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  1. Here's my tier list, plus a list made with the this FE sorter game thing. (I linked it in the other thread for Fates as well) Under the watermark is Gerome and Lon'qu haha. I just finished a playthrough of Awakening not too long ago, and I modded the two Morgans to switch around with each other (so that I got male-Morgan as male-Robin), and I absolutely love him LOL. I honestly think the reason why I put Chrom so high is because he's my husbando lmfao (tbh I only ever played the game with the gay marriage mod). That aside, I think I would put Gaius over Chrom. Strangely enough, I felt indifferent towards Asugi in Fates lmao. Everything in the image tier is ordered by preference except for "Indifferent" because idk how I can say I'm "more" indifferent about one character over another lol The sorter game doesn't separate the Morgans and Robins, and only has male-Morgan and female-Robin, but I didn't realize it until halfway through. Male-Robin would have been at the top of the list though. At first I kind of disliked Noire and Kjelle, but after watching the Drama CD, I actually found that I actually kind of like them. Kjelle's support with Lucina does sour my view of her a bit though, so my feelings with her are a little conflicted--like I liked her a lot in the Drama CD, but disliked some of her supports in the game. I heard terrible things about Nah's S-support with Inigo, so I watched it on YouTube--and yup, don't like her LOL.
  2. I also kind of wanna add on that the gameplay mechanics between Fates and 3H are drastically different, so despite Subaki and Ferdinand having the same exact personal skill, they receive completely different results in each of their home games. As mentioned, avoid-stacking/dodge-tanking is much more effective in 3H than it is in Fates. But more importantly, the difference between the RNG systems in either game plays a huge role in that. Fates has a weird RNG system where low hit rates would hit more often compared to 3H's 2RNG system, which is more forgiving and allows for lower hit rates to hit less frequently. I'm terrible with numbers so I can't do any proper calculations, but Subaki seeing a 20% hit chance would be more threatening for him in Fates than Ferdinand seeing a 20% hit chance in 3H. I think this is the sole reason why Subaki's personal is lacking in comparison to others' since dodge-tanking is significantly less effective in Fates, but Ferdinand's personal is much more useful since avoid is so important in 3H. Subaki has access to Duelist's Blow, so he technically can avoid-stack, but he and the rest of the Fates cast--who are condemned to its funky RNG system--are usually better off tanking hits than dodging them because you never know if that 20% hit chance will hit. And thankfully, Subaki has a decent-enough defense stat to make up for that. To be fair, Subaki's isn't really bottom-of-the-barrel in terms of personal skills--far from it, actually. It actually comes in handy at times. If we wanna talk trash personal skills, Keaton and Raphael's personals come to mind tbh lol
  3. I kinda wanted to bring up Corrin as well, since they're really strong for their game, but due to the difference in mechanics between Awakening and Fates, Corrin's a lot more limited/controlled than Robin. I wouldn't say Corrin's limited to a hybrid build, since they still retain the boon/bane system from Awakening and Corrin can excel in either a physical or magical class depending on the build you choose. The Nohr Prince(ss) line is definitely hybrid-oriented, but Corrin has the option to reclass into whatever class you want based on the talent you choose. Dragonstones are also vastly inferior to other weapon options (ie. Yato) due to the fact that it can't double, so a build revolving around Dragonstones is sub-optimal for Corrin. Now unlike Robin, Corrin doesn't naturally have access to every single class in the game from the get-go and needs to build support with other characters to reclass into other classes outside their talent. So in that respect, you can say that Corrin isn't as versatile.
