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  1. Joseph is by far the biggest reason why I enjoyed Part 2 - he's so hammy and ridiculous and is always super enjoyable to watch. I didn't like much of the rest of it, so while I don't think it's good, I think he alone makes it enjoyable. I should also specify with Part 1 that it has a few solid episodes of foundation and a good ending but the other 5 episodes of it... I don't remember at all.
  2. You're not missing too much, though it's fun to know the memes. The first three parts aren't good, but Part 2 is at least kinda funny. Part 1 is just ughhh and Part 3 is thirty episodes too long. Parts 4 and 5 are good though.
  3. I mean, hey, at least this run is already going to have some memes. Ronan having only 15% strength basically means it's rather unlikely that he loses a point of strength before promoting, which could be nice.
  4. ...Nah. Not yet, at least. Though, later parts of the game might hurt. Maps like Chapter 20 are gonna be pain, though I guess it's an excuse to use Diarmuid when 21 hits.
  5. I started replaying FE5 using Ultimage's new Negative Growths patch, and it's been... not too hectic so far, though it's bound to get more difficult pretty soon. I managed to finish Chapter 4 in 26 turns, which isn't terrible, especially for the fact that Leif is relying on stat boosters to do anything. Here he is atm:
  6. Oh... this sounds like absolute pain. I can imagine that some parts of the game would get absolutely absurd, and I think this presents some interesting dynamics. You've probably already thought about this, but the Scrolls will now be more risk/reward, in that you're risking worse levels in return for not getting crits in the face. I'll definitely try it out!
  7. Adel is too powerful. Here's hoping he manages to avoid bad luck with spear growths in the future. Sidenote: I've been replaying Vestaria, on the Siege of Harral. I wish Chapter 10 was just a bit smaller in size so it wouldn't take forever to navigate, though I get what Kaga was going for. It does feel really cool, and with the high gamespeed, it doesn't matter too much, but having Hoelun trek from the northeast greatyurt to the one in the southwest and navigate that hill takes too long for my liking.
  8. YES. Now, see if you can outpace my current Adel. Actually, you'd need insane luck and favoritism to do so, considering how mine is doing so far.
  9. Nice! This might be a bit odd, but I miss when games had really odd hidden stuff like the Leticia event. You'll probably never see it on a normal playthrough, but hey, it's there, and it's cool. It felt like there was always more to discover and learn about the world, with hidden secrets scattered about to flesh it out and reward the player for exploring.
  10. Is it gonna be any kind of challenge run, or a more normal playthrough? I'm curious.
  11. OH HELL YES! I'm excited to have this update, especially since I'm doing my minimum recruitment run, and want to see if some dialogue has been fixed. Also, Aethin, please don't worry about taking breaks. The fact that you spent three whole years translating this game AFTER translating TRS shows amazing amounts of dedication, especially for games as script-heavy as these. Without your hard work, I wouldn't have been able to experience what has now become one of my favorite games I've ever played.
  12. I mean, I am very biased towards blonde archer boys - Both Sherlock and Esteban, Holmes, Jeorge, Leonardo, and Cyltan are all some of my favorites. It works... decently enough. It's pretty holistic with rather vague criteria, so it does have a pretty decent amount of room for me to be entirely wrong, heh. She is a Best Girl. Fair enough.
  13. Flashbacks to the filenames of some portraits, particularly Paramythis. I mean, you're also kinda in the middle age between my brother and I, so the style of speech is kinda familiar as a result of that (even though you are less inclined than I to abbreviate). You can definitely make a general guess at age based on how people type and whatnot online, despite that my brother and I are both from the States and you're from Spain.
  14. I actually would've guessed you're a year younger than you actually are. That would've been my guess based on some games you've mentioned and the like.
  15. Jeez, I'm a young'un compared to you guys. Will be 19 in a bit over a month.
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