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    4 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    I kinda like how you decided on a story reason for warp skipping this chapter.

    It's more fun than just saying the same for every chapter.

    4 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Complete overkill. Having this magedragon boss immediately after the last just emphasizes how much easier the gaidens are to the normal chapters...

    They are supposed to be beatable for less fortunate players after all.

    We have finally reached the endgame.
    Many comrades were sacrificed to get us here.
    Marth grips the fake Falchion tightly, readying himself for his final battle.

    Malledus keeps a safe distance from the battle.
    Our strategy will involve the tried and true method of Warping.

    Current death count: 43
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.
    Chapter 10: Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.
    Chapter 11: Bord, Roger, Sedgar, Shiida and Jake.
    Chapter 12: Vyland, Linde and Hardin.
    Chapter 13: Midia.
    Chapter 14: Astram.
    Chapter 15: Beck and Dolph.
    Chapter 16: Arran and Samson.
    Chapter 17: Horace and Gordin.
    Chapter 17x: Darros.
    Chapter 18: Est.
    Chapter 19: Caesar and Tiki.
    Chapter 20: Lorenz.





    This is it, the final chapter.
    All should go well....


    There's just one problem.
    Or two, in fact.
    We cannot one-turn this map.
    We need three Warp users and one Aum user to pull that off.

    We have Tomas and Radd available for Warp while Elice is around for Aum usage.
    As such, one turning is impossible.

    So, we could go for a two turn strategy instead, having Xane transform on the first turn to give us the last Warp user we need.
    Seems good enough, right?

    The problem is this ballistician.
    He'll oneshot Elice.
    ...And Marth.
    So, this ballistician has to die.


    I thought of something.
    It's still a shaky plan to say the least, but we don't really have a choice.
    We must use the Geosphere.
    There's just one problem...


    Elice and Xane cannot survive all three uses, even with the healing from the Fortify Staff.
    So, we can only use it twice.
    Still, this should be enough to bring the ballistician in range to be killed with the combined efforts of Minerva and Ymir.


    Macellan was originally deployed for this chapter, but I want him to live, so he's been sent to the bench together with Etzel.
    They get first-row seats to this disaster....


    And so, it finally begins...
    Let me be real here, our chances of victory all depend on the RNG.
    There's no backup plan if we fail.
    Our journey would end, just moments before we reach the ending.


    This is Nagi, our savior.
    She'll be the one to slay Medeus.
    She's the only one who can, after all....

    Her bases
    32 HP
    8 Str
    2 Mag
    12 Skill
    14 Spd
    10 Lck
    6 Def
    10 Res

    I don't have much to say.
    She'll 2 hit KO Medeus, though I am unsure if she would be able to accomplish that if we factor throne healing in.
    She has to defy death itself to bring us to the end.

    Her growths
    90% HP
    50% Str
    10% Mag
    80% Skill
    80% Spd
    90% Lck
    20% Def
    2% Res

    Her growths are top tier for this game.
    We won't be seeing them in action, though.
    Or, not much at least.


    First use of the Geosphere, all is well.


    Second use of the Geosphere, the earth shook once more.


    Elice used Fortify, healing everyone again.
    We're almost ready to attack.


    Xane transforms into Elice in order to be capable of using the Warp Staff on the coming turn.


    Ymir and Minerva work together to defeat the ballistician.
    Our strategy can continue as planned.
    Ymir and Minerva might not live to see the end, however....


    Everyone moved out of the danger zone as much as they were able to.
    Boah consumed a Vulnerary to prepare himself for his battle with the manakete on the coming turn.


    There was no other way....
    Losing Minerva does sting the most, she helped us get so far only to fall in the final battle.
    Their sacrifices are not in vain.
    We reached turn 2 and are now ready to end this once and for all!


    Tomas warps Boah over to the one manakete standing between us and Medeus.


    Well, isn't this convenient?
    Exact damage, no risk of getting crit in return.
    You truly are our legend, Boah.


    We send Nagi over to chip Medeus.


    Those two have some history together.
    It's curious, isn't it?
    She just has to hit.


    This. Is. Terrible.
    She missed.
    I jokingly predicted this before, but this crushes my soul.
    Still....There might be another way....


    I found another way to win.
    Though it involves more sacrifices.
    Marth has the weakened Falchion.
    It's not strong enough to defeat Medeus on its own, even with chip damage from Nagi.
    However, Maria is capable of dealing just enough damage with the Parthia for Marth to finish Medeus off.

    She'll die, though.
    It's terrible.
    Rickard won't even be able to hold her hand during her final moments.
    This enemy hero will kill him before she makes her last stand.

    Still, I will keep my promise.
    I will finish this run, even if only Marth makes it to the end.


    Nagi has been resurrected.
    She's essential for this new strategy.
    If she misses again, then it's all over.

    Elice gains another good level.
    There's this feeling of dread in the air...


    Radd fortifies the army one final time, then, the turn ends.


    Palla was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Rickard...Rickard was just a small-time thief, he never really had any ambitions other than stealing treasures.
    Then, he met Zas and he swore to keep her safe.
    Malledus placed him on the bench one day, and Zas fell in battle.
    He took up the blade of Vengeance and devoted himself to getting revenge ever since.
    Later on, he met Maria, the little princess of Medon.
    She was a cleric at the time, a typical frail princess.
    But she was tired of being helpless, so she took up the bow and slowly grew stronger.

    Rickard saw the renewed Maria on the battlefield and got all nostalgic.
    He promised to keep her safe, as she promised him the same.
    They have been a tag team ever since and Rickard's heart was slowly starting to heal.
    Now we're here, in the final battle to save the world.
    And we're losing.
    The only way forward is to sacrifice everyone to save the world.
    Rickard completely lost it when it dawned on him what that meant.

    Nearly everyone would perish.
    Including Maria.
    Just then, Maria shook him out of it.

    She seemed solemn, having already accepted her role.
    She found comfort in the fact that she would be joining her fallen sister soon.
    Seeing Maria having her mind all made up snapped Rickard out of his breakdown.

    He promised that they would see each other again after all of this is over.
    He took his blade up for the final time and made himself bait for the enemy hero, all in order to buy Maria and Tomas enough time to finish this once and for all.

    He died with a smile on his face, knowing that he managed to protect Maria just a little longer.


    Boah fell by Medeus's hand.
    Or breath.
    Our unlikely hero met his end right at the end of our journey.
    He was the senior that lasted the longest.
    The speedy Bishop and the master of the sword.

    His last words were for princess Nyna.
    She must be strong, even if everyone falls around her.


    Elice sent Nagi to Medeus.


    Nagi succeeded.
    She hit Medeus.
    And she fell once more.
    This time, she won't be coming back....


    Tomas sends Maria towards her death...
    I came to a realization.
    The throne gives Medeus 2 more defense.
    We cannot win unless she or Marth crits.


    She did not crit.
    Maria's legend ends here.
    Just like how Zas's legend was cut short way back then....


    There's nothing else left for us to do.
    We send Marth to the end.

    He takes the Lightsphere to nullify the throne's bonus defense.


    If he just had 1 more strength....
    He missed his attack and....


    Marth falls in battle against Medeus.
    Our final foe has slain our hero.

    And so....


    Game Over.
    This was a "Hard" Iron Man.
    Meaning that it ends when we get a Game Over.

    We struggled so much to get here.
    It's truly cruel to have it end like this.
    I suppose that I couldn't keep my promise of reaching the end no matter what.


    Let us take a look at the death counter one final time....

    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.
    Chapter 10: Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.
    Chapter 11: Bord, Roger, Sedgar, Shiida and Jake.
    Chapter 12: Vyland, Linde and Hardin.
    Chapter 13: Midia.
    Chapter 14: Astram.
    Chapter 15: Beck and Dolph.
    Chapter 16: Arran and Samson.
    Chapter 17: Horace and Gordin.
    Chapter 17x: Darros.
    Chapter 18: Est.
    Chapter 19: Caesar and Tiki.
    Chapter 20: Lorenz.
    Endgame: Minerva, Aenos, Ymir, Athos, Palla, Rickard, Kerkis, Boah, Nagi, Maria and finally, Marth.

    This brings our total to 54 deaths.

    This was truly an unforgettable adventure.
    My first true "Hard" Iron Man.
    It had it all.
    Deaths, legends, unexpected strategies, stories.

    And, a heartbreaking ending.

    I am thankful to you, the reader, for experiencing this adventure with me.
    I hope that you had just as much fun reading this as I had making it.

    A special shoutout to Eltosian Kadath for always replying to the posts of this Screenshot Let's Play.
    It was very motivating for me to read your fun replies.
    Thank you.


    Now then, the end of this post won't spoil what actually happened in this chapter.
    After all, where's the fun in that?

    Our adventure finally reached its conclusion.
    I truly had a lot of fun, even if a daily update schedule could get a little straining.

    This is where I'd usually say something along the lines of "See you in tomorrow's update!".
    But, this playthrough is now finished.
    I'll probably take a little break before trying something else.
    If you have any ideas or suggestions for my next project, don't hesitate to share them.

    Well then.
    This is it for now.

    Thank you all very much for reading this Screenshot Let's Play.

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    19 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    That is a shame....

    Indeed it is.
    He almost got to see some action.

    19 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    I am surprised you didn't just class change Maria over to Swordmaster for this...but I guess you did decide on Boah doing this feat...

    I would have done just that if I had some extra Speedwings left over.
    Sadly, I do not have enough.
    We really need to hit that speed cap of 30 if we want to double those manaketes.
    Only Boah had the speed required to make it there.

    19 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    A worrying development. Just out of curiosity, what was the plan if he got crit?

    There was no plan, actually.
    I hadn't taken his low luck into account when planning.
    We would have probably warped Maria in on the next turn to hopefully finish the boss.

    We are traveling to another dimension in chapter 24x.
    Marth does not know what he will face in this unknown world.
    Our journey ends not today, but tomorrow.

    We must pass the trial of the tower.
    But we have no time for that, so we're going to cheat.

    Current death count: 43
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.
    Chapter 10: Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.
    Chapter 11: Bord, Roger, Sedgar, Shiida and Jake.
    Chapter 12: Vyland, Linde and Hardin.
    Chapter 13: Midia.
    Chapter 14: Astram.
    Chapter 15: Beck and Dolph.
    Chapter 16: Arran and Samson.
    Chapter 17: Horace and Gordin.
    Chapter 17x: Darros.
    Chapter 18: Est.
    Chapter 19: Caesar and Tiki.
    Chapter 20: Lorenz.


    Chapter 24x



    I do wonder if there's more to this unseen dimension than just this tower.
    It looks like there's just this island and an ocean around it.
    Though we don't really get to see much else.


    Boah consumed all of our remaining stat boosters.
    Well, except that one Speedwing we still have laying around.


    Everyone is ready to warp both Boah and Marth right to the end.
    Xane, Kerkis, Elice, Etzel and Ymir occupy the bench today.

    Or, well, they aren't really on the bench.
    They are left behind to fight off Doluna while we're out exploring unseen dimensions.
    They lack the strength to hold out for long, that's why we're warpskipping today.


    Are the soldiers we see here actual people?
    Or just illusions?
    If they're real people, then there must be more to this world than just one tower.
    It's probably meaningless to speculate about them, though.


    Boah gets warped to the boss and proceeds to one-shot him with the almighty Wrys.
    He would have survived a crit had he magically missed the first hit.


    Tomas acquires the Warp Staff from Radd and proceeds to warp Marth to the throne.
    Marth seizes the throne, showing that cheaters can prosper if they have the Warp Staff on their side.
    Ahem, I mean, it shows that we can beat the odds as long as we have the power of Warp.


    We meet Nagi, another divine dragon.
    We don't really know who she is, only that she's the master of this tower.
    She apparantly knows Gotoh and Medeus comments about her as well.
    We'll be talking more about her in the final chapter.

    We also obtained a weakened Falchion.
    Why does she have it?
    We don't know.

    Malledus had much more screentime than usual in this chapter, which was a nice suprise.
    Anyhow, this chapter is over.
    No casualties.

    And so ends chapter 24x.
    We now have everything we need to slay Medeus.

    We'll be entering Doluna Keep in the Endgame to end it all.
    See you in tomorrow's update.

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    16 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    You could have probably spent a few extra turns pulling back to the treasure room to loot it before warp skipping. I guess this still works...

    We have more than enough Warp uses left to warrant this frivolous use of it.
    I would have played chapter 23 normally if we hadn't gotten another Warp Staff in Etzel's chapter.

    16 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Depend on how he shut it down. Shut it down with a hammer, and it would probably be a bit harder to turn it on again.

    Malledus doesn't seem to be the best guy for the job.
    Still, it worked in the end.

    16 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    There just isn't much that can be said about a warp skip.

    I'll still try my best to add in some extra text.

    We have finally invaded Doluna in chapter 24 of our adventure.
    Prepare to witness some questionable tactics.

    We'll be clearing this chapter rather quickly.
    Boah will easily defeat the boss for us.

    Current death count: 43
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.
    Chapter 10: Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.
    Chapter 11: Bord, Roger, Sedgar, Shiida and Jake.
    Chapter 12: Vyland, Linde and Hardin.
    Chapter 13: Midia.
    Chapter 14: Astram.
    Chapter 15: Beck and Dolph.
    Chapter 16: Arran and Samson.
    Chapter 17: Horace and Gordin.
    Chapter 17x: Darros.
    Chapter 18: Est.
    Chapter 19: Caesar and Tiki.
    Chapter 20: Lorenz.


    Chapter 24



    Heroes did indeed rise and fall.
    All of our fallen comrades paid with their lives to get us this far.
    And now, we're here.
    Though, this quest won't end just yet.


    I reclassed Athos while thinking that Arms Scrolls worked for Staves.
    They do not.
    So he was reclassed for naught.
    We also sold a lot of items offscreen.


    Kerkis is going to visit another secret shop for us.
    That will be our last shopping trip too.
    I originally planned to warp four people during this chapter, but I am just one warper short of fulfilling that.
    Boah has to kill the boss, after all.


    All of our funds went into this ridiculous forge.
    We named it "Wrys", in memory of a legend who met his end too soon.


    Of course, Boah needs to reclass to wield this legendary blade.
    All the Speedwings he got in the other chapter allow him to have capped speed when reclassed to a Swordmaster.
    He's still quite frail, though...


    Boah just took all the stat boosters to ascend to godhood.
    Yet, it's still not enough.
    That's why Kerkis is going to visit the Secret Shop.
    To satiate Boah's hunger for more power.


    We'll be 3 turning this chapter because Kerkis needs to reach the Secret Shop first.
    Ymir and Athos keep the bench warm for today.

    I almost forgot to talk about Elice.
    We deployed her to be another Warp user today.
    She's a great utility unit.

    Her bases
    18 HP
    0 Str
    2 Mag
    5 Skill
    6 Spd
    3 Lck
    3 Def
    8 Res

    She comes with an A Rank in Staves.
    This allows her to use every Staff in the game.
    She's also one of the few units that can wield the legendary Aum Staff.

    Her growths
    60% HP
    0% Str
    30% Mag
    50% Skill
    60% Spd
    80% Lck
    0% Def
    30% Res

    Her growths are quite good for Shadow Dragon standards.
    Though, we're only going to see her level up once in this run.


    Then we have the advantage?
    Marth, have you seen Hard 5 Medeus?
    He destroys every single one of us in single combat.

    That aside, wasn't Medeus already resurrected at the start of the war three years ago?
    I suppose it takes a long time for one who was sealed away to regain their draconic disposition.


    Kerkis takes flight.
    He will arrive at the Secret Shop soon.
    Everyone else waits and watches from a safe distance.


    He'll reach his destination on the next turn.


    Kerkis reached the Secret Shop.
    I apparantly forgot to take a screenshot of the interior, apologies.
    He bought 3 Seraph Robes, 1 Arms Scroll and 1 Dracoshield.


    Radd transported Rickard deep within enemy lines.
    Rickard held Maria's hand before he got teleported away, smiling nervously while reassuring her that he would get right back.

    He opened the chest once he arrived in the Resurrectory, acquiring the long-lost Aum Staff.
    His turn ended and he closed his eyes, hoping that he would magically return to base like usual after the whole turn ends...


    Tomas takes the Warp Staff from Radd and transports Boah to the boss.
    He gains a typical Shadow Dragon level for his efforts.


    It's quite scary to see the enemy having 7% crit against Boah.
    If Boah falls here, then he won't be the only one to have his life cut short.
    Rickard would be lost too....


    Luck was on his side this time, but he needs to survive two more encounters just like this.
    He gains an empty level for barely withstanding the enemy.


    Catria acquires the Warp Staff from Tomas before passing it along to Elice.
    She warps her brother to the throne while asking him to not push himself too hard.


    Marth arrives, seizing the throne and ending this chapter.


    Gotoh isn't wrong.
    We lack the power to defeat Medeus currently.
    Besides, the Wyrmslayer is not effective against him for some reason.

    Still, getting sent to an unseen dimension really is an unexpected turn of events.
    The only other Fire Emblem games in which that happens are Fates Revelations and Heroes.
    But, I guess that Shadow Dragon did it first.

    Also, right here, he said it.
    Tiki merely returned to her slumber.
    Though you can still shatter the universe by getting both Tiki and Nagi as well as both Falchions.
    But that's technically a glitch.

    Still, all went according to plan.
    Even if the enemy's crit rate can come back to haunt me in the future.

    Rickard woke up back at the base, it seems that Malledus's strategy worked.
    He's glad to still be alive, his life would have been forfeit if the plan fell through.
    It would also have meant that grandpa Boah would have fallen.
    Some of the younger members started to refer to him as "grandpa" because of his age.
    Still, they meant it with respect.
    He's the only senior who is still around and kicking despite all of the hardships we faced.

    And so ends chapter 24.
    The end approaches, though it won't be here until the update after the next.

    We're going to an unseen dimension in the coming chapter.
    See you all again when we traverse the Alterspire tomorrow.

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    16 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Holy smoke you drugged Boah up into a combat monster. I was kinda hoping Maria would finish Michalis off, but it looks like this will be removing him entirely

    I am wondering which two dangerous manaketes at this point, as the 24 and 24x bosses are both Magedragons that are immune to magic damage... Is he going to be the killer of Medeus?

    All will become clear in due time.
    With which I  mean that you'll find out tomorrow.

    Chapter 23 is here.
    We cannot defeat Gharnef.
    Though we're just going to pull the plug on him.

    Today will be Malledus's day to shine!

    Current death count: 43
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.
    Chapter 10: Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.
    Chapter 11: Bord, Roger, Sedgar, Shiida and Jake.
    Chapter 12: Vyland, Linde and Hardin.
    Chapter 13: Midia.
    Chapter 14: Astram.
    Chapter 15: Beck and Dolph.
    Chapter 16: Arran and Samson.
    Chapter 17: Horace and Gordin.
    Chapter 17x: Darros.
    Chapter 18: Est.
    Chapter 19: Caesar and Tiki.
    Chapter 20: Lorenz.


    Chapter 23



    Why can't Gotoh come with a Warp Staff when he joins?
    He can warp entire armies without one, after all.


    Everyone is deployed once again.
    Basically every chapter is going to be a warpskip.

    We sold some weapons for a forge we are going to make next chapter.


    Gharnef can play mindgames all he wants, we'll just be ignoring him.
    There's apparantly a trick to figuring out which is the real one, but it's been ages since I fought him legitimately.


    Radd warps Maria over to the boss, he gains a decent level for his troubles.


    We're using one extra Warp use to get this small Bullion.
    It'll help us forge a perfect weapon in the coming chapter.


    Marth is warped right next to the throne, getting a first row seat to witness Maria's marksmanship.


    Maria took him out with no trouble whatsoever.
    She even dodged his counter just because she could.
    Marth seized the throne, ending the chapter within one turn.


    Malledus is actually our hero for shutting the unseen apparatus down.
    Can't Gharnef turn it back on again, though?
    Actually, this is the first time he actually does something more meaningful in the story.
    He usually just provides advice or forces us to sacrifice one of our units as a decoy.


    Elice has been freed.
    She'll contribute by using Aum but once.
    I'll talk more about her in the coming chapter.

    Well, this chapter ended quickly, maybe I should do a double post tomorrow.
    My apologies for seeming a little low-energy lately, there's not much to say about warpskipping.

    And so ends chapter 23.
    Malledus finally did something good.

    We'll be tackling chapter 24 tomorrow.
    Many manaketes will stand in our way, but we have Boah to defeat them all!

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    18 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Its not as bad as trying the next map normally...

    Infinite dracoknight reinforcements are no fun at all.

    18 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Kinda surprised one of the forged Ridersbanes wasn't enough, as she has the rank to use those. Although I guess with Ymir added in (and none of the white wings promoted yet) you have more good Halberd users than Riderbane users...

    This boss was the last cavalry unit we have to worry about anyway.
    I should really promote the Whitewings.
    Though I won't really be needing them if all goes according to plan.

    18 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    It seems that wisdom comes with experience...or does it?

    Either that, or he's faking it until he makes it.

    18 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Just telling us it happened is sufficient.

    Alright, thank you for the advice.

    18 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Let the village burn. (or just warpskip...)

    And so, the comments have spoken....

    18 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    I get the funny feeling you will bringing that streak to three for the same reason...

    I hope that all goes according to plan.

    We have finally arrived at Michalis's doorstep in chapter 22.
    He'll prove to be a fierce opponent, but we have cheesy strategies on our side.

    Gotoh resides in a village on the top of the map.
    We won't be paying him a visit, though.

    Current death count: 43
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.
    Chapter 10: Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.
    Chapter 11: Bord, Roger, Sedgar, Shiida and Jake.
    Chapter 12: Vyland, Linde and Hardin.
    Chapter 13: Midia.
    Chapter 14: Astram.
    Chapter 15: Beck and Dolph.
    Chapter 16: Arran and Samson.
    Chapter 17: Horace and Gordin.
    Chapter 17x: Darros.
    Chapter 18: Est.
    Chapter 19: Caesar and Tiki.
    Chapter 20: Lorenz.


    Chapter 22



    They have the advantage.
    But we have something better, it's called a Warp Staff.


    Boah becomes a sage to become just a little stronger.
    He'll be killing Michalis today.


    I gave Radd the Fortify Staff because I wanted to use some Geosphere shenanigans.
    However, I found out that such tactics won't be necessary.
    Does the Geosphere affect bosses?
    I know that Medeus is immune.
    Anyhow, the original plan was to kill the two curates below Michalis with the Geosphere, making more room for ranged attackers like Maria and Boah.
    Michalis apprantly gets some minor extra dialogue if she attacks him.
    Something like "Maria?!"


    I discovered that I had 4 Spirit Dusts instead of 3, this gave Boah enough of a boost to 2 hit KO Michalis.
    So, he snorted it all.
    He also got 3 Speedwings to reach the doubling threshold.
    Who would have thought that Boah would be one of our powerhouses?


    The bench remains vacant as usual.
    We'll be one turning this chapter.


    If only he knew what was coming to him....


    Boah gets warped over to assasinate the misguided king.


    Aaagh indeed, Michalis.
    Fear the old speed demon.


    Palla takes the Warp Staff from Tomas, then Radd takes it from her.


    Marth seizes the gate, ending the chapter before the enemy even had the chance to act.


    Malledus appears once again.
    You wouldn't expect it, but he'll be our hero in the coming chapter.

    There's not much to say about what happened in this chapter.
    Just Boah demonstrating his potential.
    Believe it or not, he'll be killing at least two dangerous manaketes later in the run.
    If all goes according to plan, that is.

    Well, that was chapter 22.
    Michalis has fallen and the League continues their journey.

    We shall arrive in the ancient city of Thabes in the coming chapter.
    You'll see it all in tomorrow's update.

  6. Replies

    16 hours ago, Shadow Mir said:

    And yet, despite that, she's still a valid target for the Aum staff, unlike Frey, who was the canon decoy (though it turns out he actually survived, as is revealed in New Mystery).

    It's indeed curious when you put it that way.

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    The most current translation patch can be found on this very forum, as the Lil' Manster patch (it even has a link to the romhacking page for Project Exile, where you can get the whole game translation patch it used as a base).

