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  1. Petra is one of the few units in Black Eagles that actually stay consistently good throughout the whole game, as even Edelgard has a pretty rough start with her accuracy. With her insane speed and reasonable strength, she's regarded as one of the top units in the game (and definitely one of my favorites, combat-wise and personality/story-wise). Her comparable units would be Ingrid and Leonie, the other speedy girls of the game. The good, there's a lot to say here: Petra's biggest selling point is her speed, with a base of 10 and a growth rate of 60%--the highest in the game only behind Yuri, who's DLC. She's the only one that can double or resist getting doubled in the early game against other high-speed enemies. And with her 60% growth, she'll be able to maintain this speed throughout the whole game. She will be one of your most reliable dodge tanks and is notably very difficult to hit. Her strength with a base of 9 and growth of 40% is pretty decent as well. The growth is good, not great, but it's respectable. Her boons are also worth a mention, with boons in Axes, Bows, AND Flying--three of arguably the top best skills to be proficient. This puts her on a very smooth route to Wyvern classes, further capitalizing on her speedy killing power (it's even one of her canon classes technically). It even gives her the easiest time out of anybody to achieve Death Blow, Darting Blow, and Hit+20 all at once. Lastly, I don't understand why nobody ever mentions a unit's crit rate? Petra's crit rate is insane, and you can even rely on a crit-kill with her. With 50% dex and 45% luck, this puts her at a 95% crit rate growth. However, she does fall behind Ignatz, Ashe, Claude, and Shamir, but all of these characters including Petra can crit pretty reliably. Honestly, Falcon Knight Petra with a Killer Bow+ or Wo Dao+ is a map deleter. On my CF run, I had my Byleth as a Falcon Knight as well and Petra would outshine me. Overall, Petra's just good. She's great. Her many strengths outweigh her few weaknesses. Now, the bad: Petra biggest weakness is her low charm growth, which breaks through her biggest strength as a dodge tank. She'll be pretty prone to gambits and probably won't hit hard with them either, but this isn't too much of a dealbreaker. If you want, you can just spam tea parties with her to boost her charm LOL. Also, despite being a killing crit machine, her 40% growth in strength and 30% growth in defense may lead her into an RNG trap. 9+40% strength is good, but it can potentially fall off later in the game. And if an enemy manages to land a hit on Petra, she can take severe amounts of damage. I honestly had to feed her a few strength boosters mid-game to relieve her strength, and Ingrid actually one-shot my Falcon Knight Petra with Alert Stance+ activated so I had to Divine Pulse her back to life. Lastly, I feel like her personal is pretty mediocre if not completely useless. If an enemy is at 50% health or lower, you're most likely going to kill them anyway even without a crit. Overall, with a +1 bias, I give her a 9/10. Petra is a speed demon-crit machine-dodge tank that stays consistent throughout the game and has easy access to the best classes in the game. However, she may be prone to low strength and defense, and her low charm makes her prone to being hit with gambits. She is a top tier unit with very few weaknesses. (My bias comes with the fact that I like Petra and I just have an affinity for speed-based, high-crit characters HAHA)
  2. So far I've done 4 playthroughs, Verdant Wind twice (once Normal, second Hard), then Crimson Flower, and I just finished Azure Moon (the credits are literally rolling as I type LOL). I wanted to see how Byleth would do in different classes, so I put him/her in a different class for each route. Here's which classes I chose for each path and how I felt about them: First time on Verdant Wind -- Thief>Assassin>Enlightened One (mByleth) I chose the thief path for my very first playthrough because it was my first time playing and thought I should just keep Byleth with his natural affinity to swords. Plus, I just usually have a preference for bows, and Assassins are partially a bow class. I really enjoyed using him as a Thief/Assassin, as he was virtually untouchable and would crit almost every other hit. With the lack of a strength boost in this class path, his damage output did start to fall juuuust a little bit, but it wasn't too bad. Once I unlocked Enlightened One, I just kept him in the class. This is where I also started to train his Faith magic (just because), which I didn't really use much. I was honestly suuuper disappointed in this class mainly because of the lack of speed. I noticed that he was dodging a lot less often than when he was an Assassin. The extra strength growth was okay, but I wasn't dealing crazy amounts of damage or anything. Overall, I enjoyed him more as an Assassin