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  1. Destroy the wicked, be invincible and immortal, reward the proper.
  2. I hate when I go to the bathroom, I pee and I discover that a tick os skin in front of my penis head makes my pee spread around
  3. Okay Dudes you get the big ass update on the first page.
  4. Final Fantasy Tactics Voice Acting - Cloud Story
  5. I'd like fighting Lumi cause she sucks in Dream of Five and me think she would suck, combat wise, in real life too.
  6. Shit got updated a lot. First page, first topic.
  7. Did somebody removed the post I wrote about B ridget from Guilty Gear? What the hell, censorship?
  8. XD I'd fight Bridget from Guilty Gear XX as a grappler, so I can taste the trap. XD
  9. What is hacking in Fire Emblem? Really? I mean, I know that hacking is making mods of the games, that's it.
  10. Man my Tana was level 8 :D yours which level is? If it's 20, well, it's easier to do that even if you get 1 critical only. Impossible I meant that it was very sudden that she did both critical AND that at level 8 with 8 percent of critical.
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