  4. Apparently the description states that the attack has to land in order for the Galeforce-effect to take effect, but there's either a glitch/mistake in the coding or a possible oversight that even if it misses, you can still take another turn. But for my contender for best in the series, I would say Robin only because I've only ever played the 3DS games up to 3H (so idk how much my opinion matters LOL). Morgan is an extremely close second. Robin is definitely inferior to Frederick in the difficult beginning of the game, but they grow a lot better and by the time Robin reaches level 10 roughly (which can be very early), usually that's when they start to surpass Frederick. Morgan can arguably become a much better unit than Robin since they have higher potential stat caps, but Morgan's earliest recruitment is after chapter 13. Child paralogues tend to be tough at this point too so some extra grinding may be required if you want to recruit the child units as soon as their paralogues open. 3rd gen Morgan eats up the game, but I personally would rather have Robin not marry a child unit LOL.
  5. That's what I'm saying lol. I actually quite like Cordelia, but I always felt like they did her so dirty in the game, story-wise. Like they give her an unrequited love for Chrom, but no support chain, and it's even more painful they didn't give them a support chain in their reappearance in Warriors either smh LOL. And to pour more salt on the wound, her own best friend can marry Chrom LOL. Sucks even more that Cordelia joins 4 chapters earlier than Olivia, when Olivia has literally less than a chapter to marry Chrom. But I have nothing against Olivia/Chrom though haha. I also read that Cordelia's crush on Chrom is supposed to be representative of Catria and Marth, which is why she can't support him/marry him. If you're into modding, the Gay Awakening mod has a Cordelia/Chrom support chain included though to do my pega-SIS justice. but tbh im a hardcore Male-Robin/Chrom stan and nothing can stop me
  6. I mean, these basically sound like gambits in Three Houses, and as someone mentioned above, gambits are basically AoE attacks. Gambits can only be used on player phase, gambits don't counter, and enemies cannot counter during a gambit. The only thing that's missing from 3H gambits from this list is weight and friendly fire. Siege tomes also have an AoE effect, like Meteor. But I'm not sure if Bolting has an AoE effect.
  7. Oh man, I'm so sorry for the late response, but thank you so much for your input !! Here's my thoughts: I definitely like the spell lists for the original villagers, and agree with most of it ! One thing I do want to add though is that I feel like at least one of them should get an Invoke, and I'm not sure if you saw this a couple of responses up, but a brand new Invoke is totally possible ! Meaning we can create Invoke Archer, Invoke Mage, Invoke male Pegasus Knight even LOL. Maybe Kliff should learn Invoke? He can learn it before promotion since Silque learns Invoke Dread Fighter after promotion, and he can be like Alm's Genny (minus Physic). For Kliff, maybe Invoke Mage or Archer would be ideal. I think for Anew, it seems widely agreed upon (among the few that have given their input), Jesse would be the best option. So I 100% agree with you there. Anew for Jesse it is ! For Conrad, I was actually thinking of giving him a flying Invoke as well. Since I edited him to appear as a Pegasus Knight, I was thinking of giving him Invoke (male) Falcon Knight for his character. For Warp, it really does come down to Boey and Conrad being the best candidates for the spell. Boey does fall short to Mae since he has low speed and lower ATK, so Warp allows for him to provide utility and support. However, Shanty Pete pointed this out a while ago and I found it important to take note of: So @CindySnuts, I want to be able to make sure we do follow the game's patterns, so I definitely agree that giving the base-Mage characters something they don't learn would fall out of that. I was thinking we could replicate this pattern by giving the base-Mage male units generic Cleric spell lists? That makes Boey, Luthier, and Nomah. The base-Mage male characters don't learn any support spells so they can't really add-on a spell from their mage list to their cleric list. I def needs thoughts and opinions on this idea though LOL. Or maybe the Mercenaries can get the female-Mage treatment and carry on their support spell to their Cleric spell list (since they all actually learn one), then male Mages can get a unique spell list?
