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  1. Doesn’t yet know that on my second play through I successfully made oatmeal and had Samantha return to the dorm.
  2. Doesn’t know that I just lost... a visual novel.... about making oatmeal.....
  3. Granted, but you can’t communicate in any form other than in python. I wish for a cold, creamy Oreo milkshake.
  4. Is not yet aware that I was on the App Store and somehow ended up downloading a visual novel about making Oatmeal... oh boy.....
  5. Banned because this feeling is really unsettling, I couldn’t even enjoy the game I tried to play instead. I think it would be best if I did something else now...
  6. Banned because it’s the same feeling I got from Fates:Birthright. 64 is just missing something...
  7. Granted, but every time your try to write your words become scrambled everything and like this write you is. I wish I was sure that joke would make sense.
  8. Banned because you ever get a hollow, unfulfilled feeling from playing a video game?
  9. Banned because I have XDed at my own jokes, actually...
  10. Doesn’t know the pain of trying to get the red coins in the wing cap secret level
  11. Might recall that the wing cap is incredibly hard to control.
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