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  1. I think this concept is why I love The Wind Blows. It plays on such a cool map and really emphasizes the search for something legendary, and the imagination that comes with it. Plus, it's got that rhythmic style akin to Fellow Soldier and Warrior's Respite from Vestaria. Those tracks are awesome.
  2. The original version of that track is downright amazing. The Premium Arrange version I have problems with - the loud electric, rock-ish guitar doesn't really fit the somber mood, and it overshadows the piano solo.
  3. They're the versions of the map themes that play during animations. Most of them lower/get rid of much of the melody and just go hard with drums. It's pretty bad. Also, yeah, when you hear Clouds of War you know it's a big conflict, and you feel the tension the moment you hear that minor organ opening to Crusade.
  4. At least Fodlan Winds has some drive behind it. Roy's Departure is just three chords with an incredibly repetitive melody that gets grating in the span of one chapter, but then it's stretched out for 8 in a row. Also, 3H is pretty good compositionally, but my god does it overuse drums. Especially in the Thunder themes. Those are barely listenable.
  5. FE4, 5, and 10 have pretty good OSTs. Awakening's was also pretty good, but Echoes is the undisputed best.
  6. Chapter 3 went surprisingly well apart from a single major fuck-up. I accidentally waited with Christine when I was going to clear Agvan's Battle Cry, but I screwed it up and Ward had to step in. The thing is, I forgot to equip his shield, and if he didn't land a retaliatory strike with the Knight Sword, he would've died and given me a Game Over on the next turn. Everything else went well, though. Garos waited on a cliff tile, leading to his death by Sylvis and Christine. Might have been my best run of the chapter so far.
  7. I'm gonna be reaching "The Three Priests" in my Berwick ironman today. Hopefully I don't suicide someone against Agvan or Garos.
  8. I used her as my only healer in my PMU. Since she rode the top of her Mag bracket, I got a second magical nuke (37 attack power!) for the last few maps. She deleted a lot of endgame enemies pretty well. That cap of 30 light skill before promotion is terrible, and quite possibly her biggest limiting factor.
  9. You also don't have Convert in there, but a certain character will have to survive a very hard map later in Ruben's LP to see it.
  10. Man, that image is still pretty cursed. Probably because of the MSPaint fingers. And Burroughs looks like particularly shifty because of how his eyes are not looking where he's reaching. Also, yeah, it makes sense why they wouldn't get crippled much, but I feel like I have to have had some good luck to not have seen them get crippled in four full playthroughs.
  11. It's funny - across my four runs of Berwick, I've seen units like Christine get crippled ten or so times, but I've never seen Larentia get crippled. Hell, I didn't realize Clifford didn't have Robust until he got crippled in your LP. I'm pretty sure Faye and Saphira have the invisible robust skill so their casual modes work properly, though.
  12. I'm doing Chapter 2 of my BWS ironman later today. Hopefully nobody will die, though a death from Faye actually wouldn't be too bad b/c Volo.
  13. I've been pretty busy of late, but I'm on chapter 7 of VS2. It's been pretty fun, and these last few maps have been quite good. Plus, playable wyvern! Not something you see every day. Also, I streamed a bit of a BWS ironman of my own in a Discord server. Three hours in, no deaths so far. I got to watch Adel injure and cripple an enemy in one turn, which was pretty funny. Chapter 2 is next, probably just gonna give Volo some money so recruiting him isn't too much of a hassle. He's too good to pass up. Also, when was the last time you used Dean in this LP? Feels like he hasn't shown up in forever.
  14. I think Faye immediately causes the normal event if they fight. Considering her damage seems scripted, maybe she could deal a finisher, but it's probably not worth it. I think a full, linear adventure would be good, though that could include a multiple lords setup with individual paths (Echoes/Gaiden, TRS). Or do a bit of both like Vestaria. Just no route splits. Same question for you.
  15. Few people see it because you either have to kill Faye before Chapter 3 or D E A N M O M E N T. It's pretty sweet, though. Yeah, that one's definitely top 5 for me. My favorite map is 12-1, "The Heretic God," though I don't know if you've gotten there yet. My total top 5 (no real order besides 12-1 being #1) is 12-1, 5-M, 9-M, 14-M, and 3-M. Favorite track in the OST?
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