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    Fanart, Cipher, mostly post-Awakening era but I looove Tellius as well.
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  1. Hello, I have SR Ike, Roy and Alphonse for sale. Find them in my store: bit.ly/neristore Hi! I got loads of super cheap normal cards if you'd like to find your favourites to start collecting! Take a look at them in my store: bit.ly/neristore
  2. Hi everyone, I am selling duplicates from the booster boxes I recently bought (series 02 and 22). Have a look at my online store here and social media for customer feedback. I am new on the forum but have been running an art store for a while now. Twitter: twitter.com/neri_nea Instagram: instagram.com/neri__nea Selling from the UK with free shipping but pls don't just buy one 0.99 card as that costs more to ship than to order. If you buy some of the expensive cards let me know which 0.99 cards you want as a freebie. :D I just want to get rid of them and I have too many lying around...
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