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  1. Thank you, VmmVaa! Hopefully by then, there will be enough updates to put out and get you to LP this. Yes, I agree! Love the armor upgrade as well. It looks more like a soldier IMO.
  2. There has been so much contribution lately, it's amazing. Thank you to all the fans, contributors and huge thanks to Ghast for helping out big time. I feel that this should get a small update. Behold a new portrait for our hero! Old New Credits: Kon for portrait/CobyTheGoober for frames & chibi Lots of updates, progress, and testers on the move as speak to get this project flowing at a slower pace. It's much better than a dead one lol. Hopefully we can keep the pace to get this project to the end! Also new banner to show support!
  3. Yes, the more testers, the merrier lol. Please PM with feedback. I PM'd you actually. Did you see it? I saw your work and I found some interest in it.
  4. Hello Artists! Death or Glory hack is seeking a 1 or 2 spriters to help get this project going. I'm looking for those who can produce sprites like these here or better: Credits: Kon, Mew, Nickt. If you have the skills and would like to help out, please post your work on this thread and I will PM to go further in details. Thank you for your time!
  5. Thank you Ghast for all you have done! The offers are coming in like crazy! I have new positions available and those are: Map designers Graphics such as title screen and etc. and a strategist/balancer kinda like a tester. If you are interested, PM for more details
  6. Hello there! Can you send me some of your work through PM?
  7. Thank you Ghast! I've seen from the past months that your popularity is shooting through the roof lol. If you know anyone that would like to help, or have stuff around, or anything that can contribute (might even consider money once I start my new job), it'll be greatly appreciated. If you can be so kind to spread the word around and see if this project can take off or not.
  8. Send me some work through PM and let me see what you got.
  9. Yeah, sorta back lol. I'm in need of spriters and mappers. I might need a writer if mine is not around, not sure though. I do have one spriter but I don't think she can do an entire game by herself. If anyone is willing to help out, PM me and we can discuss.
  10. Wow been a lonnnnnnnnnnnng time. Sorry for the MIA everyone. Been hit with Life hard but in a good way. Graduating this semester, got a full time job offer, moving to a new state soon, etc. Crazy crazy busy schedule. I have been thinking about this from time to time and I still would like to see if I can get some time to work on it. However due to my schedule, I won't have that much time to work on it as I would like. I've been from the longest time to see if I can get some support to help me and get a team so this project can take off. I know that it's a lot of work and all but if there are enough fans to support this, I will deft make the time to see if I can continue on with this project. As of now, it's on hiatus until I can get some support. Otherwise, it can be close to being dead (hate to say since time and effort has been put into this). I thank to all who has been supporting from day one and who's been liking this project and to all of those who have contribute to this project. I couldn't have made it far without the help and support of my FE project fans. I will be on from time to time if you would like to get in touch through PM or here. Thanks for hearing me out guys.
  11. Thanks for the comments/critique. Most of the text errors have been taken care of but some didn't make sense to me. For example, "what Silvatica did went beyond a simple skirmish", it works both ways with a or the because when you say it with "a" you simply describing the skirmish as simple. But with "the", it can refer to a stereotype or the typical skirmish that would occur so in a sense they both work. As for the portraits, I have no idea what you're talking about. I'll have Kon check it when she gets the chance but it seems fine to me. I didn't know about auto level at the time so I will incorporate them. With the civilians in chapter 1, I will change one thing that TheMoniker had pointed out that you will have a talk to make them leave the map. I understand it needs improvement. Ragnar will stay the same because there with well distributed experience, he'll reach level 15 on average. So making him level two is not gonna happen. However I do want an animation for Ragnar but I don't have the resource to get that rolling. I also want a custom map sprite for him as well similar to Thracia's soldier. There are much more improvements that are in place as we speak. Expect ten times the improvement from the patch now. Appreciate your time.
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