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  1. You just should not be running dodge tank build in the first place, considering most need set up or are just unreliable, especially on maddening
  2. Considering this to be minimum investment for making her perfectly viable, Death blow is mostly out of the question in NG due to requiring D+ in a neutral skill starting at E whilst also joing late. I tried to focus more on enemy phase and a crit build, but since this is maddening, I thought that darting blow would help out player phase due to doubling being very hard or impossible in maddening. Also, Manuela has the quirk of an equal attack and magic stat, despite it being average at best. Levin swords can help her deal with the problem of bulkier units, or just in general. You said: "It is hard to believe anyone who's end class is Assassin or SM could be considered a good unit. 6 move grounded units are just not very strong in this game." I consider this statement to be right and wrong. I sincerely hope that no one makes the mistake of picking swordsmaster as their final class (5 movement, swords, worst advanced class mastery, all leading to a meh offfence). But assassin, however, can be considered viable enough despite our lord Rengor's Judgement of it: While you do have 6 movement and unrestricted forest movement, you’re still sacrificing a lot of killing power. The sad truth is that swords just don’t have many tools available to kill enemies efficiently besides relying on crits, and as such Assassin just isn’t recommended. Its mastery abilities are extremely unreliable so the only other gimmick of the class is Stealth, which while it could be used for interesting strategies where a unit gets ignored, ends up falling short by the lack of killing power. (from https://fe3h.com/meta/2020/07/18/class_analysis_(late_game) Despite the unreliable killing power, swordlocked and being grounded, Assassins do have a roughly average mov of 6 and also get unrestricted forest movement, which is quite useful. Swordfaire also effects magic swords, helping to rectify the low physical damage that swords output. Stealth is also noteworthy but unreliable. It should also go without saying that manuela gets and 80% speed growth in the class and helps in dodge-tanking by a large amount. I would overall say that keeping a unit in assassin doesn't make them "not good", as you claim, since it has notable benefits, but it does, of course, mean that units like petra or ingrid who can fly with small investment are better. This also why yuri is considered worse than petra, despiting them being virtually toe to toe growth wise.
  3. I've made this post on a few of the bad units: Lorenz and ashe. It was coming sooner or later, but today, I am here to argue how manuela is completely usable and even as far as being one of your better units on maddening. Note this is assumed to be VW maddening and Manuela was recruited ch8. We are also assuming her final level is 43. For reference, her growths: HP:50% Str: 35% Mag:35% Dex: 40% Spe:60% Lck:35% Def: 30% Res:25% Cha:50% To start with, I have decided on a solid class path with little cost and large reward: Priest(Starting class)-Mercenary-Pegasus knight- Sword master- Assassin. Note that she gains no levels in priest and only one in mercenary and Pegasus knight. Depending on what you value more with this build, dex or str, she can stay in assassin or sword master for longer. Her average stats (rounded up) assuming she stays in assassin longer are as follows: Hp: 53 Str: 26 Mag: 23 Dex: 30 Spe: 44 lck: 22 Def: 19 Res: 15 Cha: 30 This build requires little investment, since she starts with a D in flying, a boon in swords, and only requires a D+ Bow for assassin exam and D+ for Pegasus exam. Her skills in this build are up to you, but I like this set personally: Sword prowess 5, darting blow, vantage, sword critical, and a skill of your choice (with her flying boon that could be alert stance. You could still pick pretty much anything though) If you are in need of a support based unit, Manuela can provide decent utility through warp, though she would need to go bishop and sacrifice swordfaire or any major form of attack. You could grind her reason as well, with her getting bolting at A. Of course, this would be very difficult to attain and may need solo training, meaning she might lose out on faith utility and sword prowess for just a few chapters of having the ability to use bolting. Her shaky magic growth would also decrease the usefulness of bolting, though she could still provide linked attacks and gambit boosts. Overall, manuela can attain a state of major use/utility with little investment, becoming a solid swap in for any conventional assassin, such as petra. However, her shaky str growth may require you to attack on resistance, meaning she may need to use levin swords or blutgang (10 damage penalty) for solid damage on the tough enemies such as war master, great knight, fortress knight. If a mixed assassin manuela doesn't suite you, she can still fill a role of decent utility through warp. Of course, linhardt and lysithea do use the spell better.
  4. List of Jagen: Jagen Jagen Jagen Eyvel Dagdar Sigurd Sothe Marcus Marcus Seth Titania Zelot Frederick Catherine Shamir
  5. Personally I would say that Eyvel is the worst for literally just vanishing for most of the game and taking her flame sword with her if you forgot to trade at the end of ch3
  6. zelot and percival could be included as jaegans as well for this discussion
  7. Bit late, but this is iron man and lilina died after i recruited gonzales so oop. My only magic users are my blessed clarine and raigh
  8. Catherine and shamir count as jaegans for the purpose of this discussion. Also, Imma go with frederick for the sole reason being lunatic+ and Lunatic are impossible without him.
  9. I'm on ch8 of my blind playthrough of fe6 and my lugh just died because he missed a 97% hit on the 2nd wyvern rider. I had to pick either him or my shanna to be rescued, because only one of my cavaliers was available. Should i reset, and if not, when do i get my next magic user?
  10. I enjoy playing 3h, dont get me wrong, but the story just sucks
  11. at least tanya has better skill and speed
  12. banned because Heck's disease, also known as Focal Epithelial Hyperplasia, is an asymptomatic, benign neoplastic condition characterized by multiple white to pinkish papules that occur diffusely in the oral cavity
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