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  1. Everyone's talking about Edelgard starting a war, but after re-playing AM I just realised something - the war between the Kingdom + Church and the Empire is inevitable. Dimitri has been investigating Arundel before Edelgard declares war. He's onto Arundel and he would very likely manage to connect Arundel to the Tragedy of Duscur if his investigation wasn't brought to a halt because of the war, which means the entire kingdom will be declaring war on the empire and demand Edelgard hand over Arundel to them. The Church will likely join in because they are allies and may even discover Arundel's true identity and through the empire, discover the activity of TWSITD in the empire. War was bound to come. Edelgard just sped things up.
  2. I don't understand why he shares one with Mercedes when they don't even have a support chain. Man I was stuck on BL maddening since I didn't use Caspar at all and I really wanted to finish that paralogue for the extra scenes on AM. Caspar should have his own paralogue. I think one where Caspar could confront his dad and older brother on the battlefield would be very interesting. It was really a missed opportunity that we never got the chance to meet Count Bergliez on all 4 routes. For non-CF routes, we can have something like "Count Bergliez is leading an army to ambush Garreg Mach from maybe one of the western kingdom cities and now you must move out to fight him. Caspar volunteers to go because he's scared that his dad is so powerful and strong that anyone else confronting his dad will definitely get destroyed." For CF, it can be about "houses loyal to the kingdom/alliance are rebelling and have trapped Count Bergliez and his forces in one of the conquered cities where Count Bergliez is stationed and now Caspar volunteers to lead your army to save him" kind of stuff. Maybe we can even have an easter egg where Lindhardt's dad will show up at the celebration, worried about his "friend/rival" and comes to check on him.
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