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  1. Yeah I liked this better then the usual FEH book conclusion. Here's hoping the thing with Alfonse wasn't entirely a fake-out though, and we get some more connectivity between the books.
  2. Yeah Elise was my main cav healer in FEH for a while, I think until Veronica came out. I guess it's a sacrifice if more healers could actually get refines though.
  3. Yuuuup I'm definitely building up Hana then~
  4. RIP to those who already gave Elise wrathful 😔 All seem pretty good off a glance, though Micaiah is the only one I still use now. Definitely using dew for her.
  5. Oh I actually like the art style of Laevatain's art and would like to see more heroes with it tbh. It reminds me a bit of Kozaki's style for No More Heroes. But not a fan of the outfit and well, everything else with it. Laevatain is also a completely random character to choose nowadays.
  6. Don't really mind another Lyn alt, but I wish Florina was the main of the two. Hana looks nice though, might be the rare unit I use grails for. 👀 (only used them for Itsuki before) Otherwise probably skipping and saving orbs.
  7. Kind of interested in the new chess mode. No P2W like elements that I can see. I agree I do wish current events we have could get improved, because I yearn for something to replace Mjolnir's Strike's 'press a button within 24 hours' counter phase. Was okay otherwise. Kind of wanted more.
  8. Ngl a Takumi and Kiragi duo hero has been on my wishlist since those were a thing. I don't generally get high expectations for these, but free barracks limit increase pleaaaaaaaaaaase. Something surprising but also good would be nice too.
  9. starpendle


    Hello! Been years since I visited a general forum for something. I've heard about this site for a while, either from my news feed or from others I've seen around, but never joined or looked deeper inside until recently. Been a Fire Emblem fan since Awakening came out and loved the series ever since, although I did go back and play Blazing Blade as well as Sacred Stones on the virtual console. Hoping to find the time to play Genealogy and Binding Blade soon. Otherwise, I've played through all the more recent entries from Fates, Warriors, Echoes, Heroes (sadly), and only have the church route left to do in Three Houses. Otherwise, I'm pretty big on anime and manga, and also frequently play other video games as well (Switch + PS4 owner). I also play forum mafia, though it's something I'm trying to limit myself on more lately, in case anyone in that scene may have seen my name elsewhere. Anyways, hope to stick around for a while.
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