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  1. My feelings: Reaction (pre-video): I wonder if we will get a special golden ending this time. Who is this purple hair dude we have to kill? Reaction (during video): I am shocked that Byleth isn't the protagonist! I am the purple-hair dude!
  2. I attach my Tempest Trial gameplay here. I tried using the heroes from Valentia to beat this Valentian trial.
  3. I put my playthrough of the Tempest Trial here:
  4. Ok here is mine: Archanea series 1) Princess Nyna 2) Lorenz Valentia series 3) Mycen 4) Deen 5) Marla/Hestia - duo witches! Genealogy series 6) Alec 7) Midir 8 )Tine 9) Fee Binding blade series 10) Lowen 11) Astoflo Sacred Stones series 12) Rennac Tellius series 13) Nolan 14) Lucia 15) Edward/Leonardo - duo unit! Awakening series 16) Phila Fates series 17) Ignatius Three Houses 18) Alois Mirage 19) Touma Warriors 20) Rowan/Lianna - duo unit!
  5. I attached my playthrough and I mainly talk about the history of beast units in Fire Emblem
  6. Here are my wacky opinions. A) A Buff Lord Leif was ok in combat, but he was a Lord who buffed nearby allies. I feel that type of Lord should be present in future Fire Emblem games. B) Summoner magic We seen that Genny and Silque can summon mirages to combat opponents. I think I would like to see a return to it. Or at least have a necromancer.
  7. I have even more juvenile theories: A) Garon from Fates is Ganon (at least an alternate one) from the Legend of Zelda series Both dress the same way and have ambitions for global domination. Both also started out as fairly decent persons (judging from Xander's recollection) before falling by the wayside. B) Marcia (from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn) is the decedent of Est (from Shadow Dragon and Shadows of Valentia) Both have the same colour of fashion, hair colour and class. C) Advance Wars is a continuation of the Fire Emblem series With the development of weapon technology, the importance of single unit heroes diminished. D) Alternate evil Celica is Malty from Rising of the Shield Hero Without people like Alm or Mycen to guide her, she becomes evil and relies on her beauty to manipulate people. Celica and Malty even dress roughly the same.
  8. A) Why do I keep playing? I enjoy playing because I enjoy the tactical, yet fast-paced combat. I have been a fan of Fire Emblem and still play Fire Emblem Conquest (my first game) today! B) What do I hope to accomplish? I am a simple man. I just want to see the conclusion of the storyline. I also am not too bothered by missing out on most characters, as I only focus on characters I do like (especially those from Nohr). C) Do you also see this game as a chore, yet are unwilling to give up on something you've sunk so much time (maybe even money) into? Somedays it is, but mostly I used it to take a break from work. I haven't spend a single cent on the game. D) Are you bothered by the prospect of your account becoming inaccessible the day that the servers shut down? Not really, as long as I see the end of the storyline.
  9. I have got a few also: A) When Fallen Edelgard was revealed. Now I need to construct teams specifically designed to counter her in Arena and Aether Raids. B) When my finger slips off the screen by accident, moving my unit into an unfavorable position. C) I initially thought there was terrain bonus in this game.- I also thought I could evade attacks.
  10. The story isn't the best, but I enjoyed it. To me it's like being a classic Saturday Morning cartoon, where everyone works to better themselves and to improve. It's very cheesy, but once I got past that feeling, I found myself smiling as the story becomes more and more optimistic.
  11. I attached my playthrough here. Good thing that Thorr has no distant counter.
  12. Now that I have played Tokyo Mirage Sessions (for the Switch), I feel that I must update the list, Fire Emblem Echoes: Alm. The main lord of Echoes. An expert sword and bow user. Fire Emblem Path of Radiance: Mia. This energetic swordmaster was gusty enough to survive the events of this game. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn: Micaiah. One of the main lords of the game. Leader of the Dawn Brigade, and a light priestess. Fire Emblem Birthright: Kagero. This ninja is an expert dagger user, and married Ryoma in my playthrough. Fire Emblem Conquest: Effie. As a General, Effie has high defences and moderate resistance. She married Corrin in my playthrough. Fire Emblem Revelations: Camilla. As a Maglig knight, She is both a spell caster and axe user. She married Kaze in my playthrough. Fire Emblem Three Houses: Sylvain. In my playthrough he was a dark knight, and married Dorothea. Tokyo Mirage Sessions: Eleonora. This archer has Virion as her mirage, and is able to utilize lightning and fire attacks in addition to her bow. Let the fight (Round 2) begin! Similar to the earlier fight, Mia seeks out the other sword user Alm. She locks blade, but Alm is the superior hero. So Alm knocks her out easily. Kagero sees the harmless looking Eleonora and attempts to floor her first. Eleonora changes into her mirage form and uses the arrow advantage (over daggers) to beat Kagero. Sylvain and Camilla lock magic and axes. However, Sylvain reveals his weakness towards pretty women and loses to Camilla. Micaiah eyes Effie and hits her a Thani tomb. Effie tanks a blow because her wary fighter skill prevents Micaiah from following up. Effie stops forward to KO Micaiah with the back of her lance. Now the fight comes down to Alm, Effie, Eleonora and Camilla. Alm spars with Effie, but she is tougher than Alm expected. With his last HP, Alm uses sendscale to defeat Effie. Eleonora fires arrow after arrow and easily beats down the tired Camilla (as she fought neck-to-neck with Sylvain earlier). Eleonora now faces Alm and uses lightning magic to defeat Alm. Winner: Eleonora
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