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  1. I’ll keep both of these in mind, thank you! I will keep this pairing in mind! In PoR / RD I was a huge fan of the Laguz/beast characters, so I’m sure I’ll be drawn to them here as well. This is seriously just what I needed! It literally does everything... pair-up bonuses, growth rate calculations... wow! This is going to save me an immense amount of time moving forward, thanks a ton! Are you saying this because I could do better for Ophelia’s growth rates, or because the skills that Elise pass down aren’t the best (Inspiration could be good, if I hold out until I learn it), and anything Odin passes down.. Ophelia can already learn on her own? And if I plan to use Elise long term, which I am, does Odin serve well as a good backpack unit for Elise? Based on that pairing calculator, Odin (w/ a S - rank) gives Magic +5 / Res +3, (+1 in a few other stats) so should I try to find her a better pair-up that offers like +defense (although I still don’t think defense will do much for her) or +speed or something? Am open to more recommendations. Edit: Just realized if I make Odin a Samurai, I can save Ophelia sometime from having to branch off in there, grab Vantage and pass that down to Ophelia. Than if I leave Odin there he can give Elise +4 speed / +3 Luck / +2 magic for pair-bonuses instead, which may prove more useful? - Also, what’s the better way of going about recruiting the kids. I’ve heard you can hold off recruiting them til later on, and they’ll eventually scale up and/or come with a offspring seal based on how far you are into the game. Do they turn out better by leveling them manually / or letting them scale? Or is just different from kid to kid? Thanks again though for all this information, especially that awesome pairing calculator! Really appreciate it.
  2. Holy hell, that’s a lot of good shit in there. I’m assuming everything can be repeatedly earned/acquired on subsequent completions outside of like boots and stuff? There is literally so much cool stuff here, the Witch class seems awesome... and that teleport skill sounds really fun. That gold DLC mission sounds rather useful as well, just so I can experiment with seals and stuff to get a better understanding of everything, although I don’t want to be overfunded my first run through and have things be easier in the process. I also found out, that I can acquire DVP for My Castle buildings from the DLC.. which helped immensely with my decision-making in regards to what I should be build first. But yeah.. thanks a TON for breaking all this down, and going over what I can acquire from each DLC map, this is incredibly helpful. Really looking forward to running through each path, and checking out the DLC maps, the replay value in this game seems endless.
  3. Thanks a ton for the speedy reply... this is excellent news! Going to make support building with some characters much easier.
  4. Hey guys. Few quick questions about DLC. So I managed to get my hands on a ton of DLC.. I don’t know if it’s all of them, but there at least 20 or so (estimated) options to choose from. Now I don’t want to use DLC maps to grind actual levels or anything. However, I would be interested in possibly running a few maps to build some supports. So I’m just wondering, does anything you do on DLC maps carry over to the main game.. namely supports? Do they grant DVP to use at My Castle? Can I earn any extra cash/useful items? Or are they just for fun? Now if I am able to use the DLC to build support and so on, is there any maps you’d recommend, as well as any recommendations just for fun maps in general to check out? Just figured since I can’t access online, this could be a nice way to get some supports going, but at the same time.. I’m not trying to boost up my characters and damper the experience on my first play-through. Thanks in advance as always, appreciate all the help.
  5. Partner Seals only get you the primary class of whoever you marry - so in this case, you need to marry Silas or Xander for Cavalier access. Also, I'd keep both Dragon Fang and Poison Strike. Ah shit, your totally right, got all mixed up when trying to plan everything out. Thanks for pointing that out for me, so I can plan around it. As for skills, after giving it a bit more thought, I thought the same thing. Think I’m going to go with; Dragon Hex, Dragon Fang, Poison Strike, Lethality, and lastly Elbow Room (or some other skill like this that I can learn/acquire really fast). When I get Shurikenfaire, I’ll swap that it in place of Lethality.. unless I notice Lethality really proving to be useful (which I’m not going to bank on), than I’ll swap something else to make room for Shurikenfaire. We’ll see how it pans out. Thanks again for pointing the Partner Seal thing w/ Jakob again. Really appreciate it.
