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  1. For me: First will be Eirika and Seth Second is hard to say I have a lot of draws
  2. One thing that also makes me think Edelgard would have won is that in silver snow route they mentioned that that the 3 armies had fought with this results: Edelgard was badly injured and forced to retreat to Enbarr, Dimitri is dead, and Claude is missing.
  3. Did we manage to make an agreement or did we fail at it?
  4. Im completly free on Saturday. Maybe you could propose the time. Also we have to check time zones I am on the pacific time zone
  5. If everybody wants and can, we could try next Saturday
  6. If we manage to have one more response we might be able to play the free online version
  7. Byleth contributes more than Felix Kaga did romance first Hinata's character is just a worse version of Funke Tauroneo contributes more than Mia LOL
  8. I was traveling on the internet when I found this. I like the idea but I have the impression that most of the characters are from recent games, but I know they are still adding. What are your opinion will you buy it? Probably I will buy it.
  9. Anju


    Hi Welcome!
  10. Anju

    Hi all

    Thanks to all that replied For some reason I dont feel ok playing games I havent payed for them. But I got and idea I will buy them in japanese and then play the patches on the pc thanks for the recomendation! Thanks for the recomendation probably I will!
  11. Hi and welcome! I'm also new here.
  12. Anju

    Hi all

    Hi, I would like to introduce me with my fire emblem timeline. My first Fire Emblem game was Sacred Stoens and thats why this game is my favorite FE game even if I know this is not objective. I continued playing with radiant dawn and The Blazing Blade all of this 3 games I played them on normal. Then that I got Awakening and played it on hard. After this all games I have played I did it in their hardest difficulty and I played them in this order Fates->Shadows of Valentia-> Path of Radiance -> 3 houses. And now Im playing Shadow Dragon. That would be all the games launched in NA. Im waiting for the remakes of the others.
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