    I see, I will check it out in the near future.
    Perhaps I'll even try a screenshot LP of it sometime.
    That'll happen in the far future, though.

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    I guess Athena's is the only keeping this from being an all gaiden run.

    So close, yet so far away.
    The early chapters are usually enough of a massacre to warrant her chapter.
    I guess that I just played a little better this time.

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Maria really is the hero this playthrough needs, and deserves.

    She's going to recieve some special care later.
    It truly proves that anything can happen if the RNG is on your side.

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Those two are so cute.

    Rickard plans to remain at her side after the war concludes.
    Marth may have indirectly prevented the war of Heroes by losing Hardin and Lena.
    Though I suppose that Yumina could substitute for her.

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Its only one use of it, not the whole thing. Make one legendary axe's handle out of vulneraries and every freaks out about it when they break off a chunk to eat.

    It's just a funny image to imagine.
    Minerva chomping down on the axe handle.

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Minerva knows she needs to improve to take some of the burden off of her little sister.

    Minerva used to be stronger but older.
    Maria is younger but grows to surpass her.
    If you would just look at the units from Medon, then Minerva would be their Jagen.
    Though Est is supposed to be the growth unit of the bunch while Maria is basically their Wrys.

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    But Maria took it the wrong way, and thought it was a competition.

    She really wants to make her sister proud.
    Defying all expectations.

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Its hard to get a levelup better than that. Marth is really desperate to show you he isn't a burden, and can fight on his own, but alas you are right, he is too important to risk.

    He might still see combat, depending on if my strategy is going to work for the final chapter.
    If it fails, then I'll have to make Marth use the fakechion to finish the job.
    After all else fails, of course.

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    RIP all those kidnapped children then...

    War is cruel.
    Those children wouldn't even be recorded in the history books.
    it's as if they never existed at all...

    We're going to be tackling chapter 21 today.
    A clash in Medon.
    Our opponent is going to be strong.

    We have some tricks up our sleeve, though.
    We're also going to visit the secret shop.

    Current death count: 43
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.
    Chapter 10: Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.
    Chapter 11: Bord, Roger, Sedgar, Shiida and Jake.
    Chapter 12: Vyland, Linde and Hardin.
    Chapter 13: Midia.
    Chapter 14: Astram.
    Chapter 15: Beck and Dolph.
    Chapter 16: Arran and Samson.
    Chapter 17: Horace and Gordin.
    Chapter 17x: Darros.
    Chapter 18: Est.
    Chapter 19: Caesar and Tiki.
    Chapter 20: Lorenz.


    Chapter 21



    This chapter would be quite a challenge if we were to tackle it normally.
    The reinforcements would easily stop the League.
    We won't be tackling it normally, though.

    Besides, who actually plays this map normally?


    Kerkis heard of secret shop in the area, so he acquired both the VIP and the Silver Card while taking one of our wyverns for a spin.
    He might not look like it, but he's actually fairly experienced at riding any and all mounts.
    Kerkis is a man of many talents after all.


    We're spending quite a bit of money on the Chopper.
    All just to KO the boss of this chapter.
    Minerva also uses a Skill Book to improve her hit rate.


    Ymir joined us at the end of the last chapter.
    He comes with a fresh Devil Axe, though we aren't going to use it.

    His bases
    46 HP
    18 Str
    0 Mag
    13 Skill
    14 Spd
    5 Lck
    9 Def
    1 Res

    He comes with a B Rank in Axes and a D Rank in Bows.
    His bases are excellent.
    Just look at that juicy 18 strength.

    His growths
    90% HP
    50% Str
    0% Mag
    30% Spd
    25% Lck
    10% Def
    0% Res

    He has good growths compared to most gaiden chapter characters.
    It's a shame that there isn't much time to make use of them.


    Everyone is deployed today.
    We plan to clear this chapter in two turns.


    I missed out on this dialogue during my last run because Minerva had already fallen in battle.
    She really adores her brother, it's quite tragic that she'll have to take him down soon.


    Kerkis flies up, he'll reach the secret shop on the next turn.
    Everyone gathers close to Minerva to cheer her on.
    She's going to save the whole army by chopping the boss down on the next turn.

    Maria is cheering the loudest of everyone, with Rickard close behind her.

    Marth apologizes to Minerva for being too weak to deal with the boss himself.
    He would if he could, but he also needs to seize.


    Kerkis reached the secret shop and bought 3 Energy Drops, 3 Spirit Dusts and 3 Speedwings.

    If you're wondering why we suddenly have extra money...
    Well, I sold some old weapons off-screen during the battle preparations.
    Should I show that too in future updates?


    Minerva gets warped to the boss and takes evil Merlinus down.
    He does look an awful lot like Merlinus if he happened to be older and grumpier.


    Radd took the Warp Staff from Tomas and sent Marth on his way.
    He proceeded to seize the gate, quickly ending the chapter.


    We won't be handing the orbs over to Gotoh.
    Though we could technically afford to do so.

    I suppose that I'll leave it to the comments to decide on that.

    Anyhow, that concludes this chapter.
    We did some shopping to better prepare ourselves for the final chapters.
    And no one died.
    This is the first time that we managed to avoid any casualties for two chapters in a row.
    Both of them were warpskipped, though, so it isn't that impressive...

    Another chapter finished.
    We're stocked up and ready to go.

    The Michalis chapter is next and it won't be easy...
    Still, we'll find a way.

    See you all again in the next update.



  7. Replies

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Missing the C rank on staff makes me wonder how useful this early promotion really is.

    It still pushes him closer to it, though it's somewhat disappointing that he didn't reach it right away.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    What an interesting backstory...hopefully he gets a chance to helpout, and discover the kind of prince Marth is...

    He'll finally be contributing in this chapter, let us see how it goes.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Not as interesting as Aenos's backstory, but I like how it links back to all the elder characters that came before him.

    Not all units have the most interesting backstories.
    Still, it's fun to write them out.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    The one benefit of leveling Xane, less healing needed after transformation

    Indeed, though he also provides free healing experience every time he transforms.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    ...that is worrying...

    Oof...after how good he has been that hurt. Do you think having Xane take the blow instead of Caesar himslef would have been better for your plans?

    I would rather have lost Xane than Caesar.
    Though, I cannot change the past anymore.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    I believe in her.

    Its kinda cute how these two have kinda become a tag-team for this chapter.

    I never imagined that I would start to rely on Maria of all people.
    Still, she has my trust.
    She also seems to be a huge help to Rickard, who is slowly starting to heal from losing Zas.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    They are doing their best, in memory of the sister they left behind...

    They want to end this war as soon as possible.
    Then they can start their search for Est.
    Perhaps she found Camus floating in the ocean and decided to follow him?

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Soon it will be Malledus's turn to face him...

    Malledus has managed to avoid Macellan so far by asking Xane to transform into him as a diversion.
    This might lead to more trouble down the line, though.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    ..seeing as he just untrnasformed, that was good timing. Any earlier and you wouldn't have needed some other way to lure these monsters in...

    Minerva is able to withstand one of them.
    Maria can serve as a meatshield if things had really gotten dire.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Knowing Xane he is going to take advantage of that to troll Rickard (and possibly Minerva).

    I can imagine him shooting Minerva down with an Iron Bow just because he feels like it.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    This death is always so tragic to see. Goodbye Tiki, little princess of the divine dragons...

    She has merely returned to her slumber.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Here comes another double response...

    I am once again sorry for doubling your workload.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    I seem them revealing that the heirs of Grust, Yubello, and Yumina, are being held hostage to ensure Grustian loyalty...

    That would make sense.
    Of course, that would be happening behind the scenes.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    That is an impressive magic stat...Is that the highest magic of the survivors?

    I believe so, Etzel only has 11 base magic.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    That is a serious investment in Etzel. Hopefully it pays off.

    All is going according to plan.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    I suppose she could enter a long betrothal with Yubello (once he gets rescued), or possibly marry Michalis (although I don't think he reveals that Maria spared his life until well after Nyna's marriage).

    Yubello would probably be more likely than Michalis after the war.
    Mostly because Yubello would be considered an innocent party, at least if you compare him to Michalis who killed his father and willingly allied himself with Doluna.
    People don't just forgive and forget.
    Of course, Grust allied with Doluna too, though they were forced into it.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    I kinda like this version of events that occur when he lives better, although missing out on the Gradivus kinda sucks.

    The Gradivus is a very convenient weapon to have.
    I just have no one who is actually capable of using it.
    I'd like to imagine that the Gradivus is just a Thracia Vulnerary taped to a forged Javelin.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    RIP Lorenz, he will never get a chance to blow himself up in the sequel.

    They executed that so much better in New Mystery.
    Besides, did he just have explosives laying around?
    Or is his armor filled with gunpowder?

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    I bet the warp staff is one of those magics that require the use of an orb to create...

    How are staves created anyway?
    Someone has to be making them, right?
    A Staff made with the Geosphere would be funny.
    Just summoning earthquakes which only hit your opponent.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    There are enemies that use the Warp staff in Thracia 776. Usually they are positioned to warp reinforcements into ambushing you, which gives you time to deal with them before they become too dangerous...

    I really have to play Thracia properly sometime.
    My Virtual Console copy is fine, but I would love to actually read the story and menus.
    Wasn't there a patch released fairly recently with an updated translation?
    No more DACCing Vulneraries and getting ANIM levels.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    This gets fleshed out in the sequel, but Marth is actually the decendent of Anri's brother Marcellus, as Anri died without fathering any children. Anri was born a commoner, and wouldn't found the Kingdom of Altea until after Artemis's marriage. Artemis knew that the people of wouldn't accept her marrying a common, especially when the man she gave the Fire Emblem to was a Archaneam nobleman that united the remains of the kingdom in the war against Medeus while she was exiled in Altea.

    I guess that I have to look into the story a little more.
    It totally slipped my mind that this was covered in New Mystery.

    We're experiencing another gaiden chapter in chapter 20x.
    We're going cave exploring in search of a gentle giant.
    There's also lava, I hope no one gets pushed in....

    This chapter will give us a new unit.
    I'll be talking more about him in the next update.

    Current death count: 43
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.
    Chapter 10: Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.
    Chapter 11: Bord, Roger, Sedgar, Shiida and Jake.
    Chapter 12: Vyland, Linde and Hardin.
    Chapter 13: Midia.
    Chapter 14: Astram.
    Chapter 15: Beck and Dolph.
    Chapter 16: Arran and Samson.
    Chapter 17: Horace and Gordin.
    Chapter 17x: Darros.
    Chapter 18: Est.
    Chapter 19: Caesar and Tiki.
    Chapter 20: Lorenz.


    Chapter 20x



    This chapter should go decently well.
    No reinforcements.
    The beginning might be a little annoying, but everything else should be fine.


    Xane, Etzel and Kerkis keep the bench warm today.


    We should be able to take them down without any casualties.
    The only really annoying units in their army are the horsemen due to their speed and that one manakete.


    This is Ymir.
    He won't be doing too much during this chapter.


    Catria and Minerva perform some last minute trade shenanigans.


    We'll be taking the upper-right path today.


    One horseman approaches while many paladins follow.
    Maria bravely lures him while gaining moral support from Marth, Minerva and Rickard.


    Maria crit the last paladin.
    She also easily defeats this one.

    One horseman and one paladin still approach us.


    Maria lures yet another horseman.
    Rickard puts his hands on her shoulders, assuring her that she'll be fine.


    Maria landed a crit on the horseman and gained a level.
    More speed is always good.


    Tomas came up and healed her.
    He gained a level for his troubles.
    His stats really are pitiful, aren;t they?
    Every pre-promote has higher bases than these, right?
    Even base Wolf and Sedgar are better.


    Maria defeats the last guy that pursued us.
    We can finally start moving.


    Everyone heads north towards the manakete and Ymir.


    We walked for a few turns to get Maria over here.
    She's basically our main offense now.


    Maria and Minerva weakened the manakete.
    Rickard swooped in and took him down while getting cheered on by the princesses of Medon.

    Minerva actually got a support bonus from Maria, giving her 10 extra hit with her attack.


    Everyone is heading up.


    Marth decides to have a fun chat with this guy.


    Ymir decides to retreat for now.
    Then he can watch as Marth runs around opening chests while not fighting at all.
    The Altean bandits strike again!
    Ahem, I mean, he'll join us at the end of the chapter.


    Minerva is going to lure the generals on the left.
    Maria and the Whitewings are nearby to provide support.


    Maria sends yet another soul to oblivion with the help of her unbreaking Parthia.


    Rickard and Marth got their hands on a Wo Dao and a Killer Axe.


    Minerva chokes the bridge while being surrounded by all of the people closest to her.
    Who's that?


    Minerva gained a level.
    Though she only obtained luck.
    Perhaps it'll help her get that 5 star pull in FEH.


    Maria uses the Longbow for the first time and does 14 damage to the general.
    Boah cleanly KO's him with his Fire Tome.

    Minerva is in range to get killed on the coming enemy phase and our healers are too squishy to get in and heal her.
    What would I do, you may ask?
    Use physic?

    Minerva ate one use of her Hauteclere uses, restoring 10 HP.
    It is a weaponized Vulnerary after all.
    It was a horrifying sight for the whole army, though.
    No one expected to see Minerva to just swallow the legendary axe whole.
    Some people reportedly had nightmares after witnessing this phenomenon.


    Maria just shot 2 arrows through his armor, killing him.


    Minerva recieved healing for the wounds she sustained during combat.
    Well, not only for that.
    Her throat also hurt a lot from swallowing the Hauteclere...


    Everyone happily crossed the bridge once the generals were defeated.


    The paladins decided to move, so everyone decided to retreat to the other bridge.


    Minerva will block them all!


    Maria easily takes the paladin down.
    Rickard is cheering her on from behind as she gains a level.


    Minerva is healed back to full health.
    We'll be skipping ahead a bit since the coming turns will just be more of the same.


    Macellan and Catria gained a level.
    All the paladins have been cleared out.


    Minerva flew up and defeated the Swarm bishop.
    Everyone else is walking over to the left side of the map.
    We plan to split the army to gather all of the treasure.


    Minerva countered the other bishop and gained a fantastic level.


    The three cavaliers from the bottom started moving, we're not really ready for them yet...


    Everyone gathers just outside of their range while Marth runs up.


    Maria defeats the cavalier in the middle and gains a level for her troubles.
    She actually gained strength!
    A rare sight indeed.
    She won't be able to max out speed through normal means anymore, which is unfortunate.


    Minerva was healed by Boah just in case.


    Aenos finally got to contribute as he chipped the cavalier.
    Minerva flew in and took him out with her fancy Poleax.


    Macellan and Catria worked together to defeat the final cavalier.
    Macellan reached a C Rank in Tomes.


    Marth got his hands on another Longbow.


    Marth opened another chest, gaining the precious Poleax within.


    Boah heals Minerva again and gains a level for his efforts.


    We're going to be defeating this manakete on the following turn.


    Marth is going to solo the boss.
    He won't die in a single hit and he can heal himself with the Vulnerary.
    The boss won't heal, so we'll be fine.


    Maria just went ahead and crit the manakete.
    So that was easy.


    The army heads down to collect the remaining treasure.


    Marth survived the encounter and ran to get some healing in.


    Rickard obtained a killer bow while everyone else headed down.


    Marth put himself in range of the boss again and DAC'd a Vulnerary.


    Maria awaits the knight with the forged Javelin.


    Macellan defeats the wounded knight without much trouble.


    Rickard obtained the final treasure of the map, a Killer Lance.


    Maria and Palla finished the last knight on the map.
    Palla reached level 10 and got some decent gains.


    Marth takes another Vulnerary from the convoy and heals himself with it.
    The boss will fall on the next enemy phase.


    That defeat quote seems familiar.
    Have other bosses said the same?

    Marth defeated the boss all on his own.
    The RNG gods have blessed him with a near perfect level for his efforts.
    Honestly, he would be fine fighting on the front lines, but he's too important for this run to do so.


    Marth seizes the throne, ending this gaiden chapter.


    Do they imply that everyone would just have been killed if we didn't unlock this Gaiden chapter?
    I suppose that the same is true for Athena's Gaiden chapter with those kidnapped children.
    I guess that all gaiden characters just die offscreen if you don't unlock them.
    Except Nagi, she just keeps on sleeping.
    And, maybe Ymir would have been able to fight the army off?
    Who knows?
    And Athena, vun voman from the sea, might have been able to defeat those pirates.
    Though it's unlikely.


    Ymir doesn't really look monstrous, he's just a big guy.
    Anyhow, he has joined our army.

    This chapter went well enough.
    No casualties and quite a bit of treasure.
    If every chapter could just go like this...

    That concludes chapter 20x.
    We did well.

    Anyhow, we'll be facing chapter 21 tomorrow.
    It should go well enough, but you can never know for sure.
    See you all again during tomorrow's update.




  8. Reply

    16 hours ago, Shadow Mir said:

    Okay, first off... I would say "ouch" but I think that's an understatement. Instead...

    That aside... I'm sorry, but I kinda think Caesar's death quote is rather fitting, considering. What WERE you thinking? Why allow the killing edge hero to attack first and possibly score an army-crippling critical hit rather than just using Xane and Caesar to double team and kill him? Also, how much crit did he have?

    It was a tactical blunder, that's all.
    Hindsight always provides the most clarity.
    You are right, though.
    I should have double teamed him with Xane and Caesar.

    Let's see, I think that the guy had either 8 or 14% crit on Caesar.
    I'll manage, somehow.

    We are invading Grust in chapter 20 of our journey.
    The enemy far outmatches our strength.
    Camus himself is present for this battle.

    I have a backup plan for this chapter.
    Though the death counter will increase once more because of it.

    Current death count: 42
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.
    Chapter 10: Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.
    Chapter 11: Bord, Roger, Sedgar, Shiida and Jake.
    Chapter 12: Vyland, Linde and Hardin.
    Chapter 13: Midia.
    Chapter 14: Astram.
    Chapter 15: Beck and Dolph.
    Chapter 16: Arran and Samson.
    Chapter 17: Horace and Gordin.
    Chapter 17x: Darros.
    Chapter 18: Est.
    Chapter 19: Caesar and Tiki.


    Chapter 20



    Isn't that alliance just a sham?
    They forced Grust into it with the usual "If you're not with us, then you're against us!" mentality.
    It wouldn't suprise me if they were planning to pull a Gra on them and invade Grust after Marth is defeated.
    Or, maybe Doluna is actually a respectable country?
    It might be the land of Manaketes, but some humans still live there.


    We know what this talk means by now.
    Another generic has joined us.


    This is Kerkis.
    A magic user extraordinare!
    He's also slower than literally everyone else in our army.

    Believe it or not, but this guy used to be a traveling entertainer.
    He taught himself magic to bring smiles to the people by using his craft for beautiful displays.
    Think of things like creating blue fire with a simple Fire Tome or flying around with the help of the locusts summoned by a Swarm Tome.
    The guy once got arrested for displaying exceedingly eccentric behavior, though people just don't understand his passion.


    This is Lorenz Hellman Gloucester after another timeskip.
    Take a good look at him.


    This is Etzel who just consumed a speedwing.
    He wields both the Excalibur and the Starsphere.
    I don't think that I need to explain how we're going to get through this chapter.


    Everyone is ready to end it.
    The bench is occupied by Malledus and Nyna.
    Apparantly, Malledus had heard about Boah's plans for Akaneia.
    Something about needing a foreign king.
    Marth is basically the last guy left that fits those criteria.
    Well, I guess that the King of Aurelis also counts.


    Yow! What a twist!
    Nyna is not dead!
    Jokes aside, I do like this dialogue.
    Never fear, Nyna, Camus shall not be harmed!
    This battlefield will only know one casualty.


    And so, Lorenz falls.
    Etzel blew him into the great beyond with the legendary Excalibur Tome.
    If Shiida yet lived, then he could have joined us.
    It would have been too dangerous for Marth to recruit him.
    Something else, the normal death theme you hear when a playable or recruitable character dies was absent when Lorenz died.


    I like to imagine that Marth is just yelling to Camus from the other side of the battlefield.
    Anyhow, Camus will not join our cause.
    He intends to die a knight's death.
    Though I suspect that he'll go swimming instead.


    Warp Staves are really convenient.
    Why isn't Anna mass producing these things?
    I would buy her whole stock.
    Then again, we should be happy that the enemy cannot use it.
    Can you imagine?
    The enemy warpskipping the chapter instead of the other way around.
    They would just have to warp Camus over and boom!
    Game Over.
    Well, I suppose that they did have that in Gaiden and Echoes with witches, but their AI is so confusing.
    There's also Rewarp in Thracia and the Tellius games, though they can't act after warping at least.

    Anyhow, Marth was warped to the gate.


    He seized, ending this chapter in just 1 turn.


    A few comments about this dialogue.
    Artemis's curse took more than one victim this time, Shiida died too, after all.
    The explanation is also vague, Artemis and Anri were "parted forever" once Medeus appeared.
    Anri defeated Medeus, what stopped him from coming back to Artemis?
    Did he just drop dead from exhaustion after winning the battle?
    That doesn't explain Marth's existence, though.
    Did he already have a child before Medeus appeared?
    If so, why not with Artemis?
    I suppose that we simply don't know.

    Something else, Nyna's last two boxes of dialogue differ depending on if Camus is defeated or not.
    If he survives the battle, then you'll get the ones you see above.
    This should also be canon.

    If Camus is killed, then she'll ask Marth to leave the room and start crying over his death.
    At least, that's what I recall.

    I guess that Camus just rode right into the sea after the battle and ended up in Valentia.

    Well then, we finished this chapter with only 1 death.
    This brings the death counter up to 43.
    We'll manage, somehow.

    That concludes chapter 20.
    It really went by in a flash....

    Join us tomorrow as we venture into chapter 20x.
    We'll be getting another Devil Axe...

  9. Replies

    3 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    ...How odd, you are just keeping it on him, when he can't use it...somehow that feels even more cursed...

    It is the consequence of breaking the rules.
    He will have to live with this until the end comes.

    3 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    With the name of Athos he better be the best of the two, as he has large shoes to fill with that name. I must admit I wouldn't be able to prevent myself from reclassing him to Sage (although his name is different in the NoA release...)

    I was tempted to reclass him to a sage, though he's very weak compared to the real Athos.

    3 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Oh wow, just one turning this chapter huh...Oh...oh no...

    Not Est...

    Estus the Bestus, her spare horse slayer, the Mercerius, and the only possibility of using the triangle attack all get left behind...

    This is a just plain tragic turn of events...

    At least she lives.
    She might reunite with us once the war ends.
    Though, she'll remain just another number on the death counter for now.

    Chapter 19 is here.
    We'll be raiding the Fane of Raman today.
    The treasures within will certainly aid us on our perilous journey.

    Legends speak of a manakete girl who wields the power to eclipse all others.
    Sadly, she won't be joining us.
    Instead, the death counter shall increase once more...

    Current death count: 40
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.
    Chapter 10: Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.
    Chapter 11: Bord, Roger, Sedgar, Shiida and Jake.
    Chapter 12: Vyland, Linde and Hardin.
    Chapter 13: Midia.
    Chapter 14: Astram.
    Chapter 15: Beck and Dolph.
    Chapter 16: Arran and Samson.
    Chapter 17: Horace and Gordin.
    Chapter 17x: Darros.
    Chapter 18: Est.


    Chapter 19



    The Fane of Raman...
    We're finally here.
    This chapter provides some respite compared to the last few chapters.
    Just a few enemies and no reinforcements.
    We'll be fine.


    It's not like we have too many unpromoted units left who need a promotion.
    He's just short of a C Rank in Staves after this.


    Only Etzel, Athos and Aenos remain on the bench.
    They are having a discussion about why they joined Marth's army.
    Etzel has a fierce hunger for ending this war, as we already know.

    Aenos is a horseman from Aurelis who originally deserted after their army was nearly routed by Doluna's forces.
    He went into hiding and lived in dishonor for a while.
    He was far behind by the time he heard of Marth's exploits.
    He wishes to fight in order to restore his honor.
    Though that is not his only reason.
    Every single soldier who Marth ended up saving from Aurelis has perished, even Hardin.
    He will take this opportunity to see what kind of man Marth is.
    If he's as fiendish as the rumors say, then he'll shoot the false prince down.

