'll also note that I used the same-sex marriage mod on top of the class mod) And without further ado, and as a YouTuber would title their video for clickbait, I tried a gender-lock-free playthrough of Three Houses so you wouldn’t have to. I forgot to take screenshots of their endgame stats (and I already overwrote the save file with cleared game data), but I will share screenshots of them in the class to show you guys how they look. I will also include the class paths and skill builds I used with these characters so that you may use them as a suggestion in the case you will want to try a mod like this. Gender-lock-free playthroughs I have completed so far (I will update this as I complete more playthroughs) Verdant Wind (Hard/Classic, no NG+) Azure Moon (Hard/Classic, NG+) UP NEXT: Crimson Flower! ~*~*~ The Verdant Wind builds: Pegasus Knight-Falcon Knight MALE Byleth Pegasus Knight Claude (Side-promotion only) War Master Hilda (+Grappler Hilda) Dark Flier Lorenz Falcon Knight Seteth Out of House Recruits: I didn't do Dark Mage/Dark Bishop Lysithea, I'm so sorry guys LMAO ~*~*~ EDIT: Just finished up my Azure Moon run, and now I'm starting my Crimson Flower Gender-Lock-Free run ! Hoping to make Hubert's dream of being a Pegasus Knight come true LOL
  13. I once again apologize for the double post, but I finally posted and shared my mod on Gamebanana ! Link's right here! (I actually posted it a while ago, but I completely forgot to share it here LOL) Male Clerics and female Soldiers still have yet to be added, but I promise I'll include them once we could finish up theory crafting for the spell lists LOL I just made one slight change since originally creating the mod: And here's some bugs I have found after finishing up my first beta playthrough with this mod: Lastly, here are the results of my playthrough and how some of my units performed/benefitted from the classes for those that were curious!
  14. I'm pretty sure there's been a lot of discourse on this already, but here's my unpopular opinion: I think Byleth should have been at least a little bit more customizable. I don't really mind that their appearance isn't customizable, but I wish they had customizable stats and weapon proficiencies at the least. It would be nice to choose which weapons/movement types Byleth could be proficient in cause it would make building them a lot more versatile and make the process a lot less of a drag. Despite already having the ability to build Byleth however the player wants, it'd just make life easier if you could change up his boons so that the paths to, for example, Wyvern Lord or Dark Knight (which Byleth has none of the boons for) would be much smoother. And I know it's very unpopular, but I think I personally would have enjoyed the avatar stat boon/bane mechanic that was present in Awakening and Fates for Byleth. I say this because I tried out a magic-Byleth once and it was quite upsetting since his magic was never high enough, and I think bringing back the boons/banes again would once again add more versatility. Byleth is supposed to be an avatar character anyways, as opposed to other main characters like Alm for example, so I don't think that more customization would be unfitting.
  15. I just thought of this right now as I was looking through this thread, but an enemy-phase only challenge would be really interesting. What I mean by enemy-phase only is, units are allowed to attack only during enemy phase. So things like brave weapons would be less effective, gambits and combat arts are completely obsolete, and glass cannons like Lysithea would have a really hard time. You can probably take it a step further where only moving and waiting is allowed during player phase so that things like vulneraries and healing spells would be forbidden as well. This will also finally make Linhardt's and Raphael's personals useful LOL.
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