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  1. All great pointers for going into one of my most unknown FE games! Project Naga... Got it. Is it a patch like FE6 or is it it's standalone rom? You see, for the longest time I thought Luck determined Avoid as well as critical chances like it does actually. I never once thought weight-speed determined that. I wish I would've known this 5 games ago, I would've had an easier time if I knew what I was doing! XD Too be honest for this reason alone I kind of dislike weight and do appreciate how Awakening removed it, but it's a unique mechanic to FE so I can see the reason for bringing it back. I gotcha on all this, though.
  2. Ah, of course! I'm dumb. I totally forgot about the risk of getting doubled yourself. Weight effects avoid? I was today years old when I learned that. On to the the deployment: That is SO DAMN cool! I haven't tried it yet but the mechanic sounds amazing and they should definitely try and bring that back in some form in future FE titles. I can't count how many times I've had set aside some of my favorite units for a measly thief to take their place. Haha, of course I haven't played it yet so it may be more flawed than I think it is. Well it isn't IF I try FE4 it's when. I have yet to play any of them released only in Japan except FE6 and 10 and that's because I have no idea if there is a fan localization for the games or not. I managed to snag a repro DS cart of the remake for FE1 about a week ago because I figured since it was a remake it fixed a lot what was wrong with FE1. It's beautifully translated but I have yet to touch it. Might try FE4 first. Yes. Take Hilda or maybe Petra for instance. They both have boons in axes and Petra also has one in flying so they can develop their axe rank without needing tutoring by going Fighter < Brigand < WR < WL. And while they go through those you can tutor the lance and flying rank needed for it. Once you get to WR you can grind for like, 10 minutes tops and instantly reach the required ranks to promote. At least that was my experience in my 6 playthroughs and I used them both in WL twice. As with FK there isn't an advanced class to bridge the gap between Pegasus Knight and Falcon Knight to develop those skills quickly except Swordmaster maybe but then you won't get the lance and flying ranks leveled up that you need. Not to mention SM needs an A rank in swords to even get that. Yeah there is dark flier with DLC but that's a magic class. Dark Knight gives you double Dark tomefaire for lysithea which makes her even more of a machine than she already is. Dark Knight in my opinion is worth it solely for that, the double tomefaires you can eventually have if you get Reason to s+ which is pretty easy with her. Gremory only gives 2x uses for magic which in my experience is useless since enemy count in 3H isn't that much. Other units maybe not worth it but for her it definitely is if you want more power over longevity. My personal experience though. Not saying I'm right which I'm probably not, but mounted units are still too op for me in 3H. Thanks for this. I'll be sure to read these guides you and Benice gave me for my playthrough of the game.
  3. Alright I'm going to try and put all my thoughts into this one post so I don't spam and clutter this guy's topic with another topic. XD Anyway, I getcha. But, why does weight even matter if you can't double without a skill equipped? You don't have to be worried about being weighed down like in other games if you don't have Pursuit. That's a very good point I guess. That and some of the late game maps have anti-mount terrain. But none of that effects the infamous Wyvern lord. Falcon Knight in 3h is extremely hard to get to but WL isn't since you'll already have the requirements by the time you get to Lvl. 30 from being in WR. Dark Knight is also a master class worth getting into but is harder to get than WL. But I agree, as with the rest, non-mounted advanced classes are better. The type of nerf I honestly want to see is a movement nerf. Bump all mounted classes down to 7 or 6 MOV and keep foot classes at the same move. And bump classes like General and Sage to 6-7 MOV. This is unrealistic and takes the niche from mounted units though and would not go well with people, so it's just a pipe dream for now. Bolting? I won't ask what class that is that can use every weapon, as I don't want to spoil myself (I am curious though). But FE4 sounds a lot like FE13. But yes I agree, I got us off topic, way, way off topic. Sorry about that! Well they sound familiar in story too with 2 generations of characters you can use. I keep hearing you can use how many units you want, does that game not have a deployment limit or what?
  4. ...What? Oh god, are you serious? I don't know if I'm ready to go through ANOTHER FE where swing of a weapon is like playing the lottery. Although... Swords and Wind magic being actually good excites me, since there aren't many FEs where those aren't overshadowed. Well, mounted units are OP in every FE (seriously, I wish they would rebalance mounted and flying units in the next entry) It sounds really fun. I'd love to give it a try. Although I've been kinda burned by FE1, I've been reluctant to give games pre-binding blade a try. Genealogy isn't as archaic and clunky to the point of unplayability as FE1 is though I'd imagine. Sounds like the opposite of Tellius in terms of weapons lol. So if that's the case then I imagine it's extremely easy (Even more than Awakening? Perhaps like 3H Normal). Not that that's a bad thing, while I prefer a harder difficulty easy isn't bad as long as it requires some sort of strategical planning, even if a little.