    Athos was an old man enjoying his retirement.
    He was never particularily strong, but his speed was unrivaled.
    Marth's army apparantly accepted all the help they could get.
    Even the elderly have made a name for themselves there.
    The original crutch of the Altean knights, Jagen, fell in battle after he reached his limit.
    Still, his sacrifice allowed the league to get where they are now.
    Wendell, a former pontifex of Khadein, wielded the Excalibur tome when no one else could.
    His demise was a tragic one, but his contributions have already been recorded in legend.
    Boah, the bishop of Akaneia, is one of the elderly members who is still alive.
    He took the Excalibur after Wendell fell and wielded it ever since.
    Some say that the Excalibur tome blessed Boah with unimaginable speed.
    And last, but certainly not least....
    A myrmidon named Wrys.
    An old curate who took up the blade to help everyone else.
    He too, was blessed, despite the odds being against him.
    His legend ended prematurely, however.
    He met his end in Pyrathi, though he saved the league from certain doom that day.

    Their legends motivated Athos to take up a blade himself and join the league.
    His name might not be remembered, but he still wishes to help.


    This is Tiki, Bantu mentioned her back when he joined us and when he died.
    Sadly, we won't be able to save her.
    She'll just have to go back to sleep....


    Xane replicated Caesar, greatly increasing our power.


    Caesar took two shots at the mercenary.
    Minerva flew in and equipped Caesar with his Steel Sword.
    She then impaled the mercenary with her Javelin, taking him out.


    Tomas and Radd prepared Xane for battle.


    Everyone inches forward.
    We'll be capturing the thieves in due time.


    Xane took care of the first mercenary.
    This chapter is already more troublesome than I remember.
    The enemies have forged Killing Edges...


    Maria and Macellan weakened the mercenary.
    Rickard went for the final blow while standing beside Maria.
    Despite all of his effort, Rickard would still fall in just one hit.
    He gained a level for his troubles.


    Caesar awaits the incoming hero.
    The guy does have a Killing Edge, so this will be scary indeed.


    Minerva recieved aid from both Tomas and Boah.


    Everyone is anxious for what the next turn will bring.
    Radd waits close to Caesar to provide moral support.


    This is....
    I should have....
    It should have been anyone but you.
    You were the one who was supposed to carry us to victory.
    The one who would save us despite all odds!
    And now you fell to a random crit.

    This is just terrible.
    All the strategies I've planned ahead of time are falling apart.
    They all relied on him.

    I suppose that our hopes now fall onto Maria's shoulders...


    Having Xane still look like Caesar is rather haunting.
    We'll have to use the remaining turns of his transformation well...

    Xane and Macellan weakened this vile hero.
    Rickard exacted vengeance upon him.


    I seem to have lost sight of what to do.
    Xane and Minerva will choke this area.
    If they fail, then our casualties may reach a new high.

    ...Radd equipped the mirage who resembled his fallen friend with an Iron Sword.
    He then healed him while trembling ever so slightly.


    Everyone has prepared themselves for what might come next.


    Xane takes two shots at the left hero while Minerva targets the right one.


    Palla cleanly defeats the left one.


    Rickard and Maria work together once again, defeating the hero easily.


    Catria goes ahead and damages one of the thieves.


    Xane and Minerva recieve healing.
    The whole army is still uncomfortable seeing Xane as Caesar.
    Caesar will be permanently gone after his transformation ends...


    We are preparing ourselves for the next turn.


    Palla and Catria defeat the left thief.


    Maria and Macellan defeat the right thief, even if the finishing blow could have missed.
    Macellan's might grows.


    Tomas healed Xane.
    He's going to lure the final hero on this map.


    Macellan and Maria take him out together.


    Xane's tranformation wore off, Caesar is truly no more now...
    He now takes the shape of Maria.


    Minerva flies over to stop the thief with the Starsphere.
    Meanwhile, Tomas heals Xane to get his Staff Rank up.


    Marth took the Longbow from the convoy and gave it to Xane.
    We were planning to have him assist Maria in getting the StarSphere.
    Maria just crit the thief, though.
    So, Xane gave the Longbow to Maria who will hold on to the Starsphere for the time being.


    Maria countered the mage and gained a level.
    We decided to split our forces to lure the remaining two mages.


    Xane lures the mage on the right while Maria lures the mage on the left.
    Xane gets healed to be better prepared for the coming enemy phase.


    Xane is healed twice, then he takes the mage down.
    Radd became faster for his efforts.


    Maria went on to defeat one of the curates.


    Minerva defeated the last curate on the map.


    Maria crit Tiki, taking her out.
    We're going to be collecting all the remaining treasure now.
    I'll only be posting the highlights.


    Xane, Maria and Boah gained a level each during our treasure hunt.
    Tomas also reached a C Rank in Staves, making him another potential Warp user.


    We gained a Seraph Robe, Geosphere, Bullion (XL), Bolganone, Spirit Dust and Pure Water.


    Marth seized the throne where Tiki once sat...


    And so, this chapter ends.
    I am glad that we made it through this chapter, though losing Caesar cripples our offense.
    At least we still have Maria to help us.
    I'll think of a different way to beat chapter 20, we shall see how it goes.
    Camus will probably survive.

    Our death counter has reached 42 due to the deaths of both Caesar and Tiki.


    We've cleared the Fane of Raman.
    Were all those treasures worth it, though?

    We are going to invade Grust in the coming chapter.
    Enemies with Brave Lances will assault us from all sides, we must be wary.

    See you all again tomorrow.

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    On 11/18/2020 at 5:58 PM, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Seems Tomas will start seeing some use...

    I do hope that he'll get to contribute a lot.

    On 11/18/2020 at 5:58 PM, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Daw... those sisters coming to rely on eachother and becoming the deadly combo I always knew they could be.

    It only took some reclassing and blessings by the RNG gods to get Maria there.

    On 11/18/2020 at 5:58 PM, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Your characters are really becoming nostalgic over their preclass change possibilities this chapter huh.

    I felt like writing a little more than usual that day.

    On 11/18/2020 at 5:58 PM, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Finally the Devil Axe comes for Darros. He always was playing with fire using that thing, and now it finally fed upon his chosen victim.

    Another brave warrior falls victim to that bloodthirsty weapon.
    It was a sad day indeed.

    On 11/18/2020 at 5:58 PM, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Is Macellan going to class change into an axe class...or is his murderous plan going to keep him from doing so in this game as Malledus his foe still lives

    I will be getting back to that in this very update.

    On 11/18/2020 at 5:58 PM, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Poor Tomas doesn't know the tragesy of Jeorge's death.

    Technically, no one knows.
    He didn't tell anyone that he was there, and no traces of life were left after it got destroyed.
    The same would be true for Arran and Samson, but none of the other character know of them.

    On 11/18/2020 at 5:58 PM, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Is Rickard reaching the point where he can put his vengeance behind him? has this young thief stolen the princess's heart? Is poor Rickard setting himself up for a second tragedy? Only time will tell

    Their relationship might blossom through the coming battles.
    Or, history will repeat itself, shattering someone's dreams once more.

    On 11/18/2020 at 5:58 PM, Eltosian Kadath said:

    A dangerous gamble rewarded... at least Marth can't use the devil's axe....

    Maybe it is time to equip him with the legendary Devil Sword!
    I'm kidding, I might be careless, but I am not risking the run by doing that.

    On 11/18/2020 at 5:58 PM, Eltosian Kadath said:

    well played...but also kinda frightening to see it actually happen.

    I'm just glad that all went according to plan.

    On 11/18/2020 at 5:58 PM, Eltosian Kadath said:

    One of the things I still remember about this gaiden is that nasty swarm mage sitting in that room, waiting to one shot whatever thief was foolish enough to open his door. Its such a cruel trap...

    I vaguely recall losing someone to that very room in another playthrough...

    On 11/18/2020 at 5:58 PM, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Seems your luck has started to turn. Fortunately the gaiden enemies are weak enough for that kinda bad luck not to be lethal...

    We shall see if it stays this way or not.

    On 11/18/2020 at 5:58 PM, Eltosian Kadath said:

    What a hero. No longer having to use some forged facsimile, but the genuine bow regalia.

    She's certainly earning her spot in the history books.
    Meanwhile, Zas is already forgotten.
    Generics have no ending, after all.
    Their existence doesn't show up in the end, neither does their death.

    We've finally reached chapter 18.
    It took us a little longer because of both the gaiden chapter and the "incident", but now we're here.

    Oh? I haven't told you about the incident?
    Macellan was enraged with Malledus after Darros fell in the last battle.
    The dark mage attacked Malledus with the Devil Axe, despite being unable to even wield axes in general.
    This should have been impossible, yet he succeeded.
    He hit Malledus with the Devil Axe, but it backfired.
    He did not take damage, though.
    Instead, he was knocked away into the river nearby.

    It took our search party two whole days before we could find him.
    He survived, but the Devil Axe is now permanently stuck to him.

    Current death count: 39
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.
    Chapter 10: Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.
    Chapter 11: Bord, Roger, Sedgar, Shiida and Jake.
    Chapter 12: Vyland, Linde and Hardin.
    Chapter 13: Midia.
    Chapter 14: Astram.
    Chapter 15: Beck and Dolph.
    Chapter 16: Arran and Samson.
    Chapter 17: Horace and Gordin.
    Chapter 17x: Darros.


    Chapter 18



    This will be the first time that Marth faces the Sable Order.
    This chapter could be skipped, but we have to hang around for a while to recruit a certain new character.


    It's been a while since I've seen this conversation.
    Two new generics have joined our army.
    But first...


    This is Etzel, we met him at the end of chapter 17x.
    He's the only sorcerer you'll get in this game.
    Barring reclassing, of course.

    His bases
    30 HP
    2 Str
    11 Mag
    14 Skill
    9 Spd
    7 Lck
    7 Def
    12 Res

    Etzel has the highest magic when compared to all our other magic users.
    He also starts with a B Rank in Tomes, allowing him to wield Excalibur.
    A D Rank in Staves is also decent, since he'll be able to use Warp fairly soon.

    His growths
    40% HP
    0% Str
    30% Mag
    40% Skill
    40% Spd
    20% Lck
    0% Def
    30% Res

    He's a good unit.
    I don't have too much to say about him, honestly.


    Aenos and Athos have joined our team.
    Athos is the better unit of the two, even if he has as much base strength as base archer Maria.

    I am not going to cover them in depth.


    Macellan has the Devil Axe stuck to him.
    He can't get rid of it.


    Strong fatigue of the hospital visit is kicking in, I am going to resort to plan B.
    I'm sorry...


    I forgot to mention that no one is occupying the bench today.
    It's good to see that Malledus is confident enough to show his face again.
    And Nyna...Well, she doesn't have to see Camus die today.


    Malledus heard about this new thing called "speedrunning".
    He wanted to try it, so he threw the original plan for this chapter out of the window.
    He ordered Radd to warp his best friend right to the enemy boss.
    Radd begrudgingly did what was ordered of him.

    Caesar had borrowed the Parthia from Maria to take care of the boss.
    He fell in just one round.


    Boah took the Warp Staff from Radd and proceeded to Warp Marth to the gate.
    Marth seized, ending the chapter.
    The enemy was caught completely off-guard by this bizarre method of attack.
    They surrendered out of fear instead of all attacking Marth within the gate.


    And so, this chapter ends.
    Marth is adamant about getting those orbs.
    Of course, who wouldn't want to have the legendary Starsphere?

    We did end up skipping a character by warping through this chapter.
    I will add her to the death counter, even if she's just off flying in circles somewhere.

    This brings the total death counter to 40.
    Sorry, Est.

    Also, my apologies for this short chapter, I guess fatigue still lingers.
    The next chapter will be played normally.
    We'll see about the chapters after that one.


    That was chapter 18.
    It really went by in a flash.
    Or two, actually.

    Well then, see you all again tomorrow.
    We'll be gaining all the treasures from the Fane of Raman.





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    18 hours ago, Shadow Mir said:

    I... think? Anyway, I won't be getting Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. I seriously have to wonder what the hell Nintendo is thinking, releasing a very old game that can't have aged well in this day and age...

    Also, I'm impressed that you only had one casualty in chapter 13.

    It's still fun for the people who haven't played it yet.
    Though, it'll probably be a slog to play through.
    Chapter 13 only went that well because some ballisticians decided not to attack.

    5 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Be warned some of the Manakete enemies break their class caps on H5...

    So basically, the enemy cheats.
    Got it.

    5 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    An unlucky break, but the best of bad options...

    In a way, his wish was granted.
    He got a knight's death.

    5 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    and here is one of those worse option remaining, but it payed off (and thank goodness as Caesar is one of your better units alive)

    Caesar is really becoming the hero of our run.
    Who would have guessed?

    5 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    ...Oof that was a disastrous goof.

    A lack of sleep lowers one's concentration.
    I am sad that Gordin fell victim to that.

    5 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Perfect damage secures the best loot from just out of marked enemy ranges. It almost like you planned it that way.

    It was really just luck that that worked out.

    5 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Darros really does have all the Devil Axe luck

    It's basically his personal weapon by now.

    5 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Sniper really is a much better promotion than Horsemen, as she is looking rather impressive after that promotion.

    I really look forward to using her.
    This is the first time that she survived this long for me while being reclassed to a combat unit.

    5 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    That speed blessing is what really makes Boah worth that warp use.

    Boah is really pushing himself to the limit on this run.
    I might use him for some cheesy strategies if his speed goes high enough.

    5 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Maria just keeps showing her worth. A real hero of the run.

    She followed in Zas's footsteps and reached her goal.
    It's quite impressive, really.

    5 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    ...Yikes, fortunately luck was on your side...

    My crazy luck works both ways, I suppose.
    It might save me one day while routing my army on the next.

    5 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    What a mad lad.

    Darros is the chosen one.
    He does not fear the Devil Axe.
    I might make it my goal to break the Devil Axe as a test later.

    5 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Maria is doing so well (and it seems like you have a really speed blessed team at this point).

    You are right.
    My team has been gaining a lot of speed throughout the run.
    RNG is such a fun thing.

    5 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Finally... although she has done well despite that strength curse.

    It's going to be hype when she gains another point of strength in the far, far future.

    5 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Oh wow another gaiden, at this rate Athena's is going to be the only one you missed.

    We'll see how things go.
    We probably won't really be fighting in the chapter before Ymir's gaiden chapter.

    We arrive in chapter 17x
    Another gaiden chapter.
    It will be a bit of a breather like last time.

    We'll get introduced to a new character in this chapter.
    He'll join us after it ends, provided that he survives.
    We'll also be gaining another Warp Staff.

    Current death count: 38
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.
    Chapter 10: Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.
    Chapter 11: Bord, Roger, Sedgar, Shiida and Jake.
    Chapter 12: Vyland, Linde and Hardin.
    Chapter 13: Midia.
    Chapter 14: Astram.
    Chapter 15: Beck and Dolph.
    Chapter 16: Arran and Samson.
    Chapter 17: Horace and Gordin.


    Chapter 17x



    I vaguely recall that this chapter provides more rewards than other gaiden chapters.
    We're getting a Warp Staff, true.
    But, are we also getting gold at the end of the chapter?
    I'm not too sure.


    One green-haired healer dies.
    So another takes his place.
    Tomas gets the honor of replacing our fallen bishop.
    He wasn't doing much anyway.


    Everyone except Xane is deployed.
    I also gave Maria the Parthia because it's just such a rare sight.


    That spell-slinging vagabond we just saw is Etzel.
    He'll be joining us at the end of the chapter.
    The other guy, Dactyl, is suprisingly merciful compared to other bosses.
    I mean, he's still going to blackmail Etzel, but most bosses would just kill someone outright for attacking them.


    I lure the horseman with Cesar while luring a knight equipped with a Javelin with Maria.
    Everyone heads up.


    Marth stabs the right knight with his iconic Rapier, killing him.


    Tomas sees some action as he heals Caesar.


    Maria and Darros work together to harm this knight.
    Darros gains a typical level for his efforts.


    Palla trades the cursed Ridersbane to Catria.
    Catria manages to exactly KO the advancing cavalier.
    She gains a good level for her troubles.


    Macellan the magnificent easily zaps the knight until nothing remains.


    Minerva lures a knight without fear.
    She's being covered by her little sister Maria, who has proven herself to be more than capable against all odds.


    Maria is healed by our two bishops, Radd and Boah.
    Her life would have been very different if she hadn't chosen to take up a weapon and fight.
    Sure, she could be safely healing everyone, but she really wanted to show her potential and impress her big sister.

    Everyone moves on ahead.
    We'll be searching every room, starting from the right side and working our way way down and to the left after that.


    Who needs a tome when you have your fists?
    I really have to play Three Houses again to do a meme run.
    That aside, Etzel will just stand around during this chapter.
    He'll only attack if you're in his range.


    Darros and Macellan work together to take this knight out.
    Macellan is happy that he is no longer just an armored nobody.
    He pities the knights who fall to his dark arts, but only a little.


    Tomas heals Minerva, apologizing for not being good enough to heal her fully yet.


    Caesar gets a Steel Sword from the convoy.
    I would like for him to reach a C Rank in Swords sometime.
    Either through effort or through an Arms Scroll.


    Darros is healed by Radd and Boah.
    They ask him about how to become worthy of the Devil Axe.
    He answers by shrugging, then saying that you really just need to get lucky.
    He confesses that the army can probably handle losing him just fine at this point in their journey.
    But he wishes to stay relevant until the end, that is why he keeps risking his own life.
    He can die feeling accomplished if he manages to break the Devil Axe before it breaks him.


    Maria awaits another knight equipped with a Javelin.
    Her 12 defense is still suprisingly high for a sniper.


    I tried to do the impossible, thinking that his blessing would last.
    Maybe you, the reader, thought so too.
    Sadly, it wasn't the case this time.


    Darros fell to the cursed axe.
    Never become overconfident.
    One day, your luck will run out.

    You served me well, Darros.
    You really deserved better.
    Thank you for all the good times.
    Your legend won't be forgotten.


    Macellan brought hellfire upon the knight that took Darros from us.
    He had really taken a liking to the man o' the sea.
    Helpful, but serious.
    Reliable despite always catching up.
    Macellan will take revenge for Darros.
    Starting with the tactician who sent him to his death, Malledus.

    Then, he'll take up arms himself and wield the Devil Axe for his fallen friend!


    Rickard opened the door to one of many rooms.
    A single chest resided within.


    Tomas replenishes Minerva's HP back to full.
    We need to be ready for the reinforcements later.


    Marth acquires the Warp Staff.
    We do now have everything we need to skip every chapter, starting from chapter 20.


    Rickard opened the second door, revealing a lone Manakete.
    Caesar could not double it, but neither would he get doubled himself.
    He takes up the sword once more and protects Rickard.


    Everyone stuffs themselves into the right corridor.


    Rickard is as impatient as ever, opening another door while everyone else is still dealing with the manakete.
    This room reveals a mage and a chest.
    The mage would kill Rickard in just one hit.
    Luckily, Maria came to his rescue, taking the mage out with two precise shots.
    Rickard was suprised to see this lady with a bow save him.
    He's reminded of a crush from long ago...
    She's just like Zas...


    Caesar and Palla work together to take this manakete down.
    Palla always gets a little uncomfortable around Caesar these days.
    He asked her why she's so jumpy around him.
    She told him that she had a nightmare long ago, something about being shot down by one of Marth's horsemen, dying right in front of her younger sister, Catria.
    That horseman had blue hair, though...
    Caesar promises to not shoot her down to get her mind at ease.
    It doesn't really work that well.


    Tomas, the curate-in-training, runs up to Caesar to give him a helping hand.
    He's also quite impressed by his skill with the bow.
    Tomas hit a roadblock back when he was part of the Akaneian royal knights, He could never surpass what people called a C Rank.
    It didn't help that his old teacher, Jeorge, vanished.
    Some say that he went to Pyrathi, but people don't just get to enter that place.
    Tomas excuses himself for going off on a tangent.
    He's sure that Jeorge will return before the war concludes.

    Maria is healed by our two bishops.
    They both say that they have faith in her.


    Rickard raids the final chest on the right, acquiring a Poleaxe.
    Minerva will certainly be able to make good use of it.


    Tomas and Boah bring Caesar back to full health.
    Tomas is going to gain his first level after his next heal.


    It's time for us to advance.
    Everyone heads to the left.


    Tomas heals Macellan while getting nostalgic about the good old days.
    Like how they protected princess Nyna when the palace fell.
    They retreated into a small room and slowly but surely pushed the enemy back.
    They were caught in the end, but it was still a day to remember.


    We took two or three turns to walk Rickard over to the next room.
    There's a slight problem, though.
    The reinforcements arrived.
    Three Paladins, two with Javelins and one with a Killer Lance.


    Marth barged in while ignoring the bishop in the corner.
    He proceeded to wedge the chest open with the Fire Emblem.
    The bishop in the accused him of blasphemy for using the Fire Emblem like that.
    Marth acquired a Longbow, which would be perfect for Maria.
    He called the master sniper into the room.
    She appeared and shot the bishop down for threatening Marth.


    Everyone braces themselves for the incoming paladins.


    Maria gets healed by two people and positions herself in range of one of the paladins.
    Ceasar waits next to her, ready to take the other one down.


    Maria and Rickard work together to take the kill.
    Rickard may be frail, but he can still contribute.
    He turns to Maria and promises to protect her like he promised Zas back in the day.
    He wants to see her happy, carrying on the legacy of Zas.
    He won't let her die.
    Maria agrees, though, with one condition.
    Rickard mustn't be reckless with his own life, she asks him to let her help him in his endeavors.
    And so, another pact was formed.


    Caesar went ahead and wounded the paladin.
    He grew faster again.


    Boah targeted the wounded cavalier through the wall.
    He would die if he got countered, but the paladin will never get that opportunity.
    He does not get blessed for his efforts.
    But Boah knows that he shouldn't be greedy.
    He already has all he would ever need.


    Minerva and Marth work together to defeat the remaining paladin.
    I did have a backup plan in mind if Marth were to miss.
    Luckily, he didn't.


    Radd gives his good friend Caesar some healing and moral support.


    Caesar is healed by Tomas and Boah.


    Minerva gets some healing from Radd, bringing her back to full health.


    Maria lures the archer while everyone else slowly follows behind her.


    The archer refused to move, so Maria took the offensive.
    She actually gained strength again, what a happy day.


    Caesar easily defeated the mage beyond the wall.
    He might get attacked by another mage on the coming enemy phase, but he'll survive that just fine.


    Maria was healed by both of our bishops.
    We're preparing for later.


    More reinforcements have arrived.
    They're identical to the last ones.


    The mage moved and was defeated by Caesar.
    Sadly, Zas broke.
    You have served us well, Zas...


    Rickard stored the Poleaxe, he then initiated a trade chain.
    Eventually, the Restore Staff made it to Radd.
    He healed Caesar back to full health.


    He gained nothing for his efforts.


    We're once again awaiting for the paladins to attack us through the wall.


    We do basically the same thing as last time.
    The tag team of Maria and Rickard defeat the Killer Lance paladin.


    Caesar and Marth defeated the Javelin guy to the right.


    One paladin survived, sadly.
    He can attack Marth, but Marth will survive.


    Boah heals Caesar just a little before the coming enemy phase.


    The paladin went for Palla for some reason.
    She survived and gained a very good level.


    Minerva weakened the paladin and Rickard got some more revenge.
    He gained another level.
    Despite his growth, he's still too fragile for normal combat.


    Palla's wounds were treated.


    Another wave of reinforcements appeared.
    This should be the last one, right?


    Caesar and Minerva were healed back to full health.


    We got into position once more.
    Hopefully for the last time today.


    We're just waiting for the next turn.


    Caesar crit one of the paladins during the enemy phase, so life is just a little easier on us.
    He weakens the Killer Lance Paladin.
    Macellan contributes by doing a whopping 1 damage to the paladin.
    Marth swoops in to take him out.


    Marth gets a very good level for risking his life.


    Maria defeats the last paladin with an Iron Bow crit.


    Tomas and Boah rush to her aid, healing her back to full health.


    Everyone finally resumes their journey through the chapter.


    We're trying to lure the lower archer to us.


    He did not move, let's try that again.


