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  1. Replies We've arrived at chapter 6. An indoor chapter with a lot of treasure. It's also the only chapter in which we can acquire the Master Key item. We'll meet one new unit during this chapter. He's the last of his kind, so I'd better keep him alive. Current death count: 9 Names of the fallen by chapter. Chapter 2: Draug and Castor Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel. Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric. Chapter 6 This chapter went quite well. We'll have some more gold to spend on new wacky forges in chapter 7. Well then, we'll continue our adventure in tomorrow's post.
  2. Hello there, welcome to the forest. I hope that you'll have a blast here. Take your time exploring the forums, I'm certain that you'll find plenty of interesting posts to read. I look forward to seeing you join the discussion.
  3. Replies Chapter 5 is here. More people fell in battle during our clash in the lea. It makes me wonder what the total death count will be when we reach the finale. This will be an interesting chapter. A lot of people will join us. And, I suspect that few will actually get to witness Chapter 6.... Current death count: 9 Names of the fallen by chapter. Chapter 2: Draug and Castor Chapter 3: Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel. Chapter 4: Ossa, Matthis and Merric. Chapter 5 Chapter 5 has been completed. I look forward to collecting all the treasure in chapter 6. Thank you all for reading. Another update shall appear tomorrow.
  4. Responses to earlier comments Chapter 4 approaches. We suffered some heavy casualties during Chapter 3, but we'll manage. Current death count: 6 Draug, Castor, Cain, Lena, Julian and Abel. I will add the names of generics if they happen to fall in battle. Chapter 4 This chapter was certainly something. Making daily updates might be a little intensive if it's going to be like this each time. Still, I'm having a blast. To finally share my Iron Man experiences and failings. The comments are a big motivator too, I look forward to seeing them every day. Now then, I've been working on this post for over 4 hours straight. Time to rest. See you all again tomorrow.
  5. I plan to make use of Darros during this run, maybe he'll make it far. Draug was reclassed to a Dark Mage in my last run, he became very speedy but that was his only real quality by then. He could wield Excalibur, but he was oneshot by everything. Shiida usually bites the dust around chapter 3 or chapter 9, I believe. I think that I made that recruitment mistake more than 10 years ago, I believe that happened because I tried to recruit him with Marth, which obviously didn't work. I also never used fliers except Minerva back then, a lot has changed since then. I think that I am missing the reference. My backup plan was to break his weapon. Apologies for the odd formatting of my reply, I am still getting used to the forums. Well then, time for Chapter 3. I can't say that I'm not nervous. The stakes seem higher while doing a Let's Play, somehow. Just a reminder that the total death counter is currently 2. I'll record the names of the dead too. Current deaths: Draug, Castor. Chapter 3 Marth's journey will be stained with the blood of comrades and foes alike. Still, he must move on to a better tomorrow. Hope will live on as long as he draws breath.
  6. I usually have "Storm" as my username, though it's taken more often than not. "Pierre Hoquet" is an inside joke between me and my best friend. Though it originally came from the Ace Attorney Investigations 2 fan translation. I thought it was funny and made it my username on here.
  7. Another day, another chapter. Perhaps two, we'll see. I have a feeling that our first death will soon be upon us, if not now, then certainly in Chapter 3. Chapter 2 Well then, that was pretty long already. I have to keep the image limit in mind next time. I ended up accidentally posting this before it was ready, apologies.
  8. Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong Country) Strider Hiryu (Strider) Spin again, which is what I did. "Your Choice" Probably Haku and Hakuowlo of the Utawarerumono series with one being a costume of the other. Claptrap (Borderlands)
  9. I always wanted to share my Iron Man experiences with others. Now I finally get the chance to do so in the form of a Screenshot Let's Play. This format got picked over a regular recorded Let's Play due to my generally slow playstyle. No one would want to see chapters taking about an hour each in video format. This will be a hard iron man, meaning that the game is truly over if Marth were to fall. I am looking forward to showing all of my tactical mishaps strategies in motion! This will be my first screenshot Let's Play ever. I would love to get some advice if possible. I will be writing this while playing to better document my plays. Let's begin! Chapter 1 Well then, that was Chapter 1. I'll try to update this daily since screenshot Let's Plays are a little more work than I anticipated. Thank you for reading the first part of my Iron Man.
  10. That's a good suggestion, I would certainly be interested in doing a screenshot LP. My screenshots might not be of the highest quality, though. I have a feeling that I won't be winning any drafts, but it'll be fun nontheless. Then again, playing for the lowest amount of turns instead of turtling does have some appeal. I imported them because I'm just stubborn. I'm actually just playing them on muscle memory for the menus. They also serve as reminders for me to eventually learn Japanese.
  11. Good afternoon, everyone. Honestly, I am very nervous about writing anything here. I mostly observe and silently enjoy the content here. The drafts and challenge runs ended up getting me to join. I was introduced to Fire Emblem around 11 or 12 years ago when I first played Brawl. I tried Radiant Dawn and Shadow Dragon both after that, but never ended up finishing Radiant Dawn. I borrowed my sister's copy of Awakening years later and beat it. After that, I got Fates and beat Conquest while never really touching the other modes too much. I really enjoyed using generics and suprising my friend with them in multiplayer battles. I got back into Shadow Dragon after Fates, beating it on Hard with a ridiculously defense blessed Gordin. Then, I tried Iron Man playthroughs of Hard 5, they were always thrilling even if my lack of strategy was obvious since about 75% or more of my characters generally didn't make it. I also completed Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE around that time. My interest grew, which led to me importing FE12 and a Japanese 3DS for Fire Emblem 1 to 5. The only games I currently can't play is FE6 and maybe the Sattelaview one. This became a rather big wall of text, didn't it? My apologies for the formatting, it always feels like I'm doing something wrong while writing. Did I start too many sentences with "I"? My Fire Emblem journey aside, I am a retro collector and a little awkward. My username is actually an ongoing inside joke, but that's a story for another day. I am happy that I finally get to join this community. Thank you for reading this messy introduction of mine.
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