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  1. Yeah, that came up during playtesting. Note we only have Chs Prologue to 9 finalized for now, so I plan to add the ability to get them in the early teens chapters.
  2. Release update! Updated the link in the OP with the newest release. This release has through Chapter 9 reasonably polished. Sorry for kinda going MIA for a few months, but we're back on the development track. I'm hoping this will be a well-balanced, fun to play hack!
  3. To everyone wonder, sorry we've kinda gotten stalled on production. I have a more polished (in terms of gameplay) version I need to build and release; I'll be trying to get that doen Wednesday. So expect a patch to be available then!
  4. We have a portrait for Vedge now! Polish release soon (probably within 24 hours).
  5. Is that on the Phase 2 v2 patch? It was in issue on the initial release, but I thought I fixed it.
  6. You might be familiar with Void's Blitzarre Adventure, a full 31-chapter hack completed in under a week. I'm proud to bring you: Void's Blitzarre Adventure: Blitz Tendency, another full 31(*cough* 29 for now)-chapter hack completed in, well, two weeks. Follow Void's son Vedge (Mug in progress) as he journeys out to ... do something. All resources used in the game are open source and free to use. Check out the FEU page for more info on its production process. Get the patch now! lord: vedge weapon: axe str: 7 skl: 5 spd: 6 luck: 20 (lol) Screenshots!
  7. Small update to V11.1.1, just changing some standard library things and syncing some raws. It might break some event scripts, but the new definitions are pretty close. It's mainly in preparation for phasing in ColorzCore I don't have time to update this thread rn but it's on the feu thread.
  8. You all right there??

  9. This is pretty legit. Edit: This very, like, super, legit.
  10. Being able to adapt tools for your use is a good skill to develop, especially since not all tools (in fact, not any) are designed with every user's individual mindset (in this case, yours) in mind.
  11. Quick fix (V11.0.1) aliasing inctevent as inctext for reverse compatibility with V10.1.1 (needed for some of circles's tools)
  12. Preprocessor commands are broken. Will fix very shortly. Edit: Fixed. Download is now back up. If you downloaded it in those brief few minutes, please redownload.
  13. New release. Disassembly works properly again. Version 11.0, new major update!
  14. The last time I made a post in a topic that wasn't directly related to its topic (in this case, unpopular opinions vs debating the merits of liking a thing as a whole while disliking a part), I got warned for spamming. With that said, this is why I need to add something relating. So on that note, Unpopular Opinion: FE14 is my favorite Fire Emblem game. Why? ITS UI IS JUST SO GOOD. My feelings of positivity for it are almost like, 65-70% due to how good every part of the UI is.
  15. Man, if I were the one arguing these points for 10 posts in a row, I would've been warned for being spamming 10 times. In any case, I don't really understand how Micaiah is generally disliked.
  16. I like Est units and Micaiah too. A really close friend who is also into Fire Emblem also has Micaiah as one of his favorite characters.
  17. My main point is that "I've dealt with it and don't think any more needs to be done". While the content itself is about specifically what has been done, I did post it with basically the same point you're saying here. (i.e. it's just what I should do as an admin, and again, I don't think any more is really necessary).
  18. I assume. So, just for general knowledge and informing.
  19. I don't really care for posting things to SF either, but it does seem like the natural choice for cross-forum discussion, as basically everyone is here. That is to say, SF is involved insomuch as it involved the FE community in general.
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