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  1. Don't reaaally care about FF7 but I like Tifa a Lot so sure. I voted for Raven x Lucius because that's some good shit. But Mark and Lyn is good too. Rip Ferdie and Hubie, we barely knew ye...
  2. I agree!! I really need to get in on this FE10 action, damn we're getting crushed.
  3. I wanted really badly not to flyskip it, but after several failed attempts I decided to just try the fly-skipping. I got it on the first try. Oboro was tough but I was able to box my sorcerers behind my frontline units and smash her. Takumi went down easy to my Keaton, who I'm pretty sure is pushing 40 STR at this point. It wasn't very EXP efficient but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Getting through a few rounds of Boo Camp isn't that time consuming. I just had a string of horrible luck during chapter 24. I made it all the way to Hinoka. Xander missed a 96% hit against an onmyoji which... is par for the course at this point, thanks Xander. Most of my units had a 50-60% chance to hit against Hinoka, so I figured I'd ignore the extra pegasus units she summoned and just rush her. God, did that turn out to be an awful idea. Keaton must have missed four or five times, I send Odin in with a Hunter's Knife and a 75% hit rate to finish her off, miss. I dance and make him try again, miss. Neither of my generals could touch her. Xander has fallen off in usefulness these last few chapters very hard. But I think getting through Chapter 23 was a huge morale boost for me. I'm trying to marathon all three games and I'm getting very close to hour 100, so I'll take the morale where I can get it! Thanks for your guys' help! It's nice to have a place to just talk about the game, haha.
  4. Ferdinand x Hubert f!Byleth x Edelgard What can I say? I'm a Black Eagle through and through.
  5. Congrats Seteth, good show Higsby. A final three that we can all be proud of.
  6. Hoo boy I gotta say I HATED chapter 19, I cheesed the Heck out of that one. My Benny is built like a brick shithouse so I gave him a Beast Killer and let him go to town. I didn't have that much of a problem with chapter 17, but I did let Saizo go and kill himself. Didn't bother keeping him alive for the reward. I did pair nearly Everybody up in chapter 21, but I had to put Azura in a lot of danger in a few situations. I mostly had it under control. It really only took 5 REs from basically blind. I just loved that stop mechanic! Planning on when I was going to use the Dragon Vein and when I was going to tough it out for just one more turn was fun. I just hit Chapter 23 and everything about it scares me. Right now I'm kind of just planning on having Camilla ferry people over the gap because I do NOT want to deal with Hinata whilst getting rained on by Takumi. Any tips?
  7. If anything is true, Tidus does NOT deserve the title of second best boy. We can do better than this! Rig the election!
  8. [Seteth is losing] come on guys, OoT Link isn't even peak Link. Seteth deserves to lose to an actual Best Boy, Twilight Princess Link. also I wouldn't have the heart to choose if it came to Higsby vs. Seteth. Think of the drama.
  9. WOW. Mad props. That takes patience and fortitude. Good luck on your runs! I'll be lurking in the background, plus you picked almost Exactly the units I would have picked so I'm rooting for you 👀 I can definitely see that being an issue. Old habits die hard and all that. I definitely support creativity in these runs, and, as a fan of speedrunning, I love that moment when lady luck smiles and you get a great run. These games are like 1000x deeper than I ever played them so I love that people really dig in here. In other news, I beat Chapter 21 tonight and had basically ONLY blessed RNG. 10% crits procing left and right (At LEAST two from Niles and one from Xander, not to mention Sorcerer!Leo and Sorcerer!Ophelia carrying their weight) and some CHOICE enemy misses made for smooth sailing. I was forced to put Silas in sacrificial range but RNG decided he was allowed to live another chapter. I loved the freezing mechanic, too. Chapter 21 is super fun.
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