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  1. the ost for this game is actually good,, like it still holds up-
  2. i apologize for never being on...what have i missed ?

  3. This isn’t the generation of fire emblem I was introduced to, which is why I want it, but I feel like they could’ve localized Genealogy Of The Holy War instead. (I would’ve included Thracia 776 but isn’t Leif a playable second gen character in Holy War and the main lord in 776?)
  4. oh I was talking about the thing with the dots and it’s red
  5. the weird pikmin monster from the pikmin game sorry idk what it’s called
  6. Sain [from blazing blade] // (yep! my user is after her warriors' tome ^^)
  7. non-jeralt obsessed leonie (jk there's actual reasons but it's funny how much the fe fandom memes it)
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