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  1. Thyrus is great on any crest bearing magic user, but is probably better suited to being kept on lysithea or lorenz (lorenz less than lysithea). Lorenz would play the same role as edelgard, but he could use thyrsus better because of pav/aeg
  2. I also probably should've mentioned how much it sucks to be swordlocked on 5 movement as well. Getting swordlocked in any fe game is pretty bad honestly. Even in awakening, the land of every unit being miles better than seth, getting swordlocked still sucks
  3. Probably honestly. I was looking at a page at all of their con and aid and must've misread
  4. It's almost hilarious how polarising lyn, eliwood and hector are compared to edelgard, dimitri and claude Lyn is fast, has slightly above average skill, but absolutely terrible strength and defensive stats. Her constitution is also high, making her hard to rescue. Mani katti is one of the better uniques, but is has pretty low might. She's also stuck on 5 mov for most of the time. Eliwood is trash. I don't get why people like him, but is strength is bad, his speed is average and his other stats are mediocre. Rapier is also pretty situational as well. It takes ages for him to finally start doubling. Hector is actually ok. Tanky, high strength, decent speed and his personal weapon wolf beil is amazing. He is, however, blocked from being great by his high constitution and his low movement for most of the game. Edelgard: I talked about how godly she is on another post but here's a summary: godly mage, amazing stats, and is always one of your top 3 units. Dimitri: highest strength in game, really high all round stats and an absolute powerhouse. Falls behind a bit because of lack of instructing for half of time skip Claude: Best unit in game (arguably). 8 move, ridiculously high stats and growths, a flying class, and a great relic. I could go into far more detail, but I wont on this post
  5. I agree, me myself using her in valkyrie due to it helping her in every way
  6. it just helps with her overrall bulk. I wouldnt normally put it on a mage or even consider it, but edelgard is far more bulky than other mages and its also easy to get because of heavy armour boon. It really depends on if you want to use mage edelgard as a frontliner or if you just dont like turtling
  7. So, after 3 complete runs of crimson flower, I've been quite disappointed in Edelgard and the emperor class. I noticed that edelgard has a budding talent in reason and a higher magic growth than dorothea, so I decided to give it a try. I must say that it went amazing. Edelgard is different to all other mages in the fact that she uses black magic and dark magic (fire, bolganone, luna, hades), meaning that she would be a great fit for the valkyrie class, which increases on her already impressive bulk and also buffs her magic to 50% (it might be 55%). It also increases both black and dark magic range by one, adding to her versatility. Combined with any staff (I prefer the cadaecus staff for its health regen and +1 range), Edelgard can become a 4 range monster who hits ridiculously hard and can also be on the frontlines. Due to her boon in axes, she can also use bolt axes, being one of only two mages who can actually use them (the other being annette). Abilities I find useful: fiendish blow, armoured blow*, uncanny blow (helps with luna and hades hit rate),reason prowess 5, axe prowess 4/5, You can use any ability on her but these are the ones i find useful *despite the misconception, you can actually master armour knight without leveling her once. Just unequip 2 range weapons (equip axe) and put her on a 40 avoid tile with a knowledge gem (optional). It would be good to keep a healer at hand.
  8. Read further up the post. Thats where I explain ferdinand.
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