    Still didn't move.
    I placed Caesar in range of the lower manakete in an attempt to lure him up.


    It worked, the manakete attacked Caesar.
    He gained a new level.
    I hope that he'll cap speed on his own.


    He runs back to get healing and to lure the manakete.


    Caesar actually doubled the manakete after that speed gain.
    Macellan got the kill.


    Tomas heals the legendary horseman.


    Caesar takes the archer down.
    He'll be able to withstand a blast from the bishop below.


    We're slowly advancing.
    Though really, this corridor really puts us at a disadvantage.


    Tomas heals Caesar once more, gaining a level for his efforts.
    He understands magic just a little bit more now.


    Radd and Boah trade their staves.
    This allows Boah to fully heal Caesar.


    I can now put him in range of the sniper with the Killer Bow.
    Caesar is in no danger since he'll survive a crit.


    He got crit.
    But he survived with just 1 HP!


    Maria finished the sniper, gaining some luck for her efforts.


    We're in no immediate danger, so we are back slowly healing our units for more experience.


    Everyone tries to get through the narrow corridor.


    Minerva gets ready to lure the incoming cavalier.


    Caesar is healed again and decides to help protect the corridor.


    Caesar makes use of Akaneia's free healthcare system and goes to lure the enemy hero.


    Macellan defeated the hero.
    He only gains skill for his trouble.


    Tomas and Boah provide care to Caesar.
    He gets injured almost every turn, the whole army relies on him now.
    Tomas reached a D Rank in Staves.


    Minerva taunts the mercenary down the hall.


    Maria helps her sister with defeating this mercenary.
    Her damage output is actually higher than Minerva's.


    Tomas spins his Heal Staff before healing Minerva.


    One half heads to the mysterious locked room down below.
    The others stand with Minerva as she lures the final mercenary.


    We open the door to a nasty suprise.
    We're going to have to clear this room immediatly if we want to stay safe.


    Crisis averted.
    We're safe once more.


    Boah and Macellan took the mercenary down by showing the arts of the magically inclined.


    I stopped close to a wall and the hidden rooms were revealed.
    No one is in range of the sniper, luckily.


    Marth got his hands on a Wo Dao.


    The mercenaries started moving and Minerva is ready to stop them.
    Boah healed her beforehand and got a decent level.


    Maria crits the mercenary, easily taking him out.


    Palla swoops in to block Maria from harm.
    Caesar lures the sniper, confident of his survival.


    Maria and Minerva work together to take the last mercenary down.
    Minerva gets a decent level.


    Palla was healed.


    Marth profits from free health care.


    Caesar lures the manakete.


    Minerva goes in to defeat the boss.
    She sadly misses the second hit.


    I was planning to either take this guy out with a crit or with the combined power of Maria and Caesar.
    Caesar missed.


    Maria made sure that Caesar was capable of countering the manakete.
    We're hoping that the sniper won't move.
    Though he should be able to survive them both.


    Maria took care of the boss.
    She even used the legendary Parthia for the occasion.
    Her level was decent.


    Caesar defeated the manakete during the enemy phase on his counterattack.
    He defeats the sniper on this turn, training his sword rank a little.

    We'll be waiting one turn before seizing to get the final treasure.


    That wasn't worth it at all.


    Marth seizes the throne, ending the chapter.


    It's fun that Malledus talks about all the gold they left behind and such.
    Though we didn't actually gain any.
    Well, unless it magically appears in our inventory during the next battle preparations.


    And so, Etzel joins our army.
    I'll do his introduction tomorrow.

    We had one casualty during this chapter.
    The legendary man o' the sea is no more.
    The Devil Axe took him away from us.
    Rest in peace, Darros.

    This brings our death counter up to 39.


    We raided the castle for some extra goodies while also getting a new unit.
    We'll be using that Warp Staff well.

    The Sable Order marches to meet us in chapter 18, it will be somewhat difficult.
    Well then, see you again in tomorrow's update.

  12. Replies

    12 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Good, let Maria destroy the enemy draconknights, until Minerva is the only Dracoknight left.

    Maybe she'll be just like Minerva after promotion, depending on her build.

    12 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Poor Tomas...although the way things are going he might get more use off the bench with enough death.

    I might sacrifice him for the next Gaiden chapter, depending on if I have more or less than 15 units later.
    The extra Warp Staff will be a lifesaver.

    12 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    A Radd stand against the stoppable darkness, with little more than pure water to hold him off.

    Radd's exploits live on in song.
    The saint who blocked Gharnef's unstoppable darkness with his resolve (and pure water) alone.

    12 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    That is an irreplaceable loss. All the Ballisticians are dead now, can't even use Xane to get another...

    I'll simply cheese the later maps in a different way.
    Time will tell.
    Still, this is sad indeed.

    12 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    I am fairly certain New Mystery reveals that Gotoh and Xane are both divine dragons (like Tiki) that have given up their dragon forms permanently

    Yet Xane retains his ability to shapeshift into other people?
    Perhaps that's just a seperate ability.

    12 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Alright time to do a double commentary...

    You have my apologies for doubling your workload.

    12 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    The weakness of effective weapons when used against normal enemies has saved the day here....

    Boah is also turning out to be a hero no one expected.
    Well, until Excalibur runs out, at least.

    12 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    The AI refusing to cooperate is rather unfortunate, but at least it doesn't lead to a game over (thank goodness for those boots on Marth for saving the day here...)

    They apparantly go for the target with the lowest luck.
    Then again, does the AI have a bias against Marth in this game?
    Or only in the original?

    12 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Soon we will all know the power of the dark side....

    Macellan will be the one to get corrupted by the Darksphere in this timeline.
    Or something.

    12 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Maria is doing such a good job (despite her strength...effective weapons really are amazing in this game).

    Her upcoming promotion should help her somewhat.
    I might also feed her some stat boosters.

    12 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    So dies cancer man, and the beloved of Sheema... If only the two villages could have worked together to drive this thief off.

    It wasn't meant to be.

    12 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Someone has been playing too much of the old Translation of Thracia (I do kinda miss getting Anim on levelup...)

    I wish they would bring movement levels back.
    They're very gimmicky, but that's what makes them fun.

    12 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    ...Seeing that killer bow, and that talk about him only dying to crits is...ominous to say the least.

    Every map has risks.
    It all went well in the end.

    12 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Caesar finally gets his well deserved promotion..

    He's truly one of our heroes.

    12 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Soon she will be a master Sniper, ready to strike death into the air.

    Her promotion will arrive in this very chapter.

    12 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    ...That took a while, especially with the double weapon breaking going on...

    Patience is a virtue.
    Then again, I've never played this chapter the "normal" way.

    12 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Seeing those killer weapon crit rates is so worrying, but its hard to avoid with this beast of a Boss. Thank goodness Minerva avoided both the crit, and got both hits in the 60s.

    I actually hadn't even noticed that the boss had a Killer Lance equipped.
    Such carelessness could have easily gone horribly wrong...

    Marth returns to his own castle in chapter 17.
    We are so close to freeing Altea once and for all...
    Well, until Mystery of the Emblem happens, anyway.

    Malledus informs us that the treasure of castle Altea has been untouched for all this time.
    Malledus hid the door behind an Altean flag before the caslte fell.

    Current death count: 36
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.
    Chapter 10: Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.
    Chapter 11: Bord, Roger, Sedgar, Shiida and Jake.
    Chapter 12: Vyland, Linde and Hardin.
    Chapter 13: Midia.
    Chapter 14: Astram.
    Chapter 15: Beck and Dolph.
    Chapter 16: Arran and Samson.


    Chapter 17



    The boss won't be that hard to defeat.
    He's a mage dragon which means that magic doesn't affect him.
    It also gives him a speed cap of 19.
    So, we'll be fine.


    We boosted Maria's strength with the Energy Drop.
    I wonder what they taste like.


    Everyone except Palla, Xane and Tomas are deployed.
    Xane is having fun pranking people with his transformation abilities.


    He's right.
    Marth can't remove this guy with ease.
    Caesar however....


    Everyone heads towards the treasure room.


    Horace lures the sniper with the Killer Bow.
    It's a risky move, but I would rather lose him than anyone else.
    Let me rephrase that, he has a chance of survival while not being completely vital to my team.
    If Caesar would die to a crit, then it would cripple my team.
    Minerva can't tank it because of effectiveness.

    Both Minerva and Gordin wait in range of the knight.
    Minerva will be able to block the treasure room on her next turn after using her full movement.
    Gordin is there to chip the knights.


    I accidentally put Boah in range of the Manakete with capped speed.
    Luckily, not all hope is lost.


    I've been very careful with my warp uses, so I can afford using it to save Boah.


    And so, Horace falls....


    Caesar takes a risk which pays off.
    He defeats the sniper and gets a blank level for his troubles.


    What is wrong with me?
    How did I not see that in the combat forecast?
    I would rather not have my run killed by such carelessness.
    Erm...Rest in peace, Gordin.
    I'm sorry that you had to pay for my mistakes.
    His possession arc never got resolved...


    Boah defeats the knight on the right.


    The left knight is defeated by the combined efforts of Darros, Marth and Minerva.


    Minerva gains a level for her troubles.


    Rickard helps Boah equip a normal Fire tome.
    Everyone scatters in fear of the approaching mage.
    My original plan failed, I couldn't block the treasure room in time.


    We finally used the Parthia.
    We got a brand new Warp Staff for our troubles.


    Boah destroyed this so-called hero with a simple Excalibur crit.
    His life was definitely worth the warp use.


    Minerva weakened the thief for Darros to finish off.
    This really shouldn't work, my strategies are falling apart and my attention is slipping.
    Yet, no punishment comes.
    Darros is blessed by the Devil Axe once more.


    We're still running for our lives, but no one has a chance of death at the moment.


    Radd and Catria take care of this mage.


    Caesar gets healed for later.


    Boah heals Caesar back to full health.
    He waits in range of the enemy mage.


    Caesar defeats the remaining mage and gets healed.
    We'll be searching the treasure room, let's only show the highlights.


    We've obtained a Secret Book, Dracoshield, Killer Bow, Silver Axe and a Master Seal.


    Maria got her hands on it the same turn because of the convoy warp trick.
    She promoted to a Sniper, getting some massive boosts and reaching an A Rank in Bows.
    This allows her to use the Parthia.


    Minerva gets healed and Radd gains a level.
    We'll be skipping all the walking between the throne room and the treasure room.


    How speed blessed can this guy get?


    Minerva lures this mage into attacking her.
    She'll defeat him with her counterattack.


    Everyone is preparing for our next move.


    Radd traded his Warp Staff for a Recover Staff.
    This will help Caesar clear both of the bishops and the sniper on the next turn.


    Caesar defeated the left bishop and gained a simple level.
    He acquired the VIP Card.
    We won't be using it in this chapter because we're broke.

    Radd swoops in to restore the health of his friend back to full.


    Maria rushes in and defeats the remaining bishop.
    She recieves a slightly used Fortify Staff for her efforts.


    Boah used his psychic abilities to heal Maria, ensuring her survival on the enemy phase.


    Caesar defeats the sniper without any trouble.


    Marth gives a Door Key to Maria for a strategy later.


    Boah heals Maria.


    Maria is healed to full health, then she proceeds to open the door.


    Everyone is in position to rout the throne room in the coming turn.


    Maria could actually have died on that enemy phase if she got hit by both Swarm and the Javelin.
    Another tactical blunder on my part.
    Still, luck was on my side, so she dodged both hits.

    I was frustrated, so I sent Darros in with the legendary Devil Axe.
    You can guess how it went, right?
    Yep, it didn't backfire.
    He truly is the chosen one.


    Maria defeats the Swarm bishop and gains a level.
    She's getting ever faster...


    Minerva hammered the other knight to pieces.


    Everyone arrives in the throne room.
    Well, except Rickard.
    No one was in range of the ambush reinforcements on the right, luckily.


    Caesar is the exception to that rule.
    Maria and Caesar shoot the boss.
    He should fall on the next turn.


    Caesar and Maria finished this old mage dragon off.
    Maria even gained a level.


    Strength, finally!
    It only took 22 levels.


    Marth seizes the throne of his own home.


    Marth has really grown over the course of his journey.
    Nyna and him aren't so different.
    Malledus can get all the moments he wants from Marth, hm.


    And so, the chapter ends.
    It could have gone a lot better, but we made it nontheless.

    I will try my best to not make such foolish mistakes in the future.
    May you two rest in peace, Horace and Gordin.
    Just like Ida before, you'll be remembered.

    This brings the death counter to 38


    We liberated all of Altea!
    So that's good.
    I did make some mistakes along the way, though.

    We'll be heading to chapter 17x next.
    I am looking forward to it.

    As always, see you in tomorrow's update.


  13. Replies

    17 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    The Devil Axe is still waiting for its moment to strike...

    It is probably going to kill Darros one day.
    But we'll see how things go.

    17 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Good, your hate makes you powerful...

    He's becoming another vengeful hero, like Rickard.

    17 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Ouch, such a simple mistake that leads to such an unnecessary death. I guess the poor guy got a chance to rejoin his beloved extra early

    The curse feeds on our pre-promotes.
    Still, we'll be getting someone who can replace him in this chapter.

    17 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Just look at the power of those sisters together.

    They really are a dream team.

    17 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    ...Well that was a disastrous accident. At least that didn't happen here, and perhaps the might of the triangle attack will see some use this run...hopefully

    There's the chapter 24 boss who I can use it on.
    One of the sisters with a forged Dragonpike will take him out with that guaranteed crit.

    17 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Maria is really saving the day with her might. Soon she will become a powerful sniper that can devastate the enemy, and help will sister even more.

    This run is already becoming more unique with each update.
    Who would have guessed that I'd be relying on people like Caesar and Maria?

    17 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Good, as Caesar has been turning out rather well. Not sure which class you will want him in after promotion, as the Horsemen tends to be a mediocre class...

    I'm not sure yet.
    Horseman is decent for movement, so that class does have its uses every once in a while.
    General perhaps.
    Anything works, as long as he has bow access.

    17 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    On the one hand that is a good thing, as she can finally use the might of that effective weapon, but also kinda ominous...here is hoping she doesn't fall to the curse.

    All of our fliers are probably going to use it in this chapter, hopefully all goes well.

    17 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Finally another unit to earn their promotion, admittedly another Bishop, but it should still be fine. Good Luck Radd, being promoted has proved rather dangerous so far.

    He'll serve us well.

    17 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Seems I fell a bit behind...

    I would usually wait for your replies, but I also try to uphold my daily updates.
    You have my apologies, though.
    Your replies are always very motivating to me.

    Marth finally returns to Altea in chapter 16.
    This chapter will test both our patience and our resolve.
    Will we get to enter the castle?
    Our will our hopes die right on its doorstep?

    We should be gaining two new units during this chapter.
    They're quite interesting.
    But we'll get to them when the time comes.

    Current death count: 34
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.
    Chapter 10: Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.
    Chapter 11: Bord, Roger, Sedgar, Shiida and Jake.
    Chapter 12: Vyland, Linde and Hardin.
    Chapter 13: Midia.
    Chapter 14: Astram.
    Chapter 15: Beck and Dolph.


    Chapter 16



    Malledus urges Marth to take the quickest path to victory.
    Marth disagrees, saying that we should take it slow and steady.
    We'll be routing all the reinforcements on the map with some clever plays.


    Boah snorts our Spirit Dust.
    This allows him to one-shot every dracoknight here.
    He's also just bulky enough to survive one hit from this specific dracoknight.
    The others would just kill him in one hit, but this one doesn't.


    Everyone is deployed, except Tomas.
    He's mending some of our equipment and shooting some fireballs for practice.
    He might have hit Malledus's tent with one of them...


    Marth speaks the truth.
    He would not be alive right now were it not for the sacrifices of many allies.
    We will reclaim Altea, even if the only person left standing at the end of this battle is Marth himself.

    It's nice that Malledus also gets some screentime here.
    Also, who is looking after Akaneia at the moment?
    It's been liberated, sure, but shouldn't Nyna be there instead of with us?
    Then again, she is the face of Akaneia, and thus, also the face of our banner alongside Marth.


    Boah lures the dracoknights while Marth heads to the villages.


    Math did not fail me today.
    Boah barely defeats the dracoknight while surviving with just 1 HP.


    Ahem...I mean, they were supposed to go to the right.
    Marth was supposed to stroll to one of the villages to recruit either Samson or Arran.
    Of course, we can't do that now.
    We're aborting the mission and running back to the right.


    Marth ran away, he had no choice.


    Boah is healed by both Gordin and Radd.


    Minerva is going to tank both of the dracoknights.
    She should survive without any problems.


    Caesar and Macellan finish one of the dracoknights off.
    Macellan's malicious magic grows...


    Maria shot the wounded dracoknight out of the sky.
    She's one lucky girl.


    Everyone will soon try to squeeze into the prison before the cavalry arrives.


    Caesar acquires a killer bow for later.
    He takes a shot at the enemy hero.


    We're just attacking the hero until he finally falls.


    RIP Arran.


    We'll be defeating this guy in one or two more turns.


    RIP Samson.


    We needed just a little more power to take this guy out.
    So, Maria graciously allowed Caesar to borrow her almighty Parthizas.


    Caesar got a level from countering the Levin Sword hero.


    Caesar gets healed so he'll survive another attack from this hero.
    Palla gets a Door Key from the convoy to open the door for us on the next turn.


    Caesar opens the door for us after Palla trades the Door Key to him.


    Horace defeats the Levin Sword Hero.


    Marth had a nice one-sided conversation with Xane.


    This is Xane, a chameleon.
    Or freelancer if you play the American version.
    I don't really have any unique stories about him, due to the way he works.

    His bases
    18 HP
    2 Str
    1 Mag
    2 Skill
    8 Spd
    9 Lck
    4 Def
    10 Res

    His bases really don't matter.
    Well, maybe HP does.
    He has no weapon ranks because he has no need of them.
    He can transform into any of your units, after all.

    His growths
    40% HP
    30% Str
    0% Mag
    30% Skill
    30% Spd
    20% Lck
    15% Def
    2% Res

    He used to be able to wield swords in the older games.
    That's why he comes with an Iron Sword in his inventory.


    Everyone seeks refuge in the prison.
    We'll be waiting here for a while.


    Maria got her Parthizas back.


    Caesar was healed up by Boah.
    Boah broke his Heal Staff.


    Marth helps the Akaneian bishop out by giving him one of our many Heal Staves from the convoy.


    Gordin and Radd healed Caesar back to full health.


    Horace unequipped his weapon and DAC'd used a Vulnerary.


    Boah took the Master Seal from Horace and traded it away to Caesar.
    They also healed Horace.


    We'll be choking this point until both cavaliers have broken their weapon.
    Actually, that is not entirely true.
    We'll be choking this point until all enemies are defeated.
    Since this strategy is going to be very slow and boring to watch...
    Well, you know the drill, I'll only show the highlights.


    All of my healers gained a level and Boah reached an A Rank in Staves.
    It took 16 turns to break the forged Javelin of the upper cavalier.
    We'll still be stuck for a few more turns because we need to wait until the lower cavalier breaks his forged Ridersbane.


    We broke the other weapon.
    It also seems like Boah is no longer blessed with speed.
    Still, I am thankful for all the speed he has gotten before.
    We took 5 more turns to break the forged Ridersbane.


    We'll be attacking everyone from behind this unarmed cavalier.

    Caesar will take all the horsemen on.
    He shouldn't die unless he crits one of them or gets crit himself.
    Let's hope all goes well.


    Caesar gets healed by both Radd and Gordin.
    Gordin gains a level for his troubles.
    We're going to have to deal with the Killer Bow guy for one more turn...


    Caesar only needs one more level before he promotes.
    This will be wonderful.
    He has reached an A Rank in Bows, which means that he's now qualified to use the legendary Parthia.


    He gets healed by Radd and Gordin.
    We're going to clear all the enemies out.
    So, you'll only be seeing highlights.
    We'll see how long it took soon enough.


    Caesar finally gains his last level and earns his promotion.
    I hope that the promoted curse doesn't come for him...


    Caesar got a lot of use, as you can see.
    Radd also gained a level.


    Macellan grinded on the 1-range enemies and gained two levels.
    He also reached a D Rank in Tomes.


    I did some unspeakable things to get Maria to level 20.
    She also reached a C Rank and then a B Rank in Bows.
    Yes, I had her shoot at cavaliers for many, many turns while doing 2 damage with an Iron Bow.
    Boah is also getting faster again.


    Darros got the final kill and reached a B Rank in Axes.
    How long did it take?


    Just 88 turns!


    Rickard opened the door and Catria lures one of the cavaliers.


    Caesar kills one of the three cavaliers with ease.


    Marth takes the cursed Ridersbane out of the convoy and bestows it upon Minerva.
    She uses it well, immediatly destroying another cavalier.


    Palla flies in and takes the cursed Ridersbane from Minerva.
    She destroys the remaining cavalier without any problems.


    Catria was healed by our two young bishops.


    Everyone wanted to leave the prison after being in there for way too long.


    Everyone sprints outside.
    Well, except Rickard and two of our bishops.


    Caesar is going to tank both a horseman and a cavalier.
    He'll survive just fine.


    Everyone is finally free again.


    Macellan tried to take the horseman out.
    He missed.


    Caesar defeated the paladin in one round of combat, like it was the easiest thing in the world.


    Marth defeated the horseman.


    Radd, Gordin and Horace worked together to take the remaining cavalier down.
    Gordin reached a D Rank in Tomes and Horace crit for the kill.


    We're all heading towards Altea Castle.


    Marth walked for a turn, then took two turns to take this curate down and gain a level.


    Caesar and Minerva team up to take this guy out.
    The map has been routed completely.


    It took us 131 turns to free Altea.
    Maybe we should call it the Siege of Altea instead of the Battle for Altea.


    And so, yet another chapter ends.
    I really want to say that there were no deaths, but that isn't entirely true.

    The villages for both Arran and Samson have been lost.
    So I'll count it as two more deaths, even if we could have only gotten one of them in normal gameplay.

    This brings the death counter to 36.

    Also, Malledus got double screentime in this chapter, so that's something

    Altea is free!
    Well, for the most part, anyway.

    Only the castle remains.
    We'll be sure to get all the loot there too.

    Well then, this adventure continues tomorrow.
    See you then.



  14. We're visiting the desert in chapter 15 of our adventure.
    Khadein, the city of magic, is our target.
    Or, more specifically, Gharnef.

    There are two chests in this chapter.
    Also a lot of walking.
    We shouldn't lose anyone this time.

    Current death count: 32
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.
    Chapter 10: Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.
    Chapter 11: Bord, Roger, Sedgar, Shiida and Jake.
    Chapter 12: Vyland, Linde and Hardin.
    Chapter 13: Midia.
    Chapter 14: Astram.


    Chapter 15



    They are certainly good with words.
    We're advancing on the mecca for the magically inclined.


    The Parthizas has been recreated and improved.
    This will allow Maria to one-shot every dracoknight on this map.
    Though only barely.
    Caesar is actually just short of one-shotting the dracoknights, even with a Silver Bow.
    Luckily, we also have Boah, our wielder of the legendary tome, Excalibur.


    Tomas was inspired by our visit to Khadein.
    He abandoned the path of the bow and picked up a tome.
    Will he actually get to see combat?
    Probably not.


    The bench is empty once more.
    The dracoknights in this chapter will be somewhat troublesome, but we are prepared for them.


    This is Gharnef, we cannot defeat him.
    We can stall him, however.


    Caesar defeated the left mage with little trouble.
    He even dodged their counter, which might help us later.


    Beck and Marth worked together to defeat the remaining mage.
    Beck gained an unimpressive level and Marth gained a better level.


    Everyone heads to the middle island area.


    Boah waits in range of one of the dracoknights.
    He'll barely survive one hit.
    Everyone is in range to cover Boah on the following turn.


    Boah defeated the first dracoknight without running into any trouble.


    Our holy man, Radd, bravely went ahead to face the Dark Pontifex, Gharnef.
    He drank some Pure Water to better withstand the fiend.


    Caesar and Macellan worked together to defeat the other dracoknight.
    Macellan gained another level.