  5. Okay well this is a lot to take in. It sounds fun, it's something new that I haven't tried before in the series since the games released outside of Japan are amazing, but a little too easy even on difficult modes. Like Binding Blade for instance is 10x harder than Blazing Blade. I'm supposing a "What are the best units to use in Genealogy of the Holy War" topic shouldn't be created if I should play it blind though, lol. Buuut, I am curious as to why unit and weapon balance isn't that big of a deal in FE4. Is there only like, 4 or 5 units worth using and the rest are hot trash (like FE6). For me personally though, a lot of units that people don't recommend for these games turn out great for me in the end. (Gonzales and Mia for example)
  6. That's kind of stupid sounding but of course if I played it I'd probably like the feature
  7. Wait what? Speed doesn't dictate whether you double or get doubled in Genealogy?
  8. Well, I've never played Genealogy so I feel it's unfair for me to judge it so I won't. But from what you're telling me it sounds like the exact opposite of Awakening where mounted or not, a unit can be a map clearer if you put the time into them or completely meh.
  9. Awakening used to be my absolute favorite game in the series because of this but, my opinion on it has changed ever since I've played the older games. It's one of, if not, the worst one. (Fe1 always takes the cake) I used to think the grind fest and capping character stats and giving them all these broken skills was epic, to the point they could solo Lunatic maps by themselves. So I recently went back to play it after playing FE9 and, it's not as a good as I thought it was. It's just a stat-cap grind fest. There is almost zero strategy to it at all. Yeah sure, you could not grind or reclass and play it like an older FE but your severely hindering yourself with that and if you play on any difficulty above normal it's going to be nigh impossible to beat the game. Another reason is there is almost no reason to use first-generation characters over their children because of the stat-cap skill grind fest gameplay. I always go back to units like Stahl and Sully, in any other FE title not on the 3ds, those two would be top-tier S characters. But in a game like Awakening, they're mediocre units completely outshined by their children. Not to mention taking the reclassing system out of your game style take half the game away. Sorry, I know this turned into a bash reply but I just couldn't help it since I just put FE13 down half way through after playing it again for this single reason. I think Conquest and Three Houses do what Awakening does but much better and not a boring, broken quest.
  10. My first was Diamond when I was 7 and I remember putting HMs on all my main pokemon without knowing you could delete them.
  11. Apologies to all you for such the late reply. My internet was down all yesterday and I only played the game for a bit because I couldn't look at a pre-chapter walkthrough. xD Anyways, I didn't even knows Knives existed. Just by reading the name you know they suck lol. How do I remove skills from units? Do you have to replace it with a skill scroll or can you just remove it altogether? Yup I got Marcia because it was pretty easy to get Ike up to where she was at due to Titania clearing the field. I don't really care much for her character at all, but I'm still using her because I like fliers. Yup, I'm used to bad growths, haha. I spent all day yesterday making sure he got magic in his level ups with Bonus EXP and now he's a pretty powerful beast. Now my Ilyana is the one who is screwed because her defensive stats are through the roof while her offense is mediocre at best. Dx I've gotten to the point where I can forge weapons, but I tried forging a Thunder tome with the best stats and it's just way too expensive. So I just gave him regular Thunder tomes to hopefully boost his damage even more now. That kind of sucks that it goes up throughout levels as I'm totally out of Bonus exp now and don't seem to be getting a lot more anytime soon (I got only 100 points from Chapter 9 since it took me like, 20 turns to finish) to where I don't have enough to give Marcia some. Is there Arena's in this game you can grind on? That's true... I forgot about Binding Blade and how I used them probably more than I did any other weapon not swords. Now that you mention it, I've never once used a Javelin, Hand Axe or so in my many playthroughs of Fates:Conquest. I don't remember many enemies using them either, but I haven't played Fates in like, 2 years. I can agree with this from personal experience. Mia is actually my best unit right now, she is consistent in doubling and does somewhat solid damage, but I feel like she will fall off eventually since I'm only on chapter 10.
