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  1. Hey all, I’m a complete amateur (haven’t touched anything more complicated than FEBuilder and Nightmare) who’s drafting an FE8 hack. While this isn’t even a plan, I was wondering what adding RNG into combat calcs would look like. For example, what if I wanted Avoid to be calculated as AS*2 + (Luck*Random number between 1 and 2)? I’m also familiar with the concept of piecewise graphs in math, and was wondering if it’s possible to have altered damage calcs based on the participants’ current HP/max HP. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  2. 1. Not sure. 2. Not too long (couple hours? Requires calculations) 3. Definitely. Without ever touching Event Assembler, ASM, FEditor Adv, or even FEBuilder really, you can use Nightmare 1/2 to edit characters’ bases and growths. It’s cake. I was planning to do a similar balancing patch but decided to choose bigger fish to fry and go for a full hack, but I have some calcs for average stats left over if you need them.
  3. Thank you so much for this, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for.
  4. Although this is likely very complicated and above my mortal abilities, I’d like to add a pseudo-Avatar unit with gender selection. The idea is to have a menu pop up after creating a new save file that looks like the split promotion menu, but has options between Male and Female. This would also rely on the ability to change portraits based on this decision, and supports as well. Is this possible with a preexisting function of an editor? Is it possible through event editing? Thanks to any helpers out there.
  5. One more question. Does anyone know the max number of class slots (including already incorporated ones) available?
  6. Wow, thanks. I’ll have to look into the last one for sure, but this is good. I’m glad there’s a way to work with Prfs.
  7. So now I’ve begun work on FE8 hacking, and I’ve got more questions than answers, so here are a few. I’ve managed to start with basics, and I know many of my goals such as sprite editing, animation editing, and class insertion are possible, but there are a few things I would like to know. How would I assign a good number of Prf weapons to different units? How would I remove the support cap while restricting to limit 1 A support? When adding a new chapter, how will I make it appear on the world map? Finally, I want some items to be sold only in the postgame. I’d love to use secret shops, because they’re already there, but I don’t want these items sold in the secret shops during the game. How should I handle this? Thanks for the help, you’re all the best.
  8. Attempting to add a new vendor to Eirika Ch. 10 in FE8. Dbl clicking item selection in the event editor shows me that the shop has only one item, which can be changed, but no more items can be added. How would I add more than one slot for items to be sold? Screenshot attached.
  9. Update: When selecting the button for item selection, this pops up: There's no visible way to add more items to the list. Help?
  10. Clicking on items sold sent me to a shop editor with one item, a Steel Axe, and a blank vendor title. I’ll check back, but I’m fairly sure that isn’t working.
  11. I’m currently using FEBuilderGBA to edit The Sacred Stones, and my main goal is to add a vendor on the tile to the left of the arena in Eirika Chapter 10. I’ve currently been able to make the shop and use a hex value for another shop’s contents to give it a valid event and shop, but I’m not sure how to give it its own contents log. Shop Editor only shows the contents of existing shops, and when I enter my new shop’s hex address, I’m unable to change it from being one slot with a steel axe. When I try to extend it, it gives me the error “enter a pointer”, and I’m not sure what that means. How would I assign this shop its own contents list (with more than one item)?
  12. I'm looking to hack FE8 (Sacred Stones) for a personal version with a few nitpicks. Right now, I'm using Nightmare 2 and it's going smoothly. However, I'm a Mac user and nothing works on Mac ): My goal is to add a shop to Erika path Ch. 10 to facilitate infinite arena grinding. Is there a way to do this on Nightmare 2 and/or Mac? I have Tiled but I really, REALLY don't understand any of it, and all I want to do is replace a bit of the map with a shop, not make a whole map. Thanks to anyone who knows how to help!
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