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  1. I put my playthrough here. Using Alfonse was a challenge in itself.
  2. How about this epic fight, since we are on the topic of alternates! Odin vs Owain Laslow vs Inigo Selena vs Severa
  3. I used only one dragon (Fallen Robin). The rest of my team was Kaden, Leanne and Nailah. So only could counter range units with Robin and Nailah
  4. Oh, I relied on dragons for magical damage. But it was a sub-par build since I was limited to melee.
  5. Oh man, that sucks. Were you using an all-beast/dragon team also?
  6. I never played awakening, but i heard Frederick is a beast in that game. So Gunter has no chance.
  7. No worries, we all are busy too! How about Largo (POR) vs Gunter (Fates)?
  8. Fire Emblem Birthright The ability to grind makes it too easy.
  9. Next Duel: Ophelia (Fates) vs Delthea (Echoes) During a magic show, Ophelia's performance comes under critique by Delthea. Delthea boasts that she can do better. The two child magicians duel. Who wins?
  10. I only played Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, Fates, Echoes and Three Houses. So my list is as follows: POR/RD: 1) Volug 2) Boyd 3) Kieran 4) Lucia 5) Nolan Fates: 1) Nyx 2) Charlotte (Vanilla) 3) Orochi 4) Ignatius 5) Percy Echoes: 1) Mathilda (Seasonal) 2) Deen 3) Tatina 4) Nuibaba 5) Jedah Three Houses 1) Dedue 2) Leonie 3) Lindhardt 4) Judith 5) Rodrigue
  11. Next duel: Rinkah (Fates) vs Hawkeye (Blazing Blade) The two tribes meet in ritual combat. Who wins?
  12. I enjoyed the trial. Although I used Hilda as a bonus unit, I mainly relied on Shinon to win the day! My gameplay link is below: https://youtu.be/y0ZgpNfwvOg
  13. Next Duel: Gray (Echoes) vs Edward (POR) Edward and Leonardo is travelling through Ram Village and makes a rude remark to the farmers there. Gray takes offense and brawls Edward. Who wins?
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