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  1. Hi, just a fire emblem fan passing by.
  2. https://streamable.com/va0h77 The scene is almost done for that part, just need to add lyn and hector to it and then proceed to the fight. AND BRO! i did watched that!, thats old and one of the best sprite animation EVER MADE!, dammm , that brings back memories and i use adobe animate cc 2020 to animate.
  3. You have a discord account so we can talk?

  4. That would be amazing!! i just made a new scene for it https://streamable.com/d7yk6p and thanks for the compliment 😮 , fate is like my inspiration xD
  5. Hi, i would like to know if you have a discord so we can discuss something.

    1. Darrman


      Yeah, I do have an account. I'm on the Serenes server. What's this "something" you want to discuss?

  6. I would like to have a talk with you sir :).
  7. Hi, I'm Zero Calories a sprite animator and im trying to make a FE type of series, i wanna include some OC that i consider good enought to be in, here some of my works, some olds , some new X_X: Lyn Great Lord Fight Practice (No Fight yet, working on it): https://streamable.com/hnq2fq A FE Ancient Spell Cast : https://streamable.com/s8tm9d My Sonic FC Noxcura Attack #2:https://streamable.com/iu7ckm Ancient Thunder Spell : https://streamable.com/gz8cc3 Hel'z Flames and Rayo Oscuro : https://streamable.com/q6h6zn Thunder Magic : https://streamable.com/nh5drb Dark Magic: "Black Dimention" : https://streamable.com/000gdg (Never did finish itm so WIP) Ancient Light Magic : https://streamable.com/f00ymr Some old fight i was working on : https://streamable.com/9hr9aa I kinda need people to assist me with the lore and character sprites :V.
  8. Yes sir i did and thanks 😄
  9. Hi, my name is ZeroCalories, if you want you can call me Cal. I'm a sprite animator and loves fire emblem.
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