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  1. Probably not going to invest too much in him. Although, he was always one of my favorite s as far as FE villains go. You guys did get my hopes up that he might get a buff though..
  2. Right. I'd I'm just going for a thematic element w/ FE4 units. HAD more feathers than i knew what to deal with.
  3. Right. Thanks. I was just wondering how he stands among other tome units, like the event lysithea.
  4. Got an 5* Arvis. Should I even bother investing in him? That health ring he came with seems like it'd be better suited on someone else.
  5. UPDATE: heres what I'm working with so far. Taking into consideration what Baldrick and Xray said; I'm racking up feathers to get marth to 5 *s. And gathering multiple heroes to rank up other units.
  6. I hope you come back one day and tell us you're alright..

  7. So I'm going to post this here, because I don't know which board is the proper place for this. Long story short, my cousin used to post on this Forum around 2008 to 2010. maybe longer I'm trying to find some threads that he posted in I don't remember what his username was.. I just remember that he always talked about axes and I believe he had some sort of axe wielding unit as his Avatar. This was around the time shadow dragon came out on the DS in North America. Sorry this is so vague.. But any info would be helpful. Edit: i found him.. Hatchet was the user name. He was cringey as hell, but funny.
  8. Before everything is said and done, I'll end up with both Wrys and Lena. It's the main focus I'm going for.. That being said... I've got a lot of work to do.
  9. My head hurts. This is very insightful, though. Thanks. Julian X lena are just too good to pass up. Hope they don't get nerfed.
  10. Thanks for the input.. This is a lot to think about. Yea, if anything, I learned to take it slower when upgrading characters.
  11. Right. Funny story actually.. She WAS lvl 5, but I screwed up merging and.. This happened. I was upset.
  12. Is Lena worth promoting? I'm new to this game, sorry for the noobish questions. Im on the fence between Lena or Wrys for my main healer.
  13. So i run Shadow Dragon/ New mystery of the Emblem characters Should i merge my lena with maria for skills or what?
  14. Thanks. Gotta learn the works of this forum. Hope to see you in heroes or proper release.
  15. Interesting. I look forward to how this turns out. Might try it myself actually.
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