than as Enlightened One mainly because of the speed growth. Enlightened One isn't a bad class per se, but it's not great and it kinda felt like a trap for Byleth. Second time on Verdant Wind -- Thief>Assassin>Bow Knight (mByleth, with a focus on Bows) I enjoyed the Golden Deer so much I wanted to play their route a second time in a row, but I wanted to stay with the bow theme of the house. So, I put Byleth through the same Thief/Assassin path but prioritized using bows before reaching Bow Knight. I also want to mention that for most auxiliary battles, I switched him back to Assassin for the growths, and reclassed him back to Bow Knight for story missions. Don't ask me why I didn't decide to go on the Archer/Sniper path because Idk why I didn't either LOL. I did miss out on the Hit +20 from archer, which did hurt me just a tad bit when he ended up as a Bow Knight, but nothing unsalvageable. I still maintained a pretty decent hit rate even from afar. Overall, this was definitely my top favorite class. It was so much fun sniping enemies from afar and that extra speed and dex from Assassin guaranteed I would crit 5 spaces away. The biggest downside to Bow Knight-Byleth was the fact that he didn't have any combat arts in Bows other than Curved Shot. I mainly relied on basic attacks to kill enemies, but I normally dealt enough damage and had enough speed to double to ORKO most/all enemies. Other than that, Bow Knight-Byleth was a lot of fun to play. Crimson Flower -- Mercenary>Pegasus Knight>Falcon Knight (fByleth, with a focus on lances) I honestly really, REALLY like the Pegasus Knight class, but it's a shame that it's genderlocked. I played female-Byleth on CF just so I could get a feel of the class (and I felt fByleth suited this route well HAHA). It sucks that Pegasus Knight has a really awkward transition to Falcon Knight, so instead of going straight into Pegasus Knight at level 10, I treated it as if were an advanced class and waited until level 20 to certify for Pegasus Knight. I also took this weird path because I know that Pegasus Knights do lack an extra strength growth, so I felt being a Mercenary would help with that. Achieving Vantage was also a nice bonus. Anyways, my thoughts on this class: I loved it, but it took a while for Byleth to really excel. She was a late game bloomer in this path. She wasn't as dodgy as Thief/Assassin-Byleth early game, but it ended up kicking in once I reclassed to Falcon Knight. I'm ngl tho, I had Petra as a Falcon Knight and I think she overshadowed Byleth. Also, training flying for Byleth was really hard because you only have Manuela and Seteth in part 1, and they're not available every chapter. Regardless, this is a great class and probably Byleth's best class option because of the high speed and great mobility, as well as the fact that this class is a secondary swords class making it easier for Byleth than Wyvern Lord. I probably should have skipped Mercenary and went straight for Pegasus Knight, but I think it was a reasonable choice LOOOL. Oh, and having to give up Jeralt's Mercenaries was kinda sad. Azure Moon -- Mage>Warlock>Dark Knight (mByleth) I had pretty low expectations for this route mainly because of Byleth's base 35% growth in magic and average spell list. Honestly, it kind of met my low expectations. In the early game, he did fine and was still able to ORKO enemies because his speed was decent enough to double. However, as the game progressed, he started to fall behind with his tome damage. In the late game, I honestly really relied on Levin Sword+ to deal damage and attack from 3 spaces away. If only Dark Knight had Black Magic x2, then I would have had no problem as Ragnarok was pretty much his strongest spell, but locked to 3 uses. I also had trouble doubling so he couldn't really kill enemies unless he crit, but fortunately that happened often on the best times. Also, going down the magic path for Byleth means his damage with SotC won't be as great, but at least it saves on Umbral Steel? LOL. Overall, magic Byleth isn't bad, and he can deal pretty decent amounts of damage, but you won't really be killing much late game unless you get lucky. Levin Sword+ will be your best friend tho. However, I do wanna say being a mage with the Blue Lions was nice because their only natural mage is Annette (minus Mercedes, who's mainly a support mage), so having the extra magic really came in handy for those enemy Fortress Knights. I haven't done Silver Snow yet, but I feel like Holy Knight might suit the story? But I know it's a bad class and I already struggled with magic Byleth LOL. I kind of want to try War Master Byleth to throw hands tbh. Or Wyvern Lord since I know it's a good class overall? Sorry if this is a long and clunky post, I just had a lot of thoughts LOL. Which classes did you use for Byleth? And how did you like them? I wanna see if any of you guys did Fortress Knight Byleth or something out of the ordinary haha.
