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  1. This sounds awesome! Has anybody had any luck getting this to work on citra? I haven't a clue as to how to get it to work. I saw the TC link something to get the process started, but the link is broken. if anyobdy had any luck getting it to work on citra, please PM me or write back, I'd really appreciate it!
  2. Yeah I noticed this early on and don't remember the game mentioning it anywhere. The first one I came across gave me speed / hp, and I went to use it and used all the HP up, tried using the speed afterwards and found out they had a shared use so I had to reload my save file. Are you telling me that some of them DON'T have shared uses? Because I'm on Act 2 now, and was under the assumption they all had shared use with 3 charges each.. and after I'd use them a combined 3 times I'd just head out. __ Also.. is there like a quest log anywhere? I've come across a few NPC's asking me for things I don't have, and I do not fully remember who's where and who needs what. If there is one I do not see it.. I would imagine there is though?
  3. Yes I have. I've come across 2 so far.. just used em on whoever was lacking a bit. Should I be saving them for late game or something? Alright cool, because it seemed a little redundant to plan so far ahead and use up a lot of resources just to get that done. Good to know it's not that big of a deal.
  4. I took your advice, and went for the Dracoshield! Read a few replies in that thread you linked, and ended up cooking up my own strategy, it took me quite (a lot, lol) a few turns to get everything set up. But yeah, I really appreciate the heads up. because if you didn't mention anything I probably just would've killed Slayde, ended the chapter, and just moved on. So thanks again! 🙂 I'm thinking of just slapping this thing on one of my dedicated healers due to the heavy weight, and make a super tank healer? Not sure, looking forward to putting this thing to use though, it seems awesome! Yeah they've both been kicking ass in their respective classes so far. I am absolutely inlove with Archers in this game though.. having the ability to attack 5 range away with having 1 range on top of it is absolutely insane, I can't get over it haha. __ So yeah.. just an update I am done with the first act (atleast I think I am), I'm at the Zofia Castle right after defeating Desaix, and haven't explored it to the end yet due to some questions/concerns, if anyone has the time to answer / fill me in. So my issue is, I keep coming across this quest called "The Merchant of Death" when looking things up. Apparently it entails handing in 5 Steel Lances at once to a certain vendor, and have seen people recommend leaving the Steel Lance (and Iron Shield) from Zofia Castle untouched so that you can pick them up when on Celica's route. On top of that, I've seen people also recommend using up the Traveling Merchants to send over additional Steel Lance's to Celica's route from Alm's. So my question is, how important is getting this sub-quest done? From looking up the rewards you don't seem to get anything special out of the deal (unless I'm missing something or read over something), yet I see a lot of people making a very big deal out of this sub-quest and going out of their way to make sure they are fully prepped to get it done. So is this something that's really worth using up my limited Travel Merchants on? Should I leave the Steel Lance in Zofia Castle for Celica's army, along with the Iron Shield? Or is this quest really not that big of a deal, and is more for going for a "100% full completion run"? Anything else I should know? ___ So yeah.. that's it. I believe once I exit the Zofia Castle Act 2 will start? So if anyone has any pointers/tips/advice for Act 2, that would be greatly appreciated! Just want to say thanks again to all of you for all the information and tips so far, you guys have been great! I am REALLY enjoying this game, wayyyy more than I thought I would, and can't wait to get back on and continue my run!
  5. Thanks for the tip! It seems like quite a few people mentioned the Shadow Sword/Brave Sword & Rapier so I'll keep an eye out for those and make use of them. Now when you say Peddler, is this referring to the Traveling Merchant? From my understanding, you can use this NPC as a means to trade items from Alm's army to Celica's army? How many times can you access / use this NPC? I ended up just going; Tobin > Mage / Kliff > Archer. Not sure if these were the best options or not, but after some further research it seems as if Excalibur is the best BM spell(?) and with Tobin learning it pretty early I figured that was my best bet. As for Kliff, I almost went with Mercenary but ended up reading some good things about him as an Archer as I hear he has better late game potential in this class but suffers a bit in the early game, I guess we'll see how it goes. Plus, he looks pretty damn cool as an Archer I must say 🙂 With that said.. Archers seem absolutely insane in this game, lol.. they can get upto 1-5 range, and 8 move when on bow knight? Jesus.. haha. Didn't even think of doing this! This is great to know. thanks! I found this out the hard way towards the end of my session yesterday.. haha. Came across some insanely strong monster type enemies that were able to one shot all my units, didn't even bother trying to take them on. Thanks for the tip on the item choices, I'll def use this as reference once I come up to that point. Also good tip on the poison/paralyze, as other FE's I've played so far poison status was an afterthought as it doesn't really do much. Was not aware of this, that's awesome! This is great information in regards to rusted weapons/forging, I would usually immediately think that "rusted" items would be trash, so this definitely helps a lot! I'll definitely use the forging info page on SF as reference. Thank you! __ Thank you all for replying/commenting, I really appreciate it all the information/advice and this is going to be really good to keep referencing back as I go. I'll be starting another play session shortly, so I may have some more questions as I go if you guys have the time to follow up/respond that would be awesome. I have to say I'm actually really enjoying this game much more than I thought I would, especially after reading some harsher reviews that criticize the game for being very different from other FE titles. I'm really glad I gave it a try! __ I got one question right now for anyone that has the time to answer. When playing yesterday, I acquired some awards/medals (forgot what they were called), what exactly are these.. are these just for achievements and so on, and have no effect on actual gameplay? Also, I got something called "renown" (I think that's what it was called) for finishing a quest (gave wine to that old man in Ram Village), what effect does this have on gameplay? Is it some form of currency.. or?
