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  1. Any reclass options for Byleth? Is the Impregnable wall gambit a possibility? Provide things like HP, DEF values of your units and ATK values of the enemies.
  2. Who's your tankiest unit? Do they get doubled by Assassins? How much damage do they take?
  3. Shep Smith is out at Fox News. 2 days after Barr met with Rupert Murdoch. The name is not the issue. It's the Republicans. Just the other day, Newt Gingrich said the impeachment inquiry is unconstitutional. The man led an impeachment effort against Clinton in the late 90s when he was speaker of the house. Republicans know what they're doing. They just don't care so long as they can hold on to or obtain more power. The Merrick Garland fiasco being one of their long term ploys. They're willing to turn the country to a dictatorship so long as that dictator is one of their own. They may as well have said by now "Democracy? Fuck that, my team can't win anymore if we play fair after all the liberal indoctrination that has occurred over the years". The sad part is that the Democrats have the power but they're took weak. They should've jailed several people for defying subpoenas by now, just as Republicans would've.
  4. This is from Bloomberg's interviews with a 44-year-old Trump supporter:
  5. Not to mention the SDNY will go after Trump after his term is over if he doesn't get re-elected. Plus if congress starts jailing those fuckers defying a subpoena, they may turn on Trump in order to save their own hide and provide more material for the impeachment articles, adding to the pressure Republicans in the Senate will face when it's time for the trial. It's deliciously ironic actually, how the memo suggesting a sitting president cannot be indicted will end up damning the Senate Republicans (at least in the eyes of those still in Reality) more than if Trump had just been indicted by Mueller. Projection, hypocrisy and playing victim is what Republicans do best. EDIT: The Trumpians are actually chanting "LOCK HIM UP" when Biden's mentioned at a Trump rally. Not surprising but you'd think they'd at least pretend to have a reason like with Hillary.
  6. I have DQ11 on PC, the beginning started off quite boring so I didn't play it much. How long does it take to get good?
  7. It's not even a joke or hypothetical anymore: Billionaires paid a lower tax rate than some in the working class. Betsy DeVos should've just been jailed instead cutting her some slack
  8. Turkey's already capitalizing. White House letter to Pelosi Republicans deserve to become an endangered species or even become extinct. The American Right-wing is a fucking joke for standing by this turd.
  9. It's not. You made the claim To turn around say that it doesn't matter whether or not this is true establishes a false equivalence, specially when one side IS way more guilty of the problem. It's basically saying one side that may be guilty of worse things that they're not as a bad as the side that isn't guilty so they don't need to change, to improve. For example, with this false equivalency, you're telling victims of pedophilia from priests that secular people are just as bad. Do you have evidence of secular people in an organization all over the world fucking kids because their rules demand that they never have sex with women? The answer as to what to do if it is true that people of your faith have done more to ruin people's lives is up to you. Unless your religion/ideology is centered on the misfortune of others, you can still be a part of that faith. Just don't echo the bad behavior or enable it.
  10. Bull fucking shit. It is religious people who are arguing that kids will be messed up if they have 2 parents of the same gender and seek to deny same-gender couples children from a large pool of orphans that they themselves aren't even tapping to sufficiently, effectively impeding the orphans' and same sex couples' pursuit of happiness. It is religious people who seek to allow employers to fire someone just because they're LGBTQ. It is religious people that the orange turd in the white is pandering to in his military trans ban. It is religious people that have long fostered the culture in which it was such a sin for a man to be homosexual, leading to the man considered to be the father of Computer Science, Alan Turing, being persecuted and denied full recognition for his work during his lifetime. Said persecution lead to his suicide, if not for that, he would've been able to contribute more to the field and we may have been further ahead than we are today. It is religious people who like when people like you are "useful idiots" to them. I'd like to see you prove that folly of a statement if you can. History is against you on this.
  11. Adol would be a pretty nice addition and It'd be pretty easy to make a moveset for him from just the Felghana game on PC alone. A shame he's another swordie which will no doubt be a point of contention among the Smash fans. What are the colors based on? Usually the alternate colors reference other characters within the series and you have 4 options easily available through Dogi, Hugo, Yunica, Toal.