  3. When I started CF, I had some expectations for Bernie after reading how out of the 3 baby archers (Bernie, Ignatz, and Ashe), Bernie had the most potential. However, I was pretty disappointed with her in my playthrough and didn't meet any expectations I had for her. It may have just been my own personal experience with her because people swear by her, but she highly underperformed for me. I'll start off with the good: Bernie plays an identical role to the team as Ignatz and Ashe, being low strength, high dex/speed archers--the trio I like to call "the baby archers" HAHA. What sets Bernie apart from the other two is that she has access to skills and combat arts that greatly boost her middling strength and can potentially deal much more damage than Ignatz or Ashe. First, we should talk about her personal: Persecution Complex (strength +5 when below full HP). Her personal is regarded as one of the best in the game, as it is considerably easy to activate and puts her base strength on par with Edelgard once activated. And because her preferred weapon is bows, she can easily kill enemies from afar in the early game. Her combat arts are also what makes her stand out with her access to Encloser and Vengeance-two very uncommon yet insanely useful arts. Bernie is one of only TWO units that have access to Encloser, the other being Claude who is obviously route-exclusive. Encloser really comes in handy if you want to salvage a fellow teammate from receiving damage, providing Bernie with some very useful utility. Vengeance is her most notable art that she learns, as it synergizes perfectly with her personal. Give her the classic Vantage+Wrath combo with Vengeance, and you have yourself a killing machine that embroiders in her free time. Also, Pass---her budding talent--is worth a mention. Any type of buffer to movement is always appreciated. Lastly, Bernie also possesses a surprisingly good spell list. Her Reason spell list consists of ice and thunder spells which deal pretty good damage and ice spells have pretty high crit rates. Her Faith spell list includes Physic and Rescue, both of which are of the most useful white magic spells and can fare well as a support mage if put down that path. The fact that Bernie is neutral in magic would make it fairly easy to go down a mage path in order to utilize her great spell list. (But her magic growth is only 20%, so good luck with that LOL) Now, the bad: It's pretty common knowledge that one should class any physical unit as a Brigand early game in order to achieve Death Blow, and the fact that it is highly suggested to get Vantage and Wrath to optimize Bernie's Vengeance build, one should class her as a Mercenary and Warrior as well. However, Bernie has four banes--Swords, Axes, Brawling, and Heavy Armor. The banes in Brawling and Heavy armor are whatever, but the banes in Swords and Axes really hurt her. While C in Axes isn't too difficult to achieve even with a bane, but getting an A in both Swords and Axes would mean you would have to really invest a lot of work in her (And you would still have to grind the class exp to get the mastery skills). Her banes really narrow down her pathways, but thankfully her boon in lances opens up more doors as the most versatile weapon. Battalion Wrath is worth considering, but I personally don't like Batallion skills as they are much harder to activate and monitor. Of course, it wouldn't be necessary to do all of this for her, but it would really boost her potential. When compared to Ashe and Ignatz, they have a boon in Axes and Swords respectively meaning this would be much easier for them than it would be for Bernie. Next, Bernie's growths. Aside from dex and speed, Bernie suffers from below average growths in almost every stat. She is insanely squishy with her 20% defense, 35% HP, and 30% resistance. She will most likely be sniping from the backlines anyways, but she would pass out if any enemy had the chance to even breathe on her. Also, Ignatz and Ashe are pretty well-known to be late-game crit machines, being of the units with the highest crit growths (dex+luck) salvaging their low strength. However, Bernie has just a 25% luck growth, meaning she won't crit as much and is prone to BEING crit. Also, her crest is actually really good, allowing her to double at random times. It's just unfortunate that the proc rate is only 10% so it is very, very unreliable. Literally, her crest only activated ONCE in my entire CF playthrough. My personal experience with Bernie: Now the reason why she underperformed for me was because I didn't feel like overcoming any of her banes, so I didn't give her Death Blow or anything and had a hard time activating her personal without her dying (unless the map had damaging terrain which was uncommon). I couldn't even give her a Devil Axe cause I didn't train her axes. I probably neglected her and didn't use her to her full potential, so her performance was most likely just me. In the end, she was mainly just chip damage from afar and if I desperately needed a kill, I prayed for a crit. Not even Vengeance was able to save my Bernie 😭 Overall, I give Bernie a 6/10. She a strong, player-phase oriented archer unit that excels in her access to great combat arts and skills that boost her middling strength. However, in order to perform well, time must be invested in her as she her banes hurt her potential as well as the fact that she has below average growth rates. Regardless, if her potential is unlocked, she can perform very well as a ORKO-er.
