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  1. Seilan nodded quietly as he listened to her. Her explanation was a bit... hesitant, though he was unsure whether to attribute that to the stress of battle, or if she was leaving something out. Not that they were exactly terribly familiar with one another; he certainly couldn't blame her if that were all there was to it. "Fighting like this... it's not easy. Before this month, all I'd really done was chase off bandits here and there. And if she came after you, then... well, it's more than fair to have trouble." He paused for a moment to think on what to say next, but in his tiredness someone appeared before them from what seemed like nowhere. The zombie; he vaguely recalled seeing her cart in Tepel. As he spoke to Lucille, he couldn't help but think that she was remarkably thoughtful, not least in comparison to the other Vaians he'd met of late. It took a moment to realize the scrutiny he was under, and another to parse what she'd said; he hadn't expected to hear his brother's name here. "Dorren...? He's... he's doing fine. Just about ready to take over the shop... how do you know him?" In truth, he'd had little contact with home - even before the journey to Vaia, mercenary duties had kept him from much but the occasional letter home, and he couldn't help a a frown and a small pang of worry. If anything, perhaps she knew better than he did...
  2. "It was a lot of healing... The fighting was bad enough that the general collapsed, and, well... things happened quickly, but there was a dragon. I saw it, I'm sure." That much he was certain of, at least. He sighed quietly, glancing over at Taliyah wrapped in the human's hug... "I can't say I expected any of this... that things were so personal. It feels as if the others knew, but I suppose they hadn't planned on telling either of us. I'm... at a loss at what to say to them. If anything." He absentmindedly tugged at the hem of his cloak. "That aside... more exhausted then usual? Did something happen when you were separated from the rest of us?" He couldn't help letting out a yawn, echoing hers. "Ah - sorry about that..."
  3. The fog in his mind felt to be thickening by the moment; he dimly registered Marina's speech as she spoke of their victory, barely catching the mention of Hwein, beginning to fully tune out as the girl hopped up on the table. He was... tired. Idly rotating his staff in his hand, he looked around to see how the others were managing. Certainly, having to perform as much healing as he had would wear out a person - not that he regretted it, of course. It had fallen to him to handle things in that moment, and if circumstances called for it he'd do it as often as needed. More importantly, the general would be all right; Amera's unexpectedly earnest plea had seen to that. It was the mood in the air had unexpectedly fatigued him. Surely had he some foresight, he might've anticipated that a civil war might have led to some more personal conflicts of interest, but as much as the others seemed to have known - if not come to terms with - the nature of Ithraxl's personage had entirely blindsided him. It was difficult to figure out how he felt about their victory; in Hwein, things had been straightforward, clear... He caught himself sighing a bit too heavily, looking around to see if anyone had noticed. Luckily it seemed not; though, sure enough, the rest had sought the company of those they were familiar with, with a few exceptions... Lucille, still mounted and gripping her pegasus' reins for one. It would be for the best for our new recruit not to feel excluded... and I'd rather not be idle. "It looks like things are calming down now... for what that's worth, given the state of things. Are you holding up okay?"
  4. It happened in what felt like an instant; he could hear but little of the words spoken above the din of battle, but what rang out clear through it all were the dragon's roars, both those of rage and of pain. The dragon had hardly appeared before it collapsed and dissolved, hidden once more behind the press of bodies in the corridor. The change in the air was immediately perceptible - and missing was the elation he'd expected from bringing such a hard-fought battle to its conclusion; there was little but anger and grief. He stowed his tome, gripping his staff a bit tighter, hesitating to approach with the tension in the room... What happened? We won the battle... right? So absorbed in pondering the situation was he that he hadn't noticed Nisha's approach - not that it was easy in typical conditions aside - and was caught off guard when she suddenly spoke. "A-ah. Nisha. Right, that's... that's an excellent point. If you're alright yourself, then I should go now. Thanks for... telling me." He was loathe to admit that his thoughts had been other places than healing the wounded, settling instead to briefly thank her for the information before stepping quickly towards the front. Figuring out what had happened - and handling what came after, given how serious things seemed to be - could wait. The end of a battle is the most important time to be caring for the wounded... And duty comes first. It has to. At the very least, until Hwein is free again...
  5. There was what could best be described as a sudden increase in the tension in the battle; unavoidable, he supposed, given the circumstances and those here, though not entirely expected. It was best left to those more appropriate to handle things, however, and for that matter he still had a duty to attend to. Seilan to 18, 21, Heal Asami. "He certainly doesn't lack for presence... but we need only defeat him. Strong as he may be..."
  6. "Thunder lord...?" When the general just performed that? Somehow I'm not so sure... "Well, I won't let another chance be wasted, thank you. They're certainly not having the best of days in there..." Seilan Elthunder (S) Merc 5, again!
  7. "Of course. Be ready, this battle looks to be nearing its conclusion." He noticed the general launching thunderbolts past the walls. Her judgment was likely sound; it would be a safe bet to follow suit... Seilan to (20, 19), Elthunder (S) Merc 5.
  8. "I'm quite well, thank you, Asami. Glad to see you're holding up okay too." He paused for a moment, considering the situation. "They're probably not content to sit around while we chip away at them, no. I suppose what comes next will decide things, for better or worse..." Seilan to (19, 17), Heal Marina. "Feeling alright? We need to be ready."
  9. He winced a little as she thanked him; he'd been expecting a worse outcome, much as he'd have disliked it. He gave a short nod, relaxing his grip on the staff. "The fort... it's well defended, as we'd anticipated, though we are making progress, albeit slowly- ah..." Off she went; he'd hardly began his report before she'd dashed off, but he supposed he couldn't blame her. Her lack of composure hadn't exactly been painting her in the best of lights, even if her skills had been rather admirable. Onwards, then... Seilan to (21, 10).
  10. The Demon King was certainly showing no sign of slowing down, holy guard falling before her as he did. It wouldn't do for her to turn her anger on their own group, though, so perhaps it would be best to put his staff skills to use. I... hope this works. Is this a magically induced rage, or is she just... angry? Seilan to (18, 8), Restore Thesephine.
  11. The draco riders to their rear were making a mess of things, and with the fort's troops advancing on them from the other side, things were looking grim. The Demon King was drawing ever closer to their own group, though, so perhaps they weren't done for yet... blind rage as though she appeared to be in. He could only hope the group at the other side of the fort was holding their own... Seilan to (20, 10), Heal Bridgit.
  12. "...Asami, while I cannot deny the effects of your dancing, do you think you might be dancing for me a bit overmuch...?" Seilan to (21, 13), Elthunder (S) Draco Rider #1.
  13. "Well, miss Asami, to be fair, I can't exactly see anyone from here. Though, I suppose I must not be too far off... what with the meteor they appear to have returned to us. We can sort out this mage later; there are more pressing matters approaching from behind." Seilan to (22, 17), Elthunder (S) Dracorider #2.
  14. "Ah... really? Good and bad luck, I suppose... thanks, Asami. Once more, then." Seilan Elthunder (S) Zask.
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