    Tomas was excited to try his Fire tome for the first time, so he blasted the nearby thief with a fireball.
    Minerva finished the job with one poke from her Steel Lance.


    Boah and Gordin healed the mascot of our run.


    Radd withstood Gharnef's onslaught.
    That pure water is really helping out.


    Gordin appeared behind Radd to provide some healing.
    Only one magic enemy would be able to attack Gordin, so he's in no danger.
    Well, unless he crits the enemy mage.


    We're just standing around and healing Radd.
    Eventually, Gharnef should leave.


    Radd gets healed once again.
    It's turn 6, so Gharnef should leave at the start of the enemy phase.


    Gharnef decides to leave us alone for the time being.


    Gordin heals Radd.
    We're just waiting for the mage reinforcements to stop.


    Caesar lures one of the other mages above.


    Radd heals Gordin, they are equals now.
    It even seems that Radd would be a more worthy vessel for Ida compared to Gordin.


    Caesar kills the mage, gaining a decent level for his troubles.


    Beck defeats one of the mages.


    Gordin and Radd retreat while staying out of range of the dracoknight.


    I've made one mistake.
    Beck is in range of one of the Bolganone mages.
    He'll die if he gets hit.


    I was careless.
    Having a ballistician would have helped with quite a few strategies.
    Alas...It wasn't meant to be.


    Maria one-shots the dracoknight with the renewed Parthizas.


    Darros, Minerva and Marth take all the nearby mages out.
    Minerva dodged the counter, so she's safe.


    Caesar gets healed by Radd and Gordin.
    We want him to be at full health in case of an emergency.


    Caesar was healed again.
    He then got into position to defeat an incoming mage from the northwest.


    Minerva holds her position, having once again dodged an attack.


    Radd healed Gordin a little for later.


    Everyone heals Caesar to prepare him to face another mage.
    He can only be attacked by one of the approaching mages from that spot.


    Maria awaits the next dracoknight, ready to take him out with one shot of the legendary Parthizas.
    Caesar defeats the remaining mage on the left.


    We'll be waiting for all of the reinforcements to run out while healing Maria in the meantime.
    I'll post another picture if anything interesting happens.


    We waited around for a bit, but no more reinforcements arrived.


    Everyone decided to take the path to the end.
    Boah healed Radd on the way and gained even more speed.
    He has gained speed 5 times in a row now.


    We'll be looting the treasure room on the next turn.


    Marth got a Talisman and Maria got in position to defeat the another dracoknight on the map.


    Maria absolutely refuses to gain strength.
    Of course, that is to be expected with her low 10% growth in the stat.


    Maria is healed by both of our young bishops.


    Caesar is going to lure one of the mages on the coming turn.


    Rickard pilfers the Energy Drop.


    Maria awaits the final dracoknight.


    Caesar gets healed by everyone before taking the mage out.


    I completely forgot about Dolph.
    He would have been fine if I hadn't forgotten to move him out of range.
    I guess Macellan can finally be the superior one now.


    Maria deletes the final dracoknight with the almighty Parthizas.


    Caesar is healed by everyone.


    We just have to walk for a few turns to end the chapter.
    I'll only post moments of interest for now.


    Radd healed Boah to gain his first level as a bishop.


    Minerva attacked the generic boss and missed twice.


    Caesar defeats a curate and reaches level 17.
    Speed and strength, good.


    Minerva defeated the boss and gained a new level.


    Marth casually seizes Khadein.


    I've wondered about a few things in this conversation.
    Is Gotoh one of the original dragons?
    He's old, at least.
    But he's also one of the few who wield magic.

    Also, we won't be getting Starlight.
    But, is it true that you only need to hit the real Gharnef once with Starlight to make him vulnerable to other attacks?
    I've never checked myself.

    Anyhow, this was a fairly calm chapter.
    Though, those 2 deaths were regrettable.
    Rest in peace, Beck and Dolph.

    This brings the death counter up to 34.

    That concludes chapter 15
    We got to meet Gharnef.
    We walked through the desert for a while.

    Not much to say, really.
    We'll be attempting to free Altea in the next chapter.
    Let's see how well that goes...

    See you again in tomorrow's update.

  15. Replies

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    That is a serious gamble after how well Caesar has been turning out...

    ...but I guess it payed off. How strange, I wonder why some of them simply don't attack like that.

    It's probably a measure to keep the chapter from being too much of a pain.
    Still, it has been a blessing for me.

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    A bit worrying to see, but you have less than 1/2 a percent chance of death from that once you factor in true hit.

    My luck has been all over the place during this run.
    Especially with Caesar missing near-guaranteed shots.

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    The Saint Ida religion takes a strange new turn...

    We might not need the Aum Staff for his great return...

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    I think its an old reference to what Ballisticians were in FE1, which were basically tanks, 2 range units with the base defense of a general.

    Really, they've been buffed massively, in that case.
    They really only had 2-range back then?

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Its made all the worse by seeing it as avoidable after the fact. One of thing that feels so different about Shadow Dragon from many of the other games in the series is how permanent actions are, you can't use the rescue command to drag someone out of range, or canto back to a safer position, it doesn't even have a dancer to let someone act again, or a rescue staff to really drag someone to safety.

    The only thing we really have to correct mistakes with is the Warp Staff, but using that is far from ideal.

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    That is annoying to have to deal with. Hopefully there aren't too many more bosses you have to break weapons with before dealing with them.

    This should be the last one, I think.
    There may still be some generic enemies who will have their weapons broken on the way, though.

    We enter the land of betrayal in chapter 14.
    Gra, our former ally, stabbed us in the back at the start of the game.
    Now, it's our time to seek vengeance against them and their traitorous king, Jiol.

    We'll be gaining two characters during this chapter.
    There's a village, but it's not worth the effort to visit it.

    Current death count: 31
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.
    Chapter 10: Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.
    Chapter 11: Bord, Roger, Sedgar, Shiida and Jake.
    Chapter 12: Vyland, Linde and Hardin.
    Chapter 13: Midia.


    Chapter 14



    Revenge for Marth at last.
    Also, regarding former allies like Gra...
    "Fire Emblem, trust nobody"


    We're deploying everyone except Beck.
    I have a strategy in mind for this chapter, so we shouldn't be losing anyone.


    This is an example of reinforcements done right.
    They're foreshadowed, so you know that they are on their way.
    We'll be taking our time with this chapter.
    I also have a plan to take care of the pegasus knights.
    But we'll get to that later.


    Boah flexes his magical muscle and crits the ballistician.
    Even the malicious Macellan is against wasting uses, so he helps Boah equip his Fire Tome for the coming enemy phase.


    Minerva flies straight down, hammering the knight with the forged Javelin.
    The knight to the left can only attack her on the next turn, and she'll survive the hit just fine.


    Everyone else moves forward.
    Rickard is in position to unlock the bridge on the next turn.


    Boah was healed by Radd.
    He discussed the possibility of an excorcism to be performed on Gordin.
    His possession seems to be progressing with each chapter, soon, there'll be no Gordin left.
    Boah shook his head, saying that he needed some time to prepare for this.


    Caesar weakened the knight with the legendary Parthizas.
    He did take quite a bit of damage in return, though.


    Darros, the man chosen by the Devil Axe, used it once more.
    No backfire, the knight's armor was gruesomely dented after the strike.
    Needless to say, Darros is a scary opponent to have.


    Rickard ran behind him to open the bridge.
    Though, he helped the man o' the sea to equip a safer weapon first.


    Caesar was healed by the second coming of Ida.
    He's grateful to be healed, sure.
    But he can't help but feel uncomfortable in Gordin's presence.


    Astram lures the cavaliers on the right side.


    Everyone is awaiting the coming enemy phase.


    Minerva is healed from afar by the amazing Radd.
    He gained a level.


    Astram took this cavalier out with one normal hit and a crit.


    Caesar and Macellan teamed up to defeat this knight.


    Macellan defies everyone's expectations by gaining a good level.


    Marth blocks this area, he won't die from one hit.


    Minerva wounds the cavalier for Marth to take out on the next turn.


    Astram was taken out by an archer.
    It seems that I forgot to check their range...
    Astram was right, heads will roll.
    At least he can join Midia now.

    The pre-promote curse demands sacrifices if I want to spare Minerva, apparantly.


    Darros threw a Hand Axe at the wounded cavalier.
    He's practicing his throws for the axe throwing olympics.
    Then again, the only other participant who would still be alive by then is Minerva.


    Minerva blocks both thieves while equipped with her Steel Lance.
    She should be fine.


    Caesar was healed by his good friend, Radd.
    Boah was healed by the erratic Gordin.
    Witnessing Gordin's troubling behavior was quite unsettling for the old bishop.


    Rickard killed the cavalier without hesistation.
    An act of revenge for harming Marth.


    Everyone takes the right route.
    Caesar lures the murderous archer into attacking him.


    Caesar is healed by Radd.
    He gains an A Rank in Staves for his efforts.


    Caesar defeats the archer, surviving with just 2 HP remaining.
    Still, this is all part of the plan.


    Gordin heals him while in range of the archer.
    Boah heals him from a safe position.
    It's done like this because Gordin can survive a hit.


    Everyone is squeezing further into the passage.


    Caesar defeated the remaining archer.


    The Medonian sisters take care of one of the thieves.
    The thieves don't seem to want to attack on their own.


    Caesar, our hero, recieves aid from Radd and Boah.


    Everyone is safe for this turn.


    Minerva and Maria defeat the final thief.
    Maria wanted to show her talents off to her sister, so she crit the thief.
    Her level wasn't as spectacular. though.


    The possessed green man gets healing from bishop Boah.
    He takes this opportunity to take a good look at this poor soul.
    He's looking quite pale...


    Marth is healed by resistant Ida and Radd.


    Gordin is whacked by Radd's heal Staff.
    It still heals him, though.
    Caesar is healed by Boah.


    Marth waits in range of the two pegasus knights that spawned earlier.
    Palla and Catria.
    Catria will recruit herself during the coming enemy phase.


    Catria just recruited herself.
    Her dialogue does make me wonder, will the Whitewings still join you if Minerva is already dead?
    Or if you never recruited her?
    I've never tried it myself, but I'm curious...


    This is Catria, one of the Whitewings.
    She's quite a good unit.
    She ended up as my Gradivus user in one of my Iron Man runs.

    Her bases
    20 HP
    6 Str
    2 Mag
    7 Skill
    13 Spd
    7 Lck
    8 Def
    6 Res

    She also comes with a C Rank in Lances.
    So, instant Ridersbane access.
    She's pretty much ready to go and contribute once you get her.

    Her growths
    60% HP
    45% Str
    0% Mag
    80% Skill
    65% Spd
    40% Lck
    25% Def
    5% Res

    She'll grow quite well when trained.
    She will cap her speed with ease.
    Though the 23 speed cap of a dracoknight hurts a little.


    Marth hasn't been well lately.
    All the deaths he has witnessed have taken a toll on his mental health.
    He saw Palla and mistook her for the late Shiida.
    I suppose that he just saw what he wanted to see....


    And so, Palla joins our ranks.


    This is Palla, the oldest of the three Whitewings.
    I didn't get her during my last Iron Man run.
    Why, you may ask?
    Castor shot her down by accident.

    Her bases
    22 HP
    7 Str
    2 Mag
    8 Skill
    13 Spd
    5 Lck
    8 Def
    6 Res

    Her bases hold up well.
    And, she comes with a B Rank in Lances.
    Which means, instant Silver Lance access.

    Her growths
    60% HP
    55% Str
    0% Mag
    70% Skill
    25% Spd
    10% Lck
    25% Def
    10% Res

    Her growths are decent.
    Though, 10% speed is quite embarassing for a flier.


    Minerva is healed by Boah and Radd.


    Horace gets ready to choke the point.


    Darros is healed by Boah.
    He asks him why he insists on using the Devil Axe.
    Darros says that he's the only one who can safely use it.
    The only axe that is stronger is the legendary Hauteclere, and Darros cannot wield that one.


    I hope that they'll both make it to the end.


    Hyah indeed.
    I really do enjoy these little talk conversations.


    Caesar will one-shot every pegasus knight who wields a Javelin.


    Gordin and Radd heal our noble hunter.
    Radd gains resistance for his troubles.


    Darros's wounds have been healed by our friendly bishop, Boah.


    Caesar gains a level for defeating another pegasus knight.


    Maria takes Horace's place.
    Apparantly, the pegasus knights will line up just in range to be shot down by Maria.
    She one-shots them exactly with Zas.


    Caesar gets healed again.
    The next few turns will be more of the same, so I'll be skipping them unless something of note happens.


    Caesar reached a B Rankl in Bows.
    This allows him to use Silver Bows.
    Only one more Weapon Level before he gets to use the Parthia.


    Maria got another level.
    She's seeing a lot of use in this chapter.


    The legendary Parthizas broke.
    This is a sad day for us all...


    Boah seems to be blessed in speed.


    Maria gained another level by clearing the last reinforcement.
    It took a while, but all is well now.


    We'll be dealing with the sniper in the treasure room soon.


    Marth produces a key for Caesar to use.
    He opens the door, allowing us to all attack the sniper on the following turn.
    The sniper does have a 4% chance to crit against Caesar, so this will be scary.


    Caesar survived the encounter and gained skill.


    Minerva attacks the sniper and gets a fantastic level out of it.


    Caesar finishes him off with his Silver Bow.


    Marth acquires the Silver Card.
    We'll be doing some shopping later.


    Caesar gets more healing from Radd, the red legend.


    Radd just keeps healing his friend for more experience.
    He gained a fantastic level for his troubles.
    We'll be promoting him soon.


    Catria will be doing some shopping for us later.


    Everyone advances to the left.


    Rickard takes the Small Bullion and Radd squeezes some more experience out of Caesar's injuries.
    Everyone else marched to the left.


    Rickard trades to Catria, Catria trades to Palla.


    We walked for one turn before putting Darros here to lure the knights.


    Darros is healed back to full health by our two bishops.
    The malicious Macellan shoots one fireball at the enemy knight.


    Darros recieves healing from Radd and Boah.


    The possessed bishop and the man o' the sea take the knight down together.
    Darros gets a typical level.


    Rickard opens the door and Horace chokes the point.
    Maria waits behind him to provide cover.


    Darros got the usual healing from Radd and Gordin.


    Gordin might be an unfit vessel for Ida.
    He's still too slow...


    We'll only be healing with Radd for now.
    Darros defeated the knight without any trouble.


    Caesar and Minerva defeated the cavalier together.
    Minerva reached a C Rank in Lances, which means that she's now able to wield our cursed Ridersbane forge.


    Caesar defeated the final cavalier.


    Radd healed for that juicy experience.


    Palla sold the Small Bullion and bought 5 Pure Waters, 10 Door Keys, 8 Heal Staves and 8 Vulneraries.
    Yes, I probably bought way more than I needed.


    Darros attacks the curate and misses.


    We spent 4 turns doing two things.
    Darros attacked this Curate for 3 turns and reached level 10.


    And Radd healed for 4 turns to reach level 20.


    Radd is now a holy man.
    He trained hard for this day, always healing and never backing down.
    He abandoned the path of the sword for this.
    And now, his efforts have been rewarded.
    Still, some parts of his old lifestyle remain.
    He has 5 strength, which is quite ridiculous for a bishop.

    He'll serve us well.


    I decided to make a quick end to this chapter.
    Minerva hammered the boss, but he miraculously survived.


    Marth wanted revenge for all that was taken from him.
    He took his Rapier and plunged it into Jiol's throat.
    The king of Gra was no more.
    The RNG gods are telling Marth that he shouldn't be fighting on the front lines.
    He still wishes to press on and help out.
    To avenge all those comrades who have lost their lives.


    Another turn passed, then, he seized.


    Malledus decided to show his face again, which is nice.
    Marth may not know it now, but we won't be getting Falchion, at least not the real one.
    We're just going to use Nagi.
    Unless my luck decides to make her miss when the time comes.
    Then I'll be in some real trouble.

    We had one death in this chapter.
    Another pre-promote, Astram.
    Heads did roll, alright.

    The death counter has increased to 32.

    Well then, that was chapter 14.
    We conquered Gra, woo.

    We'll be heading to Khadein next, only to hear that we cannot defeat Gharnef.
    Still,no worries.

    Look forward to tomorrow's update.


  16. Replies

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Arise Darth Macellan, and let the hate flow through you .

    He's already getting more use than in all of my other runs combined right now.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    My first instinct is to be surprised that you are fleeing from the weaker enemies of the gaiden, but on further reflection, after all that death, this better safe then sorry mentality is probably warranted.

    I've never actually attacked Horace's soldiers.
    Maybe it's out of fear of all of them spontaniously moving when attacked?

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    They really made Horace an interesting character with the story if this gaiden. Too bad you rarely see him on a regular run.

    He does have more dialogue and development than the other gaiden characters.
    I'll try to keep him alive.

    We have reached chapter 13 after clearing our first gaiden chapter.
    Ammunition will rain from the sky, threatening our meager army.
    Will we survive?

    If all goes well, then we'll be adding two new members to our army.
    One ballistician and one hero.

    Current death count: 30
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.
    Chapter 10: Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.
    Chapter 11: Bord, Roger, Sedgar, Shiida and Jake.
    Chapter 12: Vyland, Linde and Hardin.


    Chapter 13



    This will be one of the more unique chapters in the series.
    Still, we won't really be in too much trouble.
    We're facing mostly ballisticians and two thieves.


    This is Horace.
    He joined us at the end of chapter 12x.
    It's possible to miss out on him if you don't get the gaiden chapter or kill him during it.

    His bases
    32 HP
    15 Str
    1 Mag
    12 Skill
    8 Spd
    7 Lck
    17 Def
    3 Res

    He also comes with a B rank in lances and a D rank in bows.
    Honestly, his bases are quite fantastic when compared to everyone else in our army.
    He can also use the forged Ridersbane and the Silver Lance fine.
    And look at that base strength!
    He's just what we needed.

    His growths
    60% HP
    15% Str
    0% Mag
    35% Skill
    10% Spd
    15% Lck
    35% Def
    0% Res

    His growths aren't anything special.
    But he'll pull through for us.


    We'll be taking it somewhat slow during this chapter.
    No one is on the bench today.


    Nyna is right to be worried, you know?
    One would easily get overwhelmed if they approach this chapter without taking the proper measures.
    I recall that some ballisticians won't attack when you're in range.
    I'll deal with the two moving ballisticians first, then slowly defeat everyone else.


    Dolph will lure the moving Arrowspate guy.
    Horace will take care of the moving Stonehoist guy.


    Horace and Boah lure the moving guys just a little closer...


    Boah defeated one of the moving ballisticians.


    Caesar and Horace defeated the other one.
    Caesar might be in a bit of a precarious position, depending on if I remember the AI correctly or not.


    Both Gordin and Radd used their psychic abilities to heal Boah from far away.
    Radd reached a B Rank in Staves.


    Everyone advances carefully.


    I was correct, some of the stationary ballisticians won't attack.
    Boah defeated the last ballistician on top and gained more speed and res.


    I decided to block the village, moving everyone out of range of the thieves as a precaution.


    Caesar chips the thief for Marth to take out.
    I know, it's still a risky move to use Marth for combat, but I kind of have to.
    I haven't really paid much attention to it, but Caesar really is starting to have a lot of HP.


    Horace and Minerva defeated the remaining thief.


    Dolph was healed by both Radd and Gordin.
    Gordin is acting a little strange, though.
    He wants to be referred to as Ida nowadays.
    Radd suspects that Gordin may be possessed...


    We'll be getting Beck on the next turn.
    He'll make it a lot easier to deal with the remaining ballisticians.


    Marth recruits Beck.
    He comes with the Thunderbolt, which is immediatly useful.
    He mentions being a part of the battle of Castle Deil, the Maria and Minerva chapter.
    We didn't see him there, though.
    Then again, we don't know.
    Maybe he's just some maniac who wished to join up with Marth to give his homemade ballista a spin?


    He does a lot of damage with it.
    We'll be forging it in the future.


    This is Beck, our first and only ballistician.
    We're not counting Jake, since we were unable to recruit him.

    His bases
    20 HP
    6 Str
    0 Mag
    4 Skill
    3 Spd
    5 Lck
    14 Def
    0 Res

    Honestly, his stats don't even matter that much.
    Just strength and magic do.
    Strength for normal weapons and magic for the Thunderbolt.
    He also has very high defense for some reason.
    Though, you really shouldn't be putting him in harm's way to begin with.

    His growths
    60% HP
    25% Str
    0% Mag
    30% Skill
    40% Spd
    35% Lck
    25% Def
    0% Res

    His growths exist.
    By the way, can ballisticians double?
    I've never seen them accomplish that, at least.


    Minerva gets healing from Radd and green Ida.


    Horace waits in range of Astram.
    We'll be recruiting him on the next turn.


    The two lovers are reunited.


    Horace recieves aid from our one and only Ida Gordin.
    He defeats the wounded ballistician.


    Beck wounded another ballistician while Minerva flew down.
    She'll be taking care of the three ballisticians at the bottom for us.


    Marth is healed by the red legend, Radd.


    Astram is loyal to Nyna, yet he switched sides after Akaneia fell.
    Isn't he basically in the same situation as Horace?
    Except, his hand wasn't forced.
    He already thought that Midia was killed, so he had nothing left to protect.
    Unlike Horace, who was blackmailed.
    It's just an interesting contrast.
    Heads will roll, alright.
    But it will probably be Astram's.


    Well then, here's Astram.
    A hero.
    He doesn't really do much for me during my runs.
    He's decent.

    His bases
    26 HP
    8 Str
    1 Mag
    14 Skill
    14 Spd
    3 Lck
    8 Def
    3 Res

    His weapon ranks are quite good, coming with a B Rank in Swords and a D Rank in Axes.
    He can use all swords except Mercurius at base.
    He also has access to a decent 2-range option with Hand Axes.

    His growths
    90% HP
    50% Str
    0% Mag
    40% Skill
    20% Spd
    50% Lck
    10% Def
    0% Res

    His growths are suprisingly good.
    Those 10% growths in speed and defense sting, though.

    Luckily, his bases hold up against almost all of the normal enemies the game throws at us.


    Minerva decides to train her Lance Rank while slowly defeating the lower ballisticians.


    Beck defeats the wounded ballistician.
    We'll just need to take the other one down too.


    Marth is healed by Radd.
    Horace gets support from the bishop of Ida, who also wants to be called Ida.


    He's muttering something about how the Ida is not strong enough in him yet.


    If Akaneia's best knight is Astram, then it really is not suprising at all that they fell.
    Anyhow, this talk conversation does provide some nice lore.
    You'd have to wonder if Nyna was pressured into marrying...
    Her tale really is tragic.

    Technically, Marth would be the best choice for her.
    Politically speaking.
    Also, because Hardin is dead too.
    Camus would be a fine choice too, but he's no king.
    Besides, he'll be off exploring Valentia soon.


    Beck wounds another ballistician.
    Strength is nice, I suppose.


    Minerva pokes the lower ballistician some more.


    Beck defeated his ballistician, Minerva hers.
    I'll be clearing the lower ballisticians out with Minerva.
    I'll update again once that's out of the way.


    Minerva took care of them and got another good level.


    Now we're going to break the enemy's Thunderbolt.
    I'll only mention the interesting parts.


    Minerva barged into this place because she felt like it.
    Luckily, she didn't get insulted this time.


    We're going a little farther into their range to get them to attack.


    Impatience got the best of me.
    I realized my mistake too late.
    The ballistician had to be defeated now, or else we would lose Beck.
    So, Midia sacrificed herself to take the ballistician out.
    Let's just say that Astram was not pleased with this decision.


    Well then...
    We've decided to take a different approach.


    Horace is going to deplete the Boss's weapon.


    This is going to take a while.
    Your cavalry still seems to be mostly wooden, Grigas.


    Radd gained 4 levels.
    Boah gained one level and reached a B Rank in Staves.


    It took 25 turns to deplete his weapon.


    Beck and Minerva defeated the last Arrowspate user.
    Only 3 enemies remain, of which only 1 can still attack.


    Marth pokes the curate while Minerva hits the ballistician.


    Minerva and Marth worked together to take him out.
    Marth reached a B Rank in Swords for his trouble.


