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  1. I get that you guys think we're getting Freyr but come on now. When was the last time we had a male mythic? I'm guessing it'll be, like, Henriette or something.
  2. Yeah, tell me who you're hoping for and/or who you think it'll be. Personally I'm hoping for Ashera or one of the remaining Eight Legends but with my luck it's gonna be either Freyr or Dagr. (Probably the latter because woman.)
  3. If finding fictional characters attractive is inherently bad then why are some of them intentionally drawn to be attractive? Better yet, why have I only ever been attracted to fictional characters my entire life? Someone please help
  4. Three Houses. Where do I start?! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh, that game was SO. TIRING. It got to the point where I didn't even bother getting to the timeskip. I couldn't stand the out-of-combat gameplay and it's not like the battles were much better. I'll just leave it at that 'cause I don't want any salty 3H fanboys crawling up my trouser legs.
  5. *reads OP* What the hell is this?! O_o
  6. Arran gets in but he's drawn by Amagaitaro. (Considering how baby he looks in his FE1 portrait, I think that might actually be kinda likely. :P) Astrid gets in but she debuts on a bridal banner as the backup in a Duo Hero with Lekain. (Also she's a loli because why not?) Sanaki finally gets another alt that isn't the backup in a Duo Hero but it's a summer alt. (Drawn by Himukai Yuji to really rub salt into the wound.) Muarim (or any boy laguz that isn't Kurthnaga or maybe Janaff really but I'll use Muarim for this because he's cool) gets in but he's drawn by Miwabe Sakura. Isn't that what everyone thinks he looks like anyway? XD
  7. That's where the debated part comes in. Yeah sure, official sources refer to Kyza as a dude but most people in the western Radiant Dawn fandom (even in stereotypically dudebro-y spaces like Reddit) see her as a trans girl so I wouldn't be surprised if some sorta flame war gets unleashed if they ever decided to separate votes into Girl Votes and Boy Votes.
  8. I got the fairy sisters from the NY banner two days ago! (They're my only 5* exclusive 2021 NY units. The banner came out on New Years' Day. I'm losing F2P Orb sources FAST. Might have to *shudder* consider spending money on the game if this nightmarish bad luck continues.)
  9. Boys' division: 1st place: Itsuki (TMS). I just love that funky li'l generic anime protagonist. y'know? 2nd place: Zelgius (FE10). I know I think this guy is dumb and stinky and stupid but come on man he has way too many fans I'm not an asshat Girls' division: 1st place: Tsubasa (TMS). I like idol anime so why WOULDN'T I think she's funky freshâ„¢ 2nd place: Peony (FEH). She's my fave book mascot and I just think her design is neat come on don't beat me to death with a stick for wanting a Heroes OC to get a spot come on dude please please come on
  10. Wowie, some people AIN'T happy with these midterms. (Myself included. Why, fandom?! T_T) If we're talkin' the characters I'M votin' for here, I'm goin' Itsuki all the way. I just want Inty to recognise his existence, dammit! I think that from CYL6 (wow, has it really been THAT long since the first CYL?) onward they should let you vote for one girl and one boy each day. Might cause a bit of trouble in the fandom when it comes to characters with debated genders like Kyza and Limstella but eh, nobody particularly wants to force their votes into an uneven split 'cause there's a character from the boys' division and a character from the girls' division they wanna give votes to.
  11. It's a hack based on 4chan memes so it's inevitably gonna be pretty darn offensive. :P
  12. i am disgusted. i am revolted. seriously this has to be the most depraved rom hack i have ever witnessed and i've watched let's plays of pokemon clover
  13. i've never been here what's on the menu
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