  6. This is great! Thanks for the link and the tip. I’ve been referencing SF as I’ve been going but must’ve looked over both of these, so this helps a ton! This is the type of stuff I’m looking for, so specific stuff is fine by me! That item sounds insane, so I definitely want to get my hands on it, I’ll reference the thread when I get up to it. Thanks for the heads up! __ Just finished the first dungeon and class changed all my Villagers. And after some skimming through the SF page after reading your comment, I saw that “rare monsters” can spawn in dungeons by leaving and re-entering, and it says they have a chance to drop good weapons. Just wondering are these monsters worth actively seeking out for the loot they drop? Because the drop rates on some of these weapons are atrocious, and if there not really worthwhile for the main game I don’t know if I should bother seeking them out. With that said, any weapons you recommend I should seek out and/or forge/evolve? I’ve already been recommended the Killer Bow, so anything else to keep my sights on would be good to know! 🙂 This game seems really different from other FE titles, but I’m actually really enjoying it so far, and really interested to see how the gameplay and story progresses. ___ But anyways... Thanks for all the info, I really appreciate it you taking the time to comment. The dungeon maps and subquest page are a huge help!
  7. I will take your advice! It also seems as if Faye learns a spell called “Anew” which seems similar to sing/dance from other FE’s? If so, that makes the cleric option even more worthwhile, although it seems as if she learns it really late into the game. I will do as you guys recommend. Any certain villager(s) you guys recommend for Mage? From looking at the learned spells page on SF, Kliff or Tobin seem like good choices.. as Excalibur sounds really good? Good to hear that the Fatigue system isn’t too extreme as it was one of the few things that was kind of off-putting for me. So with having the option to re-class, is there any reason/benefit in doing so? With the information you provided, class-based skills don’t seem as apparent or strong as they were in Fates which was the main reason to reclass (for me). Or is it just there incase you want to add more variety to your team? For the skills you learn/gain from your class, are these retained when using the pitchfork/reclass item, or are these skills only active whilst in said class? ___ So with my Villagers on I’m guessing I’ll go for variety? I’m thinking of doing: Faye > Cleric - as recommended Gray > Mercenary - seems like the best option to fix/bump up his lower base speed and low speed growth. Tobin > Mage/Archer - I’m leaning more towards Tobin Mage as he learns that Excalibur spell rather early Kliff > Mage/Archer/Mercenary - I’m leaning towards Archer as there isn’t many in Alm’s route according to SF I don’t think I need cavalier’s as there seems to be quite a few you get in the route. And looking at the base stats Mercenary seems like the strongest class line? Would you guys recommend anything different? ____ I think that’s it for now... I REALLY appreciate you guys taking the time to comment, you both have been incredibly helpful here and in the other sub-forums and I’m glad to see you both in this thread. I appreciate all the other information and tips and will use this as reference. I’ll more than likely have more questions as I go, as I’m getting ready to sink some time into the game now (I only just finished recruiting the Villagers), so I’ll comment back here if you guys don’t mind/have the time to follow up. So yeah, thanks again, you’ve been really helpful as always!
