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  1. Hi everyone I just wanted to inform you that Fire Emblem 6 the Royal Army the sequel to Path of a Hero is finally over. This new project is very different from my previous project because it has a completely new story and adds different game mechanics such as the use of daggers and shields. For those interested can find all the information on the mod and the link to download it at the top of the main post. I hope you enjoy the story, have fun.
  2. This is the last update I will be doing regarding the mod. The mod is complete and contains 46 chapters, many improvements have been made in the final version so if you are curious go to this link. https://feuniverse.us/t/fe-7-the-path-of-a-hero-ch-46-true-ending-side-story-complete-version/10484/71
  3. Sorry if I answer you now, but as I said before I'm not very active on this forum. Path of a Hero is just the beginning of a great story that I have created and there is no real ending. The story will continue with FE 6 The Royal Army, but I advise against playing the version that is now online because it is not a sequel, for the moment it is just a small project full of errors (it was the first time I used FEbuilder). For the story you say it's mediocre, but many other people liked it. Although I did it without thinking, and I created it as I progressed through the story. For the errors you have found, could you please tell me where they are, so that I can correct them. I didn't want to create an epic story or anything, but I just wanted to have fun creating something new and I think I succeeded. Ah, I decided to add some extra content like the Hector Route and a DLC and I have already added 4 different difficulty levels (if you downloaded the final version 10 \ 03 \ 2021. So who knows maybe those stories will be better than the story main for you 🙂
  4. I am happy to announce that the mod is complete, for those who want more information or want to play it, I put the link that will take you to the FEU page. I'm not very active in this forum so if you want clarification write a message under the FEU post. Have fun!. https://feuniverse.us/t/fire-emblem-7-the-path-of-a-hero-ch-34-complete-version-1-0/10484
  5. Update Added chapter 22 ‘‘Revenge’’ Added chapter 23 ‘‘First Step to Doom’’ Adjusted the stats of some enemies in chapter 12 and 20 Strengthened the undead that will now have all stats increased by 1 and + 3 strength points Changed Eliwood’s promotion that he will now be able to use Swords, Spears and Axes and will be able to promote using ‘‘Heaven Seal’’ Recolored and modified the boss Cameron and Darin Slightly changed the positioning of some enemies Changed the Killer Ballista which will now have an attack range of 15 Beginning of the third narrative arc of the story Fixed some minor bugs with some game events Changed and balanced Merlinus warehouse statistics (not tested yet) Added attack animation for Eliwood promote when using axes (not tested yet, may change in the future)
  6. Hi everyone I made this mod for Fire Emblem 7. My intent is to create a new story by staying in the game world of FE 7, while remaining faithful to some important events of the main story. The mod is complete Not being English and using an online translator for the dialogues, there may be some errors, if you find any please notify me. ''Here's what the mod changes and adds'' "Weapons" "Classes" ''Bonus Level Up %'' "Map\Graphic Changes" "Weapons Triangle\Terrain Bonus" "New Story" "Characters Introduction" "New Classes" "Game Difficult" "Other Mods created by me" "Credits" **Preview** **Link** **Fire Emblem 7 Path of a Hero:** https://feuniverse.us/t/fire-emblem-7-the-path-of-a-hero-ch-34-complete-version-1-0/10484 **Nups:** (You will need it to install the mod) https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/606/
  7. Update Demo Edit and recolor all character and enemy animations.
  8. Demo Update Fixed all major errors of the mod. Completed the first part of the story.
  9. To patch the mod I used an old english translation for Fire emblem 6 Sealed Sword. I forgot to add it to the description. I thank Golb89 for his explanation.
  10. Edit: Fixed the description of all enemies. Fixed description of enemy ranks. Update 7 Added new support conversations between characters. Added two new chapters. Changed the coloring of some bosses in chapter 22 and 23. Added the Fire Emblem, a long-range seal that can only be used by Lilina. Adjusted the power and accuracy of Zephiel's final weapon. Modified all mystery shops in the game. Fixed some minor issues with in-game events and texts.
