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  1. I didn't forget about it, I just had all the information I needed so I didn't think continuing the thread on forever was necessary. Haha yeah FE has consumed pretty much all my time off the past year. But in reality, it was actually 8 playthroughs of the Tellius series since the 3 other POR playthroughs were just to get stat bonuses in RD. So I've played both of them equally. Blazing Blade, Sacred Stones, POR and Radiant Dawn are definitely my favorite Fire Emblems released in the west. (Three Houses is but it's post Awakening)
  2. Oh, wow. I haven't been on this site in like a month and didn't even see this. I wasn't ignoring you! I apologize I have been having some things going on in my life that have been taking a lot of my time away but anyway I have finished 4 playthroughs of Radiant Dawn since then and about 7 of POR (I wanted the transfers and every time I played I went to POR before). Yeah... Fire Emblem pretty much takes up all my free time anymore XD
  3. Well, I have 2 Paragons equipped to other units not Astrid and Geoffrey, so I think I took it off of Astrid... But Geoffrey's? I don't think I did. Which now looking back was... Very stupid of me. BUT I just found out recently that you could reuse the skills you removed from units!
  4. Pretty much this... On all seriousness though, I was trying to keep her away from combat and the reinforcements from the beginning of the map got her. She was so useless she couldn't even defend herself
  5. Alright well thanks to everyone for giving me advice again on my 900th best unit post. I really appreciate all the detail you put into all these answers lol. I read all of what Gonzo said and I'm almost going to beat part 3 with only 2 chapters left. I am not going to fight my Ike on Ch. 13 because he has 4 stats maxed and is a level 20 Hero. Compare him to my *** micaiah units and I am asking for trouble. I am going to try the strategy Gonzo gave because I'm really dreading that. I also beat Chapter 9 pretty easily and I didn't even have to use the Master Crown, which I was debating about using but I left it there and if I was unable to beat the map I'd use it. I had a pretty easy time with it thanks to Devdan, Geoffrey, Kieran and Marcia. Calill and Makalov didn't contribute much, and Astrid didn't contribute at all because she died on turn 3. Only MC I've used on any unit is Gatrie because I wanted to give him more speed since his cap was low. Oh and I never had one green unit on 3-10 die for me because like I said, my GM units are so OP that the game is easy as pie with them around. I think I also completed it in like 6 turns. The bridge chapter afterward is what sucked, those dang pits. But I was able to manage it in 10 turns and I just had Tibard and his hawks Avoid using the direct command and Haar pretty much kill everything himself. Would've gotten it faster and I could've looked up where the pits were but I didn't feel like it. Speaking of Haar, I couldn't agree more. I gave him a speedwing after I promoted him and he's unstoppable. Thunder mages do kinda scare me around him but he seems to dodge them luckily. I'm going to have to use Nolan sadly because I have no other option. Good to know he can do something at least. Is there any possible way I could transfer Aqqar to the DB? That doesn't matter though, because he should be able to KO them with a regular crossbow. My nolan is terrible though and I'd rather be safe than sorry. Okay thank you for this, this is also really important because I've been trying to avoid using my Ike since he's max level and 4 stat caps, and I want everyone else to get XP so now I can use him more often after. A lot of this information is useful. Thanks! Maybe moreso for my second playthrough because I know I missed a lot of details this time lol. I also never gave him a speedwing and he didn't get transfer bonuses. Would've rather Nolan turned out better than him but alright.
