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  1. Grappler and War Master actually have the benefit of thief movement, so they won’t get hurt by movement penalties like forests and things like that. And as much as I love Caspar, it’s definitely more than just his authority bane keeping him from getting good ratings. His bases (notably in speed) are what hurts him the most, probably more so than his authority bane.
  2. I think Mortal Savant is the big one here. It's the only sword-focused master class available, and it offers a -10% speed growth. No idea why they thought this was a good idea, since every single sword class before Mortal Savant all the way down to Myrmidon offers a speed boost. I feel like at least a +15% speed growth would be justifiable, then the growths would make sense. Warding Blow also doesn't offer much for the class, as most sword-focused characters like Petra and Felix have pretty bad resistance to begin with. Ignatz or Edelgard could kind of make use of Warding Blow since their resistance is good enough where even a slight boost can make a visible difference. Regardless, offensive skills like Death Blow and Fiendish Blow are way more useful on Player Phase than defensive skills like Warding Blow or Armored Blow. It would be cool if they brought back Fates' Life or Death from Master of Arms or Strong Riposte from Mercenary as Mortal Savant's mastery instead. Holy Knight tho ... was such a disappointment. I love the concept of the class, but it just doesn't offer much. Marianne is the designated Holy Knight of the game, but even she would benefit more from other magic classes. The growths aren't too bad, it's pretty on par with Dark Knight except that it trades strength for better luck and charm. But where Holy Knight fails is the skills it offers. Terrain Resistance is situational at best and the class would be better off with something like double White Magic uses or Healing +10 or something. Or at least give a character a full-on, 100% offensive Faith spell list to even make use of White Tomefaire (like literally, no support magic, just straight attack spells like Abraxas/Seraphim/Aura). But seriously, how did Rodrigue make the class look so fire? LOL.
  3. That'd be a really interesting idea, actually. Or even in the next title, it could be set several decades, or even centuries following the previous, and it could just be "pegasi used to be picky, but now they're not" or wuteva. Regardless, from a gameplay perspective, it's severely limiting that male units can't be pegasus knights.
  4. Agreed. As annoying as I found the weapon penalties in Fates (like -2 str after use, -10 avoid when equipped, etc), I wouldn't mind them coming back if that meant removing the gender-lock. At least that way there'd be some form of strategic restriction without the restriction being placed on gender. But I understand the penalties were placed due to the fact that Fates lacked weapon durability. I would have even preferred weapon-locking classes again over gender-locking, since Three Houses freely allows any class to equip any weapon (not including magic).
  5. Omg I bring this up all the time whenever someone mentions the pegasus gender lock haha. But honestly, the unicorn myth regarding maidens is probably the reason why Pegasus Knight is female-only, since FE does have a habit of referencing mythology and medieval lore. Even Selena in her support with Subaki uses the word "maiden," which is commonly how the unicorn myth is worded. but honestly tho bring back male pegasus knights im beGGING
  6. I mean, I know Fates is the butt of all the jokes in the FE community, but I personally really like Fates. I can even go as far as saying it's probably one of my faves--the unrestrictive class system definitely plays a part. Try give it a shot? Yes, I do LOL. While yeah, 3H does offer an incredibly free reclassing system--the gender lock is still there to limit the player, and for what reason? Catherine is a female unit with a boon in brawling, but oop she a woman? Guess she can't be a brawler (DLC aside). Lysithea and Edelgard are two out of three (non-DLC) units that use Dark Magic, but oOP they female too, so they can't be Dark Mages. And Linhardt? He got the boons in Faith and Reason, so Gremory would be the perfect option for him, yeah? But ... he a dude. So double spell uses for both Reason and Faith magic are out of the question for him. What sucks even more is that the gender-lock is completely arbitrary--there's nothing in 3H that even explains why only men could be Dark Mages/Bishops (as if Tharja didn't exist) and why only women could be Pegasus Knights. I get that the whole pegasus lore thing was explained in older games (not 3H tho), but if it was removed before, why bring it back? Ehhh but if you look at the myth of Pegasus in Greek mythology, he was ridden by a Bellerophon--a man HAHA See, that's the thing tho. If they're not playable, they don't affect the player.
  7. I honestly appreciate the inclusion of male pegasus knights in Mystery of the Emblem, but in recent games, it's just not like that right now. I'm not saying male Pegasus Knights never existed, but I'm saying in the current/newer games, we can't have the freedom of reclassing whoever we wantto whatever we want unfortunately. I mean, to be fair, you're right, and the reclassing system in SoV was really unique, so I guess it was a poor example. But in Awakening and Three Houses, the restriction of men from Pegasus Knight/Troubadour/Gremory and women from Fighter/Dark Mage (3H)/Grappler was annoyingly limiting. Like bro, why can't my mRobin slaayyyyyy on a dark pegasus when fRobin can? Why can't fByleth 👏throw👏hands👏 when mByleth can?