  11. Hi everyone, I decided to recreate this mod from scratch, this was my first project using Fire Emblem Builder and I wasn't very practical, but now that I am much more practical I decided to come back to create something better. This is a sequel to Fire Emblem 7 Path of a Hero. To play you will need to have this ROM: Fire Emblem : Fuuin no Tsurugi [Japan] For the dialogues I used an online translator, if you find errors please notify me. The story is set 20 years after the events of the previous chapter and sees Lilina and Roy as protagonists. Prologue: Lord Hector one of the heroes who defeated the darkness along with his comrades in arms, has a beautiful daughter named Lilina. Knowing that it is the right time for his daughter to leave and gain experience and then be able to govern Ostia, as he did in the past, he decides to send her along with an escort formed by her best men by his friend Eliwood to introduce her to Roy, Eliwood's son. The meeting between these two boys will create the basis for peace and prosperity on the continent of Elibe. Part 1: Roy and Lilina decide to visit The Academy of Hope, built by Roy's father 20 years ago after Nergal's defeat. During their visit, however, they learn of an obscure truth. Our heroes leave for the Pains Gorge also known as the Cursed Mountains to discover the truth about what is happening in the alliance. Part 2 Our heroes do not manage to find the truth they were hoping for, so after being saved by Perceval, one of the protectors of the academy from the attack of some shady individuals. Our heroes are escorted to the sacred temple, during the journey our heroes will discover the rot that lurks in the clergy and in the academy. Part 3: Arriving at the Holy Road, our heroes are attacked by a group of heretics whose purpose is to discover the truth behind the attacks carried out by the clergy on some villages and on the kidnapping of some people, during the battle the high priest is kidnapped and our heroes leave to rescue him, but upon their return to the Holy Road they will discover a terrible truth. Final: Will a girl's strong desire to recover what she has lost due to humans' thirst for power, be strong enough to defeat our heroes? "Heroes" The game has undergone severe rebalancing. "Modified Weapons" ''Five Weapons Triangles'': ''Classes\Characters:" All classes have undergone balance changes and some carry new weapons. The characters have been better balanced and will start with more differentiated stats and will have this Level UP ''Terrain Bonus" "New Weapons:" ''Graphic\Soundtrack Changes:" "Credit" Preview Watch it only if you’re curious, as it may contain story spoilers. https://youtu.be/mzwlR0cdmaM Warning: The dialogues added as supports will activate during the main story and will not take into account any deaths of the characters, so it is recommended to let them all survive. **LinkMod:** https://feuniverse.us/t/fe-6-the-royal-army-sequel-ch-27-complete/9142 If you have problems with the installation please read the readme file or notify me Link Prequel: https://feuniverse.us/t/fe-7-the-path-of-a-hero-ch-46-true-ending-side-story-complete-version/10484 Now the mod has a discord server, please join to give your opinions and advice on how to improve the mod or help me during development. https://discord.gg/DTWAEqyvz6 Nups: (You will need it to install the mod) https://www.romhacking.net/utilities/606/
  12. Honestly I don't have a less favorite character in the game, unfortunately the game focuses most of its attention on: Signs, Byleth, and leader of the three houses and therefore you can't fully understand all the characters (you only have the supports that explain you the past and their future dreams and their caracter). But what I liked least (but I don't hate it and I like it a bit), I must say that it's Marianne, she is a girl who gives up immediately and when you see her she puts a depression on you that makes you want to quit the game. After 5 years when she begins to grow from her speeches you understand that she has grown and you see a little light in her compared to before, but this light is too dim and remains a slightly weak character. The only part I liked about her is when in the appendix she fights the big beast (it seems to me it is Macuil), in that fight I hardly recognize her she looks like a completely different person.
  13. I think the strong point of the Blue Lions is the story, Dimitri is a character that from the moment you see him, you immediately understand that he hides something and as if he had around an aura of sadness and darkness and this feeling is reinforced in the chapter of Remire, during Solon's attack on the village, in which Dimitri uses aggressive words against the enemy. The real strength of the Blue Lions is Dimitri's change from being a killer madman to a kindhearted king who helps his people out of the crisis in which the kingdom is raging. It is also nice to underline his complete change of mind, he from the beginning talks about revenge, having learned that Edelgard is the empire of flames and thinking that she was behind the war of Duscur and the murder of his loved ones, comes assailed by a hatred towards Edelgard, a hatred that if you choose the story Claude, it leads him and his allies to death (I have not completed Black Eagles), instead thanks to the help of Byleth his feeling of hatred turns into compassion and decides with all her strength not to kill Edelgard but instead to save her from her fate and to help her, unfortunately failing.
  14. Yes I know, that Dimitri and Edelgard die in every path except theirs, but if you choose Dimitri's path only Edelgard dies and etc..., what I meant is that by choosing Claude's story, they both die. For the DLC, I don't know, I'll think about it after completing the story of the Black Eagles. The thing I like most about the game is that it can be completed several times, and by removing the initial part (which is the same, only the dialogues change), the story changes. This is thanks to the protagonist of that story who, through his own character, manages to give a completely different version of the story.
  15. I think Felix is Byleth's main rival, ever since they met he has always wanted to face him in battle, and besides, they both use a sword, so they're kindred enemies. Leonie is also an excellent rival for Byleth, having been a pupil of her father, she envies him for having had this luck and also wants to make Byleth understand that she is the chosen one to be at Jeralt's side. But after all the two quickly become friends and are on good terms, I think Felix is the perfect rival for Byleth.
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