  6. Okay I am very sorry for such a belated reply but I've been really busy and haven't been able to play as much as I want normally I'd have already beaten the game , but family and a lot of life issues got in the way and I've just now for the past two days played the game and I've gotten past Part 2 (It was really short) and am 7 chapters into Part 3 and the game has been a lot easier and better for me taking youns advice into account as well as getting the Greil Mercenaries which are OP as all hell and has made the game infinitely easier for me. Yes I already cleared the swamp after you posted this but this is really good advice for my next playthrough. Everything will be easier next time since I won't be playing blind. I COULD'VE used Vika to kill those wyverns already but she didn't transform for 900 turns and I didn't have olivi grass which I now have stockpiles upon stockpiles of! Having to use an item though just so laguz units can fight is a pain though and reminds me why I don't use them unless I have to. Oh that note, I just played 3-6 today and I didn't find it hard at all. Maybe because I didn't use Tauroneo much in the beginning like Shadow mir said but I had Jill promoted and gave her all my stat boosters. I gave her and Nolan as well as Edward a bit of Bonus EXP and they were great with their weapons they got from the base. Then the black knight came along and proceeded to nuke everything so it wasn't bad at all. Actually, the part 3 chapters haven't been hard at all. Maybe because it's normal mode, but I had a huge problem with part 1 and even part 2 on the last chapter was a nightmare. Only thing I am missing is a few items from villages/tens and some secret ones but I will have to get those next time. Volug contributed a bit but he mostly sucked compared to Jill, nolan and edward. Sothe did too, which I expected. And yeah, I am DEFINITELY canning Nolan whenever I get the chance. I had to use him this chapter, and even give him some exp just so he could fight a bit but he has been completely speed screwed only getting 1 SPD level at level 2 Warrior. He now has 11 speed. Meanwhile, I've gotten completely different results with Boyd! He has 26 speed now and has gotten a spd level on almost every level up as well as strength. He's a monster along with titania, ike, shinon and mia. Nolan doesn't even compare. My Haar is good too, but he doesn't double at 22 speed. Gatrie is good for me too combat wise, but he almost never sees any action because of his move. On the chapter where you only have Micaiah and the BK I did struggle with that one. Mainly because I was setting it up to rescue her and just have him destroy everything but when I went to do it I wasn't able to. Really put a dent into my strategy (lazy one) where I could just have him eat everything. I didn't know you could unequip skills from units and put them onto someone else, and I didn't really pay attention to skills in part 1 because I was too focused on just trying to beat it lol. I know the game better now and wish I could've got celerity from tormod before the end but I'll just have to save it for next time I guess. And I agree pretty much with SM on everything he said about laguz units, I've said my piece on them though. Oh, and crossbows weren't really a problem for me except in part 2 where I had Marcia and elincia, they suck bad other than dealing with pegasus. Not my boyd. He's doubling everything after a few levels now.
  7. OKAY I got lost in all this and honestly didn't expect it to turn into such a heated argument, I just wanted some tips on how to play the game since I've never played RD before but I've played all the other FEs, so I wouldn't consider myself a FE noob just a noob to RD. I'm not going to quote anybody in this reply because that will take up a ton of space so I will just write down my thoughts and what is going on in my RD adventure as of right now. On the Tauroneo thing, I actually haven't used him much BUT without him I wouldn't have had my other units survive most of the chapters. Actually, he was key to Chapter 6 part 2 and Chapter 7 simply for the fact that he is invincible right now and the reinforcements in this game are constant and my other units (the ones I should be training) are incredibly weak sans Edward and Jill now and having him there to block and deal with the reinforcements saved me multiple times. I don't think I would've been able to beat those chapters without him. This is the hardest game I've played in the series because dodge rates are horrible even when the enemy is below 25 hit and you can almost never double. That on top of the numerous reinforcements and feeling like I have to rush and get the map done fast so I can get bonus EXP just makes it extremely hard for me. I am never for using prepromotes in FE since I like growth units but without Tormod, Volug and Tauroneo I wouldn't have been able to get myself to chapter 9. On the Laguz thing. I generally hate shapeshifting units in these games and go out of my way to not use them. Volug and Nailah have been an exception but I will give a good example as to why I don't use them: Here I am on Chapter 8 (the swamp ch.) and I cannot field Jill or Tauroneo so I am stuck with most of the Laguz. While I'm using most of my units that can't go into the water to defeat the main army a wyvern comes out of nowhere and starts murdering the villagers. I then have nothing up my sleeve for that since Jill had to be left behind and all I have to rely on is... Vika. There she goes, standing right by the civilians as they get brutally slaughtered by a man on a flying lizard, being able to do absolutely nothing but watch, do to not being able to transform. It took 6 TURNS for her to FINALLY shapeshift and actually do something, and when she was finally able to it wasn't even worth it. Nailah is godly though and Volug has saved my butt numerous times. Oh, and my Jill is great. Nolan is the one who has turned out terrible for me. 10 speed at LEVEL 20 I didn't even know Olivi grass or the Rune existed...
