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  1. That sounds good, the thing is, there are only two of them in EHM one of them in 26x, also it would only convert his speed to 15 and for me that sounds pretty bad taking into consideration the fact of isadora having 16 speed at base (pretty bad constitution though) and a lot of units that would get more out of those speedwings. Maybe im overwhelming a lot but its my first 0% and i wanna do things right, also i dot want to be forced to play defensively, is just not for me.
  2. So i recently started my first 0% growth rates in eliwood hard mode (havent completed HNM yet), im in chapter 13 and until now is being really easy because of marcus destroying everything so i gave him the stat boosters of the first chapter (dorcas energy ring and dragon shield) for some more viability but since his speed is so low for mid-end game i don feel comfortable with my decision and i think i should save them for other units such as hawkeye, harken, pent or even isadora because of her high speed. What would you reccomend me about stat boosters in this kind of playthrougs? Is there something wrong with my decision? Give me some advice please.
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