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  1. Pretty cool stuff here. Doing the same thing right now, wish I was around to help
  2. Relax, I didn't do it! Plus, this forum totally has a subforum for spam. I am no spammer.
  3. Interesting, I'll keep an eye out! I've been having trouble finding good tiles myself :T Gonna have toe nd up commissioning custom ones.
  4. Thanks! Yah, but I'm reluctant to simply spam my way past the limit...
  5. I'm going to download this later and put my thoughts here. I was just recently playing Vestaria Saga I in Steam, which made me want to even make an SRPG myself. Any plans to change tilesets?
  6. Hey, don't leave! I just got here! Your palettes and linework has gotten sharper and more vivid. I think the next step for you will be transcending the FE style of portraits and using your own. The bunny girl is pretty original, for example.
  7. Whoa, really nice sprite! That tunnel animation is top notch, man.
  8. I see! Then I'll contribute organically. Probably some interesting threads I can comment on.
  9. I've been lurking for a while but I figured I'll officially join now that I have stuff to contribute. I am working on a game project I'd like to share here, is there a post limit to do so?
  10. Does anyone know where I can find the animated box cursor in the bottom left?
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