  4. I got into Crimson Flower with the expectations that Caspar was gonna be terrible throughout the whole game (after reading many things about him), but Caspar came in super clutch mid-late game for me. He's pretty bad in the start, yes, but his late game in my personal experience was invaluable to my CF team. I'm ngl, I actually love Caspar LOL. I'll start off with the bad so that we end on a good note LOL: It's pretty widely accepted that Caspar has, hands down, the worst base stats out of any unit in the game--most notably his speed and strength. Unfortunately, for being a designated frontliner, his defense is pretty bad as well with a base of 6 and a growth rate of 30%. His overall growth rates are pretty average at best, with 55% growth HP being his only asset. But what good is his HP if his defense can't save it? On top of that, he starts off with an axe, which is heavy and inaccurate so it is highly recommended to get him gauntlets ASAP. Even then, he'll still get doubled. With all of this combined, trying to keep Caspar alive will definitely be a struggle in the beginning. His axe combat arts are pretty underwhelming as well. Personally, I don't like the idea of Exhaustive Strike and absolutely never used it, and I don't like risking a missed hit with Wild Abandon. His brawl combat arts include Bombard, which I find actually really good, so I'll get into that later. Lastly, his skill proficiencies give him a bane in both bows and authority. And unfortunately, these 2 skills are considered the best to have for any unit. Poor guy got everything a terrible unit would have. Okay, now let's get into the good: Okay so the reason why I found Caspar to be so good in my late game was basically because of the War Master class. It may have been because the class itself is great and can salvage any bad unit, but Caspar's natural affinity towards its skill proficiencies make the path much easier to class into. Despite having only a 45% dex growth and a base of 5, his crit rate ranged from 60-80 with Killer Knuckles+ and the innate +20 crit from War Master. To be 100% fair, I did baby him quite a bit and this may have been just me getting lucky with a bad unit, but hey, he carried my team at times and I couldn't doubt that. But anyways, let me just get into Caspar in general as opposed to my own experience with him. There's honestly not a lot going for Caspar that's actually that great, as his only saving grace is his boon in axes to make it easier to get into Wyvern classes--which is pretty widely accepted as the best class in the game next to Falcon Knight. But also, I really want to point out that despite Caspar having a bad speed start, when you look at the other "designated" Brawlers/Fortress Knights aka Raphael and Dedue, Caspar is f a s t. He essentially plays the same or at least a similar role as Dedue and Raphael in their respective houses, but at least Caspar has the benefit of having higher speed. But yeah, he's definitely not fast enough to double or dodge consistently, but he can at least have enough speed to resist getting doubled on some certain enemies unlike the other aforementioned two. Lastly, BOMBARD. Bombard, I find, is a really underrated combat art. Extra might, +10 Crit, low durability cost, and a guaranteed double (even though gauntlets already naturally double) is nothing to scoff at. You can potentially wipe out a demonic beast's whole HP bar with this. Potentially LOL. EDIT: I also forgot to mention his personal! Avoid -10 on adjacent enemies is really good and worth noting as it is fairly similar to Ignatz's Hit +20. I find it actually one of the better personal skills in the game as reducing dodge means higher accuracy, which is really REALLY useful on late game Assassins and Swordmasters. It won't mean a guaranteed hit, but it is at least very helpful. Caspar's not hitting anything long-range anyways, so he's pretty much always going to activate this in combat and can prove useful if other teammates want to land a hit on enemies next to Caspar. Overall I give Caspar a 6/10. He has the roughest start out of any unit with terrible base stats and only average at best growths, as well as having surprisingly bad survivability potential for a frontliner. However, he can perform pretty well late-game as long as time is invested in him but will still be outperformed by his fellow housemates. (but in my personal CF run, I'd give him an 8/10 LOL)