  8. Hey guys! Just looking for any general information and/or tips for a first playthrough. I did not play Gaiden, and from what research I did on this game, it seems vastly different from other FE titles I’ve played so far. I’m doing a Hard/Classic run, I won’t be doing any excessive grinding (but may do some if I have a chance at good loot or if some units I want to use are falling behind), and I have no interest in any “endgame” related stuff. Some spoilers are fine, just nothing major in regards to the story/plot. So with that said, I’m looking for tips on the following: - What units are worth using? Any units I should avoid altogether? - Good/Best weaponry? Any good places to look out for to farm said good loot? - Best classes and class options for the villagers. Or better yet, if there all pretty good options, any classes I should avoid putting them into? And if I’m not mistaken, it seems like promoting as soon as possible seems to be the more viable option (as growths seem really bad in this game)? Is re-classing a thing in this game.. like if I make someone a mage, can I make them a archer at a later time? - Skills/Combat Arts/Passives.. etc.. I’m a little confused on this part. So from my understanding, weapons have Combat Arts (CA) attached to them, and they are unlocked after using said weapon enough times.. this part I think I get get. Now as for Passives, do these function similar to CA, except they don’t need to be unlocked and are always active once the weapon is equipped? Anything else I need to know here? - Learned Spells.. and White/Black Magic. So there’s no tomes and staffs in this game, and anything magic related is learned.. is that correct? And the spells that you learn are character dependent not class dependent..? Is there any class-based skills in this game? - The fatigue system. Is this something you really have to micro-manage, or is it really not that bad? I tried looking into it, and have read (probably misinterpreted) different reports as to how it works. Does it not affect the main game, and only affects units when doing dungeons, or is that incorrect? Any other tips on how to manage fatigue and work around it would be awesome. - Anything else that could prove useful for a first time playthrough that isn’t so easily picked up/noticeable, or just any general tips/hints would be great. ______ I think that’s everything. I apologize if these questions have been thoroughly discussed or if this information is readily available, but from my end everything I came across didn’t really offer the most direct answers. So I just want to say thank in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer these questions or leaves me any information whatsoever. Thanks again!
  9. No worries, I don’t take anything personal. Everything I’ve come across since I started posting here has been nothing but good information, and I’m glad to be able to take it all in and learn something new 🙂
  10. Thanks for the extra information in regards to Felicia. I’ll definitely slap the Flame Shuriken on her when I get it, as I didn’t have much use for it last time. Thanks for the tip. I need to really try and incorporate the positioning based skills more into my gameplay, as I do use them on occasion, but I feel like I forget about them rather often. As for Silas, I’ve actually been using him a hell of a lot more without Jakob being around, and it’s a nice change of pace (even though it’s definitely a bit tougher).
  11. Either you did not understand how Vengeance works or you are not thinking straight. That first part wasn’t directly related to my experience with Vengeance (I probably should’ve mentioned that). It was more so in regards to my experience trying to utilize skills such as Vow of Friendship on Silas, or Vantage of Kaze (reclassed him to Samurai for a little bit), and not having the most success, which was more than likely me not being too used to the lower HP values and enemy damage output in this game coming from PoR/RD. I gave my thoughts on Vengeance later on in the comment. With that said, in no way am I saying these skills are bad just referring to my personal experience coming from a different game to this one. As for Vengeance, I saw how it worked, although I didn’t use it, as Ophelia was the only one of my units who had it, and I didn’t really put her in any scenarios were she’d take damage, or she’d just one shot everyone she attacked as she was extremely crit happy for me, lol. Funny enough, I was actually thinking to myself how awesome Vengeance would’ve been on one of my front-liners.
  12. I like this! This is all extremely solid information. Stuff like this is why I’m so interested in this game, as there seems to be endless ways to plan out your runs and piece builds together. I might even take your advice, start a new file and go with Diviner instead, and pick up Dark Mage tree through seals, and give Odin an actual chance. As you are not the only person in here to recommend trying him out for real (as my only experience with him so far was as a backpack to produce Ophelia).. plus I like to keep things interesting, and it’d be a nice change of pace to try out some of the other units. On top of that, I’m not even very far into my run at all (work schedule gets hectic at times), so I’m not losing out on much. And after reading this.. it just seems like female Corrin is always the better choice? I mean.. you get Jakob 1 who has very strong reclass options, and you get access to an early Dwyer for some useful staffs and a friendship seal. Plus Jakob 1 just seems to be much better unit overall compared to Felicia 1.. right? If I stay with male Corrin, what’s usually a good plan for Felicia as far as reclass options go? Does she have late game utility, or not so much? Because on my hard run, Jakob was a real MvP and offered up so much utility. I feel you on this one. I actually went with Hero!Xander the last 4-5 chapters to pick up Sol, and just ended up staying as a Hero, as there was an abundance of enemies wielding Beastkillers, and just wanted to avoid them altogether. And I have to say, Sol really did come in clutch quite a few times, and it gave me more confidence if I wanted to go with more aggressive placements. I also dipped Beruka into Hero for Sol, but like you stated it wasn’t very worthwhile considering Beruka didn’t have access to a strong 1-2 option like Xander did with Siegfried. Thanks for the skill recommendations, and good call on Swordbreaker, some other people recommended it as well so I’m definitely going to try and work it in before getting to Ryoma. As for the Wyvern tree, I definitely noticed how powerful it was with the incredibly potent skills, stats, and flight on top of it. I actually really enjoyed the Lunge skill, and worked it into my strategies quite a bit, plus trample was just amazing. Thanks for taking the time to discuss the other 3DS titles. For some reason, I seem more intrigued by Echoes, as like you stated, it’s presentation just looks outstanding. I’m sure sooner or later I’ll get around to checking out both though, and I really appreciate you taking the time to give me some much sought after information on both titles. - Regardless if you commented late or not, you’ve been extremely helpful and insightful, and I appreciate you taking the time to answer just about everyone one of my questions, along with giving me more ways to look at Fates in regards to planning ahead. Thanks a ton!
