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  1. Well, it's funny that you mention that promotion items aren't too abundant in FE6 because I'm on Chapter 8 as of now and haven't come across 1 single promotion item yet. In my playthroughs of FE7 and (especially) FE8 I had like 3 or 4 promotion items at this point. I've noticed Fe6 also has these huge maps and is a lot harder than it's successors. Not that's a bad thing, but it becomes a problem when.... Your units you're using are only getting 1 stat up during level ups. I have no idea what is going on, I've never ran into this in any other FE but my units I'm using aren't getting any stronger besides Roy (almost all his stats go up a level up) and it's really frustrating lol. At this point, I'm going to probably be forced to use prepromotes just to make the game a little bit easier, because as of now, my units barely do any damage besides Roy and Dieck and I can't strategize or work with that even when only two units are worth a dang lol. Lot was my best unit coming up to CH. 7, and like you mentioned, he started missing a ton even against lance users so I dropped him, even though it pained me to do so since fighters are cool. A big offender of this is Shanna. Her strength is so terrible, it takes her 5 rounds just to KO a single mercenary. Her speeds levels up all the time, but what is all that speed when you have no power to attack with lol. Oh, and I forgot about Rutger. I've been using him, and he is a beast. He's my only truly reliable unit. He's actually why I lost Elen but I think it was a pretty fair tradeoff lol. He makes quick work with map bosses, and his growths are decent, too. He's the one big exception to all this. As far as healers go, Clarine seems to be doing the job perfectly for me now. I'm pretty proud of myself, since I've only lost 1 unit (which was Elen, but I didn't care that much since Clarine and Saul are better healers) and with how hard of a time I'm having with the game, it's a pretty good feat for me lol. I took your advice and started using Sue. Thing is, she is only level 1 and the way units grow in this game, who knows if she'll get stronger lol. She can't really do anything as of now, but I'm willing to invest in her. To condense it all in one: This is the hardest FE I've played, and I'm only on Normal mode (I didn't see an option for hard) and my OCD of growing units into stronger ones is biting me in the rear. See, I've played The Sacred Stones on Difficult, all three stories on the Blazing Blade on hard, played Awakening on lunatic and all three routes of Fates on hard and just recently did a playthrough of Three Houses on Maddening Classic and have never had this much trouble lol. I'm not the best FE player out there, I'm pretty noobish, but I wouldn't consider myself that bad. All in all though, it's really a fun time, and just scraping by with 4 units that are barely decent is nerve-wracking and fun, lol. Yeah... I've learned this the hard way. I haven't used marcus in any combat as of yet, but I've used him to rescue some of my main units when they were near death. He's handy for that. Hmm, it's very interesting to see you use Lot any more than the beginning chapters. I was planning on using him, but like I stated above, he was missing a lot so I benched him. I'm interested to know what you decided to train him? By the look of this pic though, I'll have to add Lilina to my team. Lugh is good I guess right now, but the way he is going, I definitely don't think he'll be capping magic and I need a strong magic user. Thanks for the insight!
  2. This is a lot similar to my Blazing Blade question of the same topic... Basically what I'm asking is what are the best units to invest time and resources into? As I said in my previous thread about FE7 I'm not really a big fan of pre-promotes unless they really are good and contribute the whole game (Like seth in the sacred stones) and the "Rate the Unit" threads for FE6 seem to heavily favor pre-promotes, which I'll repeat am not a big fan of. So which are the best units to train that aren't so? So far, I'm on chapter 4 and am using Lot, Roy, Lance, Alen, Shanna. Dieck and now Lugh. I picked Lot because he was the best one I had for fighter and I eventually want a Warrior to me team.
  3. You... Haven't logged in 6 years and the first thing you see is my post? That's... a bit coincidental I guess. Yeah, I won't go into what I've done here but I've done some questionable things and now it reflects on me as a terrible person which I normally don't act like. it isn't me... That's not who I am.
  4. For the way I acted the last moments of my time here on this forums. I've acted like an moron crybaby, harassing mods and members to do something they can't and don't care to do. For that, I am sorry, I hope you all can find it in your heart to forgive me and my nutcase rants and moods.
  5. I just used my two Edelgards with my Bridal Lyn as a healer and and Lysithea as backup damage. Beat all difficulties on first try except Lunatic (which was somehow harder than Infernal by a huge margin)
  6. Well, there is usually (on every website that requires an account to access most features I've been on) an option to delete your account, which surprisingly isn't an option on most forums for some reason. But that is a better answer than I was expecting for this question. I guess it will have to suffice for this. I didn't think of taking it up with a mod as I couldn't find any contact info for one but I will find a way, hopefully. Thanks for the help!
  7. I don't know if this is where I should be putting this or not, I couldn't really find a help/info section in the forums where I could ask this so I decided to do it here. I've looked everywhere for an account deletion option and it's nowhere to be found, is it possible? if so how do I do it? Thanks in advance!
  8. I love Three Houses but the Cindered Shadows side story is just so, ew. So aren't the characters. When I bought the DLC it honestly kind of ruined one of my favorite games this decade. I thought it would elaborate more on the main story and what exactly happened before Byleth was born and why he had such a distrust for Rhea. That's what I would change about Three Houses. I would add more to the game in order to make the story seem a lot more sense, because playing through it even all 3 routes, it just seems like a ton is missing plot-wise. I'd also like to see Edelgard's story have more chapters but I guess that's in the past now.
  9. I actually don't know what Berwick Saga is, so I suppose it doesn't count. mod post merge: Wow, thanks for your input everyone! If there is anything I learned from this thread it's that I need to find someway to play Path of Radiance lol.
  10. Uh, title. I'd like to know your reasons why your favorite game in the series is your favorite. Is it the gameplay? Story? Characters? OST? Heroes can also be included (although I play it I'm not much of a fan of mobile games, even if they are entries of my favorite franchises.)
  11. Well you make a good point. There are political affluences in many games but I never really paid that much attention to detail how many FE games have politcal-driven stories.
  12. Why bring politics into a forum about Fire Emblem? Just why? Politics, the starter of wars, destroyer of friendships and family.
  13. Looking at the rest of the replies here and I definitely voted this all wrong. My bad. Still, I rate him 8 out of 10.
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