  5. Linhardt is outshined by the other 2 healers, but he does have a few niches that the others don't have which help him prove he is a very viable suportive unit on the battlefield. The good: So the thing about Linhardt, he is most likely going to be a pure support mage. His 45% magic growth and 10 base magic is decent, above average at best, and his spell list in both Reason and Faith is pretty solid. As others have mentioned, he is the only unit with both Physic and Warp--2 of the most useful Faith spells in the game. Physic is an obvious must-have for any healer, but access to warp sets him apart from the other house healers. While not having anywhere near the same warp range as Lysithea, the extra mobility is still serviceable. Also, his Minor Crest of Cethleann is pretty worthy of attention. Despite only having a 30% proc rate, the extra bonus in healing when it does proc is highly appreciated--and also what I find sets him apart from Marianne who lacks any bonus to healing (as Mercedes has Live to Serve). Possessing a crest also allows him to use Thyrsus without any penalty, which is nice (however, I have never given him Thyrsus in any playthrough. But this is just nice to have HAHA). Lastly, his reason spell list consists of fire and wind spells, which are lightweight, accurate, and Excalibur is effective on fliers. All of these are really good qualities to have when using Linhardt in an offensive manner when you need him to. ...Also bonus points to Linhardt to being the only gay marriage option for mByleth who is available on all routes. The bad: I did mention above that Linhardt is outshined by the other house healers, as Mercedes has basically every healing spell in the game and Marianne has value in both support and offense. I would say his personal seems useless, but Marianne's personal seems worse to me personally. But the worst thing about Linhardt is that his skill proficiencies scream GREMORY, but IS said "GENDER LOCKED." lol anyways. Being tailor made for a purely supportive role, he does lack offensive capabilities. Despite having good offensive spells, they are locked to 1-2 range--meaning he has to be a little bit closer to the front lines to chip damage and his terrible defenses and speed won't allow him to survive up front. This can be relieved with Thyrsus or the Caduceus Staff (which works perfectly with Linhardt as he has the compatible crest), however. And finally, despite having acceptable magic growths and bases, they are the lowest of any other magic-oriented character (his magic growth is 5% higher than Dorothea's) meaning he will underperform when compared to your other fellow mages. Overall I give Linhardt a 7.5/10. He is a tailor-made support mage, with a solid spell list in both Faith and Reason, giving a highlight to Physic, Warp, and wind spells and performs well as a healer with his crest. However, he lacks any offensive capabilities and his magic stats are relatively low compared to the other magic-oriented characters which lets him be outshined by the other house healers.
  6. VW was the first route I played, and since it was my first, I enjoyed it for what it was. But after playing through the other routes, I did find that VW was pretty lacking when compared to AM. It would have been really interesting to see a chapter where like Lorenz goes through a crisis as his family was the one leading the faction that supported the Empire and he was the one teaming up with Claude. I felt as if, instead of having the Golden Deer force themselves to be involved with the war between the nations, the story should have been more focused on how the Empire had affected the Alliance itself--as in the opposing factions between House Riegan and House Gloucester. Claude is hands-down my top favorite character of the whole game, but I really wish his own route dove deeper into his background. Not even Joe Zieja knew Claude's real name cause it wasn't even in the game. Cyril should have shared his paralogue with Claude rather than Hilda because I felt that the two would have had a really interesting interaction with both of them being Almyran. On the plus side, at least the Golden Deer have arguably the best starting team (in terms of combat) since you have Lystihea, Leonie, and Hilda loool (Ignatz too I guess, since his personal is a godsend)
  7. Not that I know of (but don’t take my word for it haha), but I heard Maddening slightly nerfs experience gained. Weapon skill experience should be fixed, and you can get more with the statues anyway. With normal mode tho, leveling is actually easier cause you can grind auxiliary battles as much as you want.
