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  1. Personally, I want to see Charlotte from Fates introduced. Similar to Farina, she could increase her stats with investment, which suits her mercenary behaviour. She was one of my clutch units in Conquest, and pulled off critical after critical.
  2. This is something for fun and simple.: Let's post a random Fire Emblem related picture, and invite others to write a funny caption to for the picture. Without further ado, I will kick off with this: This "24" is impossible to kill!
  3. Here is my playthrough of the trial. Using Caeda in my team was a handicap, but I tried to involve her as much as I could.
  4. Conquest was the first game for me. While the story was bad, the gameplay was one of the best I ever experienced. The maps were expertly crafted and the objectives kept me at the edge of the seat. I remembered screaming in joy as Hoshido archer missed Beruka and as Xander slayed another ninja. It got me into the series.
  5. Let me count (in the order I played them) 1 Fates 2 Echoes 3 Heroes (do you count that?) 3 Three Houses 4 Paths of Radiance 5 Radiant Dawn 6 Cipher
  6. I agree, Fallen Edelgard makes clearing this trial a breeze.
  7. Right now, I'm open to ANY strategy to beat Fallen Edelgard. Using Fallen Edelgard to beat Fallen Edelgard doesn't count. 🙂
  8. Oh man, I have been trying to get Faye for the longest time. But maybe Soleil can beat her?
  9. Fallen Edelgard is unstoppable. Unless you bring a good counter, you are screwed.
  10. Here's my playthrough, and how I overcame Bridal Catria with no problem (hint: horse archer).
  11. Let me rate them, according to the earliest I have played. Conquest: 9/10. Difficult but fun. The story is weak, but the gameplay and the strategy required is top-notched. Birthright: 6/10. Serviceable. The game allowed grinding to the detriment of strategy. Story was still weak. Revelations: 6.5/10. More challenging than Birthright and had a better story. Nevertheless, the gameplay is weaker than Conquest. Echoes: 7/10. Great story, but poor map design. Armour units were essentially mediocre since they take so long to cross maps. Gameplay was good but deaths via teleporting witches can feel cheap. Thanks for Mila's turnwheel! Three Houses: 8.5/10. Great story and fantastic gameplay. The characters were memorable. While the maps were not as memorable as Conquest, they were not as mediocre as Birthright. Path of Radiance: 8.5/10. Good story about racism and war in general. I cannot think of much bad, except that the economy was poorly managed. (You get rich too easily). Radiant Dawn: 8/10. Enjoyable gameplay, but too many underpowered characters (and no reason to use them). The number of chapters (47) made the game feel epic.
  12. I'm Singaporean, and can speak both English and Mandarin. In university I learnt Italian as a side module for 6 months, and continue my lessons via Duolingo. A lot of my wife's friends are Japanese, so I only know certain Japanese phrases.
  13. But Edelgard will just ignore Rhea! Question: How about Valentia or Hoshido/Nohr? Haha.
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