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  1. Giving New Heroes For Three Houses (Not Elibe/Valentia), Ingrid (FE16), Dedue (FE16), Linhardt (FE16) & Marianne (FE16) & Legendary Heroes Remix For Gunnthra (Original). Giving Grand Hero Battle For Nergal (FE7), Fernand (FE15) & Solon (FE16). & Double Special Heroes With WT Reinhardt (FE5) & Duo Lyn (FE7). Giving Hero Fest, Replaced Sothis (FE16) With Legendary Seliph (FE4), Harmonized Veronica (Original x FE14), Replaced Duo Ephraim (FE8) With Seiros (FE16) & Duma (FE15). Giving Special Heroes For Summer Alm (FE15), Summer Lachesis (FE4) & Pirate Edelgard (FE16) Giving Reward Unit For Duo Lyn (FE7) By Visitor. Giving Collaboration Hero Digby (ACNL), Philia Felice (TOD), Roxas (KH2) & Axel (KH COM) & Legendary Heroes Anna (Original).
  2. Do i Want Mythic Hero Banner With The Special Heroes: Red: Reginn/Dou Sigurd/Legendary Ike Green: Yune/Freyja/Lex Blue: Legendary Lucina/Duo Ephraim/Summer Lute Colorless: Legendary Leif/Flayn/Halloween Xane. Only The Mythic Hero Banner Have 4 Stars Focus For Lex/Summer Lute & Hallowenn Xane.But The Regular 4 Stars Set To 52% Rates.
  3. Giving Sacred Seals, Special Spirals.
  4. Giving New Heroes For The Binding Blade (Not Echoes), Juno (FE6), Zeiss (FE6), Cath (FE6), Geese (FE6), & Grand Hero Battle For The Binding Blade (Not Echoes) Murdock (FE6). Giving New Mythic Hero Anankos (FE14), More Legendary Hero Remix For Gunthra, Legendary Hector & Legendary Lucina. Giving Special Hero For Spring Bernadetta (FE16), Picnic Faye (FE15) & Groom Corrin Male (FE14) & Giving Brave Hero For Brave Marth (FE3), Brave Eirika (FE8), Brave Marianne (FE16) & Brave Gatekeeper (FE16). Giving Legendary Hero Sharena & Giving Boss Units Returned For Veronica (Original), Bruno (Original), Surtr (Original), Hel (Original) & Freyja (Original). Giving Heroes Fest Replaced Sothis (FE16) With Azelle (FE4), Harmonized Veronica (Original x FE14), Replaced Duo Ephraim (FE8) With Legendary Dimitri (FE16) & Mila (FE15). Giving Heroic Grail Hero For April (4 Stars) Valentine Veronica (Original) & Díthorba (FE4) & Giving Collaboration Hero Sora (KH), Riku (KH), Daisy Mae (ACNH) & Lloyd Irving (TOS).
  5. You Want Have Fighters Pass Vol.2: Min Min (Arms) (June 29th, 2020) Minecraft Characters (MC) (October 13th, 2020) Sephiroth (FF7)( December 17th, 2020; Formal release: December 22nd, 2020) Pyra & Mythra (XC2) (March 4 2021) You Want Upcoming Fighters Pass Vol.2: Stahn Aileron (TOD) (August 10 2021) Nemesis (FE16) (December 31 2021).
  6. You Want Have Fighters Pass Vol.1: Joker (PS5) (April 17th, 2019) Hero (DQ Series) (July 30th, 2019) Banjo & Kazooie (BK) (September 4th, 2019) Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury) (November 6th, 2019) Byleth (FE16) (January 28th, 2020).
  7. We Can Fought With Between Seiros (FE16) & Altina (FE10).
  8. Giving New Heroes For Annand, Azelle, Lex & Erinys, Enemies Unit For Dagr (Not Eitri), & Grand Hero Battle For Díthorba (FE4), Hans (FE14) & Cornelia (FE16). Giving Legendary Hero Claude, More Legendary Hero Remix For Legendary Ephraim & Legendary Robin Female. Giving Heroic Grail Hero (4 Stars Only) Veld (FE5) & Plegian Kris (FE12), & Collaboration Hero Cress Albane (TOP), Villager (AC Series) & Cloud Strife (FF7).
  9. Giving Legendary Hero Alfonse, Enemies Unit for Eitri, More Special Hero For Amelia (FE8) & Gatekeeper (FE16). Giving Collaboration Hero Isabelle (ACNL), Stahn Aileron (TOD) & Brave Heroes For Dorothea (FE16) & Reinhardt (FE5). Giving Mythic Hero Freyr (Original), New Heroes For Ashen Wolves & Grand Hero Battle For Manfroy (FE4), Fernand (FE15) & Thales (FE16).
  10. There Is Seasons Calendar For Special Heroes 2021 Is. January: Late (Onsen/Desert) February: Early (Valentine's) March: Late (Spring) April: Late (Picnic/Anniversary) May: Late (Wedding/Fallen Hero) June: Late (Summer 1) July: Early (Summer 2) August: Early (TMS #FE Encore, Again/Pirates) September: Early (CLY 5/Dancers) October: Early (Halloween) November: Early (Ninjas/Xenologue 6) December: Late (Xenologue 7 For Early/Book 6.For Mid Point/Winter For Late)
  11. There is Double Specia Hero With Duo Ephraim & Fallen Corrin Female. Or Something Happen The Seasonal Heroes.
  12. Seiros Arrive The Mythic Hero Banner, But as Thracia 776, Radiant Dawn & Heroes of Light & Shadow.
  13. There We Are Desert Costume Hero. & Never Happen To 5 Stars Free Summon. Also Have Weekly Content Such a Weekly Revival, Weekly Hero With Skills & Weekly Grand Hero Battle.
  14. There is Better With the Hot Spring, Pic Nic, Origins, Pirates & Ninja Wear. & Also 4th Anniversary feh, A Hero Rises & Find & Vote Heroes.
  15. Theres is Never Happen With the Thracia 776, Three Houses & TMS Banner yet & Also Have CYL For TMS Character.
  16. There Is Never Longer About the 2nd Paralogue of 2021 Is Three Houses.
  17. There Is Not Having The Three Houses There Is Having The Sacred Stone, Grado Path.
  18. That Isn't TMS# Fe Encore, That is it Binding Blade.
  19. Why you are money for digital Games Until For January 1st Of 2021.

    360.000: CLP.

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