  12. Text messages of the Ukraine Scandal Pretty much confirms Trump engaging in extortion with Ukraine.
  13. Housing costs, taxes and the fact that there's lots of job opportunities going to Texas, specially in tech. California is expensive to live in and if you've saved up and can move to a place where it's easier to afford a home, why wouldn't you? California may be seen as a political heaven for Liberals but they can and have gone too with their laws now and then and they're not doing a good job of addressing the housing crisis going on there. You can. It's just not pretty and those that need it to be taught to them also tend to be those too cowardly experience the pain. Case in point: the actual snowflakes on the right like Tomi Lahren, Charlie Kirk, Ben Shapiro, etc. It doesn't matter the origin or the ancestry, you'll always have folks in the family that end up supporting the unbelievable due to the politics of "I got mine; fuck everyone else.". I have a cousin who's a TV show host on Hispanic networks, he supports Trump, specially on immigration. Whenever he starts to get unpleasant I'll usually shut him down by saying uncomfortable like how our dead grandmother would be saddened to see her grandchild supporting a man who wouldn't think twice about deporting her husband because of the color of his skin. It's not pleasant to do
  14. It's not planned per say but the idea was pushed by Russian Trolls, brought up by some pastor on Fox News and quoted by the orange turd recently and it's pretty much something the White Supremacists have been dreaming about ever since they saw the disapproval of Trump being elected. Given the constant stream of stochastic terrorism by Trump primarily targeting people in power, the whackjobs would target people in the government, specially if they consider them RINOs (that's what they refer to as "Republicans In Name Only" which they use to label Republicans that criticize Trump). Are we seriously having this discussion after the several times we've seen threats of bombs or suspicious packages sent to government officials? That may have worked out better in after the first Civil War but you'd also leave them with all the slaves they had... Today though? That wouldn't work. They'd demand to have the US to whites, not so much settle on having their own country elsewhere. Hell, I've seen posts where these fuckers talk about how "white couples need to have 12 babies, raise the strongest military and then conquer South America". The "Great Replacement" or "White Genocide" would sooner be brought about as a reaction to their antics than actually happening as they describe.
  15. Yeah I'll definitely concede that's worse then. The Black Eagles don't really have a good tank with their typical classes and it easily has the most units that won't survive 1 round of combat against those enemies. Yikes. Better make use of that Rally Defense from Seteh.
  16. Physical. Units with incredibly high defense can make the chapter easier as the enemy composition is Swordies and Brawlers that have higher Speed than they have STR. A problem is that certain characters have no business fighting these "min-maxed" assholes without hiding behind a wall that can mitigate the damage. I would concur that this map is worse on GD. Dimitri is generally tankier than Claude so he can help with protecting Byleth and Gilbert's always a tank for this. Dismount. I very much hated this chapter because Byleth, Hilda and Claude were all on Wyverns and I didn't know how Dismount works in this game. The way that Dismount works in the game though makes it easy to get around the Bow weakness Wyverns have.
  17. The issue with a second Civil War that the White Supremacists want isn't that they might win. It's the number of lives that will be lost because of the stupid whims of such scummy pieces of shit. They will lose, lives will be lost and the losers will attempt to whitewash the history again just like they did with the first Civil War. Trump isn't significant enough to gather enough support to beat the number of those that don't support him and conservatives who aren't on board with become full-blown Nazis will be in conflict with those that are straight up Nazis fighting for "White America" and don't care for Trump because they seem him as a zionist.
  18. The first Republican in the house comes forward in support of impeachment. Immediate calls to primary him. He may be in the more despicable party but the dude deserves respect doing the right thing despite the sycophantic behavior from his side.
  19. The audio of Trump suggesting the whistleblower be treated for treason has been made public
  20. And here it is: How the Democrats are going to fuck this up. It's like they're paid by their donors to lose to Republicans every time.
  21. It should at least weaken the chances of Trump getting reelected due to the Electoral College. Just as you have these rabid people cultivated by Fox News, there are those that voted for him and will now seek refuge in silence just like with W Bush because they can't stand what an embarrassment Trump has turned out to be. The only question is how much of the Swing state Electorate will actually shift to make the difference and hopefully it is despite the blunder I'm suspecting from the DNC and conservative Democrats.
  22. White House e-mail to GOP for talking points... they accidentally sent it to some Democrats.
  23. It's Trump. Don't expect him to make sense. A possibility is that Trump is riding on the notion that Impeaching Clinton had hurt the Republicans , which is a talking point McConnell used to dissuade Democrats on Impeachment. At this point Trump wants to be re-elected into office so he can continue muddying the waters on his crimes, avoid being charged due to the bullshit "can't indict a sitting president" notion that would be backed up by Kavanaugh if it goes to the Supreme Court and profiting from the presidency. Either way, I'm hoping Pelosi's district still votes her out. It wouldn't surprise me if her decision to finally support the impeachment inquiry is more of a result of Trump's attack on the Presidential candidate SHE desires as oppose to the fact that Trump's an obvious criminal and there's enough evidence to warrant the inquiry. Btw, Trump could lose the popular vote by as many as 5 Million votes and still get reelected.
  24. This one would probably be a 9-10 given how blatant and easily defined it is: https://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?req=(title:52 section:30121 edition:prelim) But of course, Republicans will try to ignore/spin it. After all, back in 2016 Trump broke that law when he publicly called for Russia to get Hillary's e-mails
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