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  1. That's fair, and I can definitely see having a single gauntlet class being less than efficient for female units. My biggest gripe with the lack of female gauntlet classes though is that the game has female-units only missions, and for those missions you won't have a counter for mages. And when I did the 1st Golden Wildfire female unit-only mission, a monster with a gauntlet barrier popped up on the map and my only way to get past that last HP bar was by straight force LOL. So having that gauntlet class for those kinda missions would be really helpful, despite only having a few. This is a very specific situation, so I can see as a whole, if War Cleric is the sole female-gauntlet class, it would be sub-optimal.
  2. Actually, there’s class data found in the internal files for Dark Flier, War Monk/Cleric, and Valkyrie. So there’s some potential that they’ll come back for DLC. The internal names for the classes aren’t actually “War Monk” but they’re flagged as mage, flier, and cavalry so they’re presumed to be those classes. Can’t say for sure what their weapons are yet tho, but I’m kind of on the fence for if War Monk/Cleric should be an axe class. I totally understand the Annette situation, but if War Cleric has axes, then it means female units would have 0 access to any gauntlet class at all past Fighter. My speculation is that if these classes do come back, they’ll just be direct promotions from 1st tier classes rather than being linked to a specific class tree.
  3. Yeah, this is honestly one of my biggest gripes with the game (but honestly the gender-lock in general is a huge gripe of mine lmao). And to pour salt on the wound, the game has female-unit-only missions, so you have no counters for mages and no way to break through a monster's gauntlet shield for said missions. As much as I would love for a gender-lock removal DLC patch to be a thing, it's probably unlikely. However, according to dataminers, a model of male Byleth on a Pegasus was found in the game's files. It's most likely a dummy model, but it still gives a glimmer of hope. Anyway, going back to the main topic -- I'd love to see some DLC characters, new or old. It'd be cool to see old characters come back as veterans, like some of the characters that didn't get their shot in the original FE Warriors.
  4. That's fair, I think that's worth noting when it comes to making the choice between Sonya and Deen, however I definitely feel like Shadow Mir is making the map seem significantly more difficult than it is in reality. I also believe the reward is worth considering as well. Deen is a competent unit and one of the better Act 3 recruits (since the others are Jesse and Est whose bases are a little ... unusable) even though he is redundant. This is a personal experience, but I recruited Sonya for one playthrough and found no uses for her, but I found much more usefulness in Deen in the playthrough where I recruited him instead. Ironically enough, I found Alm's route much easier than Celica's in my personal experiences. This is honestly a really good explanation of her map lol. All the enemies are witches, and Sonya is slightly harder to deal with cause she counters with Excalibur. The witches typically have low defense and HP so they're relatively easy to take out, but Leon typically needs to be kept clear cause the witches are likely to double him (if he's absent, then your Dread Fighters are the most important fighters of the map). Sonya's Excalibur can be scary, but she's slow so anyone can double her. I personally found the Dead Man's Mire map much more difficult than Sonya's (albeit, you have no choice but to do this map), so I wouldn't say Sonya's map itself is big enough an obstacle to steer one away from recruiting Deen if they would prefer him as a unit. It is definitely more of a challenge than Deen's map, I'll give it that, but nothing as hard as what Shadow Mir is making it out to be.
  5. In my most recent playthrough of Echoes, on the map where you fight Jedah with the Dracoshield, I managed to clear out all the enemies by around turn 5-ish, leaving only Jedah. So, I decided to take my chances on a crit kill with Celica and Ragnarok + support bonuses from everyone in the party and get the Dracoshield. It was about a 40-ish crit chance, but I was like "screw it." and I got a game over LOL. Something else that was similar on Birthright with the map with Iago in the castle: Once again, I cleared out the whole map leaving only Iago and I had my Sky Knight Corrin with a Killer Lance (via Battle Points) ready to crit kill Iago. So I landed a crit, thinking I finally cleared the map--but it wasn't enough to kill Iago (Pegasus str as why), then Iago triggered Vengeance and I had to restart the map all over again my GOD.