  8. See, I get that. Even Michalis was implied as a Pegasus Knight, since he was a Wyvern Rider/Dracoknight which was a promotion from Pegasus Knight. But every game afterwards, there have been no playable male Pegasus Knights until Fates, where Subaki mentions in his support with Selena that the pegasi of Hoshido are of a different breed. Gaiden/SoV and Awakening even prevents male characters from reclassing into Pegasus Knight. But that still doesn't change my point about whether or not gender-locked classes should exist lol
  9. If wyverns were restricted for males, then female units would once again be missing out on an axe-focused class, and male units still miss out on a lance class. It's not even balance, it's just restrictive. I don't see what's so tiring about it, guess Fates must have been a marathon lmao. I can see why wyverns are superior, and they definitely can be, but gender-locking Pegasus Knight still prevents certain units from reaching their best. Taking Awakening for example, Dark Falcon and Galeforce are locked to female units--and we all know how ffffin broken Galeforce is--so male units have no access to this skill and reaching higher gameplay potential. Then in 3H, Pegasus Knight being locked to females means all of the Swift Strikes users (Sylvain, Ferdinand, and Seteth) can't enjoy a +20% speed boost and Lancefaire-boosted Swift Strikes. See, witch wasn't brought up, but now it is. For example,: Leo and Odin. Leo and Odin would have highly appreciated a male equivalent for witch, since, while Leo is good on his own, he tends to lack the speed to double--which is what witch can fix. And even if either Leo and Odin were to fall behind on combat (Odin being very prone), they could provide utility with warp. But witch is a DLC class anyway, so it's not an option for everybody. And I guess Three Houses' iteration of witch is Gremory--and we all know how much that messed up Linhardt.
  10. I actually thought I was the only one that noticed this. It's annoyingly blatant when it comes to the Corrin's, as well as the Byleth's. I saw this meme exaggerating the whole double standard where it was a pic of male Corrin and a guy saying that he was annoying, then the bottom half was female Corrin and the same guy s i m p i n g for her cause you know, she has boobs (words from the meme). I even saw tweets where people say female-Byleth is much more expressive than male-Byleth, when like literally they're the same exact person. It's irritating to me because there's no difference between the two other than their class-access and people they can marry--but that's moreso in terms of gameplay, and even still it's relatively minor. Their character is exactly the same. I feel like gender locked classes just severely limit player optimization regardless of "traditional lore." Pegasi only allowing females to ride them was a throwaway line in a past game, but I couldn't really justify gender-locked classes in any game from Fates onward (ngl, I found the concept of it pointless even for past games). Like there's no mention of why Pegasus Knights should only be female or why Dark Mages/Brawlers should only be male in 3H, so why keep this restricting mechanic when it was removed in Fates? idk maybe I'm just a bitter gay male poc that wants my mByleth to ride a pegasus while married to claude, but das just me lmao But ... what's wrong with a male Pegasus Knight?
  11. If it hasn't already been said, you should definitely plan your units' end game classes early so that you can properly train their skills in a decent amount of time. That being said, ending in an Advanced class instead of a Master class is totally fine. Some master classes won't really offer much, and some units are kinda forced to stick to an advanced class (ie. Linhardt since the braddah cannot get Gremory LOL). And you can definitely do side-promotions to pick up mastery skills, like Death Blow or Vantage, then reclass back into whatever they were before.
  12. I feel like Ashe is definitely a little underrated because, like you said, his ranged chip damage is really useful. On top of that, when you give him time, he becomes a crit machine in the late game (according to what I've seen on Reddit LOL, his crit growth is the same as Petra's at 95%). If you plug a Killer Bow+ on him, his late game crit rate can be well above 60-70%, or at least that's how it was for me in hard mode. But honestly, I'm just happy to see that Ashe is doing you well cause I know a lot of people tend to replace him for better archers LOL.
  13. Bro you make it seem as if it's difficult to get ore, when it's literally the easiest thing. Deadass you can go online and go through every single castle that exists to pick up whatever ore you need. That's not even including random MyCastle pick-ups from talking to your units. And since Bronze Axes were mentioned, they're unlimited from the beginning so getting a +2 Bronze isn't hard at all. And I don't see what's so wrong about vulneraries? If your staffbot already used their turn (and let's say twice if Azura sang for them), you kinda have to use vulneraries for anyone else that needs healing lol When it comes to Camilla, she's perfectly fine as either a Wyvern Lord or Malig Knight--it all just depends on what you role you want her to play. Wyvern Lord does bolster her stronger stats and makes her a pure physical attacker, but in turn kills her otherwise good resistance stat (which is better than her defense). As a Malig Knight, her stats are much more balanced in sacrifice for lower strength and and speed, but the difference is only -2. She'll do fine either way, it's just keeping her as a Malig Knight saves you a Heart Seal. @ everyone else, wyvern elise is valid, don't let no one stop you from using her the way you want, you do you boo
  14. A little off topic, but Y'all, I just wanna point out that "okama" isn't a casual term, it's actually derogatory for gay men in Japan, similar to "f****t" in English. It's not really something you wanna use as a description for someone tbh.
  15. As others have said, they're just fun to watch but also it just adds a more immersive experience to it. Without the animations, I feel like the game would be pretty lifeless. I especially enjoy the anime-esque cutscenes that were included from Awakening onward. The only time I turn off animations is if I'm grinding and I'm just trying to get through the map, or if I was forced to restart the level several times. And even then, once I reach a point in the map that was past the point from where I restarted, I turn animations back on because it just feels boring without it.
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