  8. Well, I think only Ike is the one who reached level 20 in both my playthroughs of POR so I guess it worthless to transfer data but I guess it don't hurt. I just beat Chapter 6 and now I have Jill, Tauroneo and Zihark. I really liked jill in POR, how does she fair here? My Nolan is good but he hasn't gotten a single speed level from 9 to 16. And yeah, I've had a ton of trouble with the game right now especially since none of my units can double. Micaiah in fact gets one shotted by archers. Hmm. Idk if I like that honestly, that really messes with my team building. BUT there is no benching of units in that case so everyone gets some use, which is also nice I suppose. Oh wow. I know he's a wyvern and that kind makes me wish I would've trained him in POR. Okay if that's the case then what is the best possible candidates for stat boosters? I've been holding off for this exact reason because I have a dracoshield, energy drop and a seraph robe that I don't want to waste on anyone yet. My Nolan is slow as molasses, he hasn't gained one point of speed in 7 levels and his base is 10. But on that fact nobody in my army can double besides Edward sometimes (Volug can but he's a laguz unit) so it's not really that much of a negative for him. Is that swordmaster Zihark? If so I got him but he's a prepromote. My leonardo hasn't gained 1 level since the beginning of the game, I've already found out how useless he was from the start and I don't even feel like babying him. Perhaps with the stuff you mentioned he might be worth it but I just don't feel like it because if I want an archer I'd rather have a mounted one. I see. On that note actually, who is worth giving BEXP to? I don't have much because I'm very slow finishing maps in FE, but I can still use the bit I have. What I've been doing right now is just leveling a unit with it that's above 70 EXP, so I can give them a level. Also does promotion work like it did in POR or do I have to use the Master seal I got?
  9. I'm on Chapter 1 (not prologue) and I'm using my save transfer from my second playthrough of Path of Radiance. Actually off topic, is that even useful? I have no POR characters in my army yet, how much stronger does it actually make them? Okay circle back. Right now I have Micaiah, Nolan, Edward and Leonardo. I want to use Micaiah obviously even if she isn't worth training but the others I will drop if they lack anything useful. I'm playing on Normal mode if it helps.
  10. I remember viewing a support in my last playthrough of TH between Lysithea and Felix that somehow didn't come until after the timeskip when it was supposed to appear before the timeskip. It just seemed... Very awkward and out of place for those characters since they changed a lot. This is probably unrelated to the topic and isn't a useful post, but I wanted to share how out of place it felt lol.
  11. Haha, I can't disagree with that. They're always in good faith, and it's very entertaining to participate in and hear other peoples opinions on how to go about my favorite franchise ever. My binding blade question like this garnered a ton of debates and it was pretty huge haha. My Garcia is level 16 Fighter with 20 strength, his Str has went up every single level. He has the most strength in my army right now (Seth has 17 for me but I have used him as much this time around) with 9 speed. If he was a just a bit faster, he'd be monstrous and easily my best unit. I'm hoping when I get the speedwings and promote him to Hero this will fix that issue and he'll be my best unit. He doubles some units, like soldiers and Shamans, but not much. So yeah, he's pretty much working out for me like everyone said he would. I honestly couldn't agree more with that statement. You see, I like every FE game (even the first one) and I admittedly still have a soft spot for Awakening and Fates: Conquest because those games are what introduced me to the series when I was a teenager. But, now that I've played the GBA games, POR, and and Shadow Dragon and Genealogy, it's hard to go back to the 3DS era and enjoy it. It's just not as fun and is missing the charm of the older games. Now that I'm older and I've played a lot of the series, I've began to see why FE fans are so adamant on the series returning to it's roots. And I agree with them. I haven't played Radiant Dawn yet, so I can't say how I feel about it. I also haven't played Gaiden or it's remake, so I can't judge those either. BUT, I do love Three Houses and I believe it's a step in the right direction from what Awakening and Fates was. I'm a relatively new fan of the franchise though, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. Nothing will ever beat this game or the other GBA titles for me though, lol. That's also what my biggest gripe with FE6 was when I played it. The shear amount of mediocre and downright terrible units they give the player is a negative for the game in my opinion, especially considering it's difficulty. (Hard mode for me was omg) I loved it just a little less than Sacred Stones for that reason. I mean, Bors? Gwendolyn? Wade? Excuse me while I barf. This one doesn't have that problem and every unit I have is useful in one way or the other. They're also very pleasing to look at. I mean, even the early game archer can be good. (My neimi is a beast). Long post but I'm done now xP
  12. Well I tried to rig him a couple levels today for speed but, I only got 2 speed levels but the rest were INSANE growths but without speed, so I think that might be enough. I do not want to start a binding blade level debate again XD. On the last note, I'm on Chapter 10 right now and I really think this is my favorite FE out of what I played. If the difficulty was just a little higher and on par with, let's say, Binding Blade, then this is easily the best one in the series and definitely on the GBA. And this is coming from a person who thought Three Houses was the best thing since sliced bread.
  13. So then he is probably better for the route I'm taking (Eirika's) than Garcia but when I do Ephraim I'll probably keep Garcia. Yeah I'm kind of leaning on on General > Great Knight. Although, if there is only 2 horseslayers in the game then it's not much of a difference and it still gets 6 move I see. I'm going to try that instead of save stating because that doesn't reset the RNG like this method does. So Hero Garcia can still be viable though? I'm not much of a fan of prepromotes so I'd prefer to use Gerik + Garcia instead of Dozla.