  8. Hey, so I managed to extract the 3D battle models from the pack.cmp files and was able to convert it into a workable format to edit. I messed around on Blender a little bit just to see what I could do, but would it be possible at all to revert the files back into the game's .gs format? I only just started diving into FE10 modding, so I apologize if this is a relatively noobish question, but I'll appreciate the help ! EDIT: Received my answer on Discord haha. If anybody knows how or is willing to create a tool to recompile 3D models to .gs format, I would be really happy LOL. Otherwise, here's what I was able to get in Blender. Hoping one day I'll be able to import Pegasus Knight Oscar to the game LOL
  9. So "proc skills" are skills that have a % chance of activating during combat and will usually affect your damage output for that round of combat. Proc skills with their respective classes are as listed: Some of the skills have priority over others, meaning if you have more than 1 of these equipped, and any of them would RNG-roll to be activated, the one with the higher priority will activate instead. I'm not sure what the priority order is tho LOL. I just know that Luna had high priority in Awakening, but I'm not sure if that goes for Fates. If you exclusively use the Dragonstone, technically you wouldn't need a -faire skill, but it'll be nice to have so that you have more weapon options. Using the Dragonstone only will make for a really interesting build and playthrough, but the Dragonstone can't double (nor crit I believe) so I would recommend having some other weapon on hand to fall back on. Considering that Nohr Prince/Princess is the only class that can use Dragonstones, the class can also use swords so having swordfaire could help your damage output. Tomefaire would be good too since Nohr Noble can use tomes. (Pro-tip: the Dragonstone is magic-based damage, so a magic-boon would really help you out !) If you choose one of the respective Hoshidan classes as your talent, you can get them. Otherwise, Great Knight is the only Nohrian class with a blow skill (Armored Blow). Or Savage Blow from Malig Knight if you consider it in the same family, but the effect is entirely different LOL. They're not tooo much of a big deal, but just a recommendation. Yeah, it'll be quite a disappointment when you're going from Awakening to Fates, but at least that keeps the power creep in check LOL.
  10. No problem! And nah it's just kind of a dirty word that's kinda funny if you know the language haha. I apologize if it's of any offense to you by mentioning it. If we're still talking about Corrin, you can reclass with Heart Seals, but it's a lot more limited compared to Awakening (for good reason lol). You'll have your talent class to get skills, then you could pick up more classes by supporting other units using Friendship Seals or Partner Seals. Once you reach A-support with units of the same gender (minus Niles and Rhajat), Corrin can use Friendship Seals to reclass into their class. Unlike other units, Corrin can use Friendship Seals with anyone they have an A-support with--so you can get access to all classes to some degree. You use the Partner Seal to reclass into the class of the character you choose to S-Support. The only classes Corrin can't get are the special classes like Songstress and beast classes. Some skill recommendations: Definitely pick up a weaponfaire skill. If you plan on using Yato, Swordfaire comes from Swordmaster. Having a proc is good too, and Corrin gets Dragon Fang innately at level 10 Nohr Prince/Princess, and it's pretty much good enough for Corrin haha. "Blow" skills are good, but most come from Hoshidan classes. Replicate is one of the best skills in the game, and it comes from Mechanist. It's really late-game and takes a lot of grinding to achieve (if you don't have Ninja as your talent), but it'll essentially double your combat. It's also worth noting that Heart/Friendship/Partner Seals don't reset your levels, so you're also limited in your skill selection as well unlike Awakening where leveling and skill grinding was infinite.
