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  1. So as I was starting my FE11 run FE1 came around the corner and... Now I'm finding it hard to get back into FE11 without FE1 Flexing it's addictiveness. Anyway back to topic, I beat FE1 yesterday and I wanna play through it again, but I'm thinking about using Lena and Maria long term unlike my first time when Lena got benched after I got Wendell and I didn't use Maria at all. I already plan on giving my two bishop rings to Merric and Linde, but I can buy more at the secret shop in chapter 23 and I will only be using Lena and Maria primarily for their healing; so their promotions don't really matter but I just wanted to know if it's worth using them long term, and if so or if not, why?
  2. Thank you so much, you basically saved me from playing through ALL difficulties of FE11 to find the answers myself, so that basically means H1 is just normal mode with no prologue right?
  3. So, my computer crashed which made me lose ALL progress on my FE8 run which I was on chapter 10 (I barely played it due to school). So I have been thinking of playing Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, which I luckily have a physical copy of, as well as a Nintendo 2DS. I've also been wondering on what difficulties Marth can double Medeus besides Normal Mode, because, let's be honest the other methods of killing Medeus aren't exactly my style (I'm too lazy to forge expensive weaponry for some reason as well as the fact I don't wanna risk the unlucky miss on the "Warp, Aum, Warp" strat). If anyone knows I would be delighted to have an answer for ALL of Medeus's stats on the 4 hard mode difficulties other than H5 which we already know. Also if your wondering, yes I beat Shadow Dragon before on Normal Mode, I just wanna play through the game again but on a harder difficulty (That also isn't impossible for my nooby butt face).
  4. Like the others said she learns it anyways after promotion, however the thing is because of how explosive her growth rates are the only thing she gains from promotion is a little bit of HP and a point of movement, so technically yes, it is worth waiting to promote her til level 18 if you have patience and balls of steel. Either way she learns Ragnarok but if your also concerned about her stats, if she got RNG screwed for example, waiting til level 18 isn't a bad idea on paper. I might be late, but I just thought I'd share my opinion anyway.
  5. I might start a hard mode run through Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, and I also want to use one of the three trainee units, but which one of the three should I use?
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