    Boah and Macellan damaged the boss.
    Bishop Boah was shocked to see Macellan like that at first, he just never expected the guy to turn out like that.


    Everyone approaches the boss.
    He must be nervous by now.
    Getting surrounded while having no weapon at all.


    Boah and Macellan finished this guy off.


    He's the first boss who has three boxes of text for his defeat quote.


    Rickard and Dolph defeated the final enemy on this map.
    Dolph did actually hit this time.


    Marth seized the gate.
    Tomas, Maria, and Darros wondered why they were even here, since they didn't get to do anything at all.


    Marth mentions that commoner no matter what.
    Even if you don't visit that house.

    This concludes chapter 13.
    Only one casualty due to impatience.
    Rest in peace, Midia.
    Yet another promoted unit falls to the unseen curse.

    This increases the death counter to 31.

    That was chapter 13.
    I think that we did well enough, especially compared to other chapters.

    Chapter 14 is next.
    Marth will finally get revenge on Gra for their betrayal.
    I already have a plan in mind for that chapter.

    Well then, see you all again tomorrow.




  17. Replies

    17 hours ago, Shadow Mir said:

    Do you have a plan for chapter 13 then? Because I'm not sure the Thunderbolt can one-hit the ballisticians.

    Some Ballisticians refuse to attack for some reason.
    I should be able to take them out if I take my time.

    13 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Fun fact they originally had the same portrait in FE1...

    The same portrait but mirrored, right?
    I look forward to meeting the cast in their original 8-bit glory when Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light hits the Switch.
    It is a little annoying that the limited edition won't release over where I live, though.

    13 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Minerva really is showing her worth with this hammer massacre of hers

    I should check if there are more hammers for sale anywhere.
    I'll only really be needing it until the Gra chapter, though.
    Minerva is a lifesaver.

    13 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    The royalty of Macedon are becoming the MVPs of this run.

    I checked Maria's growths as an archer, consistently proccing that 35% speed growth is nothing short of a blessing.

    13 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    ...Darros played a dangerous game here.

    He's crafting his very own legend.
    This is the first time he ever got this far in my Iron Man runs.

    13 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Oof. Hardin dies a hero, before living long enough to become the villain. Wow every wielder of the Rider's Bane you had died didn't they. I guess it will have to go to one of the new recruits...

    Could it be that our forged Ridersbane is actually more cursed than the Devil Axe?

    13 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    I guess giving Caesar those speed wings is really paying off. I was skeptical of him for a while, but he is really coming in the clutch at this point.

    My strategy would have failed without him.
    He needed the Speedwing to avoid getting doubled by the horsemen.
    That way, the 1-range cavalry would swarm the chokepoint while Caesar defeated all the horsemen just in time.
    Hardin secured our victory by defeating that first horseman, we would have been in trouble if he missed.

    13 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    That was some extreme turtling, but your little army survived that vicious onslaught

    I did say that I would be going to reach the end by any means necessary.
    Luckily, this chapter will be a breather.

    14 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    The most dangerous cult of them all. The Devil Axe demands blood...

    Luckily, it does allow the blood of our enemies as a sufficient payment for its power.

    14 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Minerva is really carrying you through this. Hopefully she makes it all the way to the end, but this has been a brutal run for promoted units.

    I intend to keep her alive.
    That doesn't mean much, if you look at my history with promoted units...
    But still, my intention remains.

    14 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Oh a gaiden chapter. This should be a bit of a breather, as the difficulty scaling is noticeably less extreme in them. Good luck avoid Horace long enough to recruit him.

    Horace and his group don't move.
    They'll only attack if you stand next to them.
    This map does have one weird quirk, though.
    There's a fort on the map which spawns reinforcements.
    However, that tile is actually outside of the map, it's onscreen, but no one can traverse it.

    We've arrived at chapter 12x.
    One of Shadow Dragon's infamous Gaiden chapters.
    We're pursuing a general who defected.

    This general is named Horace.
    We'll be recruiting him at the end of the chapter if all goes well.

    Current death count: 30
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.
    Chapter 10: Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.
    Chapter 11: Bord, Roger, Sedgar, Shiida and Jake.
    Chapter 12: Vyland, Linde and Hardin.


    Chapter 12x



    Our first Gaiden chapter.
    It'll be a bit of a breather compared to other chapters.
    I'm not expecting any casualties here.


    This fort to the right can't be traversed.
    Yet reinforcements will spawn from there for some reason.
    I once lost someone because of that.


    Macellan's malice has been building for years.
    He isn't going to be inferior to Dolph anymore.
    He joined the dark side and will use the arcane arts show everyone his worth!


    Marth got some new boots.
    I might feed him some kills to better prepare him for the coming chapters.


    We sold the Large Bullion and did some shopping.


    This is our final formation.
    Tomas guards the bench alone.
    Well, technically not alone.
    Malledus and Nyna keep the guy company.


    Horace won't be a threat on this map.
    Also, is that other guy also called Dejanira in the American version?
    That name is quite unique.


    Minerva lures one cavalier, Darros the other.


    We should be able to walk into the range of Horace's units without any trouble.
    We might even be able to wait next to them.
    They'll leave us be if we play our cards right.


    Maria defeats the cavalier her sister wounded during the first enemy phase.
    She's contributing to our cause.


    Minerva gets some healing from bishop Boah.
    She must survive, for our sake.


    Caesar awaits an incoming mage, he'll defeat him even with just an Iron Bow.


    Darros, Macellan and Marth defeat the other cavalier.
    Macellan is certainly enjoying his new powers, he should have picked up a tome ages ago.


    Darros is healed by Radd and Gordin.
    They've really started to respect this man o' the sea.
    Risking his very life time and time again to use that cursed axe for the good of us all.
    They're just glad that he doesn't have to resort to that during this chapter.


    Everyone cautiously takes the route to the right.
    They'll be evading the majority of Horace's army that way.


    Caesar really showed this mage who's boss.


    Caesar is healed by his good friend and the Akaneian bishop.


    Minerva lures the two cavaliers up north.
    Everyone else continues to follow this path.


    Caesar takes the cavalier out.
    He's really becoming one of our more reliable units.


    Minerva gets healed again by our friendly bishop Boah.


    Minerva gets ready to lure another cavalier.
    Everyone else follows closely behind.


    Caesar takes two shots at the cavalier and gains a good level.
    His speed will allow him to double most enemies for a while.


    Dolph tried his best to hit, but failed.
    Maria took the kill instead.


    Gordin heals Minerva back to full health.


    Minerva takes the upper mage down.


    I thought that I could double this guy, but I've been bamboozled like last time.
    Looking back, this was a very risky move.
    Marth barely survives the enemy's counter.
    He got slightly faster for his troubles.


    Darros took care of the wounded mage.
    He gained another level, beating the odds and getting more speed.


    Caesar is healed back to full health by bishop Boah.
    He's a healbot we can rely on.


    Marth's going to visit the village on the next turn.
    Everyone is still relatively safe.


    Gordin and Boah help Marth back to his feet.
    He looked death in the eyes and never wanted to do that ever again.
    He entered the village to ask about the knight Horace.


    Well, that was enlightening.
    And we got a free Killer Lance out of it.
    Everyone walked forward again.


    Marth was healed once more by the holy bishop of Ida, Gordin.


    Caesar is going to lure an archer while wounding him just enough for Maria to get a nice kill out of it.


    Everyone will advance once the archer is taken care of.


    The speed demon did not gain speed.
    Still, having 10 defense on an archer is ridiculous.


    Caesar gets some healing from his good friend Radd and the holy Gordin.
    He's been acting a little erratic lately...


    We'll be reaching the boss soon enough.


    Everyone runs forward.
    The people in range of the knight have unequipped their weapons just in case.
    A lone pirate reinforcement runs up to us from the back.


    Caesar plans to lure the sniper.
    He gets healing support from our two bishops.


    Minerva flew up north to make more room in the safezone.
    Everyone is waiting for the next turn.


    A lot of pirate reinforcements appeared.
    We're changing the plan.
    This chapter will end on this turn.
    We'll skip the second village.


    Boah, Minerva and Caesar defeated the boss.
    We won't end the chapter just yet, though.


    Darros and Rickard defeated this sniper for some juicy EXP.


    "No more?"
    All your soldiers survived, you fool.
    Be more thankful.


    Nyna, you too?
    All his soldiers survived this ordeal thanks to our masterful tactician, Malledus!
    That aside, Horace does indeed need to show a traitor's worth.
    Nyna is quite good with words when she needs to be.
    She has his life, so he has no say.
    I do wonder if he can actually keep his promise of not dying, our track record with promoted units is quite poor after all.

    Well then, we made it without any deaths this time.
    Hopefully, we can keep this up.

    That concludes chapter 12x.
    This was a nice chapter to relax in, being a bit lower in difficulty.

    We'll be facing the Wooden Cavalry in the next chapter.
    Will we survive the shots raining from the sky?

    You'll see it all in tomorrow's update.


  18. Replies

    18 hours ago, Shadow Mir said:

    Only one response appropriate enough to sum up both of these:

    Also, if I had to rate how screwed you are on a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say 13. As in, chapter 13 is likely going to be your end after these losses.

    The Wooden Cavalry will be the most difficult?
    Chapter 12 will be harder due to all the super strong reinforcements.

    6 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    It is a solid accomplishment for someone that has never wielded a weapon before in her life

    Maybe it'll be the start of Maria's legend?
    Who knows?

    6 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Uh oh, I hope this isn't implying a Sorcerer reclass next chapter...

    I was actually planning to do that.
    It's important to have fun, even if the odds are stacked against you, right?
    Still, RIP Sedgar.

    6 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    That killer bow is a bit too true to its name...Oof losing Sedgar is kinda a disaster with how few promoted you have left.

    The show isn't over yet.
    We still have Minerva.
    Actually, we only have Minerva.

    6 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    You really like to play dangerously don't you (although I suppose the only risk of death would be a crit backfire on that one...)

    I take calculated risks.
    Besides, I believe in Darros.
    He'll be our savior, somehow.
    Risking his own life by wielding the Devil Axe.

    6 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Now the only promoted unit left is Minerva...Yikes you are really running out of usable allies.

    I still have the almighty Warp Staff on my side.
    And, Vyland, of course.

    6 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Well done, although your army is really depleted at this point. Hopefully you can save enough of the prison gang next chapter to help round out the ranks, but both Sedgar and Shiida are good enough that they are hard to replace.

    I'll at least be able to save the two that matter the most.
    I think.
    I hope.

    We have infiltrated the Millenium Court now that chapter 12 is upon us.
    The palace is filled with treasures and prisoners alike, will we be able to save them all?

    Nyna really wants her palace back, so we'll try not to fail when we're so close to reaching her goal.
    Our chance of failure is high, be ready for a rapid end to our adventure.

    Current death count: 27
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.
    Chapter 10: Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.
    Chapter 11: Bord, Roger, Sedgar, Shiida and Jake.


    Chapter 12



    I do like the backstory which we get to learn due to the chapter introductions.
    Also, conspiracy theory time.
    You remember the Hauteclere, right?
    It also has the effect of a vulnerary when used.
    Wrys was turned into a Vulnerary in FE3.
    Hauteclere = weaponized vulnerary Wrys?
    I'm just joking.


    I gave Caesar the Speedwing to facilitate a strategy.
    We'll still have to run like mad, though.
    Minerva got the Goddess Icon to hopefully avoid any crits.


    Our final formation, the bench remains vacant.
    Believe it or not, I actually planned ahead for this chapter.
    So, we should get through this with minimal casualties.
    Hopefully, maybe.


    What you see is what you get.
    I used to think that Midia was just a very flamboyant man.
    Most of the prisoners are doomed, though.

    I did have a strategy in mind to save them all, but I just don't have the manpower for it.
    Well, unless I do something crazy like warping Darros in there to KO the mage.


    This is Dolph, a big man.
    He wears armor.
    I've literally never used him, so I have no fun stories to tell about this guy.
    Maybe he's a gentle giant?

    His bases
    22 HP
    8 Str
    0 Mag
    6 Skill
    5 Spd
    3 Lck
    13 Def
    0 Res

    His stats are decent enough, I suppose.
    His base C Rank in Lances does give him some extra value, though.
    Ridersbane at base.

    His growths
    70% HP
    30% Str
    0% Mag
    40% Skill
    30% Spd
    10% Lck
    45% Def
    0% Res

    He seems like quite an unlucky guy.
    I really don't know what to say.


    Macellan, probably Dolph's twin brother or something.
    He probably has a lot of pent up anger for being the inferior one.

    His bases
    20 HP
    8 Str
    0 Mag
    5 Skill
    3 Spd
    4 Lck
    12 Def
    0 Res

    He comes with a D Rank in Lances, which gives him access to Javelins.
    I'll find a use for him if he survives.

    His growths
    60% HP
    35% Strength
    0% Mag
    25% Skill
    25% Spd
    30% Lck
    30% Def
    0% Res

    I'd make him a sorcerer if he makes it through this mess.


    I've used Tomas once before.
    I reclassed him to a cavalier because all my green haired units ended up being really good.
    That was the run with a fantastic Paladin Merric.
    Tomas underperformed.

    His bases
    22 HP
    7 Str
    0 Mag
    6 Skill
    5 Spd
    4 Lck
    6 Def
    0 Res

    He comes with a C Rank in Bows.
    Maybe he can use Longbows?
    I don't know.

    His growths
    65% HP
    25% Str
    0% Mag
    30% Skill
    50% Spd
    25% Lck
    10% Def
    0% Res

    Nyna's royal guard is filled with sub-par units.


    Midia, the survivor.
    I've tried making her a Jagen replacement.
    It didn't go well.

    Her bases
    24 HP
    7 Str
    1 Mag
    11 Skill
    9 Spd
    7 Lck
    9 Def
    6 Res

    She also comes with a D Rank in Swords and a C Rank in Lances.
    She'll be a Ridersbane user if nothing else.

    Her growths
    80% HP
    30% Str
    0% Mag
    50% Skill
    50% Spd
    10% Lck
    20% Def
    0% Res

    She has some decent growths for a pre-promote.
    Will she be the hero we need?


    I always end up using Boah.
    He's a very good utility unit, if nothing else.

    His bases
    22 HP
    1 Str
    4 Mag
    7 Skill
    10 Spd
    4 Lck
    5 Def
    9 Res

    He comes with a B Rank in Tomes and a C Rank in Staves.
    Basically, instant Excalibur, Warp and Physic.

    His growths
    10% HP
    0% Str
    20% Mag
    20% Skill
    20% Spd
    20% Lck
    0% Def
    30% Res

    His growths aren't anything special, but his bases will carry us in the chapters to come.
    He'll be able to oneshot Dracoknights with Excalibur if reclassed to a Sage, I believe.


    Linde and Vyland will work together to get the Warp Staff.


    Well then...
    RIP Vyland.
    Ended by an unlucky miss.
    This is not the best start to the chapter.


    Rickard didn't really know Vyland too well, so he didn't even waste his Vengeance on this hapless thief.
    He acquired the Warp Staff.


    Caesar missed.
    This thief may keep his life, since the Armorslayer isn't worth it.


    Minerva will be the one who'll deal with the knights.
    It's Hammer time.


    Maria decided that she wanted to help the prisoners.
    She took the Warp Staff from the convoy and gave it to Gordin.
    Gordin warped Hardin all the way over to the prison.


    He has just enough speed to double.
    The mage is no more.
    The knight below him shouldn't move, unless I'm remembering things wrong.


    All the prisoners squished themselves into the left side of the cell.
    This will hopefully keep the archers from moving.


    Everyone is sprinting towards the cells.


    Minerva hammered the knight and gained a level.
    She's hearing some odd whispers in her head...
    She shakes them off, thinking nothing of them.


    Gordin heals the princess of Medon.
    He asks her about the whispers.
    The whispers of Ida...


    Minerva flew off to defeat another knight.
    It's a thing only she can do for now.


    Everyone is still sprinting towards the prison.
    We need to get there before the reinforcements arrive.


    The thief desired more treasure, a foolish choice.
    Maria and Rickard made him leave this realm.


    Gordin heals Minerva with his psychic abilities.
    She destroys the final knight after Gordin's assist.


    Marth has almost arrived.


    Caesar lures one of the archers.


    Hardin gets healed in order to deal with one of the mages approaching from the south.


    The reinforcements have spawned and the secondary boss started moving, we have to hurry.


    Minerva took care of the lower mage, killing him in one hit.


    Darros and Maria worked together to defeat the wounded archer.
    Maria decided to show off and crit him.


    Hardin was healed to take the other mage out.


    Marth took a Levin Sword from the convoy and equipped Darros with a Hand Axe.


    I didn't plan for this.
    This mage has two more speed than the other one.
    If only I'd checked their stats beforehand....


    I decided to block him off, keeping Maria and Rickard safe.
    Maria may lose her sister.
    And I may lose our last hope...


    He went for Linde instead.
    May she rest in peace.
    At least Minerva yet lives.


    Minerva gave this fool a painful death.


    Her wounds are being mended for our strategy later.


    Caesar is vital to this part too.
    He needs to survive the horsemen.


    We'll be doing our best to clean up this mess.
    Marth will block this archer.


    Darros, the man o' the sea is fearless.
    Once more, he takes up the cursed Devil Axe to protect his comrades.
    He is aware that he may perish if it backfires now, still, he persists.
    Once more, he is spared.


    The run could have ended after one unlucky miss.
    That did not happen, though.
    Marth shocked this fool into oblivion!


    Caesar is ready to what he must.
    We'll be in need of a lot of healers.
    Luckily, Boah is available too.


    Hardin needed to hit this attack, which he did.
    Sadly, his life will most certainly end on the following turn.
    His sacrifice will buy our victory.


    One last level for our the final member of the Wolfguard.
    Rest in peace.
    Marth x Nyna is going to happen now.


    The prisoners are freed.


    Caesar and Minerva recieved healing from everyone, including Boah.
    We'll block them all, I swear it.


    Maria will chip the boss for free experience and a Master Seal.


    Minerva was aided by the old Bishop, Boah.
    She'll be tanking for a while yet.


    Radd healed his good friend and was rewarded for his efforts by Ida.


    Gordin healed him too.
    He wishes to contribute even though he's currently unable to grow.


    Caesar defeats the horseman in the just in time.
    He grows.


    Maria does the same, she's really looking forward to winning that Master Seal.


    It's really just the same as our last turn.
    I'll update again when something new happens.


    Caesar got another level on the following turn.
    He also reached a C Rank in Bows.


    She seems to be getting speed on every level.
    She'll become a good unit at this rate.


    All horsemen have been eliminated.
    Caesar reached level 10 and the prison is still blocked.
    I'll only be updating when something interesting happens.


    Meet bishop Gordin.
    We'll be relying on him a lot.


    Radd also got a level.
    Strong curate.


    We're not going to wait any longer, let's clear these fools out!
    Also, Darros coming in clutch with that speed proc despite his 10% growth.


    We healed Minerva for the next round.


    Gordin and Minerva defeated a cavalier together.


    Minerva was prepared for the coming enemy phase.
    I'll get back after all these cavaliers are cleared out.


    Everyone got some fantastic levels out of this.
    Minerva's level was very respectable.
    Boah is defying his own growths.
    Maria clearly wants to become a speed demon.
    And Rickard defied all odds and got a fantastic level, even getting his 2% Res growth to come through.


    It took a long time, but here we are!


    Maria was healed.
    Midia got some items from the convoy and everyone is heading towards the treasure room.


    Radd is spreading more pamphlets to our new recruits.
    The word of saint Ida must be heard!


    Gordin thanked his lord and savior Ida for protecting Minerva from death.
    She wasn't too pleased with having her accomplishments ignored in favor of false belief, so she flew off.


    Rickard opened the door and Darros was healed.
    Gordin tried to convert him, but Darros already worships the Devil Axe.


    Boah retrieved the legendary Excalibur tome, it being dormant no more.
    Gordin persisted, but failed to sway Darros.


    Our holy bishop, Gordin, was healed by his student, Radd.


    Midia throws a Javelin to trigger this guy into moving.


    Tomas wanted to make himself useful, so he's going to fetch the boots for us on the next turn.


    Midia succeeded in luring the general.
    Minerva hammered him to pieces.


    Tomas got the Boots, Marth a Large Bullion and Rickard a Master Seal.


    Radd healed Midia as a thank-you for luring the general.
    I'm contemplating if I should promote Caesar immediatly.


    Rickard acquired an Arms Scroll.
    Minerva recieved healing.


    Caesar murdered a curate and got into position to take the sniper on.


    Caesar got another level, he's becoming much better than I expected he would.


    Rickard opened the door, allowing Minerva to swoop in and wound the sniper.
    Caesar took him out.


    Maria helped her sister equip the a proper weapon to counter the boss with.


    Minerva missed.
    She did feel the burn, though.


    Marth and Rickard got the two remaining treasures.
    Marth does seem to enjoy stealing.
    He already has a backup plan in mind for if he fails to save the world.
    He'll just go around stealing from Doluna with his 'ol pal Rickard.


    Caesar was healed for his upcoming fight with the boss.
    Gordin got a level.


    Boah traded with Gordin and healed Minerva.


    Radd healed Caesar.
    He tried to convert him, but Caesar slapped him in the face.
    Radd seemed more lucid after that, not even remembering all the "Church of Ida" nonsense.


    Boah healed Minerva to prepare her for the boss.


    Caesar will counter the boss with his Iron Bow.
    The curate next to him won't heal him because he will still have more than 50% of his HP left.


    All went as planned, no unlucky misses this time.
    Doluna is undying?
    This run is undying!


    We're leaving this guy be, he's not even as threatening as Manaketes later in the game, but it's simply unwise to face this one.


    Marth seizes, ending this chapter.


    You do speak the truth, Marth.
    The Akaneian League fought hard to get here.
    Many have fallen...
    We've finally freed Akaneia.
    Nyna rewards us with some weaponized Pure Water, also known as the Parthia.
    No one can use it yet, though.

    Our death counter has reached 30.

    Rest in peace, Vyland, Linde and Hardin

    We've made it, somehow.
    I am happy with this result.
    Sure, it could have gone better, but we're still here.

    Tomorrow's update will be about chapter 12x
    See you then.



  19. Replies

    23 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    If only Rickard could follow in her footsteps as a archer (or better yet hunter of vengeance), but alas the path of a thief cannot be abandoned.

    I would be awesome to have Thief as a normal reclass option.
    It does make more sense than having the Ballistician class there, or Manaketes and freelancers/chameleons.

    23 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Ouch poor Wrys, he is always such a beloved character. Although its interesting that this is the death that makes you think the run might end prematurely.

    This chapter was a bit of a turning point, I suppose.
    My army ended up being in shambles by the end of it.
    And I just really like Wrys, he was getting blessed too.

    23 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Bantu is getting a lot more use than I expected him to. I guess I never gave the old guy a chance to shine like this.

    Bantu was basically a Devil Axe user without the chance to get recoil.
    I wouldn't use him in normal runs, but his damage and bases with the Firestone bonus hold up against cavaliers and knights until late in the game.

    23 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Oof, now there is the death that would make me worry about the future. Although if you can get Sedgar enough a few levels, you will be in better straights at least.

    I should really give some more levels to Sedgar.
    I'll be relying on him a lot in the coming chapters.

    23 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Is this the first boss whose weapon had to break?

    Mannu was the first boss who had his weapon broken.
    Breaking Firestones is really easy, though.
    Since they waste a use, even if they cannot counter.

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Its funny how many of these forges are just memey picks. Now Rickard shall wreck his vengeance against the world.

    Training Rickard will be fun, even if it's quite risky.
    Still, we have two Master Keys and two or three Door Keys left in the convoy, so I'll figure something out.

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    There still being people on the bench after all that death...I guess they give you a lot of replacements even before the generics.

    We'll most likely be recruiting generics soon.
    We only barely reach the deployment cap with our current units after all.

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Ouch. Well seeing as I think this is Roshea's first battle after his recruitment that isn't the biggest loss, but Cord has been chipping around in the background for a while.

    Vyland can take Roshea's place.
    We don't really have a magic replacement for Cord, sadly.

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Having to break a normal enemy's weapon to succeed sounds utterly ridiculous (and tedious), but fortunately the enemy AI is dumb enough to make that work.