  13. Yeah I’ve come to realize on my first playthrough that trying to utilize skills that proc based on low HP seems very risky (atleast from my end, as I’m still getting used to things), especially when compared to the other FE games I played (PoR & RD). On top of that, dodge tanking does not seem very reliable from my experience so far (I feel like enemy hit rates in this game are higher than what’s stated, unless I’m just extremely unlucky), and with lower HP values combined with high enemy damage output I can see how things can be a bit risky. With that said, I’m sure there’s still a way to make skills that revolve around being at lower health & dodge-tank based builds work, I’m just not entirely sure how to piece everything together just yet as I’m still learning new things about Fates everyday. The one thing that really intrigues me with this game though is just how different it is from the Tellius game, and I feel like it’s going to have my attention for a long while. But yeah Vengeance wasn’t necessarily the selling point for me, I was moreso interested in Malefic Aura & Heartseeker, but Vengeance does seem like it could have some merit, especially if I’m going to mess around with the dragonstone(+) which should (hopefully) provide me with enough bulk. Thanks for the heads up though!
  14. You know what... I might actually just give Odin a chance this run. Considering your not the only one who has some good stuff to say about him, as somebody else just left me some information about him in this thread that I plan to check out shortly. I just hear so many mixed things in regards to him how he’s not worth it.. but then I’ve seen vids/clips of Odin straight beasting his way through chapter 10 (along with many other chapters) with nostanking, and I have to say it looks really fun. I also see a lot of people like to heart seal him to Samurai/Swordmaster aswell. And I do agree on Ophelia, she was so worth getting my last run, easily one of my top 5 units.. plus the loot from her chapter was so worth! When you use Odin, do you use him as more of a short term investment for getting through certain milestones like chapter 10? Any experience with the Samurai path on him, is it worth it? Dude!! Lmao! This was seriously my exact thought when I was browsing through the skills. I was like well... this seems like a top-tier choice, unless I’m not understanding it correctly (which of course was the case, haha). Yeah.. at the very least, I plan to give it a shot. But at the same time, I’m not going to hold back on using my staffs or other items that prove useful for endgame if I’m in a position pre-endgame where they might come in handy. Either way I’m still very interested in seeing the differences from hard vs lunatic with my own eyes, and hopefully I manage to come out on top 🙂. Definitely not going to beat myself up over it though if I can’t manage.
  15. i took your advice and just went with dark mage talent. Between Heartseeker, Malefic Aura, and Vengeance.. it just seems like a really solid choice. Plus I don't plan on using Nyx or Odin, so I'd rather just have instant access to it soon as I'm ready to reclass instead of going out of my way to build up supports. I think I misinterpreted what this Skill actually does. I was under the impression the bonus damage you receive is based on what weapon your ENEMY is using, not which weapon your using. Meaning I thought if I'm fighting a enemy using a physical weapon I'd get bonus damage based on their strength stat, and if there using a magical based weapon I'd get bonus damage based on their magic stat, so it sounded like you can't wrong with it, haha. Thanks for clearing that up. I'd love to give this a try some day, it actually sounds really fun! 😉 I'll probably even give it a whirl after I round out this Lunatic run honestly. I appreciate this, and I kind of have a feeling that this is exactly what I'll end up doing. The more I hear about this chapter on Lunatic, the less interested in it I become, and thought of having to plan a team so far in advance just to get through this chapter efficiently without losing my sanity sounds a bit absurd. - Thanks a bunch for all the info and recommendations, I seriously appreciate everything. You've been incredibly helpful as always!
  16. So I’m about ready to start my run, going with a Lunatic/Classic Conquest run, and I don’t want to go Master Ninja again (even though it was hella strong). I’m thinking of actually keeping (well ending off) Corrin in his Nohr Noble class (or Dark Knight, not sure yet) or perhaps end in a magic oriented class. So for boon/bane I’m thinking of going: +Magic / -Luck, and go for some dragonstone+ fun, and utilizing the levin sword. With that said, I’m honestly thinking I should pick a Hoshidan talent this time around for the skills, since I can access the Nohrian based skills via partner/friend seals. These are the the talents I’m thinking of going with: - Samurai - This seems like a very logical choice as you get access to a lot of potent skills like; Vantage, Astra, Life & Death, and Swordfaire. - Diviner - Mag+2, Rally Magic, Rend Heaven, and Tomefaire. These all seem like good options, especially Rend Heaven with a super high proc rate, and Tomefaire if I end up focusing more on tomes. - Monk - Renewal seems like it can offer a lot of utility, and I still get access to Onmyoni for the aforementioned Rally Magic & Tomefaire. What do you guys think? Any other good Hoshidan options if I want to go more magic oriented?
