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    The paladin who seek to bring balalce to the holy forest.
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    nemesis system for FE!!!
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    SS monastery

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    Three Houses

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  1. HEY YOU NO REAL FE FAN GET OUT! just kiding! welcome to the holy forest hope you enjoy your stay!
  2. Like killing Camilla off in fate.
  3. I going to give you up and let you down...
  4. I like to say he gone now it was worth a month...
  5. Oh a new face to wear... just kiding!, say hi to the holy forest and hope you enjoy your stay!
  6. One time i believe that i can kill or spare anyone in Three houses... I was disgusted as you when i find out about it good thing that guy gone now as far i know... one time i believe that family member except the avatar can S-Support each other ( good thing i was wrong.)
  7. Welcome to the holy forest happy to see a someone turn into a FE fans taiking about it hope you play three houses some day ( seen like your a madled who can do all paths of fates and said three houses)
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