    We'll be making use of this strategy in two more chapters.
    Once in the next chapter and once more in the Battle for Altea.

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    I was kinda expecting Jagen to go out to a crit like this, but Wendell falling, especially so late is utterly tragic. With the death of the Pontifex some wondered if the gods themselves had turned their back on Marth's army, and humanity as a whole, but still they persevered...

    His death was on me, since he would have died to a normal hit too.
    I do wonder if he would have still been crit if I healed him beforehand.
    We'll never know now.

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    I was kinda excited to see Bantu being used in a run, but alas it seems he falls here. I guess this means you will be trying for the Naga gaiden chapter then (assuming you make it that far...)

    This run will become boring once I get past the Camus chapter.
    Then it'll just be warpskips all day, every day.
    Unless luck fails me and Nagi misses Medeus once.
    Though that would truly be a sour end.

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Finally some luck to turn things around. Before that crit I was starting to worry you wouldn't be able to take that hero down with some more sacrafices...

    I did start to panic after Caesar missed, Roger or Sedgar could easily have died...

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    I like the other generics better, this "Radd" is just not living up to the legacy of Ida and Zas

    His stats don't really matter, since he's just a walking Staff.
    I do miss the underdog story of Ida and Zas, though.

    8 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Once again Shiida lives the boss counter on 1 (and gets a great level to boot).

    Shiida really carries the run during chapters with cavalry and knights.
    Her promotion should allow her to survive more than one hit now.

    5 hours ago, The Roger The Paladin said:

    I feel like I've lowkey been insulted.


    I take it that you like Roger?
    I shall choose my words more carefully in the future.
    Besides, he's contributing considerably due to his immense 15 base speed as a mercenary.

    5 hours ago, The Roger The Paladin said:

    Interesting. Our Shiida/Caeda basically have inverted strength and defense stats on promotion. I hope yours can serve you as well as mine has me. Though the fact we both made it this far with their aid kind of says something.

    edit: No. Looking it up, I'm wrong. My one still has 12 def. Anyway, mine also had another 5 levels by then and a seraph robe, so take it with a grain of salt, as yours is definitely still quite solid, and has the potential to carry you to victory given adequate care and proper use of the wing spear.

    I look forward to comparing our units in the future.
    Hopefully, Shiida won't fall to any tactical mishaps.

    5 hours ago, The Roger The Paladin said:

    May Knorda market bring you improved fortune, or at least an opportunity to plan around anything where luck is a factor, and I will catch up on this thread when both our paths through Archanea intersect again.

    There's one luck based thing on this map.
    That accursed enemy sniper with a Killer Bow.
    Besides that, I'll be able to prepare well enough.
    I shall take a look at your playthrough after I finish today's update.

    Chapter 11 is upon us.
    Knorda Market, the area close to Akaneia Palace.
    There have been rumors of human trafficking in the nearby town.

    Malledus advises us to intervene if we're able, then demand compensation for our troubles.
    Nyna slapped him down.
    We'll be doing our best to reach the village in time.

    Current death count: 22
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.
    Chapter 10: Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.


    Chapter 11



    This chapter will be somewhat challenging.
    Luckily, there are no reinforcements.
    Just two annoying fliers who'll harass us at the start and some ballisticians.


    Maria got her wish and was reclassed to a combat unit.
    Her defense is suprisingly high for an archer.
    Her speed is terrible, though.
    She will help us deal with one of the fliers at the start.
    How, you may ask?


    Witness the "Zas"!
    A forged bow made specifically to 1-hit KO the flyers on her counterattack.
    Forges can really make anyone useful, heh.


    The bench is empty for this chapter.
    That means that it's finally Vyland's time to shine.


    Witnessing the death of her parents must have traumatized her...
    Of course, Nyna has it more than rough.
    We'll bring her home.
    Only for her to then continue to travel with us, leaving the palace unguarded again.


    Hardin got an Iron Lance from the convoy.
    Everyone moved to the right on the first turn.


    Maria and Caesar both wait in the range of a different pegasus knight.
    They should kill them on their counter.
    Unless they miss, of course.
    Maria kind of looks like a reincarnated Zas, doesn't she?


    Shiida and Minerva are moving up to intercept the thief.


    Targets defeated.
    This'll probably the only real thing Maria accomplishes during this chapter.


    Radd healed is best bud, Gordin healed our former cleric.


    Everyone advances.


    The thief was taken out by the combined efforts of Shiida and Minerva.
    I'm hoping to get Minerva to C Rank in Lances eventually.


    Maria and Caesar were both healed back to full health.


    Sedgar attracts the upcoming mercenary.


    Vyland the valiant made the first move by throwing a Javelin at the mercenary.
    Coyote did the same, bringing him in range for Rickard to exact vengeance on.


    Roger is in position to lure another mercenary.
    All is going according to plan.


    Shiida just doubles the mercenary like it's no trouble at all.
    Maria finishes him off with Zas and gains a level.


    Maria, the skillfull, swift and lucky.


    Everyone gathers above the town, preparing the lure the remaining mercenaries in a few turns.


    Roger was healed back to full HP by Gordin and Radd.
    Gordin seems to be lost in thoughts sometimes.
    Thinking back to the first chapter.
    Only Marth, Shiida and him are left from those days.


    Shiida plans to lure the mercenaries.
    If one moves, they'll all move.


    Caesar goes for the kill and misses.
    Why is it always you who misses, Caesar?


    Shiida cleaned his mess.
    She's bulky enough to be able to survive another hit from them due to her promotion.


    Sedgar is aided by our two healers.
    There are whispers that the two healing men have started to worship a false deity.
    Rumors are just rumors, though.
    Or are they?


    We formed a nice wall, everyone should survive.
    Unless they get hit with a 3% crit or something.


    Vyland the valuable threw a Javelin.
    Caesar harmed the mercenary, opening the way for Rickard to extinguish yet another life.


    He grows stronger.


    Shiida and Sedgar defeated the middle mercenary.


    Hardin and Minerva teamed up to take the remaining mercenary out.
    Sadly, Minerva missed.


    We could originally end up losing Roger or Minerva.
    Malledus commanded Bord to stand in range, since he's expendable at this point in our journey.

    Another turn ends, who shall fall?


    The mercenary took the bait.
    Bord is no more.
    He'll be remembered for his biggest contributions to our cause.
    Giving a free Hammer to Minerva and dying instead of her.


    Sedgar recieved healing from Radd and a pamphlet about the church of Ida.
    Saint Ida granted his wish for better health.


    Caesar missed again.
    He doesn't really seem like himself today.


    Hardin and Sedgar finished the job.
    Sedgar is also in range to lure the final mercenary to us.


    Shiida was healed by Gordin, he didn't give a pamphlet like Radd.
    No blessings for Gordin.
    He did gain a B Rank in Staves, though.


    Minerva entered Anna's house uninvited and smashed a few pots looking for gold.
    Radd told her to do that, at least.
    Anna wasn't too pleased and charged Minerva with a hefty fine while sharing some sage advice with her about how to recruit Jake.
    She subtly implied that Minerva just didn't have the looks to recruit him.


    Caesar confided to Rickard that he's worried about Radd.
    He hasn't been the same since he started worshipping the late Ida as some kind of deity.
    Honestly, they had barely even met the guy before he bit the dust.
    Nothing holy about that, he reckons.
    Apparantly, Ida was a rising star before he died.
    Growing faster when no one thought he could.
    But that's hogwash.
    Rickard just nodded at him, mentioning that those tales about him were greatly exaggerated.
    They both felt at ease after this talk, with Caesar landing his shot and Rickard increasing his kill count.


    Both Radd and Gordin shoved a pamphlet into Sedgar's hand.
    They even threatened to not heal him unless he converted to Ida-ism.
    He reluctantly agreed.
    Both healers were rambling about having some dark robes laying around that would suit him perfectly....


    Marth barges into the village.


    Marth got a fist released into his face.
    Jokes aside, Linde just joined our group.


    Linde is on the slow side in this game.
    She'll do some hefty chip damage with her Aura tome, though.
    Think of her as Bantu if he could attack at range.

    Her bases
    18 HP
    0 Str
    2 Mag
    4 Skill
    7 Spd
    7 Lck
    3 Def
    4 Res

    She comes with a D Rank in Tomes, allowing her to use Fire and Thunder.
    Also Aura, though all female magic users can eventually wield it.

    Her growths
    40% HP
    0% Str
    50% Mag
    40% Skill
    35% Spd
    60% Lck
    0% Def
    15% Res

    I've never really used Linde.
    Her village is usually compromised during my Iron Man playthroughs.
    She can do some nice chip damage, I suppose.


    Minerva got some pamphlets to join the church of Ida.
    She said that she'll think of it.


    Roger gets some free healing from our two cultists, I mean, curates.


    Everyone heads up.


    We're going to break another weapon in a bit.


    Radd is going to face the Thunderbolt for 10 turns while getting healing from Gordin.
    Gordin would take no damage from the weapon, but we want that juicy healing experience.


    Radd decides to move out of the way, making room for a target who'll take more damage.


    Radd strong.


    He reached a C Rank in Staves.
    It took 10 turns to drain the Thunderbolt.


    It took one turn of walking, but Roger now waits in range of the enemy horseman.


    I wanted to give Sedgar a level, but he missed.
    Shiida got the kill instead.

    We'll be luring the sniper with the Killer Bow on the next turn.
    We'll have to pray to Ida, I mean, the RNG gods to not get crit.


    He got some last-minute healing and placed himself on the fort.
    He has a lot of resolve, if nothing else.


    Roger survived.
    We can't actually kill the sniper without putting either Shiida or Minerva in range of the Arrowspate.


    Sedgar will choke the point.


    Roger was healed after.
    He already moved, and everyone else would die if they tried to choke the point.


    Sedgar was healed and Roger took his place.
    This is going nowhere, I'll retreat during the next turn.


    Our luck ran out, I'm sorry Roger.
    You showed some real promise.
    We'll avenge you.


    We tempt fate once more.
    Looking back at this, I should have just retreated out of his range.
    I hope that I won't lose Sedgar over this.


    Our light is fading...
    Sedgar has fallen.
    His sacrifice won't be in vain.
    I hope...


    Both Vyland and Darros miss.
    Rickard and Marth will slowly slash this fiendish sniper to death.


    Rickard slashed the guy and gained a D Rank in Swords.


    Darros went into a sudden frenzy and used the Devil Axe.
    Never punished.
    I mean, it did not backfire.


    We gave the kill to Vyland the fabulous.


    Shiida and Minerva tried to clear the way, but the unarmed Ballistician survived.


    Everyone is moving again.


    Minerva, Shiida, Darros and Caesar worked together to take this guy out.
    It seems that Darros is blessed by the Devil Axe, he eludes yet another backfire.


    Caesar is getting faster.


    Minerva waits here to attract a shot from the stonehoist.
    I vaguely remember that this will cause the cavaliers to start moving.
    Either that, or we need to activate one to activate them all.


    They all activate when one attacks you.
    Minerva got some free healthcare.


    Gordin was especially thankful for these bountiful blessings.


    There's no real way to trigger these guys without a major chance of death...


    I have a plan.
    Shiida will lure one of the cavaliers on the next turn using the top route.


    She's in position, all should go well.


    She got a good level while luring the guy, yes.
    But...That wasn't the guy who I expected to attack her.


    This is the end of an era.
    Good news for shippers who want Marth and Nyna to get together, though.
    Oof, also, RIP recruiting Jake.
    I'll manage somehow.
    Though, this is a devastating blow...
    Goodbye Shiida, you helped me remember just how good the Wing Spear was.
    Thank you for all the good times.
    Rest easy now, we'll reach the end, no matter what.
    I promise.


    We might activate our emergency plan.
    Everyone is in position for a warp skip.
    Darros and Caesar choke the point.


    Darros made room for Minerva.
    Minerva and Linde defeated the only Javelin cavalier.


    Healing as usual.
    Everyone is uneasy after Shiida's death.


    I attacked the cavalier with Linde while using Marth to choke the point with his Rapier.
    He can't die.


    Caesar was healed by Radd.
    He got a pamphlet for the church of Ida.
    Needless to say, he wasn't happy.


    Marth ran from the fort, getting healing from Gordin.
    He really seems about ready to give up.


    Maria demonstrated her fighting spirit and defeated the cavalier.


    Minerva flew into the range of the Stonehoist Ballistician.
    She'll reach a safe tile on the next turn.


    Minerva dodged the Stonehoist shot and took three turns to take this Ballistician down.


    So close, yet so far away.
    At least we can get Beck later.
    Also RIP Arrowspate.


    Everyone heads over to the gate.
    I honestly don't think that we can defeat the boss manakete.


    More walking.
    Probably RIP Energy Drop.


    Just a little longer...


    He'll hopefully hit on the counter.
    I checked the Manakete boss, we're just short of chipping him to death.


    Hardin got a level.
    The gate is free.
    We'll actually be able to get the energy drop if Hardin chips too.
    I'll seize immediatly if someone misses.


    Hardin missed.
    We're going to run.


    We made it...


    Sorry Nyna, but we'll only be rescuing 2 of the 5 prisoners.
    Also, nice foreshadowing, Marth.
    The reinforcements in the coming chapter are absolutely dreadful.

    All that aside, we somehow reached the end alive.
    Though, certainly not without bloodshed.

    Our death counter has gone up to 27.
    Rest in peace, Bord, Roger, Sedgar, Shiida and Jake.

    Thank you for all your hard work.

    It must be quite amusing to follow this trainwreck of a screenshot let's play.
    Still, no matter how badly things go...
    I will reach the end.

    This chapter went quite a bit differently than it usually goes for me during my runs.
    Still, I had fun.
    I look forward to tomorrow.

    We'll be taking the Milennium Court tomorrow.
    Many chests to open.
    Many reinforcements to defeat.
    All will be well.

    See you again in tomorrow's update.




  20. Chapter 10 is here.
    This chapter will be pivotal.
    Our chance of failure is quite high here.

    We will recruit two characters during this chapter.
    One will carry us in the coming chapters.
    The other...Well, we'll find a use for her, hopefully.

    Current death count: 18
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.
    Chapter 9: Jeorge, Wrys and Ogma.



    Chapter 10



    They aren't completely wrong.
    We'll eventually be bombarded by tough reinforcements while getting trapped in a pincer attack.


    Hardin was reclassed back to a cavalier after coming close to death in Pyrathi.
    He decided that he didn't want to face weapon triangle disadvantage in every battle anymore.
    He'll be wielding the Cane, Jagen's old forged Ridersbane.


    Rickard sold the medium sized Bullion.
    We did some shopping for the army.


    Rickard spent 6400 gold on a forge for himself.
    It's just a stronger Iron Sword for Rickard.
    He refuses to trade it to anyone.
    So, the only way for someone else to use it is for Rickard to fall in battle.


    The bench is occupied by Vyland and Bord for today.


    I dread them, but I know how to block them all when the time comes.


    Everyone approaches the entrance of Castle Deil.
    Ready to defeat the incoming cavaliers in one fell swoop.


    The thief swiped a Levin Sword.
    We can afford to lose that treasure.


    Shiida takes the cavalier with the forged Javelin out..
    Hardin the other.


    Everyone is just making a wall to hopefully defend against the cavaliers.
    Looking back, I forgot to trade with Hardin to make sure that he wouldn't kill the cavaliers in one hit during the counter.
    Roshea will also die if he's ganged up on.


    Cord attacked the right cavalier.


    Sedgar was healed by both Radd and Wendell.


    The left cavalier was defeated by Hardin, he got HP for his troubles.
    Pretty unlucky...


    Roshea and Bantu finished the remaining cavalier.


    Gordin used his physic abilities to treat Wendell's wounds.


    He might be the one who ends up tanking Gharnef when the time comes.


    Everyone scrambles to get into Castle Deil.
    Shiida will lure the knight within to clear the way.


    She gains a typical level.


    This chapter is going as I feared.
    We'll likely see two deaths during the enemy phase.


    Cord and Roshea join the fallen.
    We can still manage.


    Everyone finally got into the castle.
    We'll be exploiting the enemy AI to win the day.
    Roger here will try and survive the enemy.
    Two dracoknights will wait behind each other, leaving no room for the pegasus knight with the Javelin.
    The dracoknight in the back will never move from his spot to allow the pegasus knight to attack.
    We should be fine.
    ....I forgot to unequip his weapon.


    Marth got another Physic from the chest.
    We'll be needing it.


    Radd goes ahead and heals Roger.
    Radd is growing ever stronger.
    I wanted to Physic him after, but that actually wouldn't heal enough.


    Wendell healed Roger, getting a very good level for his efforts.


    Shiida chokes the point.
    I am depending on the AI being foolish here...


    Radd got the Mend Staff from Darros and healed Wendell.
    Shiida dodged during the last enemy phase.


    Wendell got the Mend Staff from Radd and proceeded to heal Shiida.


    It's turn 8 now.
    I'll update again if someone gains a level, dies or the dracoknight's weapon breaks.


    Gordin finally reached the speed that Ida used to have.
    He also has just as much resistance as Wendell now.
    Wendell reached a C Rank in Staves during the ordeal, giving him access to both Warp and Physic.


    It took 18 turns, but we finally made it.
    The enemy army is now permanently blocked.
    The Castle itself does have some treacherous archers and snipers hiding within.
    We need to be careful.


    Wendell leads the charge, activating the nearby knight to start moving.


    Darros will be our glorified doorstop for the remainder of the chapter.
    The legendary man o' the sea will keep the enemy at bay.


    Shiida was healed by Radd and Gordin.
    She did survive 18 traumatic turns of getting hit with a Silver Lance after all.


    We literally have no one left who can fight decently.
    Losing Wendell, to a crit, no less, is quite a shock.
    None remain who are worthy of the legendary Excalibur....
    And he just reached the rank to use Warp too.

    I was planning to rely on him to safely defeat the archers.
    The only people remaining who won't get doubled by the sniper are Shiida, who' won't survive, and Roger.


    Marth and Sedgar wait in range of the knight.


    Marth defeated the knight and was healed by our healing duo.


    We put Roger in range of both the archer and the sniper.
    Only one can attack him, though.
    We'll try and take them out during the next player phase.


    Hardin and Bantu ganged up on the sniper.
    Bantu got an empty level.


    Caesar shot the sniper down.
    He got a pristine Silver Bow for his troubles.


    Darros had to move up to help us out.
    He certainly made an impact with the Devil Axe in his hand.
    It did not backfire.


    Sedgar had to hit this, but he missed.


    Marth can only be hit by one archer, even if things go awry.
    He did not crit, so Hardin and Bantu can die on the coming enemy phase.
    Rickard would die in one hit, so I couldn't use him to defeat this archer.


    Roger got some healing from Radd.


    We end our player phase like this.
    Gordin blocks the enemies to our south.
    Hopefully all goes well.


    Rest in Peace, Bantu.
    We wouldn't have gotten this far without you.
    You will be missed.
    Also RIP Tiki down the line.


    Darros seems to be suffering from the same gambling addiction as Barst.
    He got away with using the Devil Axe again.
    He also reached a C Rank in Axes.


    Roger and Caesar defeated the archer on the right.
    Caesar became a little faster and stronger.


    Marth, Sedgar and Rickard made an end to this archer.


    Roger got some healing from Radd.
    We lost access to the Mend Staff, since Wendell had it on him.
    We'll be getting it back in chapter 11.


    Everyone except Gordin is running north.


    Roger awaits the incoming hero on the pillar after three turns of walking.


    Sedgar chipped him with a Javelin.


    Caesar missed a 92% with the Parthizas.


    Shiida got a crit with her Javelin throw.
    This brought the hero in range to be defeated by our one and only Rickard.
    He...Could have gotten a better level.


    Radd heals Roger and recieves a "spectacular" level.


    Rickard kindly opens the door for Marth as he proceeds to recruit Maria.


    Maria, the damsel in distress, joins our cause.


    This is Maria, she's the younger sister of Minerva and Michalis.
    She's quite frail, unlike those two.
    She's basically only slightly better than a base Wrys.

    Her bases
    17 HP
    0 Str
    2 Mag
    2 Skill
    3 Spd
    0 Lck
    4 Def
    8 Res

    She comes with a D Rank in Staves, allowing her to use Mend at base.
    Maria can heal.
    Oh, you want to know about her other qualities?
    Saving her means that you'll get Minerva too.
    She's fun to reclass for the memes.

    Her growths
    15% HP
    0% Str
    20% Mag
    25% Skill
    25% Spd
    75% Lck
    0% Def
    50% Res

    She'll be lucky and get a lot of resistance.
    She's also one of the three people who can use the Aum Staff.
    The others being Elice and Minerva.


    I moved everyone forward, starting our long walk towards the boss.
    I left a path open for Minerva to talk to Marth.


    Minerva joined us.
    We might have a fighting chance once more.


    This Minerva, princess of Medon.
    Wielder of the weaponized vulnerary, the Hauteclere.
    Her base stats will hold up for a while yet.

    Her bases
    24 HP
    9 Str
    0 Mag
    6 Skill
    12 Spd
    6 Lck
    12 Def
    3 Res

    She comes with a D Rank in Lances and an A Rank in Axes.
    This allows her to use Javelins and Steel Lances while also being able to use every axe in the game.
    We may need to grind her Lance Rank up to C if we want a new flying Ridersbane user.
    She's also a flying hammer, which makes her fantastic for dealing with those pesky knights.

    Her growths
    40% HP
    35% Str
    0% Mag
    50% Skill
    35% Spd
    40% Lck
    30% Def
    0% Res

    She's a decent pre-promote all around.
    Her growths are acceptable.
    We'll be relying on her a lot, since she's the only pre-promote we have left.


    Maria and Radd heal Roger.


    Minerva and Maria had a talk.
    If she wants to fight so badly, then I'll pull some strings and make her a fighter.
    She'll inherit Zas's bow and purpose.
    We have enough money to forge a new bow for Caesar, so all shouls be well.


    We're going to walk until we reach and defeat the boss.


    Shiida is healed by Maria and then proceeds to defeat a knight.
    She'll be able to survive one hit from the boss on the next turn due to the healing.


    Marth begins to poke this curate until he gains a level.


    We took 5 turns to get here.


    Shiida deleted another boss and reached level 10.


    Marth hit a curate for 2 turns straight, gaining a level for his troubles.


    I early promoted Shiida.
    Usually, I would wait until level 20, or I'd be promoting one of my healers instead since they're usually level 20 by now.
    This is not a normal run, though.
    We need all the power we can get.
    Having another promoted unit will really help our chances.


    Marth seizes the throne, ending yet another chapter of his bloody adventure.


    We'll find Linde in the coming chapter, provided that we reach her village in time.
    Well then, this chapter reduced our numbers even more.

    Our death counter has reached 22.
    Cord, Roshea, Wendell and Bantu.
    It must be quite enetertaining to slowly see my numbers diminish.

    Still, we're not out of the game yet.

    We've concluded chapter 10.
    Tricking the AI was fun.

    We'll be visiting the Knorda Market in the coming chapter.
    Time to go shopping.

    Another update shall appear tomorrow.

  21. Replies

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Malledus is so very petty...

    And he keeps getting away with it.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Its funny how much more invested I got in the generics, that this feels like the greater loss...

    I really did enjoy writing stories and personalities for them.
    I may be able to pull some strings and have one of them return in the future, provided that the Aum Staff works on generics.
    But we'll see what happens when we get there.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    Poor Gordin, although Rickard must be suffering even more from Zas's loss...

    He wants revenge on all of Grust and Doluna for taking her from him.

    7 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    This is one of the first times I have seen this chapter going poorly enough at the end that Malledus's retreat strategy sounds reasonable, as things were really looking grim after that much death..

    Retreat would be wise, as Bantu would say.
    This chapter just goes to show that mistakes can snowball into many deaths.

    Chapter 9 is upon us.
    Marth arrives in Pyrathi.
    We'll acquire one new member during this chapter, provided that we make it in time.

    Marth's army entered these lands uninvited.
    A tough battle awaits us all.

    Current death count: 15
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.
    Chapter 8: Nabarl, Ida, Zas, Barst and Jagen.