  17. Ahh well that makes sense. As when I tried utilizing it, I noticed it not doing anything. I was under the impression that “foreign army” was just a fancy name to say “enemies” I guess not. Weird too, cuz after google searching it, I came across so many different answers for this one. Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely keep an eye out more on enemy skills, as I had several bad experiences going for attacks without looking at the enemy’s skills and walking right into a Counter/Counter-magic and getting myself killed, haha. Sounds very interesting. Whats some of your favorite classes (and skills) to put Corrin into? - Thanks for all the info, really appreciate it! You guys have all been great!
  18. Thanks man! Yeah it felt incredibly satisfying when I finished the game. I really really enjoyed it the entire time, and there wasn’t any moment where I got bored or things felt repetitive. I’m also really glad I started a new file without utilizing DLC/path bonuses (outside of a few dlc class scrolls on already promoted units) to get the full experience on my first playthrough. I think that’s going to be my plan. I want to keep the momentum going with my enjoyment of the game, and just dive right into another playthrough and experiment with other units, pairings/children, skills, and so on. I’ve come across other comments of yours (I’m pretty sure they were yours, my apologies if I’m misremembering) while looking up some conquest information, and I’ve seen a lot of ways that you recommended to keep the game interesting on subsequent playthroughs and I definitely plan on trying them out! 🙂 I’ll also definitely give the no backpack thing a try! I wasn’t too big on using units strictly for backpacking, and my final team only had 3 units designated to backpack duty (keaton, arthur, and charlotte), with every other unit able to provide some type of combat or utility. - I really appreciate you taking the time to comment, and you were a big help on my last thread. Thanks again! Cheers!
  19. I figured that was the case. As everything I read/saw in regards to this map was in reference to just skipping it and not bothering with trying to truck your way through it. Regardless, I really did enjoy this map on Hard, but after seeing all these comments this map sounds like hell on Lunatic.. lol. Berserkers definitely sure seem to be very under-appreciated! All anybody really ever recommended was being on a mount/flying or bust, and I feel like the foot/infantry units in this game are incredibly potent. Now I’m no pro or LTC player or anything, but most of my combat units were actually foot soliders, and I feel like I still got through each map pretty efficiently. Plus there is something so satisfying about killing every enemy with a critical hit haha. As for Charlotte, I will take your advice, and give her some more love my next run. I wasn’t too big on using units strictly for backpacks, as I like to utilize attack stance as much as I could, so the upcoming run I’m gonna try to avoid using units just as backpacks altogether and try to keep everyone level’d up and combat ready. Plus, Charlotte’s personal skill sounds insane, I’m not sure how many enemy units are female, but it sounds potent nonetheless. So glad I stuck it out with Effie! She was getting speed screwed like crazy pre-promotion, but once I promoted she pretty much gave me speed on every level, to the point where Wary Fighter was actually pointless. And her Strength! My god.. she capped her Strength so early it was actually insane. Really awesome unit, and look forward to using her again. Thanks a ton for all this detailed information, I REALLY appreciate it! I’ll definitely try to plan around acquiring more of the breaker-skills as it seems like they’d have a ton more utility/usefulness on Lunatic. I also definitely need to try and utilize those positioning based skills more, I started working them into my strategy towards the end, and have to remember to use them more as they make OHKO benchmarks much easier, along with providing a ton of extra defenses. Also thanks for linking that thread to all the unique/useful capture units! - As for the 3DS titles, I honestly think I’m gonna pass on Awakening. It sounds interesting and all with all the freedom in customization, but the gameplay/combat sounds extremely one-dimensional to me.. as it seems like the best play is to always be in pair-up/dual stance? I could be wrong, but the more I read into it, the less interested I become. As for SoV, this game actually has my attention, even if it’s not winning any awards in terms of gameplay and map design, the polish that the game seems to have along with the fully acted out voice lines sounds really good to me, and I definitely plan to check it out. - Just want to say thanks again for taking the time to answer each and everyone of my questions, aslong as taking the time to comment on my overall experience and the units that I decided to go with. You’ve been incredibly helpful as always, really appreciate it!
