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  1. Anju

    Hi all

    Thanks to all that replied For some reason I dont feel ok playing games I havent payed for them. But I got and idea I will buy them in japanese and then play the patches on the pc thanks for the recomendation! Thanks for the recomendation probably I will!
  2. Hi and welcome! I'm also new here.
  3. Anju

    Hi all

    Hi, I would like to introduce me with my fire emblem timeline. My first Fire Emblem game was Sacred Stoens and thats why this game is my favorite FE game even if I know this is not objective. I continued playing with radiant dawn and The Blazing Blade all of this 3 games I played them on normal. Then that I got Awakening and played it on hard. After this all games I have played I did it in their hardest difficulty and I played them in this order Fates->Shadows of Valentia-> Path of Radiance -> 3 houses. And now Im playing Shadow Dragon. That would be all the games launched in NA. Im waiting for the remakes of the others.
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