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  1. Enemies in the scouting challenges on late game maps/late game paralogs in Birhright Lunatic are harder than enemies in Conquest Lunatic main game. In my scouting challenges in Combat room, and in Sanctuary in a Deep Realm in Lunatic, I encountered Sorcerors with 58, 60 attack power (not factoring in Malefic Aura), Bersekers with attack power in the mid 60s, Wyvern Lords with attacks in the 50s. I even encountered Master Ninas with attacks in the mid 40s, MASTER NINJAS. I noticed that in all scouting challenges enemies carry tons of effective weaponry (Beast Killers, Armorslayers, Hammers, Wyrmslayers) and status staves (tons of Hexing rods, Enfeebles etc). So IS didn't need an Apothesis map when you have late game scouting challenges on Lunatic provide enough of a challenge. Moreover, Ballistican's Blitz has a late game Hero with upper 40s attack power + 4 more damage from Even Better, a Sniper with a Hunter's Bow and Charm, a reinforcement Ballistican with near 50 attack power + Trample, Point Blank, Wary Fighter (remember, Thracia had Ballista reinforcements too causing my Dean to die).
  2. Can someone (within the next few years) create a patch of the American version of Fire Emblem Fates that removes the 'a thing?' part Hana's line to Subaki before Chapter 7 (and rephrase it so its proper English and not some 2010s catch phrase)? It just doesn't feel right hearing such a wording in a Fire Emblem game which is supposed to be set in a distant Fantasy world, not on 2010s EARTH. I will pay anyone here hundreds of dollars for this patch. I don't like how the localization of Fire Emblem Fates. Having characters use 'modern' quotes like 'is a thing' triggers me. I want to play a version where Hana doesn't say 'is a thing?' and instead she says that line differently.I am so depressed now. Thank you
  3. Well we'll agree to disagree. Back to my original question, are there any classes that units can only get by marrying the Avatar that make those units more powerful than they are in their default sets? I'm playing Revelation.
  4. As an Oni Chieftan, Camilla loses her weakness to bows and wyrmslayers, she gets skills like Death Blow, Seal Resistance (which is key for her due to her lower than ideal magic stat) and Counter (which is great in tight spots). Hinoka is only good as a Spear Fighter-Spear Master in bow heavy chapters or indoor chapters.
  5. We know that there is some reclassing that is broken (Hinoka to Spear Fighter, Azama to Apothecary) so my question is what are some classes that units can get reclassed to only by marrying the Avatar that are as broken or more broken as Hinoka to Spear Fighter and Azama to Apothecary reclassing? (ie for example Camilla can only get Oni Chieftan by marrying the male Avatar and Ryoma can only get General by marrying the female Avatar)?
  6. So which of these married to the Avatar reclasses via partner seal would be best: Setsuna- Knight/General (fixes her defense) Saizo- Dark Knight (mixed growths, fixes his res plus he gets Seal Magic to further help it) Odin- Monk, Great Master Benny- Samauri -Swordmaster (fixes his Speed Issues, can S rank in Swords) Hana- Wyvern Rider, Wyvern Lord: fixes her defense issues a bit
  7. I'm playing Birthright.I need these skills, can someone help me get them: Sakura: Replicate , Live to Serve Hinoka: Bow Breaker Anna: Lucky 7,Pavise Takumi: Replicate If anyone has a mycastle with heart seals, I need about 5 or 6 heart seals in order to grind Oboro to get Galeforce and then to seal her back to Spear Master. I have about 100,000 gold due to grinding on Challenges . Thanks
  8. If somehow i was able to hack these weapons into Shadow Dragon's wifi mode to my team (assuming i had elite programming, hacking skills) how would these weapons do against the best clean players and against hackers: Holsety (stat increases from this can go over cap for skl and spd), forged Master Lances (1-2 range, brave effect), Master Axes (1-2 range, brave effect), Dime thunder (with vantage skill on user), Eclipse, Purge, Grafcalibur (20 percent more crit chance than Excalibur), Berserk tome, Berserk Swords, Sleep Swords, Sleep tome, Silence tome, skills like Vantage + Wrath (non nerfed version), Wrath + resolve (stats can go over cap), let's see my hack team which can dominate: Merric (Sage): Dime thunder,Berserk tome, Recover, Fortify, Physic + vantage skill Abel (Paladin): forged Master Lance, forged Brave Sword, forged Ridersbane, forged Rapier resistance in 20s due to clock abuse when I grinded him as a Sage in Chapter 16 arena Roger (Berserker): forged Master Axe, forged Hauteclere, forged Poleax, forged Hammer + wrath and resolve skills Wendell (Sage): Holsety, Sleep tome, Recover, Fortify, Physic , defense in lower 20s since I clock abused him while grinding him in arena in Ch 16 as a Paladin Cain (Paladin): Forged Master Lance, forged Gravius, forged Ridersbane, forged Fire Emblem 1 type Falchion (makes Cain immune to all melee attacks except by Earth Dragons) + sol skill Do you think with some or most of the above hacks on my team I would dominate ?
  9. Advice, find a way to hack in Knights of the round from FF VII. Someone could at coding can do this. I am serious, it's not cheating because Knights of the round is a legit summon in FF VII (it's not like you are hacking in Wretched Air or Imullhu)
  10. to Dominate Wifi battles in FE 11 do the following: Hack in Holesty tomes, master lances, master axes, eclipse tomes, purge tomes, skills like luna, adept, charge (if your as is higher than your opponent continue the combat, a lot more tasteful than hacking in 32 movement), Sol, Wrath+ resolve, Wrath +Vantage, astra , Hack in the FE 1 version of the Falchion (ie make it so it gives Marth immunity to all melee attacks except by Earth Dragons), find a way to recreate the FE 1 glitch where using promotion items gives Bantu and Tiki more defnese each time they use (and hack their def stat cap to 99 defense so the glitch can work past the cap). Forge a hacked in Wretched Air to make short work of any unit. Hack in some Luna tomes. Hack in DIME THUNDER and give it to a mage that you have in the hacked Vantage skill to and watch hackers and other wifi players curse you like sailor. Sit back and watch hackers and other wifi players fling their DSes across their room. If you are going to hack, be creative.
  11. The best way to win wifi matches vs hackers (and against others) is to : hack master lances and master axes from Thracia 776 and give them to a maxed out or near maxed out lance user (Master lances and master axes are basically brave weapons that can be used from 1 to 2 range and about 8 more might than javelins and hand axes respectively) hack a FE 1 version of the Falchion into wifi (makes Marth immune to all melee attacks except by Earth Dragons) hack the promotion items so they can give Bantu and Tiki better stats each time they use it (and can go past the stat cap by using it). This could be done in the NES version of Fire Emblem so it can be done here too if someone can hack it. A 99 defense Bantu and a 99 defense Tiki should give other hackers a run for their money hack eclipse into the game (shaves off half hps if it connects), also hack purge hack some skills into Shadow Dragon wifi for your units: let's give some units luna (ignores defense), sol , wrath + vantage, aether, wrath + resolve, astra etc hack Holsety into the game (stats can go over cap too for spd and skl) and watch hackers get so mad they start swatting you hack wretched air in and forge it hack rescue staves into the game and rescue units in wifi that are about to die hack thief staves into the game to steal, i have homework for school so ill come up with mor elater.
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