    Chapter 9



    Marth's army had no choice but to flee to Pyrathi after the last battle.
    It has been referred to as "The slaughter in Port Warren".
    Another battle awaits our wounded army, will they prevail?
    Or will their dreams end, just like five of our precious comrades the chapter before?


    Radd was reclassed to a curate, since Ida is no longer with us.
    His combat abilities won't help us much during this chapter.
    He'll have some extra bulk if he's reclassed to a cavalier, but that leaves him with 5 speed.
    That would get him doubled by every single enemy in this chapter.


    Hardin is reclassed to a myrmidon.
    He'll get just enough speed from this to double the pirates while retaining enough bulk to take a hit.
    Reminder that this is a base Hardin.
    He will need to hold an Iron Sword, he wouldn't be able to double the pirates otherwise.


    Roger has astonishing speed when reclassed.
    This will easily let him double the pirates.
    He would even be able to retain his doubling potential while weighed down by a Steel Sword.
    He can't wield one at the moment, sadly.


    Caesar will be unable to double the enemy pirates no matter how I reclass him.
    He decided to become a hunter to provide long-range support.
    Zas reminded him of his ill sister, so he's trying to fulfill her wish in her stead.
    Luckily, the Parthizas can be used by anyone capable of using bows, be it beginner or master.


    Wendell will be able to double every pirate thanks to his speed level in the last chapter.
    He can Excalibur the enemy in a pinch.


    This is our deployment formation for today.
    Rickard refuses to ever sit on the bench again, so he'll be fielded in every single chapter from now on.
    Some say that he threatened Malledus to let him go.
    Malledus didn't mind too much, if he wanted to die out there so badly, why stop him?
    Besides, he's needed for the chests here.
    Bantu is here because he can take a hit and does decent damage.

    The bench is warmed by Vyland, Roshea and Bord.


    It seems that we're not getting a warm welcome....


    Rickard opens the door, convincing the pirates to take the land route toward us.
    Marth, Radd and Wrys head right to visit the village.


    Two pirates with Hand Axes approach us.
    Caesar awaits them with Zas's legacy in hand.
    Rickard originally wanted to hold on to it himself, but he reluctantly allowed Caesar to borrow it for the greater good of the army.
    Wrys waits in range of an incoming pirate.
    He steadies his blade in anticipation.


    Caesar and Wrys survived the ordeal, though they can't handle much more...


    Ogma is our strongest unit in this chapter.
    Capable of wielding the Silver Sword while still doubling every pirate.
    He reduced the HP of the enemy to 1.


    Caesar took him out with one shot, no hesitation.


    Gordin healed him partially right after.


    Wendell defeated the other pirate with exact damage.
    The pirate wielding the Devil Axe will reach us within two turns...


    Wrys retreated to preserve his own life.


    Hardin goes in to defeat the pirate.
    We'll have to hope for a crit.
    If not, then the village is lost.


    He did not crit, so Marth zapped the pirate out of existence.
    The village is lost.


    Wrys was healed by the curate-in-training, Radd.
    He's still swinging the healing staff around like it's a sword.
    He should get the hang of it eventually.
    Still, Wrys was grateful for the healing, no matter how weak it may be.


    RIP Jeorge.
    I'll add him to the death counter.
    I kind of need him for the coming chapter, this will be tough...


    Wendell healed Caesar, Gordin healed Wendell.
    A healing train, one could say.
    Shiida is waiting in range of the thief.
    Ogma chokes the point, ready to take a Devil Axe hit.


    Shiida wounded the thief who destroyed the village.
    Rickard extinguished his life with one precise cut.


    Our vengeful thief grows.


    Caesar defeated the Devil Axe wielding pirate with Zas's last wish.
    I mean, the Parthizas.


    Ogma has become too essential for us to lose.
    Everyone capable of healing rushed to his aid to bring him back from the brink.


    Roger took the place that Ogma left vacant.
    He swears to protect us all.


    A thief steals the Wyrmslayer.
    It's pretty unrealistic to try and get it anyway.


    Roger dodges, allowing him to secure the chokepoint for a while longer.


    Cord attacks the pirate and reaches a D Rank in Tomes.


    Caesar used Zas's legacy to weaken the pirate for Roger to take down.


    Wrys is healed by Radd.
    Shiida is healed by Wendell.
    Wendell is healed by Gordin, who is close to gaining a level.


    Roger dodges once more.
    He's suprisingly nimble without all that armor he usually wears.


    Wendell could only use Excalibur to guarantee a KO.


    This guarantees that Caesar remains available to land the killing shot on this hunter.
    Roger softened him up first, though.
    It's still kind of unfortunate that it's not Zas who is firing the shots.
    Still, we have the Parthizas to remember her by.
    It'll be a sad day when it breaks, the last reminder of her existence, gone.
    It's sad that we have nothing to really remember Ida by.
    He never got to use the Warp or Physic Staff.


    Caesar gained a level for the kill.
    HP and skill are good enough, I suppose.


    Everyone is just waiting around for the reinforcements to arrive.


    Caezas  Caesar awaits the pirate with the Hand Axe.


    Hardin will fight the pirates coming from the right.


    Ogma takes care of the pirates coming from below.


    Wendell comes up behind him and makes him equip the Silver Sword.
    This will allow him to 2 hit KO the pirates.


    Caesar was healed by Gordin.
    He shared some archery tips from back when he was an archer.
    You need a lot of concentration to wield the bow properly.
    Zas was still learning, which is why the Parthyzas was forged to be more stable and easier to use for beginners.
    Gordin wished that he could have had such a bow for himself during his archery days.


    Gordin gained a stellar level and finally reached a C Rank in Staves.
    He now has exclusive access to the almighty Warp Staff.


    Radd healed Caesar too.
    He'll get there eventually.


    He effortlessy dispatched the enemy pirate.
    A level was gained, making him a little faster.


    Caesar chipped the pirate who wounded Hardin.
    Wrys ran up to equip Caesar with the Parthizas, he then proceeded to land the killing blow.

    Both of them are now in range of another pirate with a Hand Axe, but they'll manage somehow.


    Hardin was healed by Gordin and Radd.
    Radd asked Gordin for some healing advice.
    Gordin asked him if he remembered that curate who fell in the last battle.
    "If you copy how he used to heal, then you'll be good in no time."
    Radd gained a level after healing.


    It somehow seems less impressive when it's not a generic.
    Is he the second coming of Ida?
    It's too soon to say.


    People on the left side retreated, since none can withstand getting hit by both a Steel Axe and a Hand Axe.


    Wendell and Bantu took care of the first bandit on the left.


    Wrys made a risky move by attacking, but it paid off.
    I think that he's strength blessed.


    Caesar is putting the Parthizas to good use.
    Another pirate has been defeated.


    Gordin and Radd swooped in to heal Caesar.
    Their combined efforts brought him back to full health.


    I could have done better on the left side.
    I thought that killing the Hand Axe guy with Ogma would leave him wide open to getting killed on the next enemy phase.
    In hindsight, I could have used physic on him if I did that.
    Instead, Roger chokes the point.


    Wrys dodged during the enemy phase, allowing him to secure the right side for a while longer.


    Caesar and Wrys take down yet another pirate.
    I really am relying a lot on the Parthizas....
    How would I survive this chapter without it?
    I wonder.

    Jeorge would have been a good unit to have around.
    Even if only for Silver Bow chip damage.


    I really have no idea about what to do on the left side.
    It's another mess.
    The Hand Axe pirate went for Darros during the last enemy phase.
    I blocked the bridge with Wendell and the doorway with both Ogma and Sedgar.

    There is a chance that we'll face disaster and  end up losing Ogma, Sedgar, Wendell and Darros.


    Ogma magically survived, but the left side is an utter mess now.
    He crit one of the hammer guys after getting hit once.


    I went to damage the pirate with Wrys.
    He didn't dodge this time, which is fine.
    I can block the pirate to the right with Hardin.


    I placed my faith in Caesar to get the kill.
    He missed a 90% hit.
    He did dodge the counterattack, so that's something.

    Either he or Wrys will die during the coming enemy phase


    I take it back, only Wrys is in danger of dying on the right side.
    A Physic use wouldn't heal Wrys enough to survive a hit from the Hand Axe.


    I despaired and had Darros throw a Hand Axe to improve the situation on the left side a little.
    He miraculously landed the hit.


    Now I'm stuck with this.
    The chance of death is quite high in the coming enemy phase.
    The upper two pirates both have Hand Axes equipped.
    I can't put anyone in front of them without risking their death.

    Ogma can take one of them out, but he would need to dodge the counterattack.
    Wendell is capable of killing any of the pirates, but he faces crit on the counter.
    He'll also die in two hits and his chances of dodging are lower than those of Ogma.
    Wait...There might be one way to survive this.
    Let me check....


    Bantu is capable of surviving both of them.
    The lower one has one extra attack, which would make the total damage 19.
    He still faces crit, but this is the best chance I have.


    Well then, this is it.
    I healed Darros for no real reason.


    This saddens me beyond words.
    This situation is truly dire.
    It always hurts so much when Wrys dies in my runs.
    I tried so hard and came so far, only to mess it up.
    This run might reach a premature end.

    Wrys was the only death during this enemy phase.


    Our formation on the right side was penetrated by the enemy.
    We had to retreat.
    Ogma and Hardin recieved healing.
    Hardin couldn't escape their range, though, so he can die during the coming enemy phase.
    Caesar is also in range of a Hand Axe, but that's planned.

    The left side....I have no idea how I'm going to solve this.


    Wendell went and got a critical hit on the upper pirate.
    If things go awry, then we may need to use him to buy us time...


    I decided to have Ogma block the hallway.
    He can survive one hit.
    The Hand Axe guy cannot attack him at range on this turn.
    He should survive.


    No one died during the enemy phase, suprisingly enough.
    Ogma even dodged, allowing him to block the enemy for another turn.
    Wendell proceeded to crit the lower pirate on the right.
    He really is a lifesaver.


    Rickard contributed in battle by defeating the middle pirate with exact damage.


    Caesar and Bantu combined their efforts to KO the remaining pirate with exact damage.
    I certainly am glad that I fielded Bantu after all.


    Caesar got a pretty good level.
    I look forward to using him for as long as I'm able.


    Sedgar defeated the last pirate who wielded a Hand Axe.
    He finally earned his first level, which was terrific.


    Hardin was healed by both Radd and Gordin.
    I'll be needing him to replace Jagen in the next chapter.


    Ogma will once again be blocking this area.
    He should be fine, provided that he doesn't crit the enemy.


    But he'll dodge the next hit, right?


    It wasn't meant to be...
    Ogma is no more.
    My offense is crippled now.
    Still, I am thankful that he lasted this long.
    His sacrifice bought the remainder of our army enough time to regroup.


    Bantu was healed by Wendell.
    Roger must pick up the banner where Ogma let it fall.
    He was healed by Gordin and Radd.


    Marth is filled with grief, seeing his allies falling one by one.
    He decides to lure the remaining pirate on his own.


    Marth poked the pirate during his counterattack.
    Cord and Bantu finished him off.
    Bantu even got a level out of it.

    It's an odd thought that Bantu is my most potent combat unit now, not counting effective damage from Shiida.


    Marth was healed by both Gordin and Radd.
    The two of them gained a level.


    They're getting faster.


    Gordin healed Darros while Radd healed Sedgar.
    Everyone finally started to advance further into the map.


    Caesar recieved some healing on the way from Gordin.


    Rickard opened the door and Marth acquired the Goddess Icon.
    I think that it's hilarious that the Fire Emblem in this game just makes Marth a glorified thief who can't open doors or bridges.


    Caesar was healed back to full health by Gordin.


    Caesar lures the mage.
    He'll survive the Elfire and double in return.


    Luring the mage also lured both a hunter and a pirate.


    The mage was dispatched by the man o' the sea himself.
    The one and only Darros!


    Caesar chipped the pirate and reached a D Rank in Bows.


    Wendell went ahead and landed a crit on the pirate, leaving no evidence behind.


    Shiida, Roger and Cord teamed up to rid the world from this hunter.


    Rickard looted Pyrathi's war funds.


    Caesar was healed by Gordin and Radd.
    He couldn't help but chuckle at seeing his friend taking his healing duties so seriously.


    We used a turn to move Darros into position to attack the enemy hunter on the next turn.
    Which you're seeing now.
    He got a pretty good level.


    Wendell finished him off and he reached an A Rank in Tomes.
    Cord ran in after his attack to make sure that he had a Fire Tome equipped for the coming enemy phase.


    Caesar was healed to full health by Radd.
    He reached a D Rank in Staves.


    The pirate was defeated thanks to Shiida and Hardin.
    Hardin crit for no real reason, so he didn't take counter damage.


    Marth poked the enemy curate, needing just one more point of experience to level up.
    Roger was hungry for his own level, so he just crit the curate.


    Roger recieved his first level as a mercenary.
    Decent indeed.


    Gordin healed Wendell.
    Radd healed Gordin.
    Gordin asked Wendell again if he would be willing to teach him.
    Wendell reluctantly accepted, warning Gordin that all of his former students have met an untimely end already.


    Marth was thirsty for his own level, but he missed.
    Mannu is pretty strong, but we can just attack him at range until he dies.
    I'll only post extra images if someone gains a level, dies, or the boss is defeated.


    Marth gained luck.


    Sedgar reached a D Rank in Bows after 4 turns of attacking the boss.


    Cord gained a level 5 turns after we started attacking the boss.
    We also managed to break his Firestone already.


    This is quite ironic, defeating a manakete with a manakete.


    How does she even know that we're here in Pyrathi?
    That aside, I had originally planned ahead for the coming chapter.
    That plan died with Jagen and Jeorge, though.

    This chapter was rough.
    We never got to recruit Jeorge.
    We lost our legend in the making, Wrys.
    And we lost one of our best combat units, Ogma.

    This brings the total death count to 18.
    Still, we managed to survive, somehow.
    Chapter 10 could very well be our last, though.

    We should be able to manage when we recruit Minerva, though.

    Another intriguing chapter.
    We won't be seeing enemy axe users for a while after this.

    We'll be trying to rescue Maria and recruit Minerva tomorrow.
    We'll get there, somehow.

    Stay tuned for tomorrow's update.


  22. Replies

    19 hours ago, Shadow Mir said:

    Honestly, the biggest issue Bantu (and manaketes in the DS games, for that matter) has is that dragonstones lose uses even if they couldn't counter.

    It's not the best design, indeed.
    It would have probably been better to just have your manaketes transform at the start of the chapter, consuming one use of their stone.
    He'll have infinite uses by chapter 19, though.

    17 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    I mean Ida still has enough of a lead that Gordin can't catch up until he passes Ida's level...

    Ida is really only ahead in speed and resistance.
    It's still funny nontheless.
    I might try and do a mostly generics run after this one concludes.

    17 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    The power of defensive terrain (and luck)...

    My luck has been all over the place during this playthrough.
    Every Iron Man run goes different compared to the last.
    Except the final chapter, I always cheese that one.

    17 hours ago, Eltosian Kadath said:

    They really should have let Elice use it, as that would make Gharnef's reason for holding onto the Falchion make a lot more sense.

    Gharnef could have mind controlled her while forcing her to fight Marth with the Falchion.
    Now that would be interesting, wouldn't it?
    Then they could have made Falchion a droppable item for defeating Elice.
    Or you can save her by defeating Gharnef.
    That way, there's already a bigger punishment for skipping Starlight and Gharnef.
    You would lose out on the Falchion unless you kill Elice.
    And it would lock you out of easily using the Aum Staff during the next chapter.

    Another day, another chapter.
    We'll be going through chapter 8.
    Our army will acquire a few more members today.

    One became a meme.
    The other two are not as popular.

    Current death count: 10
    Names of the fallen by chapter

    Chapter 2: Draug and Castor.
    Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel.
    Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric.
    Chapter 6: Wolf.


    Chapter 8



    Doluna wants to conquer the world, yet even they are swayed by gold?
    They're probably just milking the place dry, only to conquer them right after.


    Our deployment formation is the same as usual.
    The bench is occupied by Hardin, Roshea, Vyland, Darros, Bord, Rickard and Bantu.

    Bantu would be pretty useful against the enemy knights, but I can't really justify bringing him.
    Rickard wanted to be deployed to protect Zas, but Malledus benched him for foiling his plan during the last chapter.


    Caesar and his mute friend, Radd, joined our group.


    This is Caesar, a mercenary in service of Port Warren.
    He's intended to replace Ogma if he died.
    So, Ogma but worse.

    His bases
    20 HP
    5 Str
    0 Mag
    8 Skill
    12 Spd
    6 Lck
    7 Def
    0 Res

    He comes with a D Rank in Swords.
    He has a Steel Sword that weighs him down by 3 points of speed, making his attack speed 9.

    His growths
    90% HP
    40% Str
    0% Mag
    35% Skill
    45% Spd
    20% Lck
    15% Def
    0% Res

    His growths are decent.
    He will perform fine if trained.
    He's probably going to the bench during this playthrough, though.


    This is Radd, the myrmidon who joined with Caesar.
    He became a meme recently, though he isn't that special.
    I suppose that the lack of personality of most characters gives players the opportunity to craft their own stories for these beloved characters.
    Like Caesar, he's intended to be a replacement for the myrmidon we got earlier, you remember the one.
    He's an inferior Nabarl Wrys, as you can see.

    His bases
    18 HP
    4 Str
    0 Mag
    8 Skill
    10 Spd
    1 Lck
    6 Def
    0 Res

    He comes with a D rank in swords, just like Caesar.
    He can barely wield Iron Swords without being weighed down.

    His growths
    80% HP
    40% Str
    0% Mag
    35% Skill
    45% Spd
    40% Lck
    20% Def
    0% Res

    His growths are passable.
    They're better than the ones Wrys has.
    Radd has made it to the final chapter in two of my Iron Man playthroughs.
    He was only a staffbot, though.


    Caesar bought a Win Spear for Shiida.


    Everyone moved forward to lure the cavaliers and knights.


    Nabarl and Sedgar choke the point, patiently awaiting the incoming army.


    We just wait for the enemy to advance.
    Zas already positioned herself behind Nabarl to get some free shots in.


    Ida healed Nabarl.
    Gordin healed Sedgar after he retreated.


    Nabarl unequipped his weapon to avoid getting any critical hits on accident.
    None of the enemies have ranged weapons and the archer are still two turns away.


    Zas fired her first shot of the day.
    the army could hear Rickard cheering for her all the way from the bench.


    I was wrong.
    Oh so terribly wrong....
    Nabarl's weapon triangle advantage reduced the damage he was recieving.
    I forgot to take that into consideration.
    Ida had enough speed to not get doubled, but he was oneshot.
    Zas was doubled, her dream now shattered on the battlefield.


    We're in some trouble now...
    Ida was the only person qualified enough to use the Warp Staff.
    We wouldn't be able to warpskip even if someone else could wield it, Ida had the staff on him.
    We'll have to choke the point again.


    Jagen killed the guy who took Ida from us.


    Sedgar moved up and shot at another cavalier.


    Wendell crit the cavalier who took Zas from us.
    The benchgang had to restrain Rickard from running onto the field to avenge Zas.


    Barst choked the point, together with Sedgar.
    He chipped the left cavalier with his Hand Axe.


    Proper measures were taken to secure the area, even if someone else were to fall.
    Let's see if we'll survive this enemy phase....


    Roger, you fool!
    Why did you attack first?


    Actually, this is perfect!
    He'll choke the point for us.


    Wendell healed Barst.
    Malledus ordered Barst to disarm himself.
    Barst was hesitant, especially after seeing Nabarl meet a terrible fate after doing just that.
    Wrys padded his shoulder reassurringly.
    "You'll be fine, my boy."
    "But if this risk scares you so, which it should, then I will take your place."
    "I cannot bear to see anyone else die today."
    Barst was comforted, but also a little embarassed to have a feeble old man like Wrys offer to take this deadly risk.
    He did what was asked of him.


    Sedgar shot the upper cavalier.
    He realized that continuing that on the coming turns would lead to the death of Barst.
    So he decides to focus on the left cavalier instead during his next attacks.


    Barst was attacked by Roger during the enemy phase.
    He just stood there and took it.
    Sedgar shot the left cavalier.
    The archers should eventually take his place.
    They'll only be able to attack Sedgar from that position.

    Gordin healed Barst, still shocked from what happened just moments before.
    His rival, Ida, fell in battle.
    He wanted to be happy about it.
    But instead, he just felt lost.
    The responsibility of keeping everyone healthy now rested solely on his shoulders.
    Wendell could help too, but there is more need for his combat abilities today.


    Barst takes another lance in the face, not moving an inch.
    Barst will not move!


    Sedgar is slowly taking care of the left cavalier.


    Gordin continues to heal Barst.


    Even in death, Ida is seemingly still ahead...


    Sedgar got rid of the left cavalier.
    Wendell helped him equip his bow again for later.


    I misinterpreted the terrain, Barst was attacked by both Roger and an archer.


    I decided to go on the offensive, defeating the upper cavalier.


    Shiida flew in to convince Roger to join our side, treating us to one of the most amusing recruitment conversations in the whole series.


    She destroyed a knight after finishing her pleasant talk with Roger.


    Roger introduced himself to Marth.
    Both his responses are very fitting for our situation.
    We do need all the strong allies we can get, especially after our blunders just now.
    Silence is also a valid option, especially while mourning the fallen or while silently judging someone like Roger..



    Wendell attacked the archer, hoping for a crit with Excalibur.
    That didn't happen.
    He did gain skill and speed for his efforts, though.


    Jagen took the upper archer out with a strong Silver Lance hit.


    Wrys attacked the remaining archer for 10 damage.


    Barst ran in to get the kill.
    No one else has enough power to take him out, so he has to use the Devil Axe.
    Barst is thrilled to take this all-important gamble.


    His bad habits were his undoing.
    Don't gamble, kids.


    Ogma ran in to try and crit the archer.
    He didn't crit, so both Jagen and Shiida are in grave danger during the coming enemy phase.


    Malledus knew that both Shiida and Jagen were essential to our army.
    So, he shoved Cord in range of the archer, hoping that he would be a juicier target.
    He would have sacrificed Ida or Zas instead, but they already fell.
    This decision was met with harsh criticism from the whole army.


    Let's talk about our new unit, Roger.
    We can enjoy one more moment of peace before tragedy hits during the coming enemy phase.
    Roger is a knight.
    Originally designed to replace Draug if he happened to fall.

    His bases
    22 HP
    7 Str
    0 Mag
    3 Skill
    5 Spd
    2 Lck
    13 Def
    0 Res

    He comes with a D rank in Lances, allowing him to use Javelins.
    I've never really used him in my runs because Shiida was usually long dead.
    I made him a dark mage once, he didn't survive until the end.

    His growths
    70% HP
    50% Str
    0% Mag
    30% Skill
    10% Spd
    80% Lck
    30% Def
    0% Res

    I am kind of suprised by that ridiculous luck growth of his.
    He'll have high strength and luck if trained.
    I might use him.

    Well then, time to see who meet with a terrible fate...


    Jagen has fallen.
    His legend ended prematurely.
    Losing him cripples my offense.
    We still have Shiida, so we'll manage.
    But...This is honestly pretty terrible.
    I should have warpskipped while I had the chance.

    We'll have to run to the boss and have Shiida deal with him before we get swarmed with reinforcements.


    I wanted to give Sedgar his first level, but it wasn't meant to be.


    Wrys defeated this murderer instead.
    The morale of the whole army has dropped considerably.


    Gordin heals Roger a little.
    He's anxious.
    He feels the need to hurry and reach that C Rank in Staves to avoid a crisis like this in the future.


    Everyone advanced.


    Gordin healed Roger back to full health.
    The whole army continued marching forward.


    Shiida waits here to kill the boss on the next turn.


    Marth only needs two or three more turns of walking to reach the throne and seize.
    Everyone is starting to feel uneasy.
    Like there's evil looming just out of sight...


    I decided not to attack the boss with Shiida.
    She wouldn't survive the counter.


    The army split down the middle.
    Radd, Ogma, Caesar, Sedgar, Cord, Roger and Gordin retreated to the left, hoping to divert the pursuing army.

    The elite group of Marth, Wendell, Shiida and Wrys ran to the right to confront the boss.