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  1. Lon'qu and Tharja, F! Robin and possibly Henry / Stahl / Chrom??
  2. that moment when you don't even have henry yet or a c rank support with stahl, but you already have b support with chrom...
  3. yeah, i meant the weapon type themselves, not the actual intermediate class.
  4. the brawler line class is underappreciated by three houses players. (in my opinion at least..) especially in felix...
  5. i wouldn't know about the wyverns since the only wyvern classes i ever used was for felix, but i agree in remembering there being an abundance of many, many "stair/sand/cliffs" or some sort of floor tile disadvantaging the horses mounted units. my experience with mercie as a holy knight, especially in "an ocean view" (flayn's paralogue), can really disadvantage purposefully mounted units.
  6. greetings. restarted awakening today and decided i'm not going to use guides like i did with conquest.
    my main unit / "robin", khai, already has b support with chrom even though i was waiting to decide my s rank until i got henry.

  7. it's been a while again, hasn't it?

  8. the ost for this game is actually good,, like it still holds up-
  9. i apologize for never being on...what have i missed ?

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