  6. Ah.. I did not know that. I have an invasion encounter that I’ve yet to do, so this is definitely good to know for that, as well with any future invasion missions. I haven’t messed to much with My Castle, I gotta look through the menus and options, as changing the layout sounds pretty damn cool. Awesome! I’m glad Kaze has a lot of potential and utility, I’ve been drawn to wanting to use him since he was playable even in the earlier chapters. Also really looking forward to using Beruka, as her aesthetic looks awesome! Do you have any other recommendations for good units, and/or good pairings? Like I said earlier, I don’t really want to go to royal heavy, unless I feel like I’m getting stuck and I need them, with probably only using MU (obviously), Elise, and Camilia (or possibly Leo, if I feel I need another mage for some reason). So I’ve heard.. everywhere, haha. With it being my first playthrough, and with me still getting familiar with the games mechanics.. I’m more than likely going to use her. I just don’t want a single unit to trivialize the game, so I’ll try not to focus on her too much. Perfect, just what I needed to know! I’ll try plan the remainder of my team and pairings based on this - Thanks for all the information man. Been super helpful, I really appreciate it!
  7. Ah that sounds actually really cool. I didn’t look too far into the whole capture thing, and kind of wish I did, as I’m currently on chapter 10.. and Haitaka’s rally defense could’ve been useful, I probably could’ve recruited/persuaded him in time too, as I still have an invasion mission, and paralogue 1 that I didn’t partake in yet. I’m going to definitely keep an eye out for the “Rallyman” unit in chapter 23, as that sounds like a pretty damn good utility unit to have. Thanks for the breakdown on each building. So I currently have the armory, the staff shop, and the lottery building built. I’m current able to build; the Prison, the Arena, the Smithy/Forge, the Mess Hall, and the Accessory Shop. Along with the future upgrades and future buildings I’ll have access too as I progress, is there any recommendations as to what I should prioritize? I’m thinking maybe the Arena next, as this allows me to earn more minerals which would be useful for crafting (this is usable offline, right?). Followed by the Mess Hall which sounds like it can prove rather useful for tougher chapters with the chapter long stat boosts. Maybe the Smithy/Forge following that, as hopefully by then I’ll have more resources to start forging thanks to the arena.. But then I still have the Prison if I want to start using Capture, along with any future buildings that have potential to recruit characters.. so I want to make sure I’m not wasting DVP on stuff I don’t really need. If you were playing offline (I don’t even know if I can access online as I’m using an emulator, I doubt it though), how would you prioritize building the My Castle? — And while I’m writing back to you, I guess I’ll bring this up as well, for anyone that would be willing to answer. I’ve been working on some pairings, and just wondering what you guys think, as I’ll take any advice I can get. So I think I’m going to do the following: - F.Corrin x Jakob (or Silas). After re-evaluating my gameplan for Master Ninja Corrin, and looking at what other skills could prove useful, I feel like Elbow Room would be extremely beneficial for MN, especially since I can learn it very fast by partner sealing and getting one level up with either of the above units (I made Jakob a paladin). I’ve had Corrin and Jakob side by side for just about every chapter, so there probably very close to A rank already (I’m currently still at B) so I’m leaning more towards Jakob. As for my final Master Ninja skillset looking something like; Draconic Hex, Elbow Room, Lethality, Shurikenfaire, with the last skill being either Dragon Fang or Poison Strike. Am open to other recommendations for pairings. - Arthur x Effie. I’ve had them paired/supporting each other since I got them, and Arthur has proven to be an incredibly good pair-up for Effie, and I actually really like using Effie on top of it. Plus this pair-up seems to produce a pretty strong Percy. If I plan to use Effie long term (I think I’ll go into Great Knight for the extra move), would pairing up with someone else be advisable as opposed to Arthur? - Odin x Elise. I don’t plan on using Odin long term, but I do really enjoy using Elise, and it seems like she actually has potential to be a strong combat unit as her magic growth is pretty crazy, and if not she will always have utility with staffs nonetheless. I’ve also checked out Ophelia, and this seems to be a great pairing for her. - Not sure who to pair up Azura with, and not sure if I’m going to use Nyx or not. So with who I currently have access to, I’m pretty dead set on using; F.Corrin, Azura, Jakob, Effie, Elise, and Niles, contemplating on Nyx and Silas. With the upcoming characters I recruit, I’m interested in using; Camilia, Kaze, Beruka, maybe another royal.. I’m not sure.. I don’t want to go to royal heavy. So I don’t have everything entirily figured out yet, but I’m wondering is there like a good ballpark range of how many units I should focus on? What do you guys think of my current pairings? Any other recommendations or advice would be super helpful. I still haven’t had much time to really sink my teeth in and get a good play session going, but I want to plan a head a tiny bit for when the time comes so I can just work my way through without overthinking things. Just want to thank all you guys again for commenting as I believe I’ve read every single one, and all the advice and recommendations have been extremely helpful, so thanks again.
