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  1. Going to the gym (i started playing table tennis in september), and to see live concerts.
  2. I play videogames, listen to relaxing music. I usually listen to good asmr videos before sleep, or i meditate.
  3. For the armour part i suggest Eva foam. You can start by doing a paper pattern and then cut the piece of foam from it. To change the foam shape use an heat gun. Contact cement to glue the pieces. Before the color use a primer. For the rest parts idk i wasn't into sewing when i was into cosplay. On youtube you can find lots of video about armour making tho
  4. tiki1995


    I've been a fire emblem fan since FE awakening. I'm making an account since i used this site a lot during the last years to help me get trough the games. I'm currently playing FE path of radiance, i like the old games atmosphere a lot😊 I am also a cosplayer and i will probably cosplay Tharja in the future. I would like to learn to play FEcipher but I'm not a native English speaker (I'm from Italy) and it's a bit difficult for me. Also open to make friends! 😊
  5. Ive ordered mine from an ebay seller. Sadly i had to throw them in the trash because they were so fragile i've broken them when opened the first time. I'm 90% sure this was the seller but they are not available anymore. https://www.ebay.com/str/tsumujikazestore
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