  8. I’ve been wondering why I haven’t been able to get their timeskip outfits on the battlefield without setting it manually haha 😂 All my units ended up defaulting into the generic class outfits after chapter 13 and I honestly had no idea they were supposed to keep their outfits in specific classes until I read about it online LOL. But back on topic, I know these: Hilda - Warrior Ignatz, Ashe, Bernie - Sniper Leonie - Paladin (I honestly thought sniper seemed more canon tbh) Dorothea - Dancer Petra - Assassin and Wyvern Rider Marianne, Linhardt, Mercedes - Bishop
  9. 1.) If you want either of them to end up as Dark Knights, the warlock route is ideal as Dark Knights are primarily a magic class and Paladins are more physical. But yes, as others stated, Lorenz is better off as a warlock and Sylvain is better off as a paladin. However, Sylvain has a pretty decent spell list as he is one of the few that learns Seraphim. It’s just his magic damage output won’t be impressive. 2.) This is just my own personal opinion, but I just like the warrior/brawler path over fortress knight. Fortress Knights suffer from bad speed and low movement, and you want these guys up front. But as bad as I find Fortress Knights, Dedue’s speed is already low enough so you can capitalize on his DEF if you take him down that route. War Master is great though.
  10. There’s nothing wrong with Normal mode, in fact, I personally played Normal/Casual for my very first playthrough (but switched to Hard/Casual on all my playthroughs afterwards). Honestly, there’s many characters in the game that are better off ending the game in an Advanced class rather than Master, because some Master classes aren’t that great nor do some have a direct promotion to a Master class. The most notorious being sword classes, as the only sword-based master class is Mortal Savant (which isn’t that great). Priests/Bishops as well, as the Holy Knight class doesn’t provide any healing bonuses. Which route are you playing ? Knowing which characters you’ll have in your team can help you determine who’s better off in master and who’s better off in advanced. And regardless, you’ll probably hit the threshold for master classes around chapter 14 or 15 roughly, your lord and Byleth (and Lysithea maybe) probably reaching it a little earlier. So I wouldn’t worry about the time limit haha. On top of that, you can grind levels with auxiliary battles on Normal mode if you feel short on levels !
  11. My first playthrough with Verdant Wind, I had a level 38 Leonie with 22 STR. In my 2nd playthrough for Verdant Wind, my Lorenz had both 27 STR and MAG at level 37, then at level 45, he had only 29 STR and MAG. ... So for 8 levels straight, he only gained 2 points in either stat. However, I did find it quite satisfying that both stats managed to stay even with each other. LOL But what really surprised me is that, during this playthrough, Lorenz excelled in the beginning ORKO-ing pretty much all of his enemies and ended up MVP at least once or twice in part 1. I should have known, though, because my first playthrough with VW, he was my worst unit. Also, in my Blue Lions run, Ignatz managed to land a 1% crit chance on my Mercedes in a forest during the first mock battle 💀 Thankfully she survived LOL
  12. That’s fair, honestly looking at his stats, it doesn’t seem impressive, which is upsetting since he has the novelty of being the first male Pegasus Knight haha. If he doesn’t perform well for me, I’ll just bench him in place of Shigure later, who looks more promising Also another question (I apologize for the amount of questions 😭), but how does Kinshi Knight fare in comparison to Falcon Knight? Bows have always been my favorite weapon type in any kind of game, but I haven’t heard too many good things about Kinshi Knight.
  13. This definitely sounds like a build I'd enjoy on the battlefield, I might have to give this a shot! Albeit, a little more extra work to get into Falcon Knight, but the extra crits would be pretty satisfying haha I--...yeah 😂 I read a lot about him LOL. I mean, from what I've read, it seems pretty mixed, like some people found him to perform pretty well as a tank, but some were really upset with his terrible growths. I'm honestly just in it for the novelty 😂
  14. Ahhh this is so helpful, thanks so much! Yeah, I’m starting off with Birthright then Conquest, then Revelations. Would the luck bane affect my crit rate? I really enjoy being/having a crit machine, but that’s just a small detail haha. It did seem as if luck bane was the most recommended for any class from what I’ve seen. I plan on being male Corrin, which is why I’m so excited to be a Pegasus Knight haha. and I kinda figured it’d be a terrible idea to have Falcon Knight Ryoma, I just thought it’d be kinda neat to utilize every single possible male Falcon Knight in the game 😂 But Subaki and Shigure will be more than enough
  15. Agreed 😩 I get the kind of characterization she was trying to go for, but honestly the falsetto-y kind of voice sounded a little forced to me. It’s upsetting cause I know she’s a great voice actor, but her portrayal of Mercedes could have been executed differently
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