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  1. Gatekeeper is votable!? Well I must give him at least 3 votes lol. Still gonna give the rest to Midir
  2. I'm going to give Midir all of my votes so hopefully he gets in the game
  3. got a free -atk Saber. I'm really gonna enjoy those 2 infantry dragonflowers
  4. I had already posted this, but I changed him so this is the new build
  5. Here's my favourite fire emblem villain! His arena bonus week couldn't have come at a better time! Kind of a work in progress, I'd give him distant counter, but Altena already has that so I wanted to differentiate them a bit. Also Gungnir is funnily mispelled as flowing lance, probably due to a bug
  6. Spent around 40 orbs in the weekly revival banner. Got 2 Ishtars(one was +atk) and a +spd Ophelia. I'll wait for Ishtar to get a refine
  7. I hope it's fe4 gen 1, but also I'd like to save some more orbs before that. 3h blue lions seems likely to me, especially if the legendary ends up being Dimitri
  8. Ballroom Bloom, Lachesis! I probably should swap def cantrip for wings of mercy, but I need more sp
  9. I think they will just shut down the game and replace it with something else, either a new gacha or maybe bring cipher to mobile? Something I hope is that they will post an archive with all the characters' arts and voices.
  10. Got him as free summon! -atk +def so I won't feel bad about foddering him
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