  14. Well damn if they are this highly touted I'd be dumb not to invest something into them at least. They don't sound like no Eliwood or Roy. I'd really like to have a Valkyrie for two reasons: Mounted healing + damage. I mean, the class is like Sage on a horse. BUT, it might be dumb to use Moulder/Natasha, Lute AND Artur all on the same team. That might be a little too many frail magic users so I might just use Moulder and Lute and drop the other two. I'm not sure yet, but I'm leaning on those two. Well then that solves everything. I can just easily promote her to Cavalier and then Great Knight to get a general on a horse, not having to mess with a garbage lance-locked knight until I get there. I think I'll make Duessel and Dozla filler units when I can but for now they can warm the bench. Oof that seems like he is very unpredictable with his growths. I was kind of unlucky on him last time but by the sound of that maybe, just MAYBE I will get very lucky on him this time. I haven't got to chapter 2 yet because I just restarted yesterday but we'll see. Well, my Franz on the last run was almost offensively as good as Seth, but his defenses were no where near the level of Seth's so many times I did not feel comfortable putting him out there a lot because he was frail, but offensively very potent for a cav. So yeah, I agree. A mini Seth is a good way to describe him. xD So THERE IS A TRICK to the arena. When I read about Arena abuse it always puzzled me how people did it on an actual cartridge without savestates, speed up and all the other fancy amenities that emulators give you. But here's the thing, how do you check what the enemy is and what they carry prior to paying? This sounds like a much easier method than save states. Gerik... Hmm. When do you get him? My Garcia might be better by the time I get him maybe. I'll have to look at his growths if he is underleveled. I'm taking that advice because you're right. I have too many magic users planned so I'm either going to drop artur or lute depending on whoever turns out worse. (I'm leaning on artur for now) GK only has 6 move in this game though right? I would figure the mount is a flaw with the class since it adds a horseslayer weakness that General doesn't have. Oh yeah, those entombed zombies. Reminds me of Awakening. Yeah but it's not his first promotion which makes him it's his last which is Berserker with 15+ crit and a 30 strength cap. Oh, that's a little detail that I wouldn't even have looked over. I thought you got Orson back later but apparently he disappears after that so I didn't even think about taking his weapons. Well maybe in his older Dad years he's become more worn and his growths reflect that. At least until his son put the fire back into him.
  15. Is Ephraim really that good? I wasn't planning on investing in him too much (I was still gonna use him) but now I'm thinking over my decision. Everyone here has said Ross can be excellent if trained and I love training units that start weaker to grow into strong ones so he will be apart of my core units. (receiving promotion first, stat boost items, etc) I might use Dozla for the map he joins on but other than that I'll probably bench him since he is a prepromote. That's a good strategy, thanks! That map was giving me a headache because I really need that Orions bolt for Niemi. I'm not worried about seth charging in, but I am reserved about letting an unpromoted Franz charge in without any backup because it always ends in failure for me. Hmm. I'll take it into consideration, I like axe users so much though that I might end up using all three axe infantry. (Garcia, ross, dozla) but that doesn't give much variety, so, idk. I'll have to see when I get there what I decide. If you want to hear, I plan on my core 12 being: Eirika, Ephraim, Ross, Garcia, Tana, Joshua, Molder/Natasha (whichever one is better, I need to look those two up sometime.) Seth, Franz, Lute, Artur and finally Neimi. Good case for Ross. I mean, by the way you make it sound, he could be the best character in the game (I mean, he probably could if you were really lucky with his growths) but like I said, I'd rather give Ross the first Ocean seal and make Colm wait since he seems to not need it as fast as Ross does. I've actually never used door/chest keys in FE games because I always have a dedicated thief but that is a great strategy for saving up some since i guess I'll have to this time around. Well I'd like to have pocket money for secret shops. BUT, if the Tower is much easier to level up on than the Arena, I am all for it. I dread the arena every single time. Well regardless of what personal bias/vendetta to have against axe users, everyone has said Dozla is outclassed by Ross once he gets there so it's a moot point anyway. That's true, I guess. I don't mind grinding past Knight though to get General with axes, but Great Knight in this game is basically general but with swords. Huh... I didn't know that. That will be good to keep in mind for the rest of the game. Axe hit rate is only a problem in Binding blade though. (Gonzales gets better though, I swear) but not so in other games since enemies don't have any luck (the stat). But yeah, I can agree with the notion that they have no other stats other than Str and Hp, they are severely lacking in speed. There are exceptions though. What do you think of Boyd from FE9? He is probably the best foot axe users in the series. He's accurate, fast and hits hard, he's just a frail sponge though.
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