  12. Well my Soren is incredibly weak at Lvl 4 and only 6 magic. He hasn't gotten a magic level up since I got him, so I don't know if I should stick with him or banish him to the bench. The prepromoted sages are sounding good right about now. Hopefully Ilyana turns out better. I doubt it honestly, since no matter the FE I play I ALWAYS tend to get stat screwed on units. Never fails XD. FE9 for me as of now, while I'm enjoying it a bunch, seems a lot slower in general compared to the GBA or 3DS FE'S for instance. It's also a lot darker, literally, like the whole game is dimly-lit. It was their first time with 3D though, so I'll give 'em a pass. Actually on to the former topic again, pretty much all my units minus Titania and Ike suck really bad. Boyd is good sometimes but he's so inconsistent, Oscar was very bad when I first got him but he's getting around now a bit (He had a level up with NO STAT gains. DX) Soren is just terrible and has no redeeming qualities, and Rhys can't seem stay between healing people or hiding away from enemy fire. I just got Mia on my last chapter and while she can't do too much damage, at least she's consistent with what she does and you can expect what you expect out of her. But the magic thing for her just seems, eh, way too impractical. I'd rather use all those magic boosters on Ilyana or Soren since he is in desperate need of one or two. Crippling my best character to make a decent character would be a death sentence for me right now, haha. I'm not sure who those cavs are, but Oscar is kind of iffy rn, so there's that. I just got the Base and unlocked the Bonus exp feature but can someone explain to me how this works? From what I could gather, you get 100 points which is 100 exp and you can dump it into a character and raise their level by one. I didn't try it yet, since I don't want to waste it on a bad decision. I currently have 1300 BEXP, so what's the best candidate for all of it? I also got a Miracle scroll from a chest on a fortress map but that skill kinda sucks so I'm not sure if I'll use it, tbh. That's another thing, how do I rig levels with this? Is there some kind of technique to it or is it a cheat? I'm interested in that since I'm tired of getting stat screwed, and I'll even cheat a bit to fix it. XD A sage without staves? What is this madness? Haha, but in all seriousness what does she use? I know you can choose cavs second weapon upon promotion but I didn't know you could for other classes?? She sounds interesting with all these ways you can use her, maybe some of them aren't practical at all or not worth it, but I think I'm willing to give something a try with her IF I don't get a better unit (Like a cav or magic user).
  13. Eh well, bows are bad in every FE not named Three Houses, so no surprise there. xD I'm on Chapter 5 now and what you are saying totally plays out into reality. In essence, Titania pretty much breaks the game for me and doesn't really give anybody else a chance. Hand axe is kind of inaccurate but it's good for what it does, without her I don't know how I would've beat Ch. 4. She's like Seth but on anabolic steroids. I've been trying to get Ike as many levels as I can (as well as boyd, I've debated about giving him the speedwing I got) but like I said, there really isn't any opportunity to give them EXP since Titania hogs it all, and I feel like if I don't use her these chapters would've been impossible, so it's a catch-22. I actually had no idea you could pick a second weapon type of your choice when you promote cavs in this game, that's an awesome feature that should return! If that's the case then practically all cavs you recruit earn a spot, right? Eh, I like fun and impracticality (FE is at it's greatest for me when i can make it as impractical and inefficient as possible!) but bows are, just... ew. I don't mind swords, since at least some enemies with no ranged weapons you can counter, with bows there is zero of that. Bows are only really good in fe6 and 16 and I don't really see the point in picking those over axes or lances, or even swords! Mages would be, Soren and Ilyana, that's all, right? I REALLY wanted to use Mia but if she really is that bad than perhaps I'll give up on that idea. Is there any redeemable quality she has to her? I don't really care about Rolf either way. Other than that I will take all this advice into my merit! Thanks again, Ping! I think I know who you are talking about and regardless whatever those units have, they are in bad classes so I will bench them anyways. Good to know since my Titania is getting EXP like crazy.
  14. Title. This is my first time playing the game, I'm on chapter 1 and I'm doing it semi-ish blind. (I've seen some playable units in this title) Basically like my other FE unit boards. What are the best units to invest time and effort into and the worst units which aren't worth it at all? Right now I got: Ike, Boyd, Titania and Oscar. I don't really have much bias against pre-promotes lately so feel free to suggest those if they are good! Thanks! Edit! And I should add I'm playing on Difficult mode!
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