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  1. Hello everyone, I am (or was....) doing my 8th playthrough in general and the third on maddening. After I already did VW on maddening because of the golden home screen, I also did an AM run (NG+ this time). Even though I am not a big Fan of Edelgard I wanted to play her route on maddening (also NG+) just to say that I cleared all of the three house leader routes on maddening ( I donĀ“t care about SS, It was not very appealing to me). I guess you all know that after the first 2-3 runs you get sick from exploring the monastery (or the first part in general) which in my case mainly consists of raising the motivation of your students in the dining hall and gardening. Anyway while playing with the Black Eagles I got bored as I got closer to the timeskip. Hence I stopped playing for a few months. Today I picked it up again and forgot or ignored the fact that I was/am in the "holy tomb month", were you are supposed to talk to Edelgard in the entrance room and follow her, in order to play CF. I was stupid enough to just ignore the condition to play CF, namely talking to Edelgard... I stopped playing right after my dumbass saved the game before the end of the month mission, so no more exploring... I guess it is not possible, but I am too desperate right now... so is there any possibility to restore overwritten Data/ save files? Or is intelligent systems maybe going to patch the conditions for CF route? (I know that that would be almost impossible, but I am just so goddamn upset because of my own stupidity...) Hope you guys can help me, even though I highly doubt it
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