  8. Thank you so much for this!! I’ve been looking everywhere trying to figure out how many seals I can come across in a playthrough, meanwhile with my luck it’s probably sitting right on the fates serenes forest page without me knowing lol. This is going to make planning SO MUCH easier with this as a reference. Yeah.. I’m not sure what I was thinking. After re-reading the description, it seems like a no brainer, especially if I’m planning to go the Master Ninja route, and utilizing daggers/shurikens that cause further debuffs to enemies. I would assume this skill stacks with dagger debuffs, or no? Ah.. I didn’t even realize that the DF had access to hidden weapons, so it does seem like a rather good idea actually. But now I’m thinking I might just utilize them on other units that get more benefit from them, as it may help leveling up some of my weaker units easier whilst in mid-game. I will take your advice on Nohrian trust as well, as I don’t want to go to crazy trying to make things work on my first playthrough. On my second run through, I’ll definitely look further into Nohrian trust though, as it seems/sounds as if it has potential to be extremely powerful with the correct set-up. I think this is going to be the plan. I’ll probably master seal corrin soon, around level 15-17, or just manually promote depending how good the exp flow is. Grab Draconic Hex, heart seal to Master Ninja, and from there just friend/partner seal to fill in any remaining slots with skills I find beneficial. - One more thing if you don’t mind, it’s in regards to My Castle, and some of the buildings within it. I know mess hall is very useful as it offers temporary stats boosts for an entire chapter, and lottery shop can potentially offer you rare weapons if you get lucky, just have a few questions about the other buildings - Is the Forge/Smithy practical in offline play? It seems like you need a lot of materials and duplicate weapons to make proper use of it, which based on my limited experience so far seems very impractical. - The Prison. I’m probably going to end up using Niles, so I’ll have access to the Capture command. Just wondering how useful the Capture command is as a whole, and if it’s something I should be actively trying to do. On the subject of Niles, just wondering how good he is as actual combat unit.. or is he just more worth using for his utility? - Accessory Building. What goes on here? Can I alter MU with what I had access too in character creation? - For the rest of the buildings... are they mainly utilized in online? - Well yeah, thanks again as always, really appreciate everything and all the responses from everyone.
  9. Thank you for this! This is exactly what I needed to know. And yeah while looking through the skills, I wasn’t too fond with lethality either when in comparison to other skills, as it’s activation rate is rather low.. and that’s not even mentioning all the other skills that give benefits ALWAYS, just figured if I’m using Master Ninja and it’s there... maybe just use it? I don’t know. So if I’m going for a Master Ninja Corrin, should I grab Draconic Hex (is this even worth it?) at level 5 while a Nohr Noble, and switch to Master Ninja afterwards without looking back to Nohr Noble.. and try to acquire some other decent skills with friend/partner seals?
  10. @Imuabicus - Thank you so much for all that info, I really appreciate it! I’ll keep an eye out for all those weapons. - So yeah, if anyone can help me with some reclassing things. Like I originally stated in the OP, this is my first time playing a FE game with multiple different seals, and branching classes and so on, so I’m trying to figure out if I have a gameplan pre-set that will work. My Corrin is currently just a level 11 Nohr Princess at the moment, and after digging through the Fates page on Serenes Forest, this is the build I think I’m going to go for: - Use a Dread Seal (right now, on my level 11 Corrin) and class change into a Dread Fighter (this seems like a really good option in my eyes, considering I get a really good stat boost). - Level up Dread Fighter from 11 -> 21, learn Dread Fighters 2 skills (even keel, and iron will) along the way. Once I hit 21, use a heart seal and class change back to Nohr Noble. - Level up as a Nohr Noble from 1 -> 15, and acquire the 2 Nohr Noble skills (Draconic Hex, and Nohrian Trust) along the way. - And finally.. use another heart seal, and class change into Master Ninja (the class I chose at character creation), and grab all the Master Ninja’s skills in my last 5 levels. This will be my final class. - For skills, I’d use; Nohrian Trust, Dragon Fang, Lethality, Poison Strike, and Shurikenfaire. I’d probably try and find a really good pair-up for Corrin so that I can really utilize Nohrian trust. Now as for weaponry, which I’m not too sure whats good lategame and so on, but I’ll have access to swords the entire game, so I’m sure I’ll be in an A/S rank in swords no problem. But since Shurikens/Daggers seem to be quite good, especially since I plan on ending in Master Ninja and using Shurikenfaire... I’m wondering are Arms Scrolls pretty common for me to boost myself upto A/S rank for daggers without much issue? Now what I think I can do instead is just save the Dread