  20. This is very refreshing news. I’m really looking forward to starting a conquest run on lunatic with all the information I’ve been getting. This is good to know! Yeah on Chapter 25, my Corrin was able to mop the floor with Ryoma no problem. I’m just the type that makes sure I get EVERY possible item on the map or I’ll restart. But I have a feeling this map on Lunatic might have me ending up just killing Ryoma right off the bat and skipping it, as even on Hard it did give me a bit of trouble. - Thanks for taking the time to leave a reply, I really appreciate it!
  21. This seems to be the general consensus. Even though I won’t have to pay for birthright/revelations, I think I’m going to go for round 2 on conquest on lunatic before checking out the other paths. I just had so much fun playing it and so I think I’ll keep the momentum going instead of jumping into other paths that don’t sound very interesting/fun. I really like the sound of this! After playing hard/maniac on both PoR (I got the japanese rom) and RD, I was very unimpressed with both. So I like the fact that the game stays true to it’s difficulty by not going overboard on enemy density or greatly inflating enemy stats. Although the last few chapters do sound pretty rough in regards to all the stacking debuffs. I mean why the hell doesn’t this game out all games have a staff that cures status effects (lol)? I remember there being Restore Staffs in PoR/RD and hardly ever needing to use them, seems like they’d be a perfect addition to Fates.. even if they had limited use. Also thanks for the capture recommendations! I’m pretty sure I captured the hard mode version of Rallyman, he only had 2 rally’s (str & def), but he was still incredibly useful, and him having 4 rally’s on Lunatic sounds amazing. I’ll keep my eye out for this one, and give it a shot. I’ve been wanting to branch out more and check out more FE titles, so thanks for recommendations. I also appreciate all the information on SoV & Awakening. After reading some more comments and looking into both games, I’ll probably hold off on both of those for now. - Thanks again though man, you’ve been super helpful as always. Really appreciate it!
  22. So with the help from a few of you guys on the last post I made a few weeks back, I finally finished my Conquest run on hard/classic mode. For anyone interested, I just wanted to go over what I really liked about the game, as well as list my final team/units for the last chapter(s). With that said, I’m also looking for some advice to get more out of Fates, as well as any tips/advice for playing Conquest on Lunatic. — So starting with my overall experience. I was initially using DLC to earn some extra gold, and grind some supports, as well as utilizing path bonuses and so on, but not too long after I utilized the DLC, I felt like I was hampering the experience for my first playthrough, and ended up starting a brand new save file without using the DLC whatsoever (outside of one dread scroll, and one witches mark but only on already promoted units). Even though my overall FE experience is rather limited (only played the “Radiant” series on GC/Wii), I have to say that Conquest really impressed me, and is hands down the best FE experience I’ve had so far (at least from a gameplay perspective). Some of the finer points for me include: - The map design was absolutely incredible, and is hands down the thing I enjoyed the most about the game. I loved all the unique objectives and the overall pressure you feel in a lot of maps to get things done as fast as possible. With Chapter 10 being the best map I’ve ever played in the series so far. - I loved the whole reclassing aspect as it adds endless replay-ability and customization. With that said, I greatly enjoyed the skill system as it added a whole new layer of depth and strategy in utilizing them, especially in comparison to PoR where skills weren’t a main focus, and RD where just about every skill was “one shot kill”. - I felt the game provided a steady challenge from start to finish, that really made it feel like all my choices mattered. In the other FE games I played, PoR didn’t offer much if any challenge whatsoever, and RD’s challenge was practically non-existent outside of the first act, and hard/maniac mode didn’t do much to make the gameplay actually harder outside of making it annoying by removing enemy attack ranges. - THE MUSIC! Seriously! I loved the music in this game, especially Azura’s voice/song is absolutely beautiful, and I loved the music in the final chapter. - Lastly was the endgame chapter(s). I actually really enjoyed them if I’m being honest. I felt the endgame chapter, atleast on hard mode was pretty well designed. I did have rescue uses left, but I did not do what seems to be what most players prefer, and rescue “cheese” to the boss for a 1/2 turn clear. Instead I played it out normally, and really enjoyed the challenge of making it to the boss before getting over-whelmed, and used my rescue staffs only on pulling my units out of danger. I ended up completing it in 6 turns with no unit deaths (but several resets), and felt really accomplished upon completing it. I can imagine this chapter being hell on lunatic though. This could be due to me having a lot of competent combat units though, as I spread the exp out for my units rather efficiently, and every unit I deployed was capable of combat, besides the 2 that were used strictly for pair-up. For