  11. 1.) Corrin gets the Nohr Prince/Princess class line that promotes to Hoshido Noble (for Birthright) or Nohr Noble (for Conquest), and you can promote to either in Revelations. Hoshido Noble gets access to staves while Nohr Noble gets access to tomes. Hoshido Noble has slightly higher defense and strength, while Nohr Noble has slightly higher magic and speed. For a single playthrough, Corrin's unique class is good and will do you good for the most part, but typically any class will work well for Corrin due to the boon/bane system (but usually classes that use swords, aka Yato access, are better for Corrin). 2.) As mentioned above, your "talent" is basically any of the classes available in the game that will be Corrin's extra reclass set. There's no "best" talent, but it's simply the class that you like the most or would like to try out the most. I usually/always do Sky Knight (cause Fates is the only game in the series that allows male Pegasus Knights lmfao), but no Yato LOL. It's also worth noting that it'll be a little helpful to make your talent class one of the classes from the opposite campaign. ex. Ninja talent (Hoshidan class) for Nohr Campaign, Wyvern Rider/Dragon Talent (Nohrian Class) for Hoshidan campaign. This is mainly because there are some things that the opposite side's class can offer that the side you chose may not. 3.) Depends on the type of build you want. +Strength will give you maximum damage output, +Magic will give you maximum magic damage output, +Speed will ensure you'll double most enemies and have high avoid rates. I usually do +Speed/-Magic since I usually run Sky Knight Corrin (but -Magic takes a small hit on speed), but I've done a +Magic/-Luck Dark Falcon Corrin build too. It's really up to you, but I guess for starters, +Strength or +Speed and -Luck would be a good start if you're going to use a physical class. btw has anybody ever mentioned what your name means in Korean
  12. It may be deeper than this, but did you try checking if the support speed matches? Aka if the supports on both sides are set to "Fast," "Slow," etc. I tried creating my own mod once on Paragon and wanted it to be compatible with the Gay Awakening mod, but it turns out I had to manually re-input the support chains for them to work together. In the midst of doing that, I realized I made a mistake and had Chrom's M!Robin support set to "Medium" but M!Robin's Chrom support set to "Fast," and during gameplay I noticed their support ranks would never go up. After I fixed it, it seemed to work again haha.
  13. His only minor setback is the fact that he has a -1 speed modifier and both Kjelle and Noire can take the hit because both of their mothers have positive speed modifiers, so Noire will still have a +1 and Kjelle will have a +2. I wouldn't consider fathering any of the non-Pegasus child units with Donnel "compromising" them since the trade-off for a mere -1 speed mod gives them one of the most broken skills in the game. Can't say much about Nah though since I never use her or Nowi. If we're bringing them into Apotheosis, a Galeforce dad is highly important since Galeforce units will usually be the ones leading.
  14. I feel like when it comes to Donnel, his combat starts off terrible because of his bases and E rank lances upon recruitment, but he will grow to be a good unit fairly quickly. Due to the fact that he requires high investment and joins with lacking combat, several people view him as a bad unit simply because of his rough start and that he joins while your other units have already gotten their stats going. However if you put his middling base combat aside, Donnel’s biggest contribution to the team is what he can pass down to his children, which I find to be quite important and enough to keep him from being considered the “worst” unit in Awakening. He passes down Pegasus Knight (aka Galeforce) to female child units and (possibly) Aptitude to all child units—both of which are really valuable. When you compare Donnel to someone like Virion (who was my personal choice for “worst” unit in Awakening), Donnel actually has better potential. He’s not a great unit at the start, but he definitely has his contributions that are useful.
  15. Taguel is definitely a subpar class, but Panne's growths as a Wyvern Lord are actually great (105% HP, 75% STR, 70% SPD), and her +2 strength and +3 speed modifiers aren't anything to scoff at either. She does require a Second Seal if you want her to excel, but by the time she joins they should be available to purchase from some merchants. I wouldn't say she's a bad unit at all, but Donnel for sure LOL. Ehhh I mean, maybe I'm just biased because Subaki is one of my favorite characters, but Falcon Knight does offer him some utility as a flier. Hinoka's offenses are good, so you want her to be on the front to be fighting, so Subaki can ferry units around as a secondary flier. His magic isn't great, but at least he still has access to flying-rescue naturally (without the need of a Heart Seal). He has less competition in Revelations, making him a little better since he's the only flier for the Wind Tribe chapter, and Reina joins much later as an EXP sponge. Rinkah, however, does definitely lack any type of combat-prowess or utility and I definitely agree that she's one of the lesser characters in Birthright.
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