Scroll(s), and use them on someone else that might benefit from them more. Then manually level Corrin to her promotion (or close enough and use a master seal), hit level 5 to grab Draconic Hex really fast. Reclass to Master Ninja w/ a heart seal, level from 5 -> 15 so I can start building up my Shuriken Rank naturally, heart seal back to Nohr Noble for Nohrian Trust, then heart seal back to Master Ninja. Does this seem illogical with heart sealing back and forth, or is this fine? With all this said, I’m playing this game totally offline, and am not entirely how easily it’ll be distribute seals to all my other characters that may need them. Also, I DO NOT want to make the game any easier, as I really like a good challenge, and with the bonuses that the dread fighter grants to some units when class changing seems pretty beastly, so I don’t know if I should even use these or not. However, I do, at the very least want a gameplan for my Corrin. I also want to know if it seems as if I have a good idea of how things work in regards to class changing and making a build, as this all new to me. I’m sorry for all the questions on this thread as well, I just really want to understand this game, as it seems as if it has so much replay value, and I plan to run through conquest multiple times along with running through the other paths. So anyone that takes the time to reply it would be greatly appreciated, and want to thank everyone in advance.
  11. You are awesome! Just checked out that Merchant skill, and it sounds so unique, haha. So many skills in this game sound absolutely incredible and fun, it’s really refreshing after coming from PoR (where you didn’t have much freedom in regards to distributing/earning them), and RD (where every skill was pretty much “one shot kill”).. can’t wait to experiment with all of them. Thank you for continuing to take the time to answers my questions... seriously, I really do appreciate it!
  12. Thanks a ton for the speedy reply! I’ll try to pay attention to which characters are bad cooks (haha), great tip though, really appreciate it! Thanks again.
  13. Sorry to bump the thread, but I’m just curious about a few things.. 1) If I’m not going to bother with online based play or anything, what importance does Lilith and feeding her have on the actual game? Does food have any other use? 2) Effective speed. I think I understand it, just want to make sure. If I have a weapon that states; “-3 effective speed, make it’s harder to follow up” ... that means it only applies to MY speed, and MY ability to double attack, right? - So if my unit with 15 speed, attacks an enemy with 10 speed, I will not double due to the effective speed loss (right?). - Now, if my unit has 11 speed, and my enemy has 15 speed, I lose 3 effective speed putting me down to 8, and this still would not allow my enemy to double me.. right? 3) This one is more just looking for general advice on spending/buying items. How good is the money distribution in this game (if I’m playing offline)? Is there any “must buys” from the armory shop, or just get whatever I think may be useful? - I appreciate all your guys help up til this point, and just want to say thanks in advance for any future responses. With that said, I’m actually really enjoying the game! I’m getting much better at utilizing the game mechanics, and trying to figure out enemy patterns.. and if they’ll enter into attack stance and so on, I really enjoy the added depth as it really adds to the strategy. Looking forward to seeing how the story plays out, and how my units progress! Edit: I’m also emulating the game, and without realizing, I was able to receive a few “bonus items” at the my castle. I got a few pairs of boots (awesome!), dragon herbs (more awesome), and some class changing scrolls (dread / ebon). Was just wondering, how many boots and so on will I come across in the game? As I’m always a bit wary who to use these items on, so just want to get an idea of how many I’ll have access too. Thanks!
  14. Ahhh... yeah, I definitely get it now. I was under the impression you would get something new regardless. After re-reading your comments and re-checking the chart it makes much more sense. With Felicia x Flora for example, the reason Felicia get’s dark mage is because their primary classes are the same, allowing her to learn Flora’s secondary class; Dark Mage. With Jakob x Gunter, they have different primary classes, so Jakob would simply learn Cavalier.. regardless if he already has access to that via other means (heart seal). I really appreciate you taking the time trying to explain it again.
  15. Thank you so much for breaking all this down! Makes so much more sense now. I really appreciate you going into detail, as it gives me a much better sense of how things work. I haven’t had much time to play the last 2 days, and have just been reading up on things trying to get a better understanding of everything as a whole. But tomorrow I will have time to really sink my teeth into the game (really looking forward to it!), so I might have a few more questions as I go so I’ll probably keep posting/replying to this thread if you guys don’t mind. Once again, really appreciate everything!
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