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  1. So this just came to me I just want to make a convo for Chapter 5 of Fire Emblem: Geneaology of the Holy War between Holyn & Bridgette enjoy!

    Bridgette:(sigh)Guess another war's starting I've heard that Sileese has a good Squadron of Pegasus Knights nothing my bow can't destroy and Pegasus fall to bows easily this will be a piece of cake *cking pussies

    Holyn bumps into Bridgette

    Bridgette: Hey watch where you're going you stupid f*ckward(just felt as since she was a pirate she would swear alot)with your stupid sword

    Holyn: Oh sorry bout that didn't mean it..... Heyyyyy aren't you that Ichival wielder(assuming she has the Ichival/Yewfelle).

    Bridgette: Yeah I can use the Ichival so what

    Holyn: So yeah I got a favour to ask.....can you help me find a way to deal with the Pegasus Knights more easily, you have bows that can pepper down an entire army of Pegasus Knights all I've got is some sword

    Bridgette: So why should I help you you've bumped into me you f*cking dipshit

    Holyn: Cause I don't want to be useful for killing nerd mages and I am real good at clearing the arena I was even the final boss of one so I know I'm better than killing mages

    Bridgette: Gehhhhh f*ck it I'll help you take this sword

    Holyn: Why did you just give me another sword!?

    Bridgette: Oh it's a Wingslayer it can dispatch lots of Pegasus Knights so you can now go toe to toe to a Falcon Knight

    Holyn: Thank you I'll cherish this plus you're beautiful

    Bridgette: Hehehe you're welcome...…wait a second what the f*ck did he just say to me

  2. So everyone knows what Jagens are right. They are pre-promotes(usually Paladins) who have great bases but horrible growths and low exp gains and not Oifeys who have the good base stats of Jagens but have good or god-tier growths making them good in the long term not short so this is a question,when do you think Jagens become not good Early, Mid or Late game just a questions leave your thought down below

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