  6. What I meant was, there's a fairly high chance your Myrmidons will be Dread Fighters by the time they fight Deen, not by the time the desert maps begin. @ bolded: It's a little difficult to compare Deen and Saber's movement because ... they have the same movement/are in the same class. You're comparing Dread Fighter with Myrmidon and Mercenary when Dread Fighter comes from Myrmidon and Mercenary. If you keep using Saber, he's gonna end up in Dread Fighter regardless. It's quite obvious that a promoted version of the same class is superior to its predecessor, so you can't really say and Mercenary are necessarily "not good." If Deen was a Dread Fighter upon recruitment, sure I guess, but he's a Myrmidon. On top of that, as I've said right above, Deen and Saber are in the same class line--both Saber and Deen share whatever benefits and flaws that are rooted in their class line. Mae and Boey are great units, yes, I can definitely attest to that---but they suffer from a much higher movement penalty than Saber. They have more range, sure, but Thunder and Sagittae (aka 3 range spells) are heavy spells and if you're resorting to using either to relieve them of their reduced movement, the best they can do is heavy chip. I find it hard to see that Saber in the long-term hurts efficiency when you're pretty much allowed to deploy all units available and Saber's useful from the get-go. @ Leon: This is comparing apples to oranges. Leon is a good unit, but he plays a completely different role from Saber. Leon's performance shouldn't take away anything from Saber since they're completely different units. Lastly, like don't get me wrong--Deen is a great unit and I prefer to recruit him over Sonya, but just cause Deen is good doesn't automatically make Saber bad. If we're picking at the worst Mercenary in Celica's party, it's most definitely Jesse. Tbh tho, Deen is objectively the better unit compared to Sonya so I'd rather deal with Sonya's map to get Deen lmao. You gotta get one anyways, so you might as well get the better one.
  7. While I do agree that Deen is an amazing unit, I can’t agree with Saber being a bad unit. I find them pretty on par with each other in regards to their performance, but Saber has a little bit of an upper hand since he joins much earlier. I don’t find his lack of Fire a problem at all — having swords is just fine. He doubles at base, and he can finish enemies off on the frontlines while Mae and Boey can take away chunks of enemy HP from afar. He doesn’t necessarily need “a lot more experience to get going,” since, well, he literally joins in the beginning to get all the experience he needs. To be 100% honest, Deen is the one that may require more experience since he joins as a Myrmidon when Kamui and Saber are probably already Dread Fighters (but as I said, I find Deen to be a great unit regardless). Dread Fighters don’t suffer as much of a move penalty as other units, so they can—with some effort—make their way through the desert better than your Mages and, hell, even Celica. Plus, they’re the only units that can tank magic, so you’re probably gonna force them up front anyways. Several of the problems you bring up about Saber, Deen carries as well due to the virtue of both being in the same exact class. Like, you mentioned Saber lacks range, but Deen does as well to be quite honest lol. And the last point about his lower speed: The beauty of class bases in Echoes is that stats get bumped up upon promotion if that stat was behind, so Saber’s low speed growth isn’t much of a problem since his natural class line patches all that up.
  8. I personally agree with Mycen being bad, but Forsyth and Zeke are fine. I’d have to go with Nomah being the worst since he has nothing to set him apart from the other mages, and he has terrible growths and a really late join time. To top it off, he essentially has the same exact spell list as Boey who’s lightyears better. Zeke has the decency to come fully promoted with fairly good bases, but he’s outclassed by Mathilda. Regardless, Clive is an overall below average unit despite his early join time, and Zeke is the perfect filler for him if Clive ended up RNG-screwed. This is kind of a hot take on my end, but I don’t think Forsyth is a bad unit—he’s just in a bad class. Taking things into perspective, he has better bases than Python who joins at the same time (and great growths at that), but Python usually gets good treatment because he’s an Archer. Even still, Python notably requires some babying to get him going—albeit the payoff is much more worth it for Python than Forsyth since Archers are really good overall in Echoes. Forsyth needs resources (aka a Pitchfork), grinding, and backtracking for him to actually shine (which to be 100% honest I’ve never actually done for him) but I think he’s safe from being called the worst imo. And tbh, in my most recent playthrough, Forsyth ended up better than Clive even without grinding.
  9. Hey guys, so I finally was able to complete this mod and I have updated the original post with all the new details and link to the download and I'd really appreciate it if you guys could check it out ! WRT to adding more move to Knights/Barons -- I tried really hard to see if this was possible, but I couldn't find anything on Paragon to change class movement. The only things on Paragon were movement type and class flags (ie. class type as in infantry, cavalry, and flying), but nothing affected their base move ㅠㅠ I'll probably keep doing research on this, and if I find anything, I can send it to you privately.
  10. Sure ! Ngl, I was hoping at least one of the mercs would become a Pegasus Knight haha. I'll go ahead and add that on the list ! (Btw, thanks for the input regarding the Cleric spell lists !)
  11. I'm so glad you said this, because I was kind of dying to try Dread Fighter Clair LOL. I'll go ahead and put it on the list !
  12. Of course, I probably wouldn't have accepted any other class for Faye ngl HAHA. I went ahead and added this to the list tho !
  13. LOL Can't complain, I wouldn't be mad at this HAHA. And should I pitchfork him or just wait until he can loop ? Haha.
  14. Sounds great, I'll go ahead and put him under "Pitchfork 1" ! Thanks for the input !
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