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  1. do you know when i try add an AR code it dosent work only as Gecko code?
  2. 74000000 7300000C 03000013 04000013 05000000 06000005 07000064 0800000A 0E000019 0F000019 10000009 11000003 12000033 13000000 72000000 where i find the ?
  3. and how to make this code 1.01 Enable Max Storage (300) in Convoy for All Chapters [g6flavor] 024CB6DA 0000012C 024CB6E2 0000012C 024CB6E6 00009220 024CB6EA 0000012C 024CB6EE 00009220 024CB6F2 0000012C 024CB6F6 00009220 i have tried on the first line in each line +80 but it did not work
  4. you mean use the 04884E04 8066B830 and ad +80 by a hex calculator to get 04884E84 8066B8B0 this +80 is for all?
  5. does anyone know how to convert these codes to 1.01 Make Character Player-controlled 04884E04 8066B830 this is for nolan i have try ad by the first line +80 but it dont work
  6. how you mean add ox80 mean you with an Hex calculator?
  7. do anyome konw how i can covert the code Quick End Chapter {Win} (Push B and + on WiiRemote then end move)* [g6flavor] for 1.01? this ist the code 283D78DA 00000410 003CAFFC 00000004 E0000000 80008000
  8. Hello question and I have downloaded Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn iso on Dolphin but when I start RFEE01 with geckos codes and Ar codes activated the codes do not work even though I have activated it in the settings.
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