anyone curious, my final team was: - F!Corrin (+Str | -Mag / Master Ninja) - [Shurikenfaire / Dragon Fang / Replicate / Strength+2 / Draconic Hex] - Holy hell did my Corrin turn out insane. She was insanely clutch the last few chapters, replicate was just overkill. Draconic Hex didn’t really do much if anything since she pretty much one rounded everything with forged iron daggers or the yato. - Xander(Hero) - [Elbow Room / Defender / Sol / Aegis / HP+5] - Fucking love this dude! One of the few characters I really enjoyed from a story perspective, and one of my favorite characters in the entire series. Also, insane combat unit.. reclassed to Hero for Sol & HP+5, ended up staying there due to all the beast killers in the last few chapters. - Charlotte(Berserker) - She was strictly a backpack for Xander. - Velouria(Wolfssenger) - [HP+5 / Odd Shaped / Trample / Better Odds / Grisly Wound] - Mom was Camilla. What a beast. Seriously... such a godly unit. Will use her every future run without question. - Keaton(Wolfssenger) - Used him up until I got Velouria, which he then became a backpack for either Velouria, Beruka, or Camilla. Was glued to Velouria last few chapters. - Effie(Great Knight) - [Def+2 / HP+5 / Luna / Armored Blow / Natural Cover] - I almost benched her as soon as I saw her base 4 move. Glad I didn’t... insanely solid unit up until the very end. Dipped into fighter for extra HP, and general for Wary Fighter, which I didn’t even need since she was actually doubling things let alone worrying about being doubled. - Arthur(Berserker) - Backpack for Effie. - Azura(Dancer) - [Camaraderie / Sing / Voice of Peace / Amaterasu / Foreign Princess] - Always used the heron’s in the radiant series, so no different here. Amaterasu on her was awesome! Also what does Foreign Princess do exactly? I couldn’t find any direct answers.. - Jakob(Paladin) - [Elbow Room / Defender / Luna / Tomebreaker / Gentilhomme] - Jakob was amazing, and was easily one of my better combat units. Didn’t really understand how good he was at first, as I didn’t know his level cap was 40, nor did I know how easily I could obtain skills on him. - Shigure(Falcon Knight) - [Rally Speed / Warding Blow / Camaraderie / Amaterasu / Locktouch] - Kaze was his dad. Was mostly used for support/staffing. Between Amaterasu, Locktouch and Rally Speed, he had a lot of utility to offer. - Beruka(Berserker) - [Trample / HP+5 / Sol / Gamble / Strength+2] - Holy hell did my Beruka turn out OP, capping skill, speed, luck, and def. Between the Killer Axe giving her 70%+ critical hit rates, and the Dual Club letter her counter swords/tomes while still having 40%-50% critical rate, she was an absolutely insane combat unit, dare I say second to Corrin/Xander. No regrets making her a full time zerker. - Nina(Adventurer) - [Mov+1 / Trample / Lucky 7 / Pass / Shurikenbreaker] - Beruka was her mom. Probably not the best pairing for her, but I recruited her pretty late so I’m assuming the offspring seal helped a ton, because her stats were awesome. Fed her all my spirit dust, and she made excellent use of the Shining Bow and was a great second staff user. - Mozu(Sniper) - [Certain Blow / Bowfaire / Quickdraw / Air Superiority / Amaterasu] - I did not regret putting the time into her. Once I got a Killer Bow, there wasn’t a single boss/enemy she did not one shot. Dipped into Kinshi for Amaterasu, having 3 units with this skill was amazing. - Ophelia(Witch) - [Demoiselle / Malefic Aura / Heartseeker / Warp / Witch’s Brew] - Elise was her mom. I did my best to avoid using the DLC classes and avoiding path bonuses, but I couldn’t resist once I saw the Witch class and the Warp skill. Warp was so insanely powerful and useful, even without it though, I still probably would’ve used Ophelia as a Sorcerer as she was just so damn good. Plus her paralogue had some insanely useful tomes. - Kaze(Master Ninja) - [Shurikenfaire / Aggressor / Clarity / Poison Strike / Lethality] - I had Kaze spend a few levels in Dread Fighter from 20/10 to 20/15 to try and get some better strength grows, and to pick up clarity/aggressor. In the end it didn’t do much as he still kept his same old job of being one of my best mage killers and putting enemies into kill range for other units. He was mostly used as a backpack for Beruka in the final chapters, as that 5-6 speed and +1 move for pair-up is amazing. - Ren(Master of Arms) - [Rally Strength / Rally Defense] - The one and only unit I captured. He was strictly used for Rallying, not much else to say here. Honorable mentions for: - Camilla - She was incredibly useful from chapter 10 onwards, just towards the end she kind of fell off for me when compared to my other combat units, with only 36 HP and average at best defense/res. Meanwhile my main combat units (beruka, xander, jakob, velouria, etc) were sitting around 50 HP without tonics. Next time I’ll reclass her into a Wyvern Lord earlier for better bulk growths, or maybe I should’ve dipped into Fighter with a partner seal and snagged +5HP. I probably just got unlucky with her growths though. - Elise - Another one that was incredibly useful throughout the game. Just towards the end I had Ophelia who was out damaging her, and had Shigure/Nina as staffers that could actually take a hit if needed. Really loved her character though! Her facial expressions were always hilarious.. haha. - Leo - Even though I didn’t use him, he was another character that I really liked from a story perspective. Next play-through I will definitely give him a chance, as he did seem pretty good combat/stat wise. — Okay, so.. moving on. I’m looking for recommendations/advice in regards to getting more out of Fates. 1) So for someone who greatly enjoyed Conquest gameplay, how do Birthright & Revelation stack up to it and are they worth checking out and playing? - Coming from hard Conquest, would it be advised to play them on hard for my first run, or should I just jump straight into Lunatic as I heard these routes are a bit easier? - Now I’m all about a good story. And I thought the Conquest story was meh, and it actually had me laughing at some of the more “serious” parts if I’m being honest. So even if the gameplay in Birthright and Revelations doesn’t stack up to Conquest, how is the story? Because as easy as something like Path of Radiance was, that game had me sucked in because I was enthralled by the story, so I’d be perfectly willing to play them if the story is actually good/decent. 2) Regardless if I jump into the other paths or not, I do 100% plan on playing Conquest on Lunatic. - How is the transition from Hard to Lunatic? Is there still a lot of freedom in which units and so on you can use? - Any important skills I should try to focus on acquiring (outside of Shurikenbreaker, which seems like a given). - I’m guessing Niles would have a lot more utility on Lunatic with Capture, so besides the infamous Rallyman, any other units I should focus on capturing? - This question is probably subjective. But is Lunatic difficulty.. fair? Like is the gameplay still fun and rewarding, or is it just incredibly frustrating? - I GREATLY enjoyed my Master Ninja Corrin, and on my next playthrough I plan on using Male Corrin, so any good boon/bane + talent combinations that you recommend would be awesome. 3) How are the other 3DS titles, like Awakening or Shadows of Valentia? I know SoV is a remake of a very old FE title, but I’m interested in FE as a whole. So I’ll take any recommendations for which FE games are worth checking out, even outside of 3DS era. I honestly prefer gameplay > story, but having a good story is always a plus. — I think that’s it. Anybody that takes the time to read this and/or replies, I just want to thank you in advance and say I greatly appreciate any comments that offer advice for future playthroughs. This board has been awesome for any questions I’ve had up until this point, and I’m super glad I came across this website. Thanks again!
  23. I’ll keep both of these in mind, thank you! I will keep this pairing in mind! In PoR / RD I was a huge fan of the Laguz/beast characters, so I’m sure I’ll be drawn to them here as well. This is seriously just what I needed! It literally does everything... pair-up bonuses, growth rate calculations... wow! This is going to save me an immense amount of time moving forward, thanks a ton! Are you saying this because I could do better for Ophelia’s growth rates, or because the skills that Elise pass down aren’t the best (Inspiration could be good, if I hold out until I learn it), and anything Odin passes down.. Ophelia can already learn on her own? And if I plan to use Elise long term, which I am, does Odin serve well as a good backpack unit for Elise? Based on that pairing calculator, Odin (w/ a S - rank) gives Magic +5 / Res +3, (+1 in a few other stats) so should I try to find her a better pair-up that offers like +defense (although I still don’t think defense will do much for her) or +speed or something? Am open to more recommendations. Edit: Just realized if I make Odin a Samurai, I can save Ophelia sometime from having to branch off in there, grab Vantage and pass that down to Ophelia. Than if I leave Odin there he can give Elise +4 speed / +3 Luck / +2 magic for pair-bonuses instead, which may prove more useful? - Also, what’s the better way of going about recruiting the kids. I’ve heard you can hold off recruiting them til later on, and they’ll eventually scale up and/or come with a offspring seal based on how far you are into the game. Do they turn out better by leveling them manually / or letting them scale? Or is just different from kid to kid? Thanks again though for all this information, especially that awesome pairing calculator! Really appreciate it.
  24. Holy hell, that’s a lot of good shit in there. I’m assuming everything can be repeatedly earned/acquired on subsequent completions outside of like boots and stuff? There is literally so much cool stuff here, the Witch class seems awesome... and that teleport skill sounds really fun. That gold DLC mission sounds rather useful as well, just so I can experiment with seals and stuff to get a better understanding of everything, although I don’t want to be overfunded my first run through and have things be easier in the process. I also found out, that I can acquire DVP for My Castle buildings from the DLC.. which helped immensely with my decision-making in regards to what I should be build first. But yeah.. thanks a TON for breaking all this down, and going over what I can acquire from each DLC map, this is incredibly helpful. Really looking forward to running through each path, and checking out the DLC maps, the replay value in this game seems endless.
  25. Thanks a ton for the speedy reply